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2007+ Infiniti G35



  • Hey guys, I saw that that g35x is a bit heavier than the journey and the sport model which I already knew but I was just wondering if there's gonna be any noticable differences in the performance between these 3. Thanks.
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    the difference in weight is a couple of hundred pounds. If you were closely timing it with all other things being equal, the awd model would be a little slower in acceleration and use a little more gas (EPA mileage is one mpg less in the awd model if I recall). Most people wouldn't notice it in every day driving. The bigger question is do you really need awd? There are endless arguments about better handling, etc, but again, for most people in most everyday situations, they will never notice one way or the other. If you live in a serious snow area, then awd is obviously better, but if you live where it only snows occasionally, you may be better off with the rwd model.
  • Besides the snow, we usually get icy roads during the winter. That was what prompted me to get the AWD. With RWD (vs. FWD) I would be doing dougnuts all over the place!
  • Does the AWD get activated when the car detects any slip or do you need to hit the snow mode button to turn it on ?? How fast can you drive the car with snow mode on ??
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    It is permanent AWD, no driver intervention required. You can drive any speed you want in snow mode. Snow mode locks the torque split 50/50 from 0-29 MPH and then allows normal operation. It also retards throttle response so you can't break traction as easliy.
  • Argh! I've only had this baby for about two weeks and have 800 miles on it. This morning the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. Reading the manual, it seems like a benign emission problem since the warning light is constantly on (vs blincking or on then blinking). I've taken out the fuel cap and made sure that it was securely on and will see how it goes for a few rides as the manual suggests. After that, I'll take it to the dealer.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks.
  • I've looked through the thread and was wondering if anyone could comment on connecting an iPod. I test drove the 2007 G35 but they didn't have the cable to connect to my 1st gen iPod nano. The sales person said you can connect your iPod via a cable in the glove compartment and that you see all artist/song info on the navigation screen and that you can control the songs with the wheel under the screen (one used for the navigation system). Is this true and does it basically have the ipod interface? Can you scroll through your playlist and select songs while driving on your iPod? Thanks!
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    dsm363 - The 07's have no known iPod interface. There is a generic RCA (Red & white) connection in the arm rest that you can pipe the audio through... this is a big complaint that's going around, not only is there no integration, there is no fully functional aftermarket or OEM alternative released yet.
  • I suspect that they didn't concern themselves too much with a fully functional interface since they offer a built in hard drive and they probably want you to use that first and the aux input as a last choice.
  • I'm amazed at how ignorant and/or dishonest salespeople are. This guy actually told you could connect an iPod and control it through the navigation screen! That burns me.

    A salesman at Infiniti of Scottsdale insisted that all G35s have the Music Box, irrespective of whether you have the navigation system.

    We know more about these cars than the typical salesman, and it always puzzles me. You would think salesmen would be car guys, reading all the same stuff we read (plus all the manufacturer inside info), but they don't.

    The lack of full iPod integration is a major weakness of the G35 (and of most cars), since the Music Box has too many flaws to serve as a substitute: no searching while driving forces you to listen to the same album; and you have to use antiquated, low-quality file formats like MP3.
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    You should post this on the "Tales from the Sales Front Lines" (or whatever that board is called). Way too many very arrogant sales folks on there. I am sure that not all are that way, but enough are to cause posts like the one you wrote.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually, the sales folks who participate here are quite knowledgeable and, for the most part, very helpful. I agree that there are a lot of salespeople in the world who don't know their product, and who mislead customers unintentionally or not, but the ones hanging around here generally do not fall into that category.
  • What that salesperson told you is absolutely, 100% untrue.

    There are RCA-type inputs in the armrest that will allow you to connect your iPod via a cable you must supply yourself. The audio may be accessed by using the auxiliary input on the stereo console, but the iPod may only be controlled from the iPod itself.

