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Isuzu Rodeo Transmission Questions



  • Does anyone have a wiring diagram of the tranny controls on the 94 Rodeo?
  • trugdartrugdar Posts: 1
    Ok so i have a 1995 Honda passport which is actulay a isuzu rodeo. about 6 mounths ago i started to have problems with my transmission. most of the time the it drives well, however every now and then the 4 lights on top middle part of my dash start going on and off, when it does this i start to have power problems. and if i come to a stop im lucky to get it to go 15 mph. i usualy cycle through the gears (Automatic trans) to get it working corectly again but thats only a temp fix :(. the engin runs fine and all my fluids are full. Any ideas guys ?
  • j_chap34j_chap34 Posts: 1
    Hi my transmission started acting up a couple days ago and i don't know what it is. Its an automatic trans and it wont shift into the lower gears. It starts off really sluggish then after about 15 to 20 sec is drives normal. Some one told me it might be a safety gear but i don't know
  • imalionimalion Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Rodeo LS 2WD w/ 145k miles. It has been shifting hard for some time and finally would not go into low gear. To make it go into low gear, I had to engage the winter drive, but when I slowed down in traffic, it would fall out of gear as if in neutral. To get started again, I would have to engage the winter drive when standing still.

    I had it diagnosed at my local Fairway Isuzu Dealer and he told me that it had totally lost 1st gear and that it worked when engaging winter drive because winter drive starts the car in 2nd gear. He would not agree to rebuild the transmission, but recommended replacing it with an original Isuzu transmission at a cost of $7000 (no that's not a typo, he actually quoted me $7000)
  • imalionimalion Posts: 2
    Prior to taking for repair when it finally became un-driveable, I had 2 separate transmission specialists take a look at it, but neither of them were able to find a problem as it did not throw and codes or shift incorrectly during the test drives.
  • poma0224poma0224 Posts: 1
    My car was acting sluggish and then lost a lot of power while reveing up really high, right before it stopped completely. Now my car wont move at all in any gear. I read in a repair manual this might be cause to the pan that hold the tranny fluid, that this can be caused to a dent in the pan or causing too much pressure or not enough or a seal might be loose. I cant physically check the transmission fluid amount because its a sealed transmission. Can anyone please give me an idea to what may be wrong with it or a diagnosis theory.
  • windfastwindfast Posts: 2
    Isuzu Trooper Automatic box 3.2 SOHC that can change to the Isuzu Trooper 3.2 DOHC? I have 3.2 DOHC and i found transmission from a Trooper 3.2 SOHC. I can put on my Isuzu Trooper Dohc ? It's the same?
  • bill21842bill21842 Posts: 1
    I was told to check for failure of the Winter Driving switch down on the console if the check transmission light comes on and the vehicle seems to start moving very sluggishly..
    It is supposed to force the transmission to start in 3rd gear in icy road conditions.
    It can fail in the closed position which I assume means the contacts dont open.
    I was also told that you should be able to shift manualy if this happens. I have not had the problem reoccur so am not sure if this is my actual problem

