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Isuzu Rodeo Transmission Questions

New member, have 2002 Rodeo, V6, 2-WD, leaking transmission fluid from Servo.....I'm taking to dealer this weekend for their people to fix. Warranty is 10 year, 120K. Only have 49.5K. Is this an expensive repair and or should this be covered by warranty. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.....yankee6


  • if a professionl diagnosed a leaking servo it could be pricy.

    why would yuo buy a ute in auto. manuals cant have this and many other problems. matt
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think I read that the number of manual transmissions sold in North America is around 5% now, so it's getting hard just finding them any more. And many off-roaders, especially rock crawlers, prefer an automatic over a manual too.

    I like 'em but manuals are a dying breed here.
  • elayerelayer Posts: 1
    When I turn the car on the transmission makes a wierd noise like an old barring would. Like a turn grind kind of a noise. I was thinking a barring in the transmission. And it only does it when the clutch isn't depressed.
  • 2004 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 Automatic

    I wanted to know when is the transmission maintenance sue. The manual is not clear on this. It only suggest when to check the fluid not when it should be changed. I have asked the dealer they said every 30K. I use to have a 2000 Amigo wich has the same engine and that had a sealed transmission and had to be changed at 120,000 miles. The Rodeo I have now does not have a sealed transmission. Im also about to hit 42K.
  • I have all the forward gears in my automatic 94 Isuzu Rodeo. When I put it in reverse, it sounds like the tranny is trying (ie., the engine reflects a load) but it acts as if you're stepping on the brake while giving it gas. But it doesn't budge in reverse at all. It will rev out to 2000 rpm and not move!

    The previous owner left the tranny fluid in there too long. I just changed the fluid because I know it was burnt and low on fluid. I don't know how long they ran it on that fluid, but the filter was nasty black.

    I didn't find any unusual pieces of metal in the pan, which I expected. The oil was still red, just dark blackish red and smelled burnt but not metallic looking. There was very little sludge in the bottom of the pan.

    Any ideas??!!

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may be interested in Transmission Traumas?.

    Good luck!

    tidester, host
  • My 2000 Rodeo is lagging quite a bit in between very rough shifting. Obviously there is a problems somewhere in the transmission...perhaps a shift cylinoid...or low fluids...
    Any ideas of what the problems is from previous experience?
  • cviethcvieth Posts: 1
    the automatic transmission in my 91 rodeo is shifting "in" and "out" of various gears. "check transmission" light flickers and transmission starts to act up and will actually shift out of gear and into Neutral or when coming to a stop it will not shift all the way down to low but will start out in 2nd. I've been told it may be a "Range sensor". this was suggested after having a scanner hooked up which indicated the trans. was in Reverse when the shifter was in Park. any thoughts?
  • nateasunateasu Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with my 2002 Rodeo. It wouldn't shift out of 1st gear. I had to get the transmission replaced at the nearest mechanic shop. Isuzu wouldn't honor the warranty telling me I should have had it towed 50 miles to the dealer. I don't think the 6 month old in the car at the time would have liked riding in the tow truck.

    Anyway, once the repair shop relaced the transmission, it seemed to be okay. Of course my bank account is $4k lighter. So much for the 10 year warranty.
  • ddickauddickau Posts: 3
    I was wondering is there a dip stick in these rodeos? I can't find one and 4 mavchanics said I had to take it a Isuzuz dealer to have it fixed and they would just adjust it with a key. Is this true?
    Also when I put it in drive I can't move. Alls my car does is rev the engine up and then it jumps and then I can move again. Until I come to a complete stop and then we do it all over again. It is almost like the feeling of hitting a patch of ice. U go skating and revving the engine up only u are not moving. Now it is doing the same thing in reverse too. So what is going on here and what do I need to do.
  • dmn96dmn96 Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm new to this form. I'm trying to remove my manual transmission off of a 95 Rodeo V6.

    The orginal problem is that it got stuck in second gear. Meaning that the stick is in neutral and when I let the clutch out it goes and I cannot shift into any other gears other than 5th and reverse but when I do this I cannot move.

    So all of my bellhousing bolts are off and the transmission is loose but will not come off. I tried raising it and lowering in different positions but no luck. Also triple checked for any missed bolts. My guess is that it is still connected to the engine via 2nd gear. The only thing I can think to do at this point is mount the slave cylinder and have sombody push on the clutch. While I pull it out until it unlocks then remove the slave.

    Any suggestions?
  • mvegamvega Posts: 3
    Hello fellas, just bought a 02 Rodeo Sport, When I get to an almost complete stop and let off the brake pedal there is a clunk coming out of underneath the car. Not sure if it is an mounting point, tranny or driveshaft, but at any other speeds it is just smooth. Any ideas?
  • mvegamvega Posts: 3
    In year 02 what was the factory warranty on Isuzu Rodeo's. Last time I remembered seeing like a 7/70.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    I think 2002 was the last year of the 10 year/ 120,000 mile powertrain warranty for the ORIGINAL owner. Subsequent owners only got 5 year 60,000 warranty if I remember correctly (might have been able to transfer the 10/120 warranty to a family member only). Bumper to Bumper was 3 years 50,000 miles. Go to click on "Owners" and the Warranty link is in there.

