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Mazda MPV Transmission Problems



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Well... some of us have MPVs with extended warranties. So no need to dump it just yet.

    I have a friend whose Odyssey just had a tranny failure, out of factory warranty (fortunately he had an extended warranty). I guess all Ody owners should ditch their vans also, after the warranty runs out.
  • Does anyone know if this problem affects the 2004/2005/2006 MPVs? I am looking at several '04s and '05s but will look elsewhere if they have not addressed the problem and made a change to their trannies.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    I've never heard nor read anything about this particular problem before. Stop looking and start buying. :)
  • :cry: I have a late production 2003 that has been doing this since 4500 miles (purchased brand new) It has been services 6 times and now has 32K miles. first, they said the switch needed resetting (3 times), then, they replaced the computer control module and then a few more ajustments... well here we are a few weeks later and the tranny is still, i call it, "Kerplunking" between first and second gears. there is a hang time ..almost in a neutral state... and then.."THUNK" into 2nd. It goes back to the shop tomorrow...and the maintenance advisor and director both have been very accomodating. They mention possibly, (after consulting the tech line) replacing the tranny. However, I, like many of you, want to know if I too, should cry lemon law. I am a bit broken hearted since I do love this van so much and it truly is still brand new. any suggestions?

  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Well, it's been a long time since I posted or visited here.
    Looks like the dialogue of issues has not changed in the past year!! Today I spent another $200 to have a mis-firing diagnosed and repaired. Problem was a 'cracked spark plug'!
    I had them replace the front bank of 3 plugs since the back 3 would cost me another $300 to do and I don't think it matters changing plugs at 73K miles. Problem started when driving in a rainstorm the other day and the 'check eng.' light came on. Then it started blinking and the engine started missing real bad! I ran it for two days hoping it would dry out but didn't and got it into my friendly "Bear" dealer in WBL, MN. Just one more stupid thing to happen with this car!! I DO have an extended warranty and was hoping it may be something else wrong - but plugs are not covered - NORMAL maintenance item - yeah right!! Everything on this car is a NORMAL item gone wrong!
    Oh yes, I STILL have the creaking noise in the front end when going over bumps - NORMAL again! They said they would need to pull the bushings off and relube them - another $200 if I wanted that done - not!
  • bsa1bsa1 Posts: 1
    :( When the motor idles, it has a loud ticking noise, like a loose rocker. The dealer said this is normal-I do'nt think so.The van also has a warped brake rotor-shakes the whole van when stoping. And like everyone else, shift shock.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    My 2004 doesn't have a ticking noise, and can't recall anyone having ever complained about it.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    My 2003 Has a 'tappit' sound after the engine is warm.
    Sounds almost like a diesel engine! It's not like a rocker panel or cracking sound...just like the pistons are firing and making a loud ticking sound! Has done it since almost new.
    Oil changes ever 3K miles too! Everything bad is normal on these units!!! I DO have an extended warranty too! I'm watching everything like an owl!
  • Well don't scare me with anything else... No, my 2003 doesnt do that ticking thing. However, on my last visit regarding the tranny, I could not get the darn thing the duplicate with the tech in the car so then sent me home. My advisor and I have a deal though, I call him everytime it does it, tell him exactly the details, and then log log log the info in a "diary".. and I have lodged a compaint with Mazda USA. So, it has come to the point where the dealership is CALLING ME every week to see how things are.
    I am thinking of it this way, I have a 7 year/100K warranty so still a very young vehicle. As long as the dealership works with me and gives me an upgrade rental everytime, I will be patient until they fix it.
    Keep the comments coming..

  • annaaannaa Posts: 2
    Our transmission went out on us yesterday, suddenly and without warning! We contacted Mazda USA and they will only pay for the transmission, not the labor. How did you get them to pay for it all? Is it still under warranty? What year and how many miles? Our's is 2002 with 57,000 miles. We couldn't even get the district service manager to call us back. Mazda claims it's their policy!
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Sounds like Mazda is working with you on it. You're getting the tranny replaced OUT of warrant and you just need to pay the labor. You should be glad they're going in on it rather than making you pay the whole thing. You'd find similar results at other manufacturers as well when you're out of warranty.

