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Vibration Defect in 2006 4WD Honda Pilots



  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    Make sure you doucument each repair order. If the receipts acknowledge your complaint each time then files a Lemon Law suit against Honda. Check your state's laws for requirements.

    I filed suit against Honda for our '06 Odyssey this past week. My attorney tried mediation with Honda's pre-litigation department but they concluded my problem was a "normal operating characteristic of the vehicle".

    My documentation is a clear cut Lemon case win, however, it may take up to 9 months until award. If you have the willpower and good documentation (i.e. parts failing each time or written acknowledgement of the problem) then file a claim.
  • This seems to be an AWD problem. Anybody experience it with FWD vehicles. I like the Pilot be these complaints scare me.
  • It is a defect that appears to be linked to AWD. Read the forum chain and I believe you will see that the vibration defect is AWD centric.

    And... Honda has yet to admit the problem, much less fix it. The only group that sees the problem is the customer base. You may consider what that means.

    Oh, by the way, test drive your Honda on a concrete highway and check the road noise. b-a-d
  • ksayers,

    You are correct about the noise on a concrete highway. I cant even carry on a conversation without shouting. But I can tolerate the noise better than I can the Vibration in the front end. I have tried pretty much everything. It aint the tires and since it seems to be more prevalent in the AWD I can only assume it has something to do with the driveshaft to the rear tires?

    Anyway, your advice is good for anyone looking at Pilots, be sure and test drive the car good at Highway speeds for both vibration and noise.
  • sddoc07sddoc07 Posts: 19
    I have an AWD 2003 Honda Pilot LX. I also noticed a significant vibration, strongly transmitted thru the steering wheel, at about 75+ mph. However, I was lucky b/c as soon as I switched to Continental Contitracs, the vibration improved dramatically. Is it completely gone? No. But does it bother me anymore? No. I also want to say that while the vibration was annoying, it was nowhere near dangerous and while I understand people's feelings on this, I think it's been a bit overblown i.e. it is nowhere near bad enough to make you drive poorly.

    Regarding the wind noise, I think this is a common feature to many Hondas. The price advantage versus Toyotas has to come from somewhere and I feel that the luxurious-like noise isolation in higher-priced cars is always missing in Hondas. It is unfortunate but quite frankly, not enough to keep most people from buying the great bargain that is the Honda Pilot.
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    Thanks for the reply. When we updated tires to Michelins and chucked the junk factory tires things improved. Not resolved but "better". Anyone buying a Pilot may want to mentally tack on $500 to the purchase price to help... the problem. Honda should be embarrassed about such a blunder.

    As an FYI, the noise issue is "road noise" verses "wind noise". It is picked up via the tires through the suspension and body. That is why traveling at 70 on concrete is very, very noisy and on asphalt is tolerable.
    I suppose those who really like their radio/CD's must be pondering why they bought this vehicle.

    Consumer Reports just came out with their auto issue. Global reviews of Honda noted one consistent negative: road noise.
  • iodine8iodine8 Posts: 1
    I don't think this problem is just limited to Pilots. I have an '05 Odyssey and I'm experiencing a similar vibration problem everyone else is describing.

    I had the original tires balanced several times and the problem was not solved. I just put new tires on the car and the problem still has not gone away.

    I've recently been told (not by Honda) that the rims might be the problem. The rims are not the conventional style rim where they can put the weights on the outer part of the rim. They have to use the adhesive backed weights and I'm told these reims are very troublesome to balance.

    The researh continues....
  • vtm4vtm4 Posts: 3
    Ok, my 2003 Pilot suffered from the 70 mph vibration since day one. After 45 miles I decided it was time to replace the OEM tires. They were replaced with the Michelin Cross Terrain as recommended my many on various Pilot forums. First of all let me say all though the Michelins are a bit more noisy they are a far superior tire in terms of performance in snow and wet pavement. Well, to my complete surprise, the vibration has all but disappeared. Yes there remains a very minor vibration at 72 and 76 mph but it's almost indiscernible from the normal road vibration. I suspect there still is a design problem with Honda's with the poor quality tires magnifying the problem. So anyway, after 5 years the vibration is "gone" and I'm feeling better about the Pilot. Good luck with yours.
  • sagalibasagaliba Posts: 31
    Check this out: - enumber=1

    It is about a pair of braces for rear subframe that are on Accura MDX but not on Pilot. Apparently, they can be retro-fitted.

    Several people tried and claimed they did improve ride and the "70 mph vibration" problem.
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    It would be great if it did... but...

