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Isuzu Rodeo Transmission Questions



  • I have a 2002 Rodeo 4x4 LS and the servo blew out the side of the transmission housing 18 months ago. I had the dealer replace it, but since then everytime I hit 70mph on the interstate the car lunges forward and the Check transmission light comes on. then the car shifts real hard. after I let it sit for about tweny min the car goes back to "normal". could the servo have been installed wrong and thats why I have no overdrive? This has been an ongoing problem and I'm fed up with dealerships. Do you think I could replace the servo and cover myself?
  • I'm 99% sure you need a new alternator. Or you have a bad ground(loose or corroded) connection or a broken wire which causes low voltage going to the control module (computer). My cousin had a similar condition on his 94 Rodeo and it was solved by replacing the alternator.
    Check all the ground wires first(alternator to the firewall to begin with).Make sure you get the right one thou. If not, you won't get proper voltage and end up with the same or similar problem.
    Good luck.
  • Doeas anybody have an idea on wether or not a 94model Rodeo Tranny will work on a 97Rodeo? Both are 4X4, V6's!!! Thanks alot!!!
  • I just picked up a 1993 Isuzu Rodeo, 4 wheel drive. It has a 5 speed manual transmission that is slipping. I would like to replace the clutch, but I am uncertain which transmission is in the Rodeo I purchased. Apparently, there are two different 5 speed tranny's for this year Rodeo. It is either the Mm5, or the Mau5c transmission. Does anyone know how to determine which transmission it is, without pulling it? So that I can be prepared when I drop this puppy?
  • As long as you are certain of the problem being the transsmission and not the clutch itself, it will depend on where you will be getting the replacement tranny. If it will be a dealer Item they will know it by following the VIN# codes. Matter of fact , you can try to ask an Isuzu(or possibly a GM dealer) dealer for the specs . If you are going to get it from the junk yard they will know it as well.

    Good Luck.
  • Hi!

    I've had the Rodeo for nearly 10 years and love it. However, the trasmission is now not shifting smoothly. I assume low fluid or fluid that needs to be replaced.

    The owner's manual says to replace the fluid every "X" miles. I asssume the dealership has been doing that...............I go to a Honda dealership because there is no Isuzu dealership where I live.

    The vehicle now has 105K miles on it. I made an appointment for a tune-up and mentioned the transmission problem. When they gave me the keys back saying the work was done they also told me they didn't do the transmission because they don't have the tools. Now I'm assuming the fluid has never been checked or changed...........I'm just a bit on the pisturbed side wishing they had mentioned this 80K miles ago.

    This has the transmission with no dipstick or easy-access filler port; basically, non-owner check and topoff/change.

    The shop manual says there is a special tool, a thermometer, for checking the temp of the fluid and that the temp has to be in a certain range for the check to be done properly.

    The shop manual goes on to say the car should be level and running!!!! So, this appears to be an issue that we can't do by jacking the car up!!!!!

    Draining the fluid looks straight forward but then you have the filling problem. Again, the car needs to be level so jacking it up to get at the filler port is out of the question.

    The Honda folks say they have a pump to do the job. I can see where that would be good because the funnel and long hose is going to make a big mess!

    Any suggestions?

    Has anyone taken their car to a transmission shop and been able to get the work done?


  • First things first; You shouldn't have to deal with the tranny. fluid unless it burns and 80000 mls for this vehicle sounds a little too soon. Your mechanic can tell you if it was. In any case the new mach.'s they use for fluid exchange empties and fills the unit one shot deal. I would strongly recomend you to let the pro.'s to handler this since you are so worried with the the "level" of the vehicle.
    Good Luck
  • d82006d82006 Posts: 1
    I hope this makes sense.
    Well, I own a 98 rodeo, great little SUV. I have two little problems - First, I has happened for the past two summers, in the heat. The shifting into 3rd grear and out is rough. This is an intermittant problem. Last year I took it in to a garage(national chain) and they had it for two days, no issues nor did the computer find any error messages(what they told me). So they charged me nothing and told me to wait for it to happen again. All winter long it is OK, but in the heat I notice that the light indicator does not always match the Shifter (auto trans) or it is delayed, ex- if it is in Drive the light might read neutral for a few seconds before it hits drive.
    Anyway, could it be some kind of electrical thing that happen only in the heat? some conection expands and does not make contact (something like that?)
    Issue number two will be for later...........

    Thanks for any help you can give me..........
  • Ok I have a manual transmission rodeo. My problem is the reverse lights do not come on in reverse. Instead the reverse lights come on in first gear. It is a nice feature to have to keep people from tailgating but I would also like to see where I am backing up. I am thinking it must be a position switch somewhere on the transmission. But where?
  • justanoxjustanox Posts: 12
    My Rodeo is acting the exact same way...did you ever figure out the issue? Thanks in advance!
  • I have a 98 Rodeo and my A/T just went out on me. Question I have is this. Is it possible to change it to a manual transmission? Would it be a lot of work or would it require a lot more work than replacing another automatic transmission? Thank you so much
  • brdmanbrdman Posts: 1
    Hi everyone - need some help.