  • I have a 2002 and had about 47000 miles when the transmission went out. I had other problems which were all handled by my Mazda dealer, so there was a history of care and service for my car. Since your transmission went out after the 50000 warranty, getting a new transmission, incuring the labor costs, omly, sounds fair. I have been a loyal customer of Mazda since owming an R-100, but I would sell that MPV and consider an alternative.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Just bought a 2006 MPV this week. Bought it because i liked the way the transmmsion shifted. The toyota and honda brands drove me crazy.

    Very worried from what I'm seen on the message boards about Mazda's Any one know if the problem was ever resolved? Are 2006 effected. Around how many miles do they seem to give out?

    Any thoughts would be appreacited.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    The '02-'04 had some issues with a shift jolt which was mostly remedied by a reprogramming of the tranny computer. Mazda switched to a different tranny computer and some internals on the JATCO 5sp AT in '05 - I haven't read of any issues in the '05-'06 so far.

  • wyman1wyman1 Posts: 2
    Please help!!! 2002 MPV with 47,000 miles - transmission just went out on the PA Turnpike yesterday. The transmission was jumping when going up steep hills and ultimately it failed completely. Like someone else on this thread, I was lucky just to get the van to the side of the road without getting killed. My van is now waiting outside a Mazda Service Center in PA. I have no history/relationship with the department in PA. I have however been dealing regularly with the service center in VA and I just paid $140 in October to have the transmission fluid flushed. Maybe this will help?

    I want to be prepared when I talk to Mazda for the first time about this tomorrow morning (closed yesterday and today). I am encouraged by your post which seems to indicate that Mazda may finally be acknowledging that there is a problem with their transmissions. Can you provide me with the name of someone I can talk to at Mazda USA, or anyone else I can turn/refer to at Mazda if the PA Service Department does not work with me on this?
  • dblchindblchin Posts: 12
    My suggestion is to contact the area VP who overses the Mazda dealership you use. They will go over the records and hopefully recommend a replacement at no charge to you. I would really press the issue of your recent transmission fluid change and no problems found by the Mazda dealership.

    Good Luck!
  • wyman1wyman1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice. I worked mainly with the dealer's service department who acted as a middle-man with Mazda USA. Mazda USA offered to split the cost of the new transmission (parts and labor). The warranty had expired and I think the previous history of Mazda dealer service, along with the recent transmission flush, was key in getting Mazda USA to make such an offer. I plan to take one last push at Mazda USA to see whether I can get them to cover more of the cost. Will advise this forum if I am able to get Mazda USA to cover anything else.
  • dajcardajcar Posts: 1
    My mpv broke down , i guess transmission gave away..since its not moving back or forward

    I had too much of issue with this mpv thank god i took extended warranty and i hope they will cover it in whole
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    How's your transmission fluid look? Did you ever have it changed? Your extended warranty just saved you a couple grand.
  • ok.. I bought the extended warranty (02 MPV).. and I am so glad as it has definately paid off over the years! It is about to expire at 80k.. I am at 78k and they are replacing the transmission.. so my question is this.. do I need to also have the reflashing done I have heard some talk about? Has anyone had the transmission replaced ..does that take care of the problem for a while or should I still look to dump this car as soon as possible? Please let me know so I don't get caught in an impossible scenario...

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    If a dealer is putting in the new transmissions, work like that is typically warranted for 1 year/12k miles. Check with the dealer to see what kind of warranty you'll get with it.
  • I got 2001 MPV with 112K miles. Yeah, I know it's a lot of miles. I was hoping I could get 250K+ miles out of it, but I guess not. The tranny is beginning to slip from 3rd - 4th gear going about 45 miles. I read some of the tranny posts and it's scary to find that it would cost $3700+ to repair transmission. Anyone out there who has better luck fixing the trasmission w/o paying $3700? Any suggestions as far as getting rid of it or fix it and keep it? Thanks for your advise.