    Reading through the thread it is unclear as to what the writers believed they "fixed". The 70mph vibration appears, from most earlier posts, to be more a "front end" thing than a "rear end" thing. One poster eliminated the front drive shaft, I believe, and eliminated the problem.

    The posters on the noted thread are focused on the read end and seem have found more value in improved handling, body sway and side wind buffeting. However, after 10 pages of resplies, I have yet to see/hear/read from anyone that adding braces actually fixed the vibration defect.

    I really wish it did. If it did, I would install the braces, front and rear, immediately.

    If anyone has a thread/message that indicates that installing these braces actually FIXES the vibration defect (or lessens it to a significant degree) PLEASE post it as there are many people, including myself, that would take action at that point.

    Thanks for the post !!
  • sagalibasagaliba Posts: 31
    Yeah, the vibration problem they talked about is not specific to the front. I wonder if the vibrations everybody talks about are the same thing (since they are many different sources for vibrations)?

    I myself just bought a '07 EX-L AWD, and I have not noticed the vibration problem yet. I also have not noticed posts regarding vibration problem for '07 Pilot (maybe there are there, I just haven't read it). This of course may be because there are not that many '07 out there. (Assuming they sell the same number of cars each year, only half are sold so far. Besides, it took some times for people to notice the problem and wonder onto the forums, so the percentage would be even smaller).
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    Having gone through the threads on a possible rear brace fix... I ordered the $50 worth of parts, left/right braces, bolts, nuts.

    While the improved handling, sway and wind buffeting are interesting, my focus continues to be the vibration defect. If anything else benefits, fine, but that's not my objective.

    Parts will be here in 2-3 weeks and then I will install and report on the results.

  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    Ok folks, the results;

    a. Ordered the Code 50360 Retrofit Kit from $50.95 delivered, took about 9 days.

    b. The installation took about 22 minutes, total. The process is:
    a. Remove the chassis bolt, replace with new bolt and tighten
    b. Place brace on chassis bolt, hand tighten nut.
    c. Install bolt on the other end of the brace (to frame).
    d. Tighten bolt and nut. Verify everything is tight to spec.
    e. Repeat on other side.

    See the link on this forum to another forum that has pictures. E-a-s-y.

    That's it. Really. Even the "hard side" is very easy, no real interference problems unless you have a hot muffler.

    Road test:

    I will ignore subjective commentary on "handling" as it is... subjective... and not my intent. I wanted the 70mph shudder gone.

    I drove on smooth asphalt, no radio, no air conditioning, nothing to mask over the situation. I had to HUNT to find the vibration. HUNT !!! It's 95-97% gone, maybe more. If I didn't know EXACTLY where to look I would not have found it at all. Even at that, it was virtually g-o-n-e. It appears that dumping the cheap factory tires (contributed maybe 15% to the fix) and putting on the braces did it.

    WARNING; YMMV Your Mileage May Vary

    This fix worked on my vehicle. It MAY work on yours. No guarantee, no warranties, do at your own discretion. If you do it, you do it alone and you are responsible for anything and everything. There... my butt is covered.

    Nevertheless, these braces have significantly improved my vehicle. It was absolutely worth the $50.95 spent. The install is EASY !! You need a 3/8" ratchet, about a 9 inch extension, a 17mm deepwell socket (11/16 may work... don't know). And plan for a half hour of time.

    A hearty THANK YOU to those on this forum and the linked-to forum with details and photos of the kit.

    Perhaps I should send the $50.95 bill to Honda...

    Victory at last, regardless of the inattention of Honda.

    I wish you all a very pleasant day.

  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    I should have added another note; you do NOT have to jack up the vehicle. You do one side at a time. Access is almost trivial. On my 2006 I found the mounting points within 2 seconds. Literally. Just lay down on the ground and look up behind the rear tire and the differential.

    This is one of those times when, it appears, the fix was simple (once found), the parts ordering was simple, the parts actually fit, the install was simple AND it worked. For me. As noted, YMMV.
  • sagalibasagaliba Posts: 31
    Thank you for the update. As I said, I myself do not have the vibration problem, but I am interested in the brace for a different reason. Whenever I stopped on the left turn lane waiting for the left turn signal, every car that zipped past me on the right would cause my Pilot body to rock sideway. Granted, this probably happen to every car, especially higher profile SUV, but I had a minivan and a full-sized conversion before this Pilot, and neither would rock as much as the Pilot. (Please see my posting in that forum.) Do you think if this brace might help?
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    I don't really know. Some other posters on this forum and the linked-to forum ( have noted improved handling, less body lean and a "tighter" feel for their Pilot 4WD after the brackets were installed. Frankly, I haven't pursued that to any real degree as my focus was on the vibration. However, logically... (scary assumption), if the brackets reduce body lean and tighten up the structure as a whole one could surmise (scary assumption #2)
    that it might help.