    99 LS, Auto (185k miles, mostly freeway) - been thru the stuck key thing, think I got that solved by popping the top of the steering column cover and adding some graphite to the white plastic thing and the end of the cable that moves it. A few days later and now I can't get the thing out of park. I removed the shifter handle and jiggled the cable, still no luck. Any suggestions?

  • jan09jan09 Posts: 1
    The suv is coming up on the end of the warranty and there is an acceleration problem. When you step on the gas, it sounds like the emergency brake is on and the transmission is laboring. There is no isuzu dealership in Lubbock, Texas and I do not know of a reputable mechanic/dealership to take it to. The vehicle has 54,700 miles. Any suggestions on who I can take the vehicle to for consultation or repair either here in Lubbock or in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex? Also, what do you think might cause this problem? I am trying to figure out if it is worth repairing or getting something else. Any info would be appreciated. I have not found anyone wanting to work on this vehicle.

    Thanks in advance,

  • nam3nam3 Posts: 1
    Frank Brown Pontiac and Isuzu dealership
  • Worth it? Absoluetly. It sounds like just about any mechanic should be able to take the brake aparts and inspect the calipers/emergency cable set up.

    Good Luck.
  • Really hoping to get an answer. 2001 Rodeo 4cyl automatic transmission. The transmission light on dashboard flashes and the transmission clunks. What is odd is this is very inconsistant, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. The mechanic must think that I am nuts because he can't get it to do it for him. But this is really happening. I don't want to continue driving it in fear of totally ruining the vehicle.

    Does anybody have any ideas why this happens only sometimes? Very odd.

    Thank You.
  • If the tranny isn't shifting funny, then it is likely that you have either a ground or loose wire problem. Check the plugs and the ground wires to make sure that they are not corroded or loose and have good contact.
    Just incase, check the fluid levels and the mounts. Make sure they are not low or in need of replacement(the mounts).

    Good luck.
  • justanoxjustanox Posts: 12
    nancydrew3...did you ever figure out the issue?

  • I didn't follow up after I made my suggestion nor did I hear anything back from the person. Why do you ask?
  • justanoxjustanox Posts: 12
    I'm still having the issue with my tranny and I wanted to know if anyone has discovered a solution to the problem. It's already cost me 1 transmission and I'm afraid it'll cost me another one soon.
  • On my '94 Rodeo 4wd,at 40-45 mph the trans. light comes on and kicks the tranny into neutral ,Ihave to shut the engine down and put it in neutral then restart,it's ok as long as i don't reach over 40-45mph !! Also although I do have all forward gears I have no revearse?? Wound that be a sensor? please help I have allways worked on America stuff before and is driving me nuts!! Keevaughn
  • *UPDATE*
    I've checked all the electrical connects, etc. underneath the car. I currently have all 4 gears, but when the tranny tries going into Overdrive the RPM's jump like it wants to go but then nothing happens.

    Could a servo or other electrical connection be the issue?

    thanks everyone!
  • i have the ever elusive 95 1/2 rodeo v6 auto since new ive had and found some very strange problems with this auto took 2 new problem is the gear indicator light in the dash dont align with the console shifter and at the same time the trans started to slip and drop out of drive to 3rd.since this is both electrical and machanical problem im thinking its the pcm,am i right or is there a tcm? ty
  • apintiapinti Posts: 3
    Sounds like the gear sensor switch needs to be re-aligned and/or cleaned/replaced. Also check that the gear cable is in place and secured to the gearbox not far from the point where it connects to the lever operating the switch.
    Most of my issues with the gear were related to the solenoid valves, they either get stuck, kick in slow or simply burn out.

    Good luck!
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Yes. Might also be called transmission mode switch. There are instruction floating around on how to clean this. I have a '00 Trooper that does this sometimes. I usually just stop and cycle the shifter D to L 8 to 10 times. Usually fixes it up.
  • My 2002 Isuzu Rodeo V6 RWD will not shift out of 1st gear and will not go over 15MPH. It will go into reverse without any problems. Before the transmission got locked like it is now, I was experiencing some rough shifting when going from 1st to 2nd gear.

    I have tried changing the fluid & cleaning the range sensor, but that has not solved the problem. A guy at a transmission shop told me it could be electrical or a transmission pump.

    Any suggestions?
  • Well, I had the same issue and I was told that my tranny was overheated. Which I found strange, because the AT temp light never came up. Eventually I had to have it replaced and I added an external cooler. The one built in the radiator was clogged. So far so good.

    Have you tried shifting manually starting from L and then up, as if you're driving a manual? If that works then probably mechanically your tranny is ok. And the problem could be either with the CPU, wiring, mode selector, speed sensor or valve solenoids.
    Best thing to do is have it scanned.

  • No, the transmission will not shift when I try to shift it manually either. Could it be a transmission pump?
  • DId you find the solution? The prior owner replaced the tranny with no luck. I'm going to clean the range switch. Is the control module the next likely culprit?
  • Cleaned the range switch without a change in the condition.

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