    Navy Guy
  • We also have a 2002 Mazda MPV with the automatic transmission. We are now getting the transmission replaced for the second time at less than 95,000K. First time was at 73,000, re-flashed computer at 65,000. Lucky we purchased extended warranty for 8 years/160,000k. Started both times with hard shifting, second time also had flashing "O/D off" light. Other than these major repairs, we are generally quite happy with the vehicle.
  • Ok.. They just replaced the transmission .. I got it back on Monday.. it is Thursday and I am back at the dealer.. it is jerking and burning transmission fluid.. guess what.. they need to put in a new new transmission.. this has to be a record! I am so upset. It is covered under the parts warranty but still.. this is nuts.. I am spending more time at the dealer than at work.. I do not want my dealership to become the place where everyone "knows your name..."

    The service guy said that the problem is that Mazda uses reconditioned transmissions.. so who know if it is really fixed when they put it in your car.... I am sorry that is just not at all acceptable. Is this true you cant get new transmissions out there.. they are all these reconditioned pieces of crap.. or are they snowing me and this is their policy? Please let me know if they are just pulling the wool over my eyes and what I can do to get this done right...?

  • after telling me that I needed a new new transmission.. they just called me today and said.. they were wrong, the transmission is just fine.. the problem was that the ignition coils needed to be replaced. They have done that and now the car is suposedly fine. I have asked them to make sure they do a decent test drive before returning the car to me as I am tired of getting the car back and discovering something either wasn't done correctly or something was overlooked. He said he would make sure that was done and assured me that my car had been carefully looked at... I am kind of at a point of not knowing if part of the problem is that the service sucks or is it truly all just my car...? Anyone have to replace the ignition coils on their MPV.. can it cause the over reving and jumping feeling I was having (not to mention the burning smell?)

    The one thing he did say that I totally agree with is that when I get to within about 1k of the warranty expiring that I should bring the car into him and they will go over it carefully to see if there is anything up on it so they can make sure to do it while under the warranty. I thought it was nice that he suggested that. Still thinking this is the last Mazda I will get for a long time.. shame as my prior 2 .. I loved.
  • louis7louis7 Posts: 2
    I got 2001 MPV LX and just had my ignition coil replaced! Cost me $230 parts & labor. I too thought it was transmission and had made appointments to take it to AAMCO, but after reading many posts and a little bit of process of elimination, I felt that it was ignition coil. The engine is rough and idle is very inconsistent. Specially about 30-45 mph, it keeps jerking a little which feels just like transmission slipping. But it's not. I didn't notice any smell, but the constant hesitation and jerking is present. I hope this helps. :)
  • sidiggiesidiggie Posts: 19
    I had my 2002 MPV tranny done for $3,500. Mazda wanted $3,500 to pop in a new "remanufactured" unit. My local transmission shop did some research and supposedly it is common for that the transmission pump to fail which causes all the clutches in the automatic transmission to burn out. They supposedly installed the upgraded pump that came out in 2004 or 2005. They were shocked at the cost themselves. They told me the MPV has a Jaguar transmission. Check Consumer reports rating on 2001-2003 Jaguar transmission reliability and you can see the extent of the problem. My advice is talk to your dealer and see if Mazda headquarters will work with you at all. If not, trade it in before the tranny goes completely.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    I thought the 5-speed in the MPV is a Jatco unit??
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    The Jatco is in the 2002 and up model MPV's. It is built in Japan. It is also used in Jaguars, Ody's... many others I believe.
  • Well, another one bites the dust. My 2002 MPV, 59,000 miles, tranny blew on the highway a month ago. After many phone calls and one episode of standing in a showroom looking angry until someone answered my questions I ended up paying $700 for the replacement. The transmission company paid for the parts and MAZDA USA and the dealer paid for a portion of the labor.

    Although my experience was with MAZDA frustrating - it took two weeks to get a call back, I have to say that in the end MAZDA treated me fairly. They paid for a rental for the the last week my car was in the shop (it was in for 3 weeks total).
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