Chevy Silverado - Continued XIII

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Chevy Silverado - Continued XII. Please continue
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  • jkaniajkania Member Posts: 40
    I predict by the end of the year,we'll be up to Chevy Silverado XX
  • roger350roger350 Member Posts: 157
    Happy 4th of July a bit early! Have a great holiday everyone, and fly those flags! Oh yeah, to be on topic, LSD or open diff in a 4x4? Just kidding. Later.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    what is "a skip has developed"? Two tires out of spec? and a skip....sounds serious enough to trade for a F250? I think I'm missing something..
  • bassamaticbassamatic Member Posts: 79
    Just read an artice on the new Ford Sport Utility Truck, new for 2001, called the "Sport Trac". It looks like the perfect off road hunting vehicle.
    Composite cargo box and interior, powered rear sliding window, four doors with front-opening rear doors (thats new) 16 inch off road tires. Smaller and more nimble than a full size truck yet it can still carry a 4X8 sheet of plywood. Wanna bet GM introduces one for 2002?

  • bluebeastbluebeast Member Posts: 258
    Wait a few more months and the Toyota Seqouia will be out, size wise it's a Chevy Tahoe and will come with the 4.7L V8.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Sport tracs are all over here...and they are one ugly puppy man....

    Chevrolet has the Avalanche coming out in 6 months already

    - Tim
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Hey guys. Has anyone put on tail light guards the metal "rough" looking ones? In my stylinconcepts magazine i seen a truck and i really like them. I think im gonna order the westin sportsman series (to match the nerf bars)? I got a price of $149.95 at a local parts place and $$219.95 from rhino linings. If anyone has them let me know how you like them please. Im gonna go this afternoon and order them ill have em by wednesday. Then i can work on my grill guard.


  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    This winter you will see chevys "sporttrac version truck"

  • tex6tex6 Member Posts: 96
    I appreciate your advice. "The grass always looks greener" statement has merit.

  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    I ordered the shocks from Edelbrock. The web site is

    I think it was around $60 each (including tax).
    You may want to check out Rancho RSX & Monroe Reflex shocks. They do the same as the Edelbrocks.

    HAPPY FOURTH.....!
  • gotribe1gotribe1 Member Posts: 81
    Did Ryan wash that #@!#* truck again?! If he had gotten a pewter, gray, gold, or white truck, he wouldn't need to wash it so often and we would probably be having better weather! Way to go Ryan! Ruin another holiday!
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Nope havent washed it since last wed. It rained here all day too it sucked i had the day off and couldnt do much. I was gonna wash it today but i want a nice 4th of july i kinda wanna go swimming. SO dont blame me this time.

    I did order the westin tail light guards hopefully will have em in 10 days but could be longer. Ill take some pics and post em after i get em on.

    KYLE- Did you get your bedrail caps on? How do you like em???

  • werkingwerking Member Posts: 431
    hard to believe, but i've got 9961 miles on the 'rado already. details for those who don't know me/my truck.
    '00 LS 4 dr. Ext. Cab Z71 5.3L Black/Lt. Pewter
    built week of 10 jan 00, delivered 21 jan 00
    accessories: bugflector II, westin cps step bars (with 4 step pads), and wade bed rail caps
    oil/filter changes thus far (two so far) have been quakerstate 5w30 and AC PF 59. starting tomorrow, will be M1 5W30 and AC PF59.

    thru 10k, average mpg has been 15.42 mpg.
    spikes to 18+ on highway trips at speeds of 75-85 mph with a/c on.
    low of 12.4 (once) three other less than 13 - all on tanks where i spent considerable time in auto-trac or 4-hi

    no squeaks, rattles, vibes, shudders, leaks, noises, etc. as with any new toy, expected one or two minor disappointments. only one i've found so far is not enough time to drive it. love this truck would recommend it to anyone.

    i do most of my own maintenance and have learned mucho from the fellas here, you know who you are (and if you don't, then it ain't you), so thanks a bunch. ;)

    happy fourth everyone.