    The switch is on a cable that has another connector on the other end which I assume plugs into the transmission. I have the switch part number on my other computer --send an email if you need it
  • wolfen2n9wolfen2n9 Posts: 1
    I am having the exact same problem with my 95 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 and I would be very interested in knowing if anyone has responded to your question with good answers. I just can't get the tranny to pull from the engine.
    I am completely new to this site also.
    So if you find the answer, please let me know.
  • zruhlenzruhlen Posts: 5
    You need to clean your range sensor. Located on the drivers side of the transmission. This gets gunked up and then you'll have the exact symptoms you describe. Do a search on the range sensor and you'll find a pretty good description of how to clean and regrease it.
  • zruhlenzruhlen Posts: 5
    Did you unbolt the torque converter? there is an access plate on the bell housing to remove the bolts that hold the torque converter to the flywheel
  • ntclntcl Posts: 5
    HI, I have a 1999 rodeo (automatic) and some times the transmission will actually drop in or out of gears depending if slowing down or speeding up,and I have bypassed this when it occurs by either removing power from the battery and let it sit for a minute or so or if i can get where i am going then just turning off will do it . It does not do this all the time just every now and then (comes and goes) but when it starts it is "Very noticeable" any suggestions. Thanks
  • cheryl31cheryl31 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    how do i find out what transmission is in my 1992 isuzu rodeo 3.1Lv6 ?need to replace clutch dont know witch kit to get?cover type Rai w/B-W Trans.;9 1/8x14Tx1...or...covertype diaphragm;w/MUA trans.
  • isuzuownerisuzuowner Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Shift indicator was not displaying same gear as that on the floorboard.
    Ex: Dash may have shown N while it was in D. Took car to transmission shop and transmission was rebuilt. After picking up vehicle from shop the D light no longer lights up on dash. The vehicle from the shop I was given to drive ironically also did not show the D lighting up on dash. When I took Rodeo to be fixed the D did display. My question...I have been reading that a flashing D often indicates a transmission problem. Is it possible that the shop has somehow disconnected this light so that it does not indicate there is still a transmission issue? It seems to drive okay but it seems strange that both my car and theirs do not show the D.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Incorrect display such as this could be the transmission mode switch. Many times when the switch needs cleaning or replacing, the display will be incorrect and many times you will experience hard shifting. My Trooper does this occasionally. Usually I am able to cycle the shifter full cycle several time while stopped. Then turn the ignition off and back on. Most of the time this corrects the problem.

    Note that the mode switch position is very important. If it is removed to be replaced or cleaned, it must be put back in the same position or it may not work correctly.

    Perhaps the shop did not reconnec the mode switch? Perhaps the mode switch was the original issue and no rebuild was needed?

    Similar discussion ion-issue.html

    Detailed info on cleaning with pictures
  • recently my 2000 rodeo has been experiencing an intermittent problem with the automatic transmission, it started with the indicator lights in the dash being incorrect (i.e. showing that the vehicle was in n when in drive or flashing sometimes) at that time there was no marked difference in the transmission operation. Now within the last two weeks it has started this condition. When driving off from a dead stop the transmission bucks or jerks, almost exactly the same as if it were a manual transmission and it was in 3rd gear instead of first. I found that if I let off the gas and then ease back into the acceleration it will react fine and for the rest of the trip it will be fine sometimes only happening once more in a 1-2 hr trip. I've read several posts and think there are some ideas to try I just wondered if anyone had the exact problem I've explained. One last thing that when idling in warm/operating temeratures the tach only reads around 400-500 rpm, is that normal or could that be some of the problem as well? Could the rpm problem be due to dirty fuel injector?
  • ntclntcl Posts: 5
    Well there is a module mounted on the side of the transmission (looks more like a black box) with a wire harness attached . This mod. tells the trans. what to do,but the grease inside brakes down and so the contacts are not able to make a solid connection .Sorry that I am not able to recall the name of the mod. but it is on the right side(driver) of trans.You will need to remove and take a part to clean and reinstall new grease and this will fix the jerky take offs and the indicator lights.
  • ntclntcl Posts: 5
    I have a 99 rodeo and this was a problem, but for a quick fix is to reset the computer by taking the positive cable off for a minute then put it back and this will reset and drive normal.
  • liteofgodliteofgod Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    I buy a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo 4cyls automatic in Spring Lake Nc, few months ago.This vehicle has a whinning noise coming from the transmition,and its incredible that at this point i dont find NOBODY that said to me what's is cosing that noise,i just whant to know if may be the timing belt had to be replace or if is a Bully.I hope some one help cause is the only vehicle in my home to transport my son to school and church. God bless
  • Hey All,
    I'm, of course, new here and I hate for my first post to be asking for help. But I really do need it, and will be very appreciateve for any suggestions/help. Sorry for the long post, but if I'm asking for help, I try to be as detailed as possible.

    Anyways, I have a 2001 Rodeo S 4x2 5 speed. Short of a couple alternators, an AC compressor and that DA%! gas gauge/sender, haven't had much trouble. Until now.

    Today as I was getting off the interstate I was gear braking (my front pads are just about gone and Im trying to save the rotors until I get time this week to change them) and suddenly the clutch pedal dropped to the floor. it wasn't a gentle, floating drop either, it felt like something snapped and down it went.

