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2007 Jeep Wrangler



  • I got a call from the dealer today 9/8/06... They have several unlimiteds that just came in...

    I ran up to the dealer to check in out... I was impressed with the look of the vehicle... Much larger and good cargo space... reminded me of my old cherokee sport 4 door...

    what I didn't like was the gas mileage... I would have thought since it was being a bit more road refined Jeep would have bumped up the fuel economy... It still is only getting 19 miles highway... That is less than the grand cherokee or liberty... No need for an SUV tht size to get such dismal mileage

    That being said.. I think Jeep has a winner with the look, function and overall concept...

    I'm gong to test drive it tonight... but I think the fuel economy will keep me from buying one

  • As soon as Jeep drops a V8 in that thing, I'm trading in my '00 Sahara and my '05 GC Limited for it. Until then, this new engine is pathetic. Maybe the MB diesel options on the horizon would even be an improvement over the minivan powerplant.
  • Passed by Landmark Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep in Morrow on Friday, and they had a red X model sitting there that hadn't even been prepped yet.
    It was a soft top, X model, and the only options were Automatic, front floor mats, and rear trak-lock or something differential. It had AC listed as standard on the X. MSRP was just a tic over $23k, which I thought was pretty good for what you get.
    I couldn't drive it since they hadn't even prepped it yet, but was all over and inside it.
    The truck looks really good, but the base wheel/tire combo on the X looks way too small, or the travel is really big in the wheelwells, take your pic.
    The interior and seats seemed comfortable, but what's with the shifter? It's the same old crappy center console shifter, and for God's sake, PUT THE O/D OFF BUTTON ON THE SHIFTER LIKE MY COMPANY XTERRA HAS! I want to know who the ergonomics genius was that thought the button should go on the shifter base plate at about 2 o'clock from the shifter.
    Anywho, the vents and interior door locks are cool, but the door locks are way too easy to mistakenly lock in my opinion, only take a slight flick to lock.
    I lifted the hood and the V6 is set so far back in the engine bay that it actually looks tiny. I wanted to drive it, but the tools wouldn't let me until they prepper it.
    I wanted to get a feel for the ride on the new one. I would really like to have a look at the new hardtop, and would also like to see one with the half doors, but I heard those won't be out until after January.
    All in all, I would say that as long as the new V6 proves itself, like the 3.7 has in the Liberty, then the truck should do well.
    I would get one now, but for some reason, DCX still refuses to put a diesel in the Wrangler for sale in the United States. They do outside the U.S., and I *think* in Canada, but not here, and in fact, the perfect engine, the Liberty's diesel, won't be back for 2007 because they said it was too expensive to redesign it to get it to meet emmisions.If they would drop a 4-cylinder diesel in the new Wrangler, you would make the hard-core Jeepers giddy, and you would boost the fuel mileage easily into the mid-20s, which is the one thing this truck needs.
    One guy in this thread mentioned he didn't understand that the truck got suck poor mileage. It boils down to three things: 1)Even with the new truck, it's still like trying to push a phone-booth through the air. 2) The truck has a bit of weight on it, with a full frame, solid axles, full roll cage, etc. 3) DCX vehicles have *NEVER* gotten good mileage, even before the merger.


    - TJ
  • Yes a Turbo Diesel would be the right engine for the Wrangler in my opinion, maybe as an option. Canada doesn't get a Diesel either, but I'm amazed how you guys are getting ripped off for this Jeep, up here they start at under $20K.
  • According to the Jeep site, the base MSRP for the X model seems to be just over $18k USD. That's about $1000 cheaper than the 2006 SE models' base price. I've been told the local dealer probably won't get them 'til December... oh well, not in too big a hurry to buy anyway.
  • Can someone help me understand what's going on with the Wrangler platform? They just came out with the Unlimited in '06 right? Now it's being completely redesigned? After only ONE year??? :confuse:
  • The old platform was seen as to primitive to make the Wrangler brand viable, if they continued with it, there would be no Wrangler. Unfortunately, they didn't go far enough with the new engine for the 2007 (gas mileage), and this will have to be addressed very soon, before the brand tanks.
  • But if the Wrangler Unlimited was having a major redesign in 2007, why create the 2006 Wrangler Unlimited at all? How could they possibly justify the cost of developing and producing a vehicle for only one model year?
  • Wrangler unlimited came out in 2004.
  • Wrangler unlimited came out in 2004.

    Oh, you're right. I'm just now (summer 2006) finally seeing them (very few) on the road for the first time.

