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Ford Explorer Electrical Problems



  • budd00budd00 Posts: 2
    I already pulled the the + off while it was running. So what do I do now?
  • bigwanebigwane Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    My rpm gauge drops out off and on and the engine idle so low it cuts off,
    once you get going for a while its ok but may cut off at anytime.
    Anyone knows if there is an idle adjustment to tweek the rpm?
  • cherisewcherisew Posts: 1
    My 2005 60k Explorer is acting very strange...the automatic windows do not work but the door locks do the stereo has power but wont keep the display on, play a cd ( it take and eject) and no radio, the gas gauge does not work but all the other ones this happened at once. Any clues before the dealership starts taking my :lemon: car apart? And yes the battery is fine.
  • chief632chief632 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 exploder. 1 day my windows, radio, moon roof, vanity lights and map lights quit working all at once. Checked fuses for all, and are ok. I tested the 30amp breaker under the hood its ok. Anyone have any idea what this problem could be?
  • I'm having a problem with the door ajar light staying on and all doors are shut. When this happens the lock switch goes crazy and my dome lite goes on and then sometime flickers. Also a beeping noise goes off. Please help me i can't take it anymore.
    Thanks Kevin
  • mntwindanmntwindan Posts: 4
    Hi Kevin, I am having the exact same problem. It did it all the way to work this morning on a 40 minute drive. I stopped and checked all the doors and the rear hatch. On the way home, problems. Let me ask you if you have a crack panel right below your rear window? Next to the Ford emblem? I am thinking maybe it is getting moisture in there at night and causing a short? I know it is a stretch but I am trying to figure out why it does it in the morning and not on the way home. I usually park outside....I am putting it in the garage tonight and will see if there are problems on the morning drive. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition, 4X4.
  • mntwindanmntwindan Posts: 4
    I kept my SUV in the garage last night and had no problems. So, this is ongoing and it could be more than just moisture shorting it out. My wife has a 2002 Ford Explorer also and has had this same problem. She said she stopped the car in a safe place and shut if off and re-started it and had no further problems. My guess is the sensor probably just needs to be re-placed. We have both had the rear air fan problem....2x each...should be a recall item. Also have both had problems with the rear window body panel that cracked top to bottom (right underneath the window).
  • mntwindanmntwindan Posts: 4
    My SUV is still doing the same thing with the sensor and door lock and alarm going off for no reason...not a fun ride. I will call my mechanic and try to remember to post the results.....
  • mntwindanmntwindan Posts: 4
    I will keep posting for someone else searching for the answer...I went on some other websites and found some people had success with spraying silicone spray into the working parts of the door jamb (where it latches), will try that tonight as the chime was going off for my morning 40 minute commute....can't turn the music loud enough to drowned out that annoying sound. I will post results... :mad:
  • johnac2007johnac2007 Posts: 1
    i bought a 1995 explorer and i cant get the brakelights to work.turn signals and taillights work good though.any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks :confuse:
  • larry148larry148 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. Front counsel hotpoint not working.
    What fuse controls this?
  • makko1makko1 Posts: 3
    help!!!! my power windows/sunroof randomly quit working sometimes for a couple of minutes to a couple of weeks, then they work fine I've replaced the controls in the door twice still the same problems 96 eddie b
  • ashliannashliann Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 XLT. One day I was driving and it started to rain. Windows wouldn't roll up and wipers wouldn't work. Eventually they started but the dome light doesnt work when the other two stop. I was told to check the wires that run through the driver's side door for a broken wires because it doesn't always do it. Any suggestions or tell me if its gonna be a huge pain doin this...
  • c_topc_top Posts: 1
    My windows stopped working to. Turn the power on, hold the front passenger window switch in the down position, and wiggle the rubber hose in the crack of the door. If this works there is a red wire that has broken in there and needs an extra 6 inches spliced on.
  • wetbarwetbar Posts: 1
    Hey, I have a 2000 explorer sport that is not charging. I replaced the battery and the alternator. Is there something between the alt and the battery like a fuse or relay? Could it be the voltage regulator? How can I test that without purchasing a new one?

    Thanks for the help.
  • 4cutouts4cutouts Posts: 2
    Original post.
    I bought a used 04 Explorer 4 months ago. While driving around 35MPH, the engine has cut out 3 times during the 1st month. I put the truck in neutral and started the engine back up within seconds. This has only happened while the cruise control was turned on, but only engaged 1 of the times. This only happens at low speeds. At highway speeds, with the cruise control on, the truck works fine. Left the cruise control off for two months, at low speeds, and the problem stopped.
    I had a complete diagnostic done on the truck and no sign of a problem. The EGR valve was replaced as a “best guess” as to the cause with no change. I used the cruise control, set at 35MPH, 3 days ago and the engine cut out again. My mechanic still has no sure idea of what is causing the engine failure. It sure appears that the cruise control has something to do with it.

