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2007+ Infiniti G35



  • The Journey and the Sports model has the same suspension except for the larger wheel and tires on the sports. I bought a journey model with larger wheels because I found the less agressive tires on the journey are way under size for the 300hp of the car. I have test driven the journey model 3 times and every time I got wheel spins when I pushed the car a bit. Didn't have that problem when I test drove the sports model. You can feel the road more with the thinner tires but I think it's a good compromise.

    On both models, the cabin is so quiet that it's very hard to hear the cars outside even at freeway speed.
  • If you do the side by side comparison the wheels are larger on the M, the seats adjust more that also are ventilated (not available on the G), outside mirrors tilt in reverse, more memorized driver settings, headlight sensers, and pre-collision safety system. You can also get rear headsets on the M with the video system and of course the 14 speaker surround system. As for as interior size, the M has a little more than 3 inches more leg room in the back seat. That 3 inches doesn't sound like much, but it is.
  • Anybody own a G35 AWD and driven it in the snow? That will be a big factor if we purchase one or not. Any help would be great!
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    Hello. I have driven the AWD in the snow. We got hit with a blizzard the day after we picked it up from the dealership. It did a great job in the snow. The traction control was great and made it nearly impossible to spin out or fishtale on turns. The biggest thing I noticed and liked about the AWD in Snow Mode is that it cuts the throttle response way down. The car has a lot of power and I have a hard time not getting on it during normal conditions so the 1/2 throttle response in snowy conditions was great. I think you will be pleased with this car in snowy conditions.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,041
    I'm curious.

    Having given you what I consider a reasonable explanation for your MPG woes, I'm curious as to your actual situation.

    Are you in SoCal doing 50-mile commutes or in North Dakota going two miles at a time?

    The thing about the Internet is that it's supposed to be interactive, not a vacuum.
  • zeongzeong Posts: 31
    Is the MPG that bad? I'm considering between the G35 ane the Lexus IS250. Both cars are going for about the same price and the IS has very good milage but with 100hp less. Tough choice.
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    I've been driving the AWD version for a little more than a month now and with 1800 miles I have averaged 19mpg overall (and that is with quite a bit of hard driving from time to time becuase it is a very fun drive). I also went on a 600 mile highway trip and averaged about 23mpg on that trip which included some city driving. So, my experience has been better than what I've read here. One other note, the car calls for Premium gas, but the dealer told me I don't need to use it. I have been using Premium since the owner's manual, gas cap, etc. all say Premium but who knows if it is necessary.
  • zeongzeong Posts: 31
    Thanks. Premium gas isn't a problem for me as I'm feeding my current TSX with it as well. How's the reliability issue on infiniti in general?
  • I am in Dallas Texas and driving 45 miles commute with 40% of highway driving. This time of the year in Dallas Texas, the temperature ranges from upper 30s to high 60s. So far, I am only getting 14.1 MPG with 521 total miles.
  • Your MPG is right around the EPA MPG range. Unfortunately, mine is far less than what they are claiming. I am using the Premium Gas and still getting 14 MPG. Have you experienced different MPG driving the first 1000 miles so called break-in period.
  • I read the great review on 2007 G35 and it is fun to drive, but it is painful to fill up the gas every 270 miles per tank. I am so disappointed with the gas mileage and can not trust EPA MPG. If others are getting different MPG in city, something are not right. I am going to bring the car to the dealer for any possible tuning.
    The sales man claiming the poor mileage only occurs during the break-in period.
    I am trying to collect more information from the forum to deal with the situation.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,041
    Thanks for the update.

    Sounds like you could have a problem, but you really won't know till next summer when the car has more miles on it & the temps warm up.

    Are you depending on the car's computer for the MPG numbers or manual calculation when you fill the car? If you're doing both, do they agree? Does the G computer offer the option of instant MPG readout? If so, have you set it there to see when & where the mileage really goes down, or up?

    Once again, stories like yours are part of why I look more favourably on BMW -- their mpg numbers are significantly higher for similar power outputs. I think it's called sophistication vs. raw power.
  • I am taking the car to the dealer to check the fuel system and others this week. If others are getting much better (5 more miles per gallon), something is not right. I don't think it will improve 5 MPG even with the higher temperature.

    I am checking the MPG on the display and the manual calculation they are matching up correctly. It does offer instant MPG read out, but it fluctuate so much it is very difficult to determine the high and low point.

