2007+ Infiniti G35

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Let's talk about the new G35 sport here!


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    leased a 06 g35 coupe while i wait to purchase the new 08 coupe.


    The MSRP on a similarly equipped 06 model is around $2000 less. So we are definitely going to end up paying more for this new model. (not even accounting for that current models r going for atleast 2500 under invoice). So lets say i add the add the navigation and rear view monitor, it comes very near the bmw mark of 335i coupe costing 45k with nav but bmw also includes the service and maintainance. this really starts to get away from the infiniti value proposition.


    Where is the damn flash card reader and built in hdd for mp3s. The official brochure infiniti sent me for the 07s had the flash card reader in the picture (but no mention of the hdd). In the edmunds article pictures (or write-up) the flash card reader is no where to be found (or mentioned).


    Why can you not get the paddle shifters without the sports tuning. Not everyone needs the sports tuning.
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    I just read the C&D online article about the 335i (turbo) coupe, and it gushes over the ride/handling compromise. Plans are to build a sedan as well. 300 hp/300 ft/lbs.; just as fast as the outgoing M. (4.9 0-60!) Sport suspension is standard, automatic with paddle shifters is available.

    It makes for a good comparo, but... Hard to believe that this "harsh riding" 38,000 G35 S will lure as many buyers when it has to compete with a 42,000 BMW that's clearly superior (essentially a four-door M, at least until the V8 M arrives). The price difference won't be enough in the monthly payments, so look for the G's price to drop.
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    the value proposition of infiniti is definitely the price. the bmw dealers do not want to discuss for any thing below msrp. u will be able to snag g35s at invoice or below a few months after launch. right now, if u compare the fully loaded g35 coupe (with nav) u r looking at something u can buy for around 36-38k. a similarly equiped (and powerful) bmw is above 45k. though bmw does save u money later thru the maintainance plan. so in realisitic terms, around 5k of difference around 100 dollars a month, which is enuf to lure me towards an infiniti (as it did this time).

    however, the price hike in the new g35 models might shake things up... 38k and not even nav.... ridiculous
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    All 3 series fan prepare to start crying for your precious 3 series cuz the The G is coming to get ya!!!!!
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    I read the C&D review on the new G. The 3 series is toast. 0-60 in 5.2!

    I read the Motor Trend 3 series & G35 test. They gave the nod to the 3 series. While the scores were a tie, the editors broke in favor of the 3 because of finesse. I laughed because it is a sport sedan test! The G out ran, out braked & out handled the 3--except in the slalom. Even their online poll has the G as a preference with the folks over the 3 -- 64% to 35% respectively.
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    Do you honestly think you are going to find a no options 335i sedan on a dealers lot for $42k when it comes out? I don't think so. I recently test drove a 328i Coupe and it stickered at almost $40k with just Steptronic, Satellite Radio, and Leather as options. In terms of real world pricing, the 335i sedan is going to cost more, period.

    An almost loaded G35 Sport for $38k doesn't sound like a bad deal after all. In the October 2006 issue of Motor Trend, they compared the 330i to the new G35 and there was a $9,165 dollar price difference. That is 1/4'th the price of the new G.
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    RE: the Second point -- Infiniti has confirmed that the G35 does have an available hard drive for storing music but that hard drive also runs the navigation system (no more DVD based) - therefore, it's sort of an option as it requires the customer to order the nav. 9.5G is allotted for music storage.

    It allows you to download music from the CD changer or you can play music via a card slot in the dash.
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    Let's make it clear ones and for all about the pricinig between the upcoming G35 and the 3 series BMW. The G35 Sedan will not have a price increase. Also to get the flash card you need to order the Nav. Package wich will replace the 6 disc changer. A BMW might have a 4yrs "free" maintance, but actualy it's not free! They are the only german manifacture that keeps increasing the prices so they can cover the what is suposed to be free maintanance. Do you know that a oil change only on a BMW will run you around $100, in a car that you get a Leatherete-Ridiculous. Keep in mind that if you live in TX for example the first 2 yrs. or 24,000 miles the maintance on the G35 is free and there after you only pay under $40.00 for oil change. And do you know that you don't have to do a tune-up up to a 110,000 miles, that there is no timing belt-it's a timing chain from titanium life time waranty.Speaking of waranty, the Infiniti cars get 4yrs up to 60,000 miles. So guys tell me where is the value in a BMW put against the G35 or any Infiniti cars???? Don't be fooled by the status only car! The Bimmer is no longer the King. Poor reliability, overpriced,very complicated to fix,technology is very poor too. So please, stop complainig that the Infiniti is not that is not this. All the new Infiniti's are very reliable, excelent technology, handeling, performance and Price. And watch closely how in reliability is detroning Lexus in a very near future! If any of you don't apreciate this Great automobile, then you should be looking into a Trabant! In the meentime if you have any additional doubts or hesitation you can contact me by e-mail at [email protected]
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    hey briancam, where did u read about the flash card and hdd. it was rumored to appear on the g35 but none of the review cars had it yet . where did u see infiniti confirm it ?

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    Does anyone know if the higher compression ratio on the 2007 G35 will require premium gasoline? Edmund's has the old G35 listed as taking regular unleaded.
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    on the gas tank of the current g35 itself, it suggests to use premium fuel but i have been using regular 87 without too much of a problem. However, i do mix it up a bit, lets say 70