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2007 Jeep Wrangler



  • Long wheelbase Rubicon CRD!
    I really hope DCx builds this thing. Americans are ready for diesel power and efficiency.
  • any body have a guess how many wranglers are sold a year???
  • 92,000
  • Does anyone know if we will ever see another Scrambler? :confuse:
  • ergoergo Posts: 56
    Yup, it'll be called a Gladiator! See the separate thread! :shades:
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    and get a custom truck type top. :) Yes, they are made.

  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    For off-roading?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    That is the indication. Spy shots have shown what appears to be a SFA in front (and I assume in back). I've seen them and I see control arms too, which indicate solid axles as well.

    I've heard Dana has the contract for axles still, so all signs point to yes - solid axles front and rear.

    How long they remain on Jeeps has yet to be seen. I fear days are numbered.

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Here are some pics of the new Wrangler. It is good sized, so I'll post just the link. Think the front end looks a LOT like the Gladiator. This could be good or bad. It may mean the Gladiator won't happen and was a testbed for the new Wrangler, or since they share parts, that it would happen.

  • It looks like Jeep Truck Engineering (JTE) has done good research once again. Not thrilled about the slope of the grill, but I suppose it bought them a couple points in the wind tunnel. A 3.8...hmmm...hopefully not the same one from the mini-van line. I hope a CRD (maybe in the 3.5L range)is in future plans. Fuel economy and torque in a Jeep. What a novel idea. For now, good work JTE keeping the lawyers and bean counters at bay. Can't wait to test drive one of these in 4 door.
  • The 2007 Jeep Wrangler is an improvement over my 04 TJ. The TJ has a super durable inline 6 and overall simple design with plenty of after market parts. However the safety of the TJ body structure has me wondering sometimes?
    The 2007 should be a lot safer and had arrived just in time to counter the 2007 Toyota FJ cruiser which would like to take away 46000 jeep buyers. A final thought ,I think it would take years before enough after market parts are available for the TK. Me if I were to buy one, I will get the 4 door version, since I use mine as a daily driver.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735

    The 3.8 is the same one used in the Pacifica, but I believe they have done some tuning on it for Jeep use.

  • I know I will get use to the look but at this point I am not 100% liking it. I think the main point I do not like is the postal jeep grill. Also whats up with the solid plastic flairs as fenders. Hopefully they will come in more colors than black. I am almost sick about the loss of the straight six. I knew back in "87 that Chrysler would change Jeep and not in a good way. Yes I know the engine was 40 years old. Chrysler should have designed a new head for the engine. Some say that the tooling's were worn out and that new engine boring machines were needed. Like so many others, slowly we are seeing niche vehicles we love turned into mass market money makers.
  • greg23greg23 Posts: 4
    I kind of like the idea of plastic fenders. This way they won't scratch when you go off roading, and they wont dent. As long as the overall design is good little exterior things like that dont bother me. I agree with you on the Inline 6, they should not stop making that engine. I had a 1999 Cherokee Sport with that engine and it ran great, 170,000miles and not even an oil leak. Plus it had good low end power so it was easy to climb hills off road and it accelerated fast too. The fact that the engine has been around for 40 years is a good thing because it means Jeep has had a chance to work all the bugs out of it, so that it doesn't end up breaking down on you like so many newer cars do.
  • greg23greg23 Posts: 4
    Jeep isn't replacing the wrangler, they are just redesigning it a little and adding a 4 door version. In order to be a true Jeep wrangler it would nee to have removable doors, a fold flat wind shield and a roll cage. As for axles and suspension it needs to have what ever is necessary in order for it to be a true off roader and live up to the Jeep name. As for the engine, the 4.0 liter that is currently being used can be droped cause its not very good on gas and the Wrangler isn't fast enough, however if they can put the 4.0 liter from the cherokee in there it would be very good, because the Cherokee 4.0 liter has more power than the Wrangler 4.0 liter. But if they are going to be getting rid of that engine all together then I would like to see an engine with no less than 235 ft lbs of torque and 225 Horse Power with lots of low end power. The 3.5 Liter V6 form the Magnum would be good if they could manage to get the horse power and torque at a lower RPM. In order for a Jeep to be a Jeep it needs to be rear wheel drive, have serious off road capabilities, low end power, the signature grille, and some what agresive styling or at least not soft, nice styling like the Liberty which by the way I think is the ugliest thing Jeep has ever made and that is why I'd never buy one. I am also hoping that the 4 door Wrangler will be the same size or at least close to the size of the 2001 Cherokee, because for me that is the perfect size SUV, and I think Jeep made a huge mistake by discontinuing it and an even bigger mistake replacing it with the Liberty. I would also like to see a Diesel engine in the new Wranglers because I do plan on getting one and if it had a diesel engine I would be able to use vegetable oil for fuel and save some money ( The whole reason the diesel engine was invented was for alternative fuel purposes, it is supposed to be run on vegetable oil, not petroleum based fuel. It not only produces more power but also gets better gas millage when ran on vegetable oil; Discovery Channel History of the Diesel Engine).
  • I agree the 4.0 and previous I6 engines are great for low end torque at low RPM and run forever with proper maintenance. Greg23 must have the record with no oil leaks at 170K miles. Not leaking oil is not one of the 4.0's strong points. I believe the Wrangler engine is the same engine used in the Cherokee XJ only the intake is modified. The XJ is more efficient in that respect. My 99 Wrangler 4.0 / 5spd achieved 20 mpg highway when it was stock. That is not bad considering the poor aerodynamics and weight. As much as I love the I6, it is time to make the leap to a modern more fuel engine. The 4.7 V8 in my 99 Grand Cherokee is extremely smooth with ample power and torque. It would have been a nice choice. The 3.8 hp/torque numbers shown are not significantly better than the 4.0 and the torque comes in at a much higher rpm. I hope it can achieve upwards of 25 mpg or it will not be worth trading my 99 for it. Put a diesel in it with near 300 lb ft of torque and 25+ mpg. That will get me in talking to the silk tie boys.
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    Or it could mean the Gladiator is already a done deal and Jeep is just waiting to bring it out in the middle of the year. (Wranger 07, 2Dr, 4Dr, Truck)? Could be.