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    I only had a few posts while you were gone i cooled it for a bit (actually i spent sunday and today with the girl tomorrow will be the same). Glad to hear you like the rail caps. Howd they come into use already? I think they give it more of a finished look rather than 2 holes and bare paint.

    Cant wait to get my tail light guards. Hopefully by this fall (sept - oct) i will be able to get a grill guard. Gotta pay off my $2000 debt (what i owe on the truck) first. Mom was kinda mad i bought the tail light covers.

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    lately? Seems to have disappeared just about the same time that Meredith started his weeding of posts. Hmm...come to think of it I haven't seen any posts from trucksrme either...anybody notice the new Chevy Silverado - XIII - topic 2064
  • bassamaticbassamatic Member Posts: 79
    TIM&RYAN: Thanks for the update on GM's new version. I didn't know they had one in the "oven". Have to admit I haven't seen Ford's version yet, 'course, here in Missouri we are about six months behind the rest of the nation. We're still trying to figure out who won the NBA finals.

    RCOOS: Thanks for the link I will check it out.

    HOT today!! 90 degrees and 95% humidity. Looks like summer finally got here.

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    The chevy "sport trac" aka avalanche is in a bunch of magazines. They had it at the chicago autoshow looked alright. Built on the same frame as the silverado.

    Engine is 5.3 basically a silverado in disguise but not totally.

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Subcompact Four-door SUV: Kia Sportage
    Compact Four-door SUV: Jeep Cherokee XJ
    Compact Extra Cab Pickup: Toyota Tacoma XtraCab
    Full-size SUV: Chevrolet Suburban K-2500
    Full-size 3/4-ton Regular Cab Pickup: Dodge BR2500
    Full-size 3/4-ton Extended Cab Pickup: Ford F-150
    Full-size 3/4-ton Diesel Extra Cab Pickup: Dodge BR2500 Club Cab Cummins
    Full-size 1-ton Crew-Cab Longbed Pickup: Dodge BR3500 Quad Cab
    Removable Top 4x4s: Jeep Wrangler TJ
    Ultimate 4x4: Toyota Land Cruiser

    Does something look wrong?

    Full size 3/4 ton ext cab pickup - F150???? Um thats a half ton right? Well motor trend doesnt know this. I copied this right off the webpage.

  • renonevadarenonevada Member Posts: 69
    I am comparing auto insurance and extended warranties on my wife's new vehicle which will not be in for another month. Currently have State Farm (over 25 years) on vehicles, but want to lower my premiums. I have heard that Progressive and GEICO are really good. I ran through the online app for Progressive and saved $370 immediately with identical coverage. Any comments or opinions? Also, does anyone have an umbrella policy for 1 million dollars or more to protect personal assets in the case of a major accident lawsuit? How much is it?

    Has anyone purchased an extended warranty through WarrantyGold? I am considering that option since the factory extended warranty is 75% higher with identical coverage. Has anyone placed a warranty claim with WarrantyGold?

    This is a little off the topic, but this is a lively forum which responds openly and promptly. Let me know what you think. There may be something here that others may use. Thanks.
  • bassamaticbassamatic Member Posts: 79
    RENO: Be VERY acreful of any extended warranty not issued directly by GM. Had a friend who purchased one through a diferent underwriter and he had a terrible time getting them to pay on a claim. He ended up settling for about 80% value that should have been paid. A GM extended warranty can be purchased directly through any dealer and the web is an excellent way to shop around. I ended up saving over $1200.00 on an extended warranty on a Chrysler vehicle I had by shopping through the net. Auto Insurance is the same way: shop around but remember to stay with the larger, more established and reputable companies. It really doesn't pay for me to do that as I save a bunch of money by purchasing all my vehicles and homeowners and boatowners policies through the same carrier.