    Go to and review their forums closely with an eye to body integrity. Might be a fix... this is a link to the page/thread...
  • maxshopmaxshop Posts: 7
    Is this vibration issue in 4WD vehicles only, or are 2WD vehicles also affected? Thanks
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    It appears, from my limited perspective, my opinion only, to be related to 4WD only based on the replies posted on this board and others. YMMV
  • zarbazarba Posts: 30
    We have an '07 EX-L AWD, and have not experienced the problem in the first 750 miles. My wife drives on the highway every day at 70 mph.

    We'll be going on a long trip in late June, and that will be the measure.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I just returned to New Jersey from a 2000 mile round trip to Tennessee, Georgia, etc. Drove over 85 mph on Tennessee highways with 70 MPH speed limit and felt no vibrations. Mine is a 4WD Pilot with RES.
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    A couple of comments:

    #1. if you don't have the problem, consider yourself lucky.

    #2. the problem isn't at 85mph.

    #3. slow down.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    So it's exactly at 70 MPH? Strange isn't it?
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    If you read the thread, reports vary from 68-72.
  • homeykathomeykat Posts: 11
    I have the same problem. I thought my speakers were blown, but I never listen to my radio very loud and the bass vibration is intermittent. It seems to come from the rear of the vehicle. I realize that the original post is old, has anyone gotten an answer/solution?

    <<<<<<I purchased an 06 as well in April of this year and we are experiencing a type of "resonate frequency" in our Pilot. Mainly at very low speeds or when we are stopped and this is very strange. It sounds like a very deep BASS from the Stereo system, although I do not believe it is coming from the speakers. But it elevates slowly and is almost deafening. Here are a few things I have noticed. If I open any door to the vehicle, the noise subsides. Once I close the door again, the noise starts back. My wife stayed inside the Pilot one time when we were parked at a stop sign. I wanted to hear the sound from outside of the vehicle as I thought it may be coming from the engine. Guess What? I could not hear anything outside the car and my wife would Nod her head from inside the vehicle that the inside of the car had the deep vibration (Stereo Bass Like) noise inside. We also told the dealership about it, but could not reproduce it at the time. It is very annoying and happens at least every 2 - 3 days. If I hear it now, I usually just open the door until I start moving again and it goes away.

    Has anyone experienced this with their Pilot? >>>>>>
  • I would think with the traction control and f/r weight dist the front drive pilot would be more than adequate for most inclement situations
    Anyone had any problems with the FWD?

    I would like to get the FWD for the cyl deactv as well as no vibration issue.
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    Just read your post from 4-9-07. I am the guy who takes the drive shaft off in the summer to lessen the vib. Wish I checked in to this forum before I again took off the shaft! I too had Mich. Cross Terrains put on with 3000 miles to help with the problem to no avail. Mine is 2004. My calls to Honda back in January of 05 were ignored and it was a very frustrating time. I think everyone was in denial. So thanks for your pursuit to a solution to this, while I just gave up. Will order the brackets today. Just wish Honda would have been honest with all of us for the last 4 years.
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    As you noted, a little honesty from Honda would have been appreciated.

    Having put on a significant amount of miles with the brackets I would call the fix a 97% solution (in my opinion). It may not be absolutely perfect but it is significantly better and worth every bit of the $50.

    Hope all goes well
  • Has anyone reported this vibration in 07 AWD?
    I am/was planning to buy one but am holding back because of this issue.
    I test drove a couple and didnt notice any marked vibrations but that was before I read this thread.

    If all it takes it parts worth $50.00 to fix this(as reported in different posts) then I wonder whether Honda has taken care of it this year.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I don't believe this vibration crap. Honda makes thousand of these pilots and if it was a serious issue, it would have warranted a recall. I have an 07 and am very satisfied with my vehicle. If you look through various forums, people always complain about every vehicle and if you were to read these complaints you will end up taking the bus or train around.

    You have to test drive yourself and make up your mind. I am sure people are going to jump in and bite my head off for saying this. But remember, some people get picky about little things and the only way to satisfy them is to build a custom build car exactly to their specifications.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You have to test drive yourself and make up your mind.

    Test driving a vehicle does not preclude the possibility that the car or the one you actually buy has problems. Also, the fact that your car does not exhibit a particular problem does not mean other cars do not have that problem. I think it's bit presumptuous to suggest that those desribing a problem they are experiencing is merely excessive pickiness. People generally do not go out of their way to find solutions to nonexistent problems - at least not outside the world of politics! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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