    Again, since I am checking the MPG closely, I am driving very conservatively.
  • I own 05 G35 Automatic. I am in Ca near L.A. I drive mix of City and Hwy. In L.A. area unless you are driving late at night, highway driving isn't much different than city because of heavy traffic.

    When I drove long distance to Utah, I averaged about 23 mpg.
    Typical city/hwy mix drive I usually get about 17 to 18 mpg.
    I don't drive like a teenager,but I have fun once in awhile.
    If car is new, you should get better mileage after about 5000 miles or so.

    I know G35 doesn't get great gas mileage,but it really isn't that bad. You have a great sports sedan with 280 or more HP and performs like 350Z with 4 doors! If mileage is
    such an issue, then this car may not be right car for you.
    Just enjoy it and mileage will more likely improve depending
    on how you drive. Also check your tire pressure once in awhile. It's ok to have 2 or 3 PSI higher than what it says
    on your door. ;)
  • I have read multiple posts with the similar MPG in City and Highway. However; 3 to 4 miles less on every gallon may add up significantly. I am not expecting better than EPA 19 MPG city. If I can get 17 - 18 MPG, that will be great.

    Since you mentioned that the MPG will improve over time after 5000 miles, what was the improvement on MPG? Have you experience the similar MPG during the Break-In period?

    I purchased G35 for the fun driving, but can not ignore 14 MPG.
  • On my 05 G35, MPG improved 3 to 4 mpg after 5000 miles or so. I usually fill up before fuel warning light comes on. This car has 20 gal tank and even when the light comes on it should have at least 3 gallons in the tank. That means if
    you filled it at 270 miles, you got about 16 MPG.
    I usually keep my tires at 32 to 33 PSI. slightly higher than recommended PSI.
    Also, there are many variables: is AC on most of the time,driving condition etc.
    Overall I get 17 to 20 MPG in typical driving of 60% Hwy and 40% City.
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    Steve, I'd say something isn't right. I do a mix of highway/city probably 70/30 and with my 05 auto sedan I initially got 19-20MPG in that mix of driving. I calculated those numbers over many tanks by hand. After about 5,000 miles, at least around that point I noticed a gradual improvement in these numbers by about 1 MPG, so now I'm getting consistently 20-21MPG. My driving habits/patterns are for the most part consistent. I get on it once in a while, but also drive smoothly at speed regularly so I'm not driving it like grandpa or a teenager...something in between.

    If I was getting 14MPG I wouldn't be pleased and based on all the reading of MPG numbers I've seen, 14 is on the low end by at least 3MPG. Maybe it's the air/gas mixture that needs to be adjusted. Tire pressure plays a role of course too and I also keep mine at 33PSI and check about monthly...air is held nicely in the tires for me here in So Cal where it's maybe a bit more temperate than where you are.
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    ">Here is my experience. I've had the AWD version for about 5 weeks and have put 1900 miles on it. I live in Oklahoma and our average temp in December was 43.1 degrees (not quite SoCal weather). The photos below show two things. The dash shows 1900 total miles and 800 miles since I last reset the trip meter. I reset the mpg tracker at the same time as I reset Trip A. I then reset the mpg tracker again tonight. So, the second picture shows roughly 17 or 18 mpg during the first 1100 miles and 19mpg the last 800 miles. I don't drive like a teenager either, but I have definately tested this car out so it hasn't all been easy driving. But, I am in a colder area and I have had a slight improvement after 1100 miles (but 500 of this was a long highway trip - so perhaps no real improvement improvement). I think if you are only getting 14mpg there is something wrong.


  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    Hi, I am currently researching on the 2007 G35 6MT for a purchase. I just test drove it and like almost everything about it. After reading this thread, I have a question about the CD changer and Nav system. From what I could gather, seems like if I upgrade to a Nav system, I actually lost the "in-dash" CD changer with MP3 capability? Instead, I would have an "in-trunk" old style CD changer without MP3 capability?

    Also, does anyone know how a "hard-drive" Nav system works? Do all the data that the system needs get stored in the hard drive? Cause a hard drive is much more likely to fail in a relatively short time than a regular on board memory, could be an expensive trade off.

