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Chevrolet Cavalier Electrical System Questions



  • i think it might be your alternator because i have a 1996 2 dr cavalier and had the same problem. i took it to the garage the minute i saw my battery light was blinking because i was afraid the alternator was not charging it properly. after i changed the alternator, the light turned off and everything was working fine again.
  • I checked and that's not it. But I didn't check to see if the switch may be bad. Thank you.
  • My sons girlfriend owns a 1997 Cavalier. She went to start it and said she heard a poping sound and now there is no electrical power. I'm not a very good GM person, so where can I start to look?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Start at the battery connections, maybe even a cracked battery.
  • I will start at the battery, I was wondering if the Cavalier has a fuse/relay box under the hood. The problem sounds like a fuse/relay has gone bad.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Lift the hood and look, it will have a plastic cover.
  • A/C low on freon
  • I have an 04 cavaleir. None of my guages or horn work. Is there a recall on the 04 cavaleir? I don't think I should have that type of problem on my car, and I know it cost alot to have that fixed. Tell me what do I need to do?
  • bcar03bcar03 Posts: 5
    Bulbs are burned out, replace blubs.
  • mikeboimikeboi Posts: 6
    i want to add aftermarket fog lights on my 2002 chevrolet cavalier. does anyone know a site or somewhere i can look to hook it up? i want it so that when the car starts and when i turn my headlights on it willl stay on. this also means i need to disable my existing day time running lights b/c i want my fog lights to be the daytime runing lights.. thx!
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    If you go here

    and follow the directions, you can see the titles of all the recall bulletins for your 2004 Cavalier. If you find a bulletin of interest, you may be able to access the complete bulletin through ALLDATA at your local library.

    Taking a quick look, I did not find your problem listed among the bulletin titles.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 11,328
    My '02 Cavalier 2.2 liter, 5-speed with 108K miles failed our stupid emissions check testing yesterday. It needed an evaporator component, which I promptly had fixed, but also it failed because the Check Engine Light (MIL) doesn't come all. OK, a burned out bulb? Dealer says you can't replace the bulb, but must replace the entire cluster..speedo, odo, fuel and temp gauges, tach, all warning lights...just because ONLY the check engine light does not illuminate. Cost? $410.00!

    Is this for real? I'm angry at our stupid state (Ohio) for having this law...I mean, this repair will force me to choose between brakes (what it needs) and getting this stupid light fixed, even if my car is not polluting...and also GM, for making a design so stupid.

    Is the dealer telling me the truth, that the bulb can't be replaced?

  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 11,328
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    I would say it is replaceable, people have replaced radio lights. The problem is how hard is it to get to and would Radio Shack or such have one to fit. They are usually soldered in and why the dealer won't do it. They do like to sell parts. Ask at an independent shop and see what they say about it.
  • Ignition switch sticks while trying to turn engine on. Steering wheel locks and wigglingit does help but it should be more fluid. Any help out there?
  • that is a 2003 cavalier and it does stick as if there is a pin dropping into place or it is catching on something.

  • atvman29atvman29 Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2003 Cavalier Coupe and everything works great but sometimes when the car is turned off, the guages on the dash don't totally reset and go all the way down. The temp and fuel guage in particular. Therefore when I start the car, the fuel guage for example (when the tank is full) goes shooting up from where it got stuck sometimes all the way over to the temp guage area. I know the previous owners just put in a new battery, so could I be experiencing the same issues as the origional poster? Thanks.
  • iat0110iat0110 Posts: 4
  • Hello all. I have a 2003 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Ecotec. I just put in a new air intake system, but I am looking to run a new cold air tubing in place of the stock mounted one, which I removed. The problem is, the stock battery is in the way of the new air tubing, so I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a smaller battery available to put in place of the stock, with the same cranking amperage.

    My current battery measures as follows:

    L = 9"
    W = 6.75"
    H = 7.25"

    If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!
  • tadill1tadill1 Posts: 1
    My daughter had an after market radio/cd player installed in her 04 cavalier. I was told that the lights left on alarm would not work with the new radio. I figured no problem, I had installed the alarms on other vehicles using the fuse box. Long story short, I tried different after market alarms and chimes (including Radio Shack), but can not figure out the correct fuses to connect the wires to. I have tried all combination outlined on the instruction, plus many others, but the alarm still does not work. Oh by the way she has had to have 3 jumps already. Would appreciate any help.
  • cavymancavyman Posts: 1
    I have 2004 ecotec which has the same reset problems. My dad is a mechanic and we think there is a board inside the dash thats has become warped from heat. We haven't taken it apart to check yet but we are planning to. Any helpful hints would be much appreciated. I will share any info i happen upon.
  • sargee7sargee7 Posts: 2
    I just tried to install a headlight on chime in my girlfriends 03 Cavalier. I had the same problem. She also has an aftermarket radio, but I don't think her car came with a headlight on alarm, stock. She's had on battery replaced, and several jump starts too.
    We have a stupid law in our state that requires headlights to be on when the wipers are being used. A real boon for the tow truck companies! If I can solve this, I'll pass along the solution. Have you heard anything else?
  • steveg9steveg9 Posts: 1
    I just pulled a 2.2 out of my 96 coupe. I disconnected 29 of the 30 connectors I was supposed to. I now have a white and an orange pair of wires dangling off the harness. The connector is a 6 pin in the coil pack. The pin designations are A, B, C, D, E, F. The wires were in D & E. I need to figure out which goes where though. I've called dealers, looked in junk yards. I have not found one yet.
  • I found a web site today called On the right side of the home page it has a research section. I clicked on the Technical Services Bulletins & Recalls link (it's blue). On the bottom of the page it has Step One, Step Two, and Step Three. Just fill in your auto's info & follow the directions, I finally found out why I don't have any back-up lights. The car was recalled in Jan. of 05 and I bought the car in May of 05. Never knew. Now I am in the process of finding out if I can still get it fixed by the recall. There are alot of different things there and it doesn't cost a thing. Maybe it will answer some of your questions as well.
    Good Luck. I hope it helps someone.
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    I wonder how you managed to get detailed Tech Service Bulletin info from without paying the $26.95 for a one year subscription?

