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2007 Jeep Wrangler



  • My wife and I test drove an 07' Unlimited "X" this weekend, then an 06' Unlimited. The 07' feels so much more roomy with the extra 5" of shoulder room. I'm afraid that the 3.8L engine feels shy of adequate power, but I'm sure in time Paxton or Whipple will produce something to help in that department. I like the new styling, it grew on me quickly, but the interior trim is way too cheezy with all the over-abundant plastic.

    Despite the flaws, we ordered an 07' Rubicon Unlimited yesterday with the dual tops, power convenience group, 6-speed, mats, trailering package, front side air bags, dark tinted windows, but we did NOT order the smokers package, nor an upgrade to the radio. I plan to install a Pioneer Axim-Z1 when I get it to access XM radio instead of Sirius, as well as use/charge my iPod, and navigate. It also has cool Vehicle performance monitoring such as off-camber angle, Gs of acceleration, voltmeter and a host of other things, I strongly recommend checking it out. It looks as though it should fit into the dash space cleanly.

    I found a company out in Montana that installs 5.7L Hemi engines in Wranglers as a turn-key operation. Anyone look into this?

    Bryson CIty, NC
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Like a Wrangler needs a G meter (acclerometer) :) heheh

    Fun stuff anyways! :)

    AEV has been producting Brutes and doing 5.7 Hemi conversions for a while. I'd LOVE one of their Brutes, but not willing to pay that price (Price of a new Rubicon + all the upgrades) = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I currently own a 02 Sport TJ. I loved the size of the 07 and you could feel there was more power.

    It rode like a Jeep but was more comfortable. It did not feel like a KJ but it did feel lighter in some respects.

    Note - the front grill is very cheap plastic but they have improved the interior from the TJ in a big way. Small/thin door rockers (very car like) - I wonder how water proof that is going to be?

    The metal is much thinner and very Samurai/car like.

    I liked the rubber like fenders and moving the turning signals back to the grille. I wonder if they fade ... I hope not!

    Fender hugging tail lights were really cool looking and still box shaped.

    Tiny but deep engine compartment - only a short block V8 will fit in there if it is ever offered.

    I was really surprised 2WD was an option and I do not see that many selling unless they really start jacking the prices up for the 4WD option.

    Loved the 4 door model I drove but I am in sort of a wait and see mode at this point.

    You see I am going to wait 2 or 3 years from now. I will read relibility stats and wait for more options. I was burned when the Unlimited came out a year or so after I bought my Sport.

    I do not know if this is going to be the sucessor to the TJ in spirit or not - the jury is still out. I will probably keep my TJ and not trade it in any case. I'd never get what I invested in it back.

    I am waiting on the V8 or a Hemi Jeep to solve the power problems that Wrangler owners have been begging fixed since the YJ.

    If I am going to get bad MPG I might as well do it in an EIGHT!
  • The TV commercial with the giant apes seems to have a 4-door Wrangler with half doors. At least that's what it looks like in the split second it is on the screen. Reminds me a bit of the VW Thing. :)
  • tolh13tolh13 Posts: 1
    I have a 1973 VW THING and yes it looks just like a 4dr jk from the side.want to buy it?save $25,000.00 over the jk

    mark :D
  • I still haven't seen an 07' Rubicon yet, though we have test driven an auto and a 6-speed manual 4-door in the past few weeks. I STRONGLY recommend the 6-speed over the auto, it FEELS like it has a little more power, and being able to hold it in a gear and get the RPMs up really makes it easier to drive, and the gutless engine feels less so.

    No Rubicons even seen on eBay yet, ours is now in production, and should be finished within the next 7-10 days. I was told it takes about 2 weeks to build one.
    I've already decided to lift it 3 inches, and replace the 32" tires with 35" x 17 BF Goodrich Mud TA tires on 17" Mickey Thompson Classic Beadlock rims, and to replace both the gear sets with 4.88:1 gears. If I replace the 4.10s with 4.56s, that would keep the ratio about stock, but the 4.88 gears should also help with power, and acceleration, though it MAY drop the highway MPG 1-2.