    I would really appreciate your opinions.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    They say that the hard drive makes for faster calculations.
    I have an Acura MDX with the DVD based navi, and it works very well... but they say the downfalls are slower calculations while it reads the disc, and the $250 smack to the wallet every time you need an updated DVD.

    The hard drive systems make for much faster calculations and the updates may just be quick little incremental updates from the dealer, costing much less (Although this is not yet confirmed)

    I don't worry so much about the drive itself.
    I've had many more DVD drives fail than I have hard drives, so hopefully, the system holds up over time.
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    In response to your first part of the do lose the in-dash CD changer with the nav system. They put a plain-jane 6 disc changer in the trunk. You still have MP3 capability in-dash with a single disc player, but you do not have MP3 playback on the 6 disc changer. However, I have my trunk cd-changer loaded up and have only used it once. The musicbox is much easier and snazzier to use so the trunk changer really isn't that important in my opinion. Plus add in XM radio, CF media slot, and the AUX input for something like an iPod and the choices for music playback are really robust.
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    Thanks guys for the quick responses. I agree, the hard drive is probably enough for music. It's just that hard drive fails often even when it is not in a moving platform. We will just see how this turns out, hopefully when if fails it's not too expensive to replace with the Nav data on it.

    It's also kinda weird to me that Infiniti could definitely opt to keep the in-dash w/ Nav together, so it would become a "Total Gain". Now I felt like paying for the Nav but losing a [non-permissible content removed] bit of something.

    Cause let say I have couple discs of MP3s, now I cannot store it in the hard drive and if I put them in the changer, I cannot play them. I am like back to the old single disc CD. All because I am paying more for the Nav. >;)
  • glarry1glarry1 Posts: 13
    Didn't I read that the hard drive was partitioned, so Nav & Music have separate space?
  • ebg35ebg35 Posts: 16
    For the MP3's on CD I suggest investing in a CF card that is 2-4 GB and store your MP3's on it. You still can't store them on the hard drive, but you now have 3-6 CD's worth of MP3's ready to go any time. In fact, this is probably more flexible than MP3 on CD because you can create your own mini playlists (buy dropping songs in different folders) and you can constantly change it on your PC whereas a CD is going to be the same all the time. So, I think with the CF card you are actually gaining a bit despite not having 6-disc MP3 capabilities.
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    For some bizard reasons, I read couple postings over the "Leasing forum" mentioning having problem with transmission on their brand spanking new 2007 6MT. But, I don't recall reading it here...Does anyone know anything about this serious issue? Seems like the 2006 6MT also have it...

    Also, other big issues like this you guys know of?
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    Partitioning hard drive would only help if you have data corruption failure, but won't help if your motor gone bad. Most of hard drive failures I have seen are related to the motor, so you can't even move around to get data anymore.
  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    Guys, another question I have is about the Nav. I heard that it's partly disabled while the car is moving. Is it bad like some other said that it won't allow you to change destination or find locations? I would be very very disappointed at Infiniti if that were the case. Could an owner describe what is disabled?

    Again, would really appreciated it.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    from what I've gathered, nothing is completely unaccessible. but what does change is the access method, for instance, when you are in park, you can set a destination via the media wheel, touch screen, or bluetooth voice commands. When you are in motion, you can only use the voice commands to enter the street. press the voice button on the steering wheel and speak "120 South Main Street" and it will set your destination for you. on the screen, the option to enter an address via wheel or touch screen becomes disabled (grayed out).

    as of yet, I have not heard of any features that are completely inaccessible while in motion.
  • I was told that a "real" iPod integration kit (OEM) was not available yet as this was a new audio system from the ground up (HW Interface and SW.) If that is the real reason, then within 6 months or so, we should see something available from Infiniti or Nissan.

    As for the hard drive potentially offsetting the need for an iPod, it's not gonna work out that way in the long run without changes. The fact that you have rip the CDs all over again while in the car with the engine on makes that unlikely. The CF gives an option there, but without the ability to transfer from CF to hard drive, that's a bit off the mark as well.

    Hopefully, Infiniti/Nissan will provide a better means for getting digital music into the car sooner than later.

    Maybe they should rip out the MusicBox and replace it with a Mac Mini! ;-)
  • marvelmmarvelm Posts: 28
    My wife's audi A4 can only play 256 MB SD card max! :mad: I am just wondering if there is a limitation on the max storage of the CF card that I can use on G35? Thanks.
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