    Let's all pray they do!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Too true. :)

    Either way, they are similar enough that the addition of the Gladiator would not be a major hassle since I would imagine a lot of body, sheet metal, and interior pieces would be shared.

    Maybe a Wrangler Gladiator or Scrambler to go along with the Wrangler Sahara and Wrangler Rubicon - just another variation on the theme?

  • Hey Greg:

    Just a couple of comments about that butt-ugly liberty. My butt-ugly liberty has 110,000 miles on the 3.7 liter motor and truely has no leaks. Granted, I can only lift it 2.5 inches to make room for the 275/75/16's but I get a great ride everyday back and forth to work. Granted I shouldn't put a locker in the front pumpkin, but ARB makes a great unit for the rear. I think you wrangler guys should swallow a little pride and invite a few libbys out on the trail for a day. I think you might be surprised that by golly its a jeep too! I think Im going to break down and get a 2007 Rubicon to park along side the 2002 Libby. Let's keep it all American!! Oh Yeah.. You can get a diesel capable of using biodiesel in a Libby right now.. no need to wait for the Wrangler. Unless you live in the UK those units will be available this fall. Keep the rubber down and lets go wheelin
  • Jeez:

    I bet youre glad you bought your new jeep then.. that 2007 with 32" tires and lockers on both ends, cool 3 piece top and even electic windows surely wont be as good as your '05...
  • And the reason there is no diesel in the next Wrangler is?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Most likely the reasoning is that the new generation of diesels being used need the cleaner burning diesel that is being mandated by 10/2006 standards going in to effect. I believe this is the same time MB is using a new diesel engine in their E Series (E320 CDI).

    I would think that if a diesel would be coming in the new Wrangler (and maybe Gladiator if they build it), I wouldn't expect it until the 2008 model year sometime next year.

    Most automakers don't offer all versions of a vehicle at one time.

    Corvette didn't have a C6 Z06 until this year - one year after the C6 come out.
    BMW doesn't have an E90-based coupe yet for the 3 Series (E92 for the coupe version). And their M's and convertibles follow several years after THAT.

    Perhaps they want to work out some of those first year kinks that always seem to pop up before they drop another engine into it and introduce additional variables.

    Don't be so quick to think it won't happen. It still may not, but at least realize that there may be some rational thought behind as to why.

  • Has anybody seen a 2006 vs 2007 specification comparison chart :confuse:
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697 has a section previewing the 2007 Wrangler now.
  • Jeep website shows a CRD Diesel engine will be available on the new Wrangler but it says ( Export Only) anyone know what that means ?
  • You will be able to get the 2.8 CRD here in the States. It will have to be a special order though which can jack the price up. For what reasion I don't know. But You can get one.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Export Only means only for vehicles exported out of the US.
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