    You can go to most public libraries and get this info for free, but not from your home computer.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    They have a one-time fee as well, don't they? I mean, a single-use fee? I think so.
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    The web site lists their least expensive subscription as being for one year for $26.95, no one time fee that I can find.

    And I have not found their data to be quite as good as complete Service Manuals (but I know how exorbitantly overpriced those are!)
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    I should have mentioned that, although you can't get the detailed Recall and Tech Service Bulletins for free from , that web site is still a very convenient place to find if there is a recall or tech bulletin available for a specific vehicle and year, regarding an issue you are interested in. Then you can go to your public library knowing the exact TSB number covering that issue.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Yep you're right. I must have dreamt that one-day subscription. Not a bad idea, though. They should do that.
  • Hello, had the same problem on my 97 Cav. Take out the drivers side headlight. Untape the harness behind it. Pull out the the wires. The pink wires are for DRL . There should be a connection of 3 pink wires. Chances are this is corroded and will need to be resoldered. hope this helps. Jim
  • My daughter has a 93 Cavalier, a few months ago it would not start found that the ignition had come loose, so we tighted it back up but every now and then the A/C-Heater fan stopps working and when it isn't working the Radiator fan is not working as well, along with the ABS light being on. Could this be the ignition switch needs replaced?
  • On my 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier: I lost the following gauges at the same time: temperature, fuel, speedometer.
    Any suggestions? Thanks, John Miller
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    You might have your repair shop perform a Diagnostic Systems Check on the Body Control Module using their scan tool, to see if any trouble codes in that system show up. You have to start somewhere and the BCM does control the instrument displays.
  • I have a 1996 Chev caviliar--there are time that the car will not start--there are times while driving the car will just shut down--the engine just turns off--after a couple of minutes it will start up and run like nothing happened---I already replaced the start position module but I still have the :sick: problem--if I turn the ignition key to the on position the dash lights will jump around and the needle on the speed odometer will jump around---help any ideas because my mechanic is not sure what it could be????help!!!!!!
  • I have a 2005 chev. cavalier.My cooling fan is not coming on. But, the fan will come on if I turn my ac or heater on. I have replaced the engine temp. coolant sensor.I have also replaced the air temp. sensor. I have also replaced the thermostat. Plus I have replaced the cooling fan relay. But, my cooling fan still won't come on. I have checked my wiring out under the hood. I noticed that the air temp. sensor and the engine temp. coolant sensor and the thermostats wiring all connect to the igination control module. I wanted to know could this be where my problem is coming from.
    Could anyone please tell me what I need to do.Puls my temp. gauge is acting wacky.
  • I have a 2005 chev. cavalier my gauges are acting up. I know I need to replace my instrument cluster. But, my cooling fan is not coming on.My question is being my cluster is messing up could that cause my cooling fan to not come on? The fan does come on when the ac or heater is turned on.
  • i have a 97 cavalier and when running it runs fine but when i push brake pedal and put it in gear all of the dash lights come on and when the radio is on it will cut off and on headlights blink and it only charges some of the time "new alternator and battery"anti theft light comes on can anyone helpand system was reaet " 2.2 auot trans
  • mugsy6mugsy6 Posts: 1
    I have a question, It's very cold outside and my car turns over but will not start. I noticed that the a red "theft" light is on while I'm trying to start it. Would this cause my car to not start?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Yes your car may be in "tamper mode" which prevents the fuel injectors from working. You probably have a problem with your ignition switch or the actuator from your ignition lock to your ignition switch.
  • I would guess that the coolant temperature relay switch is not working, that is if you are finding the coolant fan is not activating when the engine temp rises passed normal operating temps. When the temp rises in your coolant and hits a certain temperature then your cooling fan is supposed to activate. If your engine is operating in normal range and not climbing and the cooling fan is not activated...believe it or not..its working properly. It doesn't run all the time only when required. But it is tied into your Air conditioning and Defrost system. You will notice that if you turn on the A/C or the main defrost (not the dual defrost and foot) that the coolant fan should activate. Hope that helps.
  • game3game3 Posts: 1
    well i bought a 91 cavalier z24 automatic realy nice car it has the 3.1 v6 in it well here my question well my ignition switch sticks once ina while when it cold out and it makes the stater jump all the time and once in awhile my radio wont work and heater wont work and windsheld wipers wont work plz i would like a answer on this problem before stater gets worse
  • I have a 2004 chevy cavalier and the speedo gauge stated going wacko, it would slow down then jump up to max, now my temp gauge starts to max out then drop to 0. Any idea, is there a common problem, or recall. By the way hello Pat and Karens.
  • I was wondering if you every got a resolution to your problem. my 1999 chev. cavalier Z24 is doing the same thing. If so could you please let me know what you found, i'm stumped. thanks
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    None of the turn signal bulbs in my 2005 Cavalier respond to my turn signal lever (no light-up and no clicking), but all four bulbs do respond to my hazard switch (they light-up and click-click). What could cause this?

    Aren't these the same bulbs? Doesn't the same flasher unit operate from the turn-signal lever and from the hazard switch?

    Is the flasher unit located where an ordinary mortal can remove it for replacement?
  • slackermanslackerman Posts: 43
    Have you tried the fuses? I don't know if the turn signal uses a different fuse than the hazard, but it's a cheap thing to check.
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