2016 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium with 101k miles

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Hey all,

I'm 20, living in the Northeast, looking to buy my first car. Disclaimer: I know very little about cars.

A nearby Subaru dealership has the car in the title listed for $11,995. KBB has the car at $12,411-16,278. Carfax lists one owner. One accident reported in 2017, rear impact. The rear of the car looks find from the eye test. Tires replaced at 80k miles.

I understand that 100k miles is a lot of miles for a car that's only three years old. Firstly, is this a good deal for that price? Secondly, if I drive 10-15k miles a year, could I realistically expect this vehicle to last 5 or so years with minimal repairs/maintenance?

I'm really liking this car and it fits within my budget (I'm financing). I want a nice-ish car with nice-ish features and a peace of mind driving it. If this ain't it, what car should I be looking for? AWD is preferred since I am new to driving in the Northeast.

I appreciate any and all advice! Thank you in advance.


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