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Ford Explorer Electrical Problems



  • derelddereld Posts: 1
    you have to go into the dashboard computer.
    >system reset first
    >system setup second
    >says new oil?
    >hold reset when you see it
    >takes a few trys to get it but it does work.
    Dont disconnect the battery it messes with the computer!
  • Just recently. 1992 ford explorer xlt 4x4. the o/d stopped working. When I took it to the Transmission shop, they were adament that I needed a rebuilt. Can the o/d just be fixed? need help asap as I am moving.

  • jmacnjrjmacnjr Posts: 1
    I was got a message center from a junk yard and thought it would work with my XLT. As it turned out the XLTs do not have the proper wiring harness to hook up the message center. However there may be a way to hot wire this baby into the vehicles computer system. My vehicle is a 96 Ford Explorer XLT with a 5.0 engine all wheel drive. Hope this helps.
  • aarchdaleaarchdale Posts: 10
    Did you ever resolve problem, my 2006 Explorer is cutting out and same deal Ford cannot find codes.This is becoming quite scary.Has been happening since Feb 2007
  • aarchdaleaarchdale Posts: 10
    Did you ever resolve my 2006 Explorer has been cutting out since Feb 07, getting quite scary and no codes coming up when I take to Ford.
    They rewired the alarm system 2 days ago thinking that may be the problem, but it has cut out twice since.
  • no we did not, nothing could be seen. We don't drive the Explorer anymore, it sits out front. A pity really but the resale value isn't that great because of the gas prices right now. Good luck with yours.
  • hjshadowhjshadow Posts: 2
    Yes, the Ford dealership replaced the throttle and then reprogrammed the computer and it has not happened since. Maybe they could try that?
  • tharrisontharrison Posts: 2
    95 Ford Explorer,When starting motor interior lights turn off correctly upon ignition, when turning engine off, interior lighting stays on & wind up disconnecting battery until next use, ignition switch is new. what can I do?
  • vurbanicvurbanic Posts: 1
    If this happens've got problems. I was off to an out of town wedding when this occured. There were no strange noises so I decided to continue (about a two hour drive) and tend to it when I got there. Wen I got was too late. I ended up with a rebuilt tranny from a cost of about 5 grand!!!
  • One night,driving home from work,just as I got on to the highway,the windows and the radio was working,then all of a sudden,the radio went out,and then when i went to put the windows down,that wasn't working.The next day,I changed the Fuses,and it still doesn't work-what's the deal with that?
  • I have a 97 Mountaineer. The battery keeps dying, even if it sits just overnight, but not every time. Sometimes it won't jump start, sometimes it will. I haven't had problems with electrical stuff while I'm driving though. afer reading these postings, I'm afraid to drive it. Did anything ever come of the "reporter from a national newspaper"?
  • take your battery out and have it charged and tested,if it test ok,then you ethier have a bad alternator or a drain on the electrical system,the drain will be hard to find for a non tech.,because once you disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, the modules wake - up, they will stay inergized for 20 minutes,that will keep you from finding the circuit that has the drain on it,you need a dc inductive amp meter that will read below 1 amp, .05 of a amp is in spec's,anything more than that is a drain.if your battery is older than 2 years,its a good chance your battery is bad. ;)
  • I have a 992 Explorer that runs great, but the amp guage in the dash is always bouncing and causing the headlights to flicker while I am driving. I have a new battery and alternator, even have disconnected the drl module, but I still have the flickering lights. Does anybody have any other ideas, or maybe is it in the guage itself, as I think now it is starting to affect my mileage big time.
  • My '99 Explorer has a sensor in the rear view mirror and when it starts to get dark, it automatically turns on the head lamps. Lately I have had to fiddle around with the slide adjustment to get the lights to turn off.
    Is there a relay for this or do I need to purchase another sensor?
    Thank in advance.