    Are they going to continue to build the 2-door Unlimited along side the new 4-door?
  • Jeep will not be building the 2 door unlimited anymore. I wish they would still make the 2 door unlimited. I want a 2 door unlimited diesel rubicon.
  • You're right heidis, a V-8 is a must if they want to sell the hell out of these newly designed Jeeps. A small block V-8 makes ALL the sense in the world. Maybe that's why it isn't offered. Some of these designers are living in a cave for they're NOT paying attention to what the world demands today. Power is "in" in case thay haven't noticed.
  • To me that is why I bought an '06 Jeep - because its simple and solid - this platform has been around longer than a lot of us - and it help define a segment of the market.

    Living in the Atlanta area jeeps are very popular SUV - used ones hold there value extermely well and I think overall they are very popular. Look at the incentive DCX didn't give on the wranglers - that says a lot - I think the old platform is awesome. Not a whole lot to go wrong and a ton of aftermarket parts to fix it if it did go wrong -
  • Todays edition of the WSJ has a review of the 2007 Wrangler that was very positive - they mentioned that the engine was a plus....
  • I've never driven a 4.0 inline 6 so I can't really comment on the old engine, but I have the minivan that the 3.8 V6 is from. Mine is the 3.3 variant and it is not a very powerful engine in my 4000+ lb Grand Caravan. Its low end is weak and it doesn't like to rev either. And I've heard that the 3.8 version isn't much better.

    I noticed that the torque peak on the 4.0 is in a lower RPM band than the V6 so that may mean that the 4.0 engine feels more powerful even though the max output numbers are similar between the two engines.

    But they really do need to put a good V8 in the Wrangler.
  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    If I have read the data on the website correctly, there is little chance we will be considering a new Wrangler. The problem is with the hard door option. We live in northern Wis. and this has been a necessity.

    For the 2007's, specifying this option invokes a mandatory selection of the side air bags at $490.00 plus the side windows are some form of plastic material. How do you scrape ice off those?

    Hopefully this will be straightened out later in the year or for 2008.
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    I am interested in the new four door Wrangler X with the six speed manual. I would be using it on the beaches in summer and in deep snow in the winter, but no rocky off-roading. I have never owned a real four wheeler before, but I have driven ones belonging to others quite a bit. I would also use mine for occassional light towing, (garden mulch, motorcycle, etc). My question is about the two gear ratios available. What are the advantages & disadvantages of each, and with the use mine would get, which would you recommend?
  • Some of the pics of the new Unlimited show frameless doors. When the top is down it looks so much better than the doors with window frames. Is this an option?
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    Those are the half doors. They are an option, but will not be available until January, (per Jeep's website). I agree with you that these doors look MUCH better with the top off than the full doors, but from what I understand about them, the top half has a plastic window which, when open (unzipped), folds inward covering the door's armrest. The plastic top half can be removed entirely, but if you get caught in the rain, you get wet. Hopefully Jeep will offer a dual door option like they offer the dual top option, so those of us in a winter climate will be able to enjoy a snug cabin with full metal doors and full hard top in winter and an open fun one with a soft top and half doors in the summer.
  • A Plastic window? How retarded. Instead of a dual door option, they should have a single type of door with a real roll-up glass window with no window frame. Just like any normal convertible does.
  • How about this:
    Diesel V6
    Glass windows in framelss doors
    Spray out interior (how will that DC stereo do with a water hose?)
    Rear seats that fold flat with trunk space to create sleep-able interior.

    That will be when they finish this Jeep.
  • Just had a downpour down here in the south - and of course I had all the windows out - second time this has happened while its been parked - just went out pulled out the drain plugs to pushed the excess water out - does the '07 have this? And will water effect all the new electronics.
  • "A Plastic window? How retarded. Instead of a dual door option, they should have a single type of door with a real roll-up glass window with no window frame. Just like any normal convertible does"

    I have had the same question all along. Why the nonsense of Full metal door vs half door? How hard is it to have a frameless door with real glass window anyway?
  • Okay.. I am going to get my first Jeep. The Unlimited 4 door is perfect because I have 3 kids. I dig the convertible. I will go off-road once in a while up in the woods and out at the beach.

    Here is the question... To me the extra cost of going Rubicon over Sahara isn't very much. If I keep the Jeep 4 years, that is less than $100 a month.

    The sales guy at the dealership indicated that I should not get the Rubicon because it is really meant for serious, and not once-in-a-while off-roading. In fact, he suggested that he Rubicon would develop problems (tire cupping was his example) if it is used mostly for around town. He also blasted the 4.10 of the Rubicon and praised the 2.77 of the Sahara, and said I would be much happier on highway trips.