    RYAN: Thanks for info...interesting.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    The 10K for M1 should be cool for change intervals....there has been mixed debate if the PF59 will go 5 or 10 K though?

    I also posted some pics back in old Silverado section for you.

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    a few back with the Avalanche pics??

    I hope it looks better than what it is now though?

    - Tim
  • werkingwerking Member Posts: 431
    yeah, eyes are still hurtin' from having to read 73 posts last night. including the pics of your H/O which is awesome looking. i laughed out loud (and woke up my wife) last night when i read oby's post about how well "your zaino worked" for ya. rwag just sent me another email saying he changes oil and filter every 5k with M1. dunno if i'm going to be that careful. i'm gonna go out and see if i can buy like a case of PF59's to just keep on hand. changing a filter every 5k would be fairly easy i think. besides, it'll give me time to get under there and grease those zerks too. as i'm sure you all know...i'll post any positive or negative results i find.

    happy fourth everyone.
    god bless america!
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    on last oil (M15-30) ....light had been on for about 3K....I must admit I had the same PF59 in there though....

    The ramp trick worked well...the oil shot down instead of flat....I would suggest a huge diameter pan to drain it into still though...

    Still no brake piston boots for the stang...GRRRRRR..

    Last time I be foolish...(uh huh)..

    Have to wait until Wed.Night


    Happy 4th yawl...

    - Tim
  • sinister1sinister1 Member Posts: 8
    Since buying my own Silverado, I have been reading responses regarding this awesome truck for a few months now. I knew what upgrades I wanted to make, but not quite sure of the specifics.

    The information I read here from many of you fellow Silverado owners greatly helped me in my decision making. Because of this I wanted to share what I've done.

    Feel free to take a look at the pictures and/or get in touch with me if you have any questions about what I've done.
  • werkingwerking Member Posts: 431
    awesome truck man...
  • sinister1sinister1 Member Posts: 8
    For those asking about my hood... the hood IS fiberglass. It's made by Keystone Restyling Products.

    As for the install... I did not personally do the install. The only thing I know is that it had to be shimmed and it was a little bit of a bear to get lined up. But it turned out pretty good.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Awesome truck. What size lift did you put on it? What size tires? What kinda rims are those? Sorry for all the questions im just curious. Thats a great truck you got there really "mean" looking

  • sinister1sinister1 Member Posts: 8
    Ryan,the lift kit is Superlift's 6" Lift. The tires are Mickey Thompson's 35x13.5x16 Baja Claws on Centerline Thruster 16x9.5 billet wheels.I first saw the lift, wheels, & tires on TNN's "Trucks". They didn't show it on the program but you will have minor clearance problems with this combination and will have to trim the inner as well as the lower portion of the outer fender and a small portion of the bumper valance.
  • gnippergnipper Member Posts: 120
    I'm not good with all the financial stuff like investments so I have a financial consultant to help me with this stuff. She recommends the 1 million umbrella policy to protect your assests from the sue happy people and the stupid courts, but to say the least it costs me about $115 a year with State Farm. They also have my house and truck insurance, so there is supposed to be some small discount built in there.

    She also recommends against the extended warranties. She says the research shows they aren't good spending. Someone else mentioned it here the other day, take the money it would cost you and invest it yourself. When you have a repair, pull from that fund. There is a certain percentage where it would pay off to have purchased it, but bottom line is the odds are against you. The dealer/GM or the independent guy is going to make money off your xtnd warranty or they wouldn't be selling em.

    My (and my financial advisors) 2 cents. I may have to pay her more for sharing her advice.

  • chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
    I was wondering if you did a gear change to compensate for the taller tires and what about the speedo did you recalibrate? What axle ratio do you have?
  • sinister1sinister1 Member Posts: 8
    at this time but it could use one. I used my Hypertech Power Programmer III to recalibrate the speedometer. Axle ratio is 3:73.
  • khharriskhharris Member Posts: 51
    I paid $636 a year for full coverage on my 00 silverado ext lt Z71,Geico wanted over $1200 for six months,what a joke,mine is with AAA,yeah the roadside assistance people,I thought I had a great deal with Nationwide but AAA beat them by $200 a year.

