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2007 Jeep Wrangler



  • I just purchased a new '07 Wrangler X with just the c pkg, and am looking to upgrade the wheels and tires(225/75/16) to something bigger. Most of our driving is road/hwy commuting, but there are a lot of short, but nice trails around the Hill Country here west of Austin Tx. Not much mud, but lots of limestone ledge hill climbing. Since it's new, no real steep climbs for this baby yet.
    If I were to stay with 16" rims, I'm looking at BFG All Terrain T/A KO or maybe the BFG Rugged Trail T/A. The size Discount Tire shows as the Wrangler upgrade is either the 255/70/16 or 265/70/16. The 265's look like 10.5" wide x 30.6" tall. Is it safe to assume there will be enough clearance with the 265's to not have to adjust the steering stop? Has anyone tried this with the '07?
    If I went up to 17" rims, will the 255/70/17 or 255/75/17 fit? Does the X have the same clearance as the Sahara which comes with the 255/75/17?
  • I just filled up with gas....on 2nd tank , my Rubi got 17.1 M.P.G. I was in 4 Wheel less this time. :blush:
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    :shades: I have the same model in auto transmission 2wd with the 18 inch tires. I have been driving the kids back and forth to school in stop and go traffic every day as well as having made a couple of 200 mile round trips and am getting about 20 MPG average. I would assume a manual transmisson if shifted properly would (as they do) get better mileage. I also figure you would lose a couple of miles per gallon with the 4X4 and even more operating in 4wd (it's the price you pay). I will have more info on strictly Hwy MPG in about two weeks as we will be heading south on I-95 for about 600 miles.
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    :confuse: Dude I walked in a couple of weeks ago tried one out and walked out with it. They have several to choose from both in color, model and option package around here at many dealerships. I bet the shortage is a northern thing because we don't have the snow around here just mud.
  • Where are you located ? :D
  • otchotch Posts: 2
    I am about to purchase my first Jeep Wrangler - a 2007 four dour Rubicon. I am really struggling between the full doors, with power windows and locks, vs the half doors. I believe the half doors look a lot better than the full frame, but am concerned about the hassle factor. Any advise from Wrangler owners with good or bad experiences? As an aside, I live in Michigan, so I will only be taking the full top off for 4 or 5 months.
  • Especially with the Four door , the clean look of the half doors is striking compared to the full ones. I'd get the half doors every trip of the train . Because, when it's summer and the top is off YOU CARE ! ;)
  • J.C. Whitney (and others , including eBay) will sell you replacement half-door tops that have sliding windows . Those seem like an adequate compromise .
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    Moncks Corner, SC and I went to the Hoover dealership there. There is a dealer in North Charleston, SC like 20 min away that has several models.
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    By the time summer rolls around you will most likely be able to get aftermarket Half doors. Right now Bestop is offering the Safari style biminis for them using a no drill adapter for around $150 total. I plan on getting one and half doors in a couple of months. I chose to get a hardtop full door model because winters around here get rainy and cool. If I lived where you are it would be a no brainer. What you need to keep in mind when you purchase any vehicle is the worst possible conditions you will be driving in. The beauty about a jeep is they are a convertable for nice weather and to top that off the aftermarket accessories allow you to make it your own way while still having the factory stock tops and doors for winter.
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    Yes but right now no one has the rear doors only front doors. I agree with the suggestion as it is what I am doing as I got full doors and the hard top. Bestop has the soft tops and biminis for the 4 door models and front half doors but no one yet has the rear. I feel that by spring or at least early summer they will have all 4 replacement doors. Of course if you have money the dealer can order them but I think I can wait till I can get them aftermarket.
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    In a couple of weeks we will be in Florida close enough to Daytona for a day trip. Weather permitting I want to ride the beach without the top and doors. As we have full doors and a hard top it will require us leaving everything at my sister-in-law's. I know you have to move the mirrors in order to keep them installed and legal and plan on this modification. I will need to travel some on US-1 and more on A-1-A to get to Daytona. My wife said she is cool with riding with no doors however she thinks it is not might not be legal because she heard about some jeep owners in PA getting ticketed a while back. I say it is because otherwise I would have seen hundreds of jeep owners stopped including her brother. Who is right?
    BTW I know the safety issues about riding w/o doors on the road and don't want to discuss them just the legality of doing it. :shades:
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    Yep mine has a plug and the manual suggests you just wash the mud out if you happen to track some in.
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    Mine did too but I found out it had been put on and off a couple of times the week before I bought it. It could be it was not correctly installed at the factory or the dealer had it off. When I saw the leak I pulled into a car wash and took the top off and reinstalled it correctly then the leak was gone. It makes a difference if you follow the owners manual on reinstalling the top or just do it haphazzard. I put everything in place right first then left and then clamped the front to the windshield screwed the rear down and flipped the levers. If you do this the leak should disappear if not simply take it to your service department at the dealership and complain they should fix it for you no charge. I have heard this same complaint a lot and have seen the same suggestion I just gave you given by others and followed and so far it has worked every time. Sometimes it has even taken an owner doing it after the dealer did because the service tech did not reinstall it right.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Not a problem in FL.