    The G35 does not have any dedicated iPod interface and you certainly can't control it through the onboard screen. The "AUX" input on the car's stereo is "dumb" in the sense that it doesn't know what is attached to it. You could connect a turntable and make it play through your car's stereo.
  • Does the hard drive come on all models? I'm looking to purchase the 07 Journey with the Premium package, but don't really care for the nav. Would the music box come on that version? Thank you.
  • I test drove the 2007 G35 sedan and like it a lot. I was wondering what the difference is between a M35 and '07 G35 sedan? Even the salesperson said the 2007 G35 has most of the features of a M? Besides the M being a few inches bigger, they almost seem like the same car to me! One scenario I was considering was a preown 2006 M35 vs 2007 G35 sedan. I think the preown M35 may come in lower cost than the new G35. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.
  • The Music Box is only available as part of the Navigation Package ($2100).
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    You can change musicbox albums while driving and I do. However, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll which is probably more dangerous than being able to search which is not allowed due to safety reasons. It is ironic that the way to change albums while driving is more dangerous (because it takes longer) than allowing you to search while driving.
  • Why doesn't Infiniti install fog lights at the bottom of the front fascia on the G? This drives me nuts...
  • What is the dis-advantage of using the CF vs the hard drive? Can I buy a card and manage my music on that? Also can it read AAC files?
  • How different is the driving experince on G35 sedan Journey vs. sport? I test drove Journey yesterday and I was really satisfied with it. I haven't had a chance to test drive the sport model yet. Any input from those of you who have driven both? Thanks in advance.
  • It's definitely firmer, but the larger wheels make it look better. It's worth the upgrade to me.
  • how do you like the sport seat? is it not enough cushion? I heard ppl said it's a bit uncomfortable.(I know this might be a subjective matter, but I just want to hear what ppl said about it). I do a long drive, so I just dont want hurt my back with uncomfortable seat :-)
  • The disadvantage of using the CF slot exclusively is that a CF card will hold far less music than the hard drive.

    Yes, you can buy a CF card and manage your music on it. I've seen 1 and 2 GB cards, and maybe 4 GB as well. Not sure about capacities greater than that - maybe there's an 8 GB card out there, which would approach the hard drive's 9.5 GB.

    The CF slot only reads WMA and MP3 file formats - no AAC.
  • I have only test driven the cars. The seats felt comfortable to me, but a long trip in another matter. I own an 05 with the sport option and I'm weighing in the see if I want to trade it in for an 07.
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    I just went on a 600 mile road trip (my lease is wincing) and the seats where very comfortable. I have the AWD version and I think the sport version seats are a bit different so I can't comment on the sport version. The car was great on the highway with no wind noise and very little road noise.
  • It's good to hear about the wind noise. In my 05, I get some wind noise around 80.
  • I drove my new G35 07 sport from Atlanta to Baton Rouge, La. on Friday for the holidays. The sport seats are not one that I found you could sit in comfortably for the long haul (not at least for the 7 hr. drive I took). Every hour or so I'd shift my body to try and get comfortable-I raised, lowered, went back, went forward, etc. most of the time trying to find that sweet comfortable spot that eluded me. The front end of the seat, even with that "extender" (sorry, don't know the ergonomic terms here), didn't provide enough cushion I suppose to make it comforting. To describe this, it was like a consistent pressure at the underthigh.
  • Thanks for all the feedback on Journey seats vs sport seats. Very helpful for me.

    I am currently deciding between sport vs Journey G35 07. I will test drive the sport G35 this weekend and hopefully get some idea on what I want.
  • I purchased 2007 Infiniti G35 Journey and experiencing the worst city MPG. I am only getting 13.9 miles with very conservative driving. The sales man explained to me it is normal during the break in because of dual exhausts pipes and it will get much better after the break in.
    I would like to believe it, but very disappointed.
    Does anyone experiencing similar mileage in City?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,039
    I can think of three things that may be at work here, all of which will reduce your fuel mileage from the EPA in-town number. The EPA test is run with a completely warmed-up and (probably) broken-in engine at some standard ambient air temperature (T2) that's probably at or above 59 deg F (15 deg C). The airplane engine business uses 59 degF, but the car business very likely uses something higher, possibly significantly higher. But I digress (as usual).

    So, here's your situation:

    1) New, tight engine -- in 10 - 20K miles it'll get noticeably better.

    2) It's winter, with low ambient temperatures that do two things: a) make it take significantly longer for the oil to get to temperature & b) allows the engine to make more power, at the expense of fuel mileage -- cold dense air means richer mixtures

    3) A large percentage of your driving may be with the engine still cold. Do you drive 2- or 3-mile segments, or 20-30 miles at a stretch? If it's mostly short trips, that'll be a huge part of your problem, particularly at this time of the year.

    So, if you live in Minneapolis or Burlington & take 2-mile trips, I'd say you're doing just fine. Not so much if you live in SoCal & commute 30 miles to work on city streets, though.

    Good luck.

    This, by the way, is why the G is lower on my list than some other entry-level LPS cars that offer significantly better published & actual fuel mileage numbers.
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