  • khharriskhharris Member Posts: 51
    I work for Warranty Gold and will be glad to answer honestly any questions you or anyone else has.

  • khharriskhharris Member Posts: 51
    Nothing personal but imho you ruined a beautiful truck
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    just what he prefers. Must be a little slower with those tall tires...
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Need to change out 3.73 with 4.56 or 5.13
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    No way its not thats a nice looking truck. Thats what he wanted so he did it.

    Tonight i went to watch fireworks. I parked and had a bunch of comments on my truck they all liked it. These trucks are awesome.

  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    CRYIN' RYAN, if only you'd post those pics you
    promised. then we could all boast about your
    truck too. Toyolo or Chevy? which one is it? LOL
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    topics in the SUV section and ran across

    2000 Yukons/Tahoes - Any Details? - VIII (Topic #2799)

    Them Yukon/Tahoe owners are sure different, can't really place my finger on it. Read a lot of the posts and they seem to pick on the weirdest things about their Yukons/Tahoes. Like running board plastic inserts popping up, ears getting plugged while driving on washboard road, and where to point the a/c diffusers for maximum did red put it....must be LURDS...oh yeah, I also noticed Ryan had quite a few posts in there also...Hmmm...a Yukon/Tahoe wannabe or groupie? Ryan...please tell me it isn't so... ;)

  • leavyleavy Member Posts: 34
    Are those hood nostrils funcional?

  • vince4vince4 Member Posts: 1,268
    When I pull the filter during an oil change I get quite a gush of oil. Are you (whoever) saying that since it's not part of the pan we can change the filter without first draining the oil and we won't loose much oil? Does anyone have first hand experience doing this? I guess that gush I'm used to is from oil in the motor?
  • vince4vince4 Member Posts: 1,268
    I just did my first suspension lube. Thanks to everyone for all the info on this topic, I don't know if I would have found all 11 without those photos. By the way, I did them all without replacing any zerks and without removing the brush guard. It was a little tricky but not bad.
    I bought the right angle zerks before so I'll probably use them anyway to make it easier in the future.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    I did the oil change yesterday and noticed the exact same thing where at least 1/2 - 3/4 qt. flows around the exterior of the filter + whatever is inside of the filter. Maybe a total of 1 1/2 qts. lost when removing the oil filter. And that's with a dry oil pan. I wonder how much would drain out if the motor was full of oil?

    Zerks...had only 10, but for $50 I installed the last one. Had to grease only one though, dealer did the other 10 for free.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841

    good old fashion tug of war...Pictures worth a thousand words...
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Red- You havent seen pics of my truck yet?

    Obyone- I go in there to hear of problems and other things. Basically the 2 trucks are the same right? And another reason is because my next vehicle will most likely be a tahoe (cant get a minivan gotta at least get something sporty).

    Hope everyone had a nice 4th of july

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    about a tahoe?

    I thought about one...but determined the pick-em-up bed is better to have than a full rear seat. I like the open bed better than a closed in bed..(like having a cap on a bed..which I do not like).

    The new corss breeds (Avalache soon) don't really do it for me either....

    What else can I knock?


    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    make that cross!
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Im talking about getting a tahoe when i start a family which will be around the time i will be buying another vehicle. Its more "sporty" than a minivan or a car wouldnt you agree???

  • btenvybtenvy Member Posts: 43
    you mentioned you had a bugdeflector II, did you have problems with the install? I ordered 2 colored matched ones both had flaws and ended up getting them both for free, however when tried to install the holes didn't line up. Do you have the part # by chance? I think they might have sent one for the old body style.


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