    PA just has some really stupid laws like that. :)

    I'm topless and doorless most of the summer in my TJ in AL and know of a LOT of jeepers in FL who do the same thing.

  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    Thanks, I am pretty sure we have no laws agianst it here either as everyone does it. I figured it was one of those quirky laws if it was true.
  • otchotch Posts: 2
    Thanks for everyone's input on the full vs half door debate. I continue to welcome comments from anyone with strong feelings either way. At this point, I am leaning toward the half doors, and picking up some Bestop sliding glass uppers. However, I still have some fear that I am going to regret not having the power locks and windows.
    In fact, I tried to order the 4 door Rubicon today (with the half doors), but amazingly, the dealer said that they are not taking orders for the 4 door version with the half doors yet (only the 2 door). I can't understand how they can promote this ultimate off road vehicle (90% of the pictures in the brochure, and even at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, show the 4 door version with half doors), yet they won't even take an order for one. Nor will they take an order for the new My Gig Navigation system. How frustrating. On the bright side, I guess I have a little longer to ponder my decision. I suppose one option is buying both the full and half doors from the dealer when I order the vehicle. Does anyone have any idea how much a manufacture half door goes for (based on what they cost for 06 models or earlier of course)?
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    I had planned on purchasing the half doors when I got my jeep and was told by my dealer's parts department that right now I could only order the front doors. I asked why and was told the front on both the two and four door models are the same however the factory can not keep up with demand on the rear doors. All new rear doors are going on new jeeps. He said he has seen this type of shortage before with other vehicles and all I had to do was wait a couple of months (which will still be too cool for going with no top or a safari top and half doors except the warmest part of the day) and they should be an item he can get in a week. He could not tell me a price and personally knowing the difference in what a dealer charges and aftermarket parts are I might wait and see how long it takes to get them aftermarket.
    BTW I took my sunroof off yesterday afternoon and while it was chilly (60) the sun was out and I could not stand it. If I was not convinced before now that going ahead and buying my jeep now then adding aftermarket options as I can I am now.
  • If I was not convinced before now that going ahead and buying my jeep now then adding aftermarket options as I can I am now.

    OUCH ! That last sentence gave me a headache ! :cry:
  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    Sometimes I think faster than I type and leave parts out. It should have read: If I was not convinced before now that going ahead and buying my jeep now and then adding aftermarket options was a good idea I am now. That said I have a little bit of a cold this morning from riding around with the sunroof off on Friday or maybe it was working outside yesterday when temps did not get out of the 40's. I am telling my wife it is because of yesterday she blames it on the jeep ride. :sick:
  • Get ready for a potentially long wait. I ordered the 07 4-Door Rubicon on Aug 15. After many follow up calls, around the first week in December, I also found out that the manuf assigned my car a VIN. After 2 more months I finally got the call that the car will be here on Feb 12th (almost 6 months from the day it was ordered). I suspect by now they have reached production capacity and all the initial manufacturing issues have been worked out - and you won't have to wait as long as I did. But, either way I'm sure it will be worth the wait (I'll let you know next week when/if it arrives) Good luck.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I suspect by now they have reached production capacity and all the initial manufacturing issues have been worked out

    Not quite:

    (SHG) Electronic front sway bar w/o Rubicon model has a Job #1 of 2/15/07

    (DSH) Locker rear axle has a Job #1 of 2/15/07

    (GWK) Sunrider soft top with 2-Door has a Job #1 of 3/19/07

    The estimated lead time is 12 - 14 weeks at the moment, though this could change at any time of course.
  • EEK ! And I thought 9 weeks was long ! I hope that somebody (DEALER ? ) makes your LONG wait up to you somehow .But (when the wait is over) and it's summer time, and the top is off , WHO CARES ! ;)
  • Here are some more photos of winter here in WNY...and what happens if you slack off in snow removal. :sick:
  • Please pardon the newcomer for asking what may be an obvious question - but I'm expecting delivery of my new 07 Unlim Rub 4-door next week (my first Jeep). I'll be using the jeep for 75% local urban commuting, etc.(sorry but I have to earn a living), 20% long weekend travel to and around mountain house with fairly rugged access and on-property trails, 5% (more hopefully) increasingly rugged 4x4 weekend get-away trips (rubicon trail, etc.)
    My question - what are the obvious modification that you would do in order to be 'trail ready.' Here is my list from my "jeep friend" - but I welcome comments and suggestions:
    (1) front bumper (Warn)
    (2) rear bumper (Warn, but at least 2 months until its ready)
    (3) Air intake system (Airaid or AEM - could someone tell me why this is not a factory spec if it is such an "obvious" upgrade to hp and torque?)
    (4) winch (Warn 8k lbs - is this enough?)
    (5) lights- side mirror mounted (I guess you can never have enough light)
    I suspect somewhere in the future there may be a lift kit, but think I need to learn more about the jeep first and how I'm using it before making this commitment. Thoughts?
  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    Yesterday a two door X arrived at my local dealer and I had a chance to look at it up close. My initial impressions include:

    1) The interior is far more comfortable and spacious than that of my 2004 X, with one exception. That is the height from the seat to the roll bar. Even with the seat height adjuster all the way down, I hit my head on the bar every time I tried entering the vehicle. This never happens in my '04.

    2) The front fenders are a LOT of plastic compared to only the previous lips. The temperature was below zero yesterday and I did a bit of pushing and tugging on the fenders to get a feel for their durability. Although nothing seemed ready to break, there was not much flex in them. Also not sure what the vehicle would look like when they begin to fade. I touch mine up a couple of times a year, but these would need a gallon of anti-fade and a 4" brush.

    3) There does not seem to be availability of deep tinted rear and rear side windows on soft top only models this year.

    Overall, this may be a better vehicle and value than the previous version, but the lowered toll bar clearance may be fatal flaw for me. Darn.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    1&2, I'd personally avoid Warn bumpers. Their open box design isn't as strong as the box designed versions out there. That is why I run a Jeeperman, which now makes bumpers for the JK (2007).

    3, it's not standard, esp for an offroad vehicle because (1) that means they don't make $$ replacing or selling replacements and (2) they tend to let more dirt and junk into the air intake, which is bad for an engine. Offroad vehicles will (generally) see more offroad use.

    4, 8k is okay, but 9k would be better. You never want to put a full strain on your winch if you can avoid it, and that 9k is just some extra breathing room.

    5, Personal preference here. I have driving lights instead of fogs on the bumper, but I'm changing that to fogs on the bumper, driving lights on the hoop over the winch, and lights on the windshield frame (which cannot be used in regular traffic). Hella, PIAA, IPF, Warn all make great lights for the Jeep.

    Enjoy your new JK. Keep in mind you'll pay more for JK parts than us TJ guys pay for parts since the TJ has been out since 96 as a 97 model year.

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    "The temperature was below zero yesterday and I did a bit of pushing and tugging on the fenders to get a feel for their durability. Although nothing seemed ready to break, there was not much flex in them. "

    At below zero temps, I doubt anything is gonna flex much. Try your TJ flares and see how THEY handle the same temps. :)

  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129

    Your point is well taken. But I guess my frame of reference is that IF the plastic fender lips broke off my 2004 (regardless of temperature) I would still have fenders. Have you had a chance to personally look at the new design. There is a lot more plastic hanging there than I have ever seen on a vehicle and more than the printed literature portrays.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I suspect somewhere in the future there may be a lift kit, but think I need to learn more about the jeep first and how I'm using it before making this commitment.

    At the risk of sounding boring, I'd learn more about your new Jeep in its standard form before committing to any modifications such as those you listed.

    For one thing, it'll give you a baseline for comparison as you make changes later. For another, there's a lot more satisfaction to be had by developing the skills to learn the limits of your vehicle in its standard specification before adding to its capabilities. Until you learn the basic techniques you won't benefit too much from the add-ons. Just like a telescopic sight won't help much until you've learned the basics of breathing properly, squeezing the trigger, and using standard iron sights.

    If you really want to treat your new ride to a few presents, why not look at some of the skid plates and undercarriage protection that's out there.

    I'm sure the anticipation is making you antsy (in a good way), so now would be a good time to start sending off for the many, many catalogs of Jeep goodies available. Do your research and hold off from any big decisions for a while.

    For what it's worth, I'd echo erickpl's opinions on your list, especially in regard to an alternate air filter.
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