    Bryson City, NC
  • Steve,
    As a Former Jeep Salesman and owner of a 1986 Cherokee, 1998 Wrangler, and a 2003 Liberty. The salesman is right and wrong. The Sahara will give you a slightly more comfortable "ride". The Rubicon was originally created for those Wrangler Fanatics who buy a base to mid model and spend another 10-15 K in offroad mods. It was also designed to refresh the Wrnagler youth market. That being said I think if you were to take it off road on the beaches and woods you would be much happier in the Rubicon. I have not driven the new "Unlimited" 4 door but have sat in it and think it will sell and perform well. It is not really a 1st year production b/c it is based on the stretched "Unlimited" that has been produced for a few years now. I would love to have gotten one of these, but I needed more space for comfort so I now drive a 2007 Tahoe. Just felt in all fairness I should let you know what I drive.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I recently test drove the new 4-door in both stick and automatic.
    They drove about the way I expected, the stick was clunky and I didn't realize until later that it was a 6 speed, so I never put it in 6th on the highway.
    The automatic seemed to drive much more smoothly.
    They were both quite noisy with tire and wind noise and the stick model was very stripped of options. It didn't even have power windows or cruise. Between the sun glare and the black on black interior, it took a few minutes for us to find the window cranks that blended into the black door panels almost as if hidden. We were trying to find the power window switches and later felt the crank and realized it didn't have power windows.
    One of the test drives was in a Wrangler that had not been prepped and still had plastic on the steering wheel. After making a U-turn the plastic wrap got caught in the wiper stalk, almost breaking off the stalk and causing the vehicle to veer dangerously into the median. After ripping off the plastic wrap, we continued the test drive.
    Performance was "OK."
    Back seat was barely adequate even on the 4-doors, so the 2-doors must not have a useful rear seat at all.
    Fuel economy ratings are poor. That was the main reason I didn't bother talking the dealer about price and just left.
    If I really loved, it I might have considered it a little.
    Maybe there will be a diesel with better mileage in future years.

    I think many people will like the looks and price if you don't put many options on it. So, it should sell well to people looking for this type of vehicle.
    The 4-door manual kind of looked like a Hummer H3, but the sticker was around $23K.
    The prepped models had a bunch of dealer junk add-ons like giant chrome rims priced at about $5000, plus another $5000 in additional dealer markup. This brought their asking prices into a laughable range well over $35K despite having very few factory options.
  • I stopped by my dealer today...they said that the MyGIG navigation won't be available until later. Does anybody know when it will be available?

    TEST DRIVE Key points:
    - Soft top is really not much louder inside
    - Definitely hear/feel a difference in the ride between the Rubicon and Sahar...Sahara was much better
    - The engine is definitely not a HEMI but it gets the job done
    - Don't expect your dealer to know how to work the different tops
    - They said they are selling these as fast as they get them in, which is true as I pass their dealer and they are always missing one on the lot. They say that they come in often though
    - I'd recommend buying one
  • I would recomend a 4.10 ratio. it is the best. I have driven then both. with the 6 speed manual the rpms are not real high about 2200 at 75mph. and still gives you good low end power.
  • they have full doors aswell( power windows or not if you want)
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    The name is as long as the Jeep itself!

  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I agree the 07 unlimited does look like the H3.
    I own a 06 H3 and Really like it but, I must say I really like the looks of the unlimited and from the articles I've read it sounds like a pretty good off road rig as well.
    I think I need to go to the dealer to check it out for myself. Who knows maybe I'll get one but, it has to be pretty comfortable and well built like my H3 or I won't give it the time of day!
  • I bought a car last week.

    Instead of the Rubicon Unlimited or the Sahara Unlimited I got a Pontiac G6 Convertible.

    How can you go from a Jeep to a econo-coupe-convertible????? I wanted a convertible. She demanded room for the kids. The Wrangler was a logical choice, until I drove it.

    1) There is no place for my left arm
    2) The dealer doesn't have hardly any inventory to choose from, and certainly no 07 Rubicon Unlimiteds
    3) GM has a 100k mile warrantee, DC has about a third of that
    4) I have a Tomcar for off roading, and next year Polaris will come out with a Ranger that will fit my kids.
    5) Putting the roof up and down was a royal pain in the butt. Even the sales people were cursing while struggling with the cloth top. The hard plastic freedom top is a cool idea, but you either go topless or covered. You can't take the top with you on a trip other than in place.

    To the Jeep people out there, I feel like I betrayed you. But, to be fair, here in Arizona, the only time for convertibles is winter, and to wait a year for the Jeep would have been too long.