    Since I need the tow package and my wife wants the automatic, I think I am getting the 4.10 either way.

    That seemed stupid to me.

    I like the idea of beefier 44 axles, and the rock-scrape guards armoring over the Jeep's more delicate bits and pieces offered by the Rubicon. If it saves me once, it has paid for the delta in costs.

    But the sales guy's comment about how the Sahara is much more streetable and the Rubicon would have problems being a mostly street machine scared me.

    What do you think? Any help would be appreciated.
  • tallduc, "Jeep Wrangler" #22128, 24 Sep 2006 3:01 pm

    paris show

    More Powerful and Fuel-efficient Engines

    Available for the first time in a civilian model is a diesel engine for Jeep Wrangler, and this engine is also offered for the Wrangler Unlimited. Built by VM Motori, this all-new 2.8-litre common-rail turbo diesel engine is a 2766cc (169 cu. in.) four-cylinder, in-line engine, with belt-driven double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder.

    The iron cylinder block is an open block design with a ladder frame bed plate and integral liners. The aluminium cylinder head features a side-entry swirl intake port and a directed intake port. A Bosch EDC 16 common-rail direct-injection fuel system is incorporated along with an electronically controlled EGR valve and variable geometry turbocharger.

    The 2.8-litre diesel engine is available with a six-speed manual transmission or five-speed automatic transmission. Maximum power is estimated at 130 kW (177 hp DIN), and peak torque is estimated at 410 Nm (302 lb.-ft.) between 1800-2400 rpm
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Honestly, find another dealer. He's trying to look like your 'bud' and 'save you money' but I suspect he has goodies he wants to sell you for the Sahara. Any dealer not wanting to take your money and steer you away from what you want, you have to wonder what they are thinking.

    The Rubicon is not any less streetable than the Sahara. Yeah, the transfer case has a lower ratio, but onroad, that is irrelevant, unless in 4wd in snow. :)

    The Rubicon shocks may be a bit beefier. If the tires on the Rubicon are going to cup, then they'd do it on the Sahara too as their suspension is apparantly the SAME. The new Rubicons are going to come with BFG tires if I've read the information about them correctly. NOT a bad tire and better than pretty much anything that has come stock on a Wrangler to date.

    As for gearing 2.77 would scare me - that is VERY high! It may be great for highway cruising and mileage, but overall, it isn't going to save you THAT much in gas. I'd rather have the lower 4.10 gearing for better acceleration and torque to the wheels, which you'd want for towing anyway.

    I have 4.88 gearing in my 4 cyl, and while the RPM's are higher, it has better highway manners than if I had left it at the 4.10's when I put on my larger tires. 4.10 is VERY nice for on the highway. I know several Rubicon owners and they LOVE it on the highway. I'm sure the JK will be even quieter (albeit a bit slower than its 2 door version due to weight). That added weight of the 4 door helps tell me 4.10 is the way to go.

    If you maintain your vehicle properly, the Rubicon will last as long (longer) than a regular Jeep IMO. Stronger parts, armor, etc all help it last longer. Just remember if you wheel it, TREAD LIGHTLY! and make sure to clean off the undercarriage and above the armor when done to help prevent rust or potential debris buildup.

  • We bought an '06 Wrangler Rubicon a year ago. We love it but it’s just a bit small for us and our two setters to ride in back. Reading about the new 4-door, we're already sold. My wife drives the car most of the time, and almost always on road --

    I understand this may be sacrilegious to some but which of the four door versions (Sahara, X, Rubicon) would offer the most comfort and fuel economy?

    Thanks so much.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Probably the 4x2 versions of the Sahara or X.

  • Thank you for the advice. This dealer only had Sahara's on the lot, so I think that contributed to him telling me that I didn't need the extra gusto of the Rubicon. What a prick.

    Now, the next question is how long until the 2007's have the 7/70 that the 06's have or the 5/100,000 that the GM's have?

    It looks like a good product....I wish Chrysler had the same confidence in their work that I do.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Keep in mind, the new JK is a totally retooled rig from the solid TJ's. The first year of a new model CAN be problematic, so keep that in mind. My 97 TJ (first year of production) has been relatively problem free since I acquired it, with the only exceptions being items that I already knew about prior to buying (exhaust manifold leak, small oil leaks, etc).

    Good luck with whatever purchase you choose (I'd personally go for the Rubicon if given a choice).

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