    2003 warranty changed to 7/70.
  • mvegamvega Posts: 3
    Thanks for feedback on warranty, took the zu for a check at the dealer I bought it from they said it is the Driveshaft which needs lube.
  • I have an 93 Rodeo V6 4-WD I started it up and its starts shaking. When you push the gas you will be at 30 mph and the RPM's will be high and you can't seem to go any faster. Could this be the transmission going out on it?
  • cjredcjred Posts: 1
    I need help with trying to figure out whats wrong with my truck. My check trans and check engine light came on and it feels like the transmission is slipping. Took it to the dealer they wanted to replace the shift solenoid took it to aamco they reset the code I guess in the solenoid and the light went off for about three days until I turned on my a/c and it started to act up again.
    I just got my rodeo three mths ago and since u cant the trans fluid should i get it flush or what could be the problem?
  • delrosrdelrosr Posts: 1
    Hi all. I'm new here. I have the 02' V6 Rodeo automatic. Lately for the past week now after warm up, as I place it in drive and accelerate and press on the gas, the engine seems to pop out of gear then pops back into gear. Today, I even experience it when I place it reverse. There was even a time where the ABS light came on but turned off the next day.

    Can anyone give light to my situation.
  • yorkycyorkyc Posts: 1
    Hello, i bought a 03 Rodeo sport last year, it was a brand new car, and i only have 8000 miles on it now. I have the similar problem as you had since 6 months ago. There is a clunk sound coming out of underneath the car when i turn the steering. To be specific, it happens everytime when i pull out from a parking space. I have sent my car in and out of the dealer and they couldn't pinpoint where the exact position of the sound coming out from. And the mechanic told me that it was the driveline. It can't be fixed, because that is the nature of this car, even i have the driveline changed, the sound will still exist, is it true? :cry:
  • dkigginsdkiggins Posts: 1
    the other day while i was driving i heard a clunking noise that sounded like it came from the back end. now when i put it in drive it doesn't really want to go. the motor revs up like it suppose to but it takes the rodeo a while to start moving and then it only gets up to 25-30 mph. it works fine in reverse. just wondering if it is the tranny or the seal, somebody that the seal went out and it's a common problem on rodeos.
  • ctg1977ctg1977 Posts: 1
    Hey there. I'm having the exact same problem with my 02 rodeo. i called the dealership and asked some questions about the abs. the mechanic is not sure what the problem is. I do remember the transmission smelling hot or burnt fluid. i took it to valvoline to check the fluid and it was over a quart low. helped temporarily now my transmission light is on the car is lurging or slipping nearly everytime i accelerate. im not sure if this helps any but if you find anything out definitely post something.
  • sdannersdanner Posts: 4
    where are the dipsticks for tranny and oil to be checked?
    have a 200 rodeo LS 4x4 :confuse:
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    No tranny fluid dipstick on Trooper or Rodeo IIRC. There is an upper plug that you can remove and with tranny warm and running the level of the plug is full. Might need a pump or hose to get the fluid to the fill hole :-).

    Found this in addition on one of the other discussion groups

    just make sure the truck has warmed to normal operating temps & you will be perfect. Not screaming hot, not just warmed. Keep in mind that Isuzu states you must be idling in neutral, not park, when checking ATF level. Some AT's dont pump ATF in park, but they do in neutral. Not sure if this is true for the 4L30E, but it's easy enough to do anyway!
  • Our 2001 Isuzu Rodeo shudders when starting out. Only does this from a stopped position and not in any other gear or when traveling (at least once you have gotten past 15 to 20 MPH. Someone suggested it might be a torque converter problem in the transmission. Would anyone have a clue of what it would cost to repair/replace a torque converter?
  • Not sure if you already fixed this problem, but our car has the same issue, and only when starting or stopping....just took it into the shop and was told that the transmission needs to be rebuilt, as something went wrong with the drum, and little pieces of metal got into tranny, was quoted $1,500-2,000. You may want to check the Limited Powertrain warranty with Isuzu to see if your vehicle is covered, which is like 10years/120k miles, shorter window if you're not the original owner. Good luck!
  • Hi. I don't have a rodeo yet but in a few days i plan on owning one. i understand that owning some cars, both new and used can raise questions and doubts. However, you may want to have someone check to see if your cv boots/joints are worn or if your tie rod ends are bad. sometimes the bearings in the halfshaft wear out. I hope that I was able to help you. Good luck.
  • Whenever you start the car it clearly state (CHECK TRANSMISSION) on the dash-board. The impact of this Signal is that the car switches off if you release the accelerator.

    Meaning what? Meaning that even when restarting the engine you must press the accelerator other than that it goes off.Befor it goes off it jerks.

    When you stop in traffic
    jam and you release the accelerator and press the brake it goes off systematically.

    I have parked the car till I hear from you because I don’t know what to do and I do not want the mechanics to mess wit it.

    My truck is IZUZU Rodeo 2000. The vehicle Body is SPORT UTILITY.
  • I have a 94 Trooper with a 5spd transmission. The transmission is blown, and I was wondering if you can swap the isuzu rodeo V6 manual transmission into the trooper. They look the same, but who knows. I would appreciate any information you could give me....Thanks
  • I was wondering the same for the automatic- same problem, but I cannot find the fill/dipstick hole on the Rodeo trans.
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