    My mechanic's new fix was to clean the throttle box, and I haven’t had a problem since.
  • Hi , I have a 98 explorer with the cd's and cassettes radio the big one you need two clips to pulled out . I already spend 150.00 to fix the display light , after it was the volume now the display again . So the question is. can I put another kind of radio (ex:pioneer or sony) or a more resent explorer radio like a 08 09. But as I can read (forum) it seems that they still have problems. And I don't talk about the HighBeam indicator (blue cluster)and I change all the bulbs who ad never work or my driver door who only open with the key.
    But I like that SUV and the next one will be a Explorer.
    Thank to you :cry:
  • Is there a fuse or should I look somewhere else to solve problem?
  • My 04 Explorer is giving me trouble. It would start sometimes then it wouldn't. when it did crank the gauges would bounce for about three seconds then go back to normal I just thought it was a problem with the instrument cluster. Now it will not start at all. I replaced the battery and the starter, checked all the fuses and relays and still I'm getting nothing. It seems like it's not getting power from the ignition. I tried to cross the cylinod, the starter would turn over but the car would not crank.(yes I had the key turned on.) If the car cranked by jumping the starter I would replace the ignition switch but since it didn't crank, so I don't know what to do now. Can anyone help me with this.
  • In my 2003 Ford Explorer I have a problem with the air bag warning indicator coming on.
    If I wiggle the ignition key it will go out and sometimes stay off.

    Does anyone know the source of that false air bag indication?

    I am not anxious to replace the ignition switch without more information than I now have.
  • geeiageeia Posts: 1
    My LED read out has never worked since I purchased the vehicle two years ago. Recently the door ajar light has appeared on. And the courtesy light fail to come on When I unlock doors with clicker. When I set factory security system the horn would beep one time. Now it beeps twice. Is there a interior circuit that controls these components? and where is it?
  • I had my 99 explorer sport tested and everything was fine. I replaced the starter for fun. I noticed that the only time it doesn't want to start is after the headlights were on. The lights stay on for a while after the key is removed and doors are shut. Longer now than last year. I think I have it narrowed to this timer as my problem. I do not know how or where to look for this timer in order to remove it or fix it. I could not find the info in my Haynes manual. Anyone how to do this?
  • I finally did give in and I replaced the ignition switch.
    Unfortunately the air bag light still comes on at times.
    A readout of the error codes shows that no error codes were set.
    I am now told that the air bag safety system is separate from the “main” computer.
    I have found that electrical grounding can cause some strange “mysteries”, so I have also checked all the electrical grounding points I could find, and cleaned and added star washers and anti corrosive to those grounding points which I did find.

    I would recommend checking ground connections if you are getting "strange" electrical problems because that has cured many a "mysterious" problem for me in the past.

    But in this case, No help so far.
    More fun than a rubber crutch.
  • About 3 months ago, "Door Ajar" light came on and would randomly go on and off. When this happened, doors would lock/unlock by themselves, lights in the car would randomly go on and off. Then occasionally, car would turn off when idling. Now, there is a constant clicking sound (like the door locks being locked/unlocked) coming from inside the back left panel next to the 3rd seat. Help! Had battery tested and it tested fine. Just wondering what the heck is going on...
  • Open the doors and pull back on the rubber boot that protects the wire harness in the door jamb. Look for cut wires. I had similar problems on my 03 Explorer. Found 3 cut wires in the factory harness. When those circuits start shorting together crazy stuff starts happening. I have met people with the same problem so it seems like ford had an issue in the factory while routing the wiring harness.

    Hope this helps. I hope you also find a couple cut wires in the door jamb and the fix is a 15 cent splice.
  • Did you ever find the problem that caused this? My 2004 Explorer started with the bouncing gauges on Saturday...
  • Looking for help troubleshooting a charge problem with a 98 explorer. alternator was not working and we changed it out but that was to simple and didn't fix it. I checked all the fuses and also checked wires at the alternator. I have power at the orange/black wire only at all times running or not. Any suggestions???
  • I have an 03 explorer sport. It has been giving me charging problems for the last about 6 months. Battery light would come on and go off all the time. Replaced alternator and battery. Problem went away till now. Battery light started going on and off. Checked conncetions, wires, tested battery and alternator. Alternator said it was charging between 13 and 17 volts. Replaced alternator and truck ran fine for a day. Went out and while driving the rpm gague went crazy, battery light blinked twice and check engine light came on. Battery light and check engine light went out and ABS light came on and stayed on. Pulled into my driveway and rpm gague went to 0 and ran for a few seconds then truck died. Tried to start the truck and it will crank over but wont start. I get the click click click noise when i try to start the truck. Battery was brand new July....any ideas of what might be wrong with it?
  • my 02 sport trac is having problems with the window. they were acting weird the last month or so, some times they would work and other times they would not. now the window is down and wount go back up.. its been 14 degrees the last few days and i have a long rind to work...burrrr Some one sugested that it might be the switch it self but im stumped.. please help
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