  • 2002 Explorer XLT Dash - The air bag light blinks, door ajar light (no doors were open), and brake light are on, and when you use the brakes to slow down, the door locks cycle, the interior chime sounds, and the overhead console light turns on and off. When you release the brake, the latter three stop. When I arrived home I checked the rear hatch and it was ajar from the lock cycling, so I closed it and checked the other 4 doors, but the door ajar light stayed illuminated. Bad/defective battery or belt slipping??? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • kevmkevm Posts: 5
    Did you find out whats causing this my lights are starting not to shut off when I turn the headlight switch and I do hear a relay click. and they go off after a secound try on turning the headlight switch Ive never used the auto headlight switch I wonder if it go be disabled. I was thinking it was just the headlight switch but now I think this could be something more.
  • I had the same problem. Turned out to be a bad connection in the driver's door window switches. I started working on it and it started working when I removed that switch panel. Hasn't returned yet.
  • pops4pops4 Posts: 1
    I tried putting a cd player in my 96 explorer got it all hooked up and the lights on the headunit came on but no sound would come out of the speakers. i found out that i have to go thru an amp that is built in the explorer does anyone know where the amp is located? and i blew the fuse to the radio and now i can't get power back to the radio or cd player and i already got new fuses and i still can't get power to it? any ideas!
  • 02 Explorer sometimes won't crank. Other electricals are fine, incl dash. Then, suddenly, will crank and start. Could it be related to security system which has gone off during night for no reason? Can chip in key cause problem?
  • I am glad to join the forum... I really think I can possibly finally get some sound advise on these machines called Explorers. It made me so mad, I parked it up, and I sat for like 2 years garage. Now, I want to bring it out.

    last I recall the windows were not working for the passengers only the master switch. In addition, I bought a replacement mirror (aftermarket), and installed and have it installed by a street Kat! Simple, he had the tools. But upon hooking it up, the directionals are not fucntioning. Only up and down.

    Help!!!! :mad:
  • I have a 96 Ford Explorer. I thought the tranmission went out, it was making a sound and acting like in neutral when in gear. We did a tear down on the transmission and it looked good. After putting it back together it ran fine for a while then the fuse (#27) keep blowing which runs the 4x4 and inter. lamps amd windows. Once the weather turned cold the transmission started doing that again. I had someone that wasn't a mechanic tell me they thought electrical problems not transmission. What do you think?
  • sdmlsdml Posts: 3
    i had this same problem last week. look inside your car in the very back over the right rear wheel well. you have to take the plastic off inside your car to access the amp in the wheel well. this is where i found mine after a 3 week long search. you can disconnet the amp and splice into the speaker wires. or you can get another wire harness so that your pre-amp will hook up to your new stereo. i dont know about your blown fuse though. but you should check to make sure that you did not disconnect any other wires while changing the fuse or cut any. good luck.
  • ziggy53ziggy53 Posts: 1
    my 98 ford explorer runs fine but now my parking lights wont shut off and my 4x4 indercater lights go on & off and my windos stop working any one know what i should look for ck most of my elc.
  • josepi42josepi42 Posts: 1
    Fizwiz,Any luck with your inquiry? DId anybody post a response. I have similar issues with my 02 XLT. Thanks.
  • andy_andy_ Posts: 3
    my 1999 explorer has no indicators and no aircon working its not the fuse cause i had r.a.c.v come and look at it. any ideas?
  • andy_andy_ Posts: 3
    sounds weird man i just got a 99 limited model for my pregnant chick and the indicators dont work same as the aircon and i got total care from racv they came to look at it could'nt work it out, i thought it was a fuse but its not.
  • The power windows do not work at all. Also, after getting and starting the car the "door ajar" light stays on even with all doors shut, the power mirror control will not work, the interior light stays on, and the door locking mechanism on the driver seat side does not work. After driving forward for about 100 feet, the mirrors and door lock mechanism will work, the interior light and "door ajar" indicator lights will go out. The power windows will not work in any circumstance. Any suggestions? Is there an interlock that needs to be checked/replaced? Ford Explorer 2003.
  • mario454mario454 Posts: 1
    my running lights stay on even after ignition is off, replaced the switch,did not do anything, where are the sensors do i need to replace them? :confuse:98 ford explorer
  • I realize there is a delay switch with the keyless entry, but the illumination light on the driver side rear view mirror will not illuminate unless the driver side door is half way open. They are on a delay circuit for the security. The passenger side illumination light comes on, but stays on entirely too long, and gets hot. What is wrong?
  • Hi, I own a 98 Explorer, 4.0 litre, and its doing the exact same thing, 4WD high and low lights flash six times every few minutes and the power windows work periodically. Everything works fine on startup. I am able to engage both high and low 4WD and the windows work fine, however, after a few minutes, the lights start to blink and 4WD will not work, high or low.
    I suspect a relay module under the dash maybe? I see that the interior fuse #26 protects the Battery Saver Relay, Electronic Shift Relay, Interior Lamp Relay, Power Window Relay, and Electronic Shift Control Module. Hmmmm...

    Did you solve?
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