    I pulled to the shoulder off the exit and took a look and there was nothing leaking, nor was the master cylinder low on fluid. The pedal, itself isn't broken either. Everything seemed normal, except for the clutch being stuck at the engaged position. Once I limped to my destination right around the corner (a 5-speed with no clutch, stuck engaged is quite an interesting drive. Thank God I knew about the old "rev till it pops in gear" trick), I did some further checking.

    I need to advise that I had a similar clutch problem about a year ago, but the fluid was leaking out of the slave cylinder boot slowly. I "fixed" it by zip tying the boot to seal it back on the metal part, added fluid, bled it and all has been fine. Until now. That being said, I would totally jackslap someone who drives this way for a year, without a true fix, but honestly, it's been perfect and I forgot about it.

    Once I was under the transmission, I could see where fluid has been leaking out over the past year, but it doesn't seem to be leaking much, as the Master Cylinder is full. Anyways, I bled it, hoping some air somehow got in the system, but of course this did nothing. I can see the slave cylinder moving when the clutch is pressed, but it doesn't look like it's moving very far.
    My question is, do you think it's the slave cylinder? I'm hoping it is, and not a clutch or pressure plate, as that would almost be prohibitively expensive. I don't even mind if it's the master cylinder as that's only like $60. I'm thinking it is the slave cylinder, seeing as I had trouble with it previously.

    Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
  • Ok I am new here and I have been reading the post's on the tranny problems and I have LOT'S to add. I have a 97 Rodeo 2wd. I liked it at first but now i am completely frustrated. I was losing 3rd gear and took it to a transmission repair shop that just made my problem worse. They were going to look at it and call me with what it was doing. Needless to say they took apart tranny (w/out permission) and then kept parts and put the un-assembled tranny in the back. Anyway.. I bought another tranny and put it in. Well then it would only go into first gear if i manually shifted it there. If I am in "D" it starts off in 3rd as a fail safe. So like most i assumed it was a electrical prob and replaced the shift sensor, well that didn't fix it. Then the shift silinoid. That didn't fix the problem either. I dont get it I am going to look at the other shift sensor that looks like a black box to check the grease when i get home but really need suggestions. I can manually shift it but not in Drive plz help.
  • I have a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 and today for the first time a saw a gren light come on that shows all 4 wheels, the front ones directed to one side. As I have no owners manual, I have no idea what this means. Can anyone educate me in this mysterious light for me? (which is probably a common sense one for most of you). I just never saw one. Thanks.
  • My isuzu rodeo 2002 have a noise in the front prat of the transmition, the lite of engine and transmition go on today and looks that is pushing to run in the speed that this usv supose its causing me a lot of stress cause im a single mom and i have to bring my son to school. please help
  • This is called a Park/Nuetral Safety switch!(Small black box)with wire harness on drivers side of trans.
  • BradP #670 This is called a Park/Nuetral Safety switch!(Small black box)with wire harness on drivers side of trans.
  • I have a 2002 Rodeo with 81,000 miles and an automatic transmission. Just recently I have had problems with the thumb switch on the gear shift. Today I couldn't hardly push it in to get the car out of park. I had to fidget with it by trying to push it about 50 times while wiggling the gear shift back and forth to get it to work. Any suggestions/answers? Thanks for any help. (I know it is not the sensor that is connected to the brakes because the brake lights still come on when I engage the brake to try to get it out of park.)
  • It means your four wheel drive is engaged. Hit the 4x4 button and it will turn off.
  • csouth1csouth1 Posts: 1
    My transmission all of a sudden stopped working going down the road. All I have is 4th gear and there was no signs of trouble before this happen. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Could it be my slave cylinder ? All fuids were fine and it had a low whining sound for the past 2 months but no mechanic couldn't find anything wrong.
  • art718art718 Posts: 2
    I own a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo, 6 cyl. automatic. I'ts been a great car! Recently it has developed
    a HARD SHIFT problem. It does not happen all the time. Only when I have a little problem starting the car, after i'ts been off for a while. When it starts shifting hard I need to shut the car off then re-start and it will go away. I had the transmission re-built, but the problem is still there. Also the check engine light never comes on.
    Any Sugjestions! Thanks!
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