    Maybe a used one on Ebay next year?
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I signed for a 2007 RUBICON lease 3 weeks ago, having been told that it would be about 6 weeks to build and ship it. Two weeks ago ,at my inquiry , I was told that Rubicons won't be built (with half-doors) until 01/31/07 . THIS, to put it MILDLY ....STINKS ! Maybe JEEP should put a disclaimer in their multi-million dollar ad campaign that Rubicon customers will have a good long wait for a vehicle of their choice . Otherwise you get a Hobson's. STINKS !
  • During the Thanksgiving holiday, I went to GA (Jasper Jeep) to pick up the Wrangler 4-door Sahara I order back in September. I thoroughly trust this dealership as I've bought all of my Jeeps from them, no matter where I'm living when I buy/order. I was told that more than 50 peopled called to buy my Jeep after it arrived. They finally had to move it to the back lot. It now appears that the wait for a 4-door could be as long as three months for orders that go in now. They are still trying to get the dealers stock vehicles built now and, as mentioned, won't start on the special orders until mid-January at the earliest.

    Now, as for the vehicle, I put 1400+ miles on it coming home to Colorado and it handled and move like a dream--Jeep. It is a Jeep and everyone, including the auto reviewers, should remember that. But it's the best riding, handling and power-balanced Jeep I've ever owned or driven. I'm absolutely satisfied. More power would have made it dangerous. It passed well on the highway and cruised comfortably at 75+mph. Averaged about 16 to 19 MPG on the break-in trip and seem to be doing better now. Only problem I've noticed is that the MPG calculations in the stock Sahara computer is about 2-2.5 MPG high. I ordered the 17" wheels so that may be the problem, especially if they neglected to reset the pinion factor in the vehicle's computer before it left the factory. I'm taking it in at my earliest opportunity. Otherwise, I super satisifed. And apparently the public is excited about it as well since I've been approached everytime I buy gas or get it washed. Everyone says, "Now I'm ready to buy a Jeep!" As I went into the carwash the other day, one of the girls there held up a handwritten sign that said, "I want your Jeep!" (You young, single fellers should keep that in mind!) >;-)

  • At my dealer in Ohio, Junction Auto, they always have Unlimiteds in stock... Granted they don't sit for long but they are there.
    And good point COhighlander everybody seems to want one of these!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    The wait is due to the half doors only, not the Rubicon part of it.

    On a new model, do you really expect things to be done in a same timeframe for every feature? DC is NOT the only one that does that. Even makers like BMW will delay certain features (like their comfort access or whatever they call it) and have it during the mid-year cycle.

    This is yet another reason to wait a year on a new model. :)

    Hope your wait isn't pushed out further. But demand, and those queued up ahead of you, may dictate you length of wait.

  • nolid5nolid5 Posts: 148
    I gotta admit I'm very impressed. NHTSA 5 Star Frontal crash link
  • The CJ... Ah, what fond memories. And yes, THAT was a Jeep in every sense of the word. I could take that thing anywhere. It did ride like a Jeep should - rough on road and superb off-road. That's why it's a Jeep. If you want a smooth ride then you aren't going to be able to get a quality 'combo' vehicle that will do both. The new Z71's are pretty close, but still can't match a Jeep's capability off road. While the 258 inline 6 in the old CJ's lacked in speed they were more than capable in handling anything I ever put it through off road, and I put it through a lot (mud/rocks/snow/sand/whatever. I had an '82 CJ-7 Renegade and wish I had never sold it... I'd still drive it today if I could.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    A long armed TJ with good shocks and springs (OME) will ride pretty darn good. :)

  • guestguest Posts: 770
    The ads (both print and TV) feature 1/2 doors prominently . A POX ON DC for not having a suitable inventory this far into new car year . And shame on dealers who try to get us to pick up the leftovers .
  • Got a call from salesman today. He says my order is now at "...Build Status" level. Sounds like more b.s. nonsense. Anyone familiar with that rerm ? Thanks.
    After yesterday's game I should change my Forum Name !
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    And I was wondering what Giant Sin you had in '06........ :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    As xscout pointed out... you can just do something REALLY bad in the next 12 days and legitimately keep your member ID as-is :)


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  • Each of you is verrrry punny !
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    The Daimler-Chrysler assistance line informs me that my Rubicon is in D-1 status ; the salesman says it'll be here in 5 weeks . So far it's been 1) 6 week wait (ended yesterday ) , 2) won't be built until 01/31/07 , and now 3)delvery on 01/31/07 . What have I learned ? It'll probably change next week.
  • Yup, the "truth" changes. I kinda figured that the optimistic delivery date that the salesman gave you folks was bullcorn. Like I said, when I picked up my 4-door Sahara just before Thanksgiving that I ordered in early September, the president of Jasper Jeep told me that DC would not give him any idea of when his new personal orders would be delivered.
  • My "build" is still in D-1 status . Has anyone else gotten a 2007 order yet ?
  • Salesman called today (what did I tell you !? ). Says status is now READY TO SHIP. I am moderately excited....oh,Hell...I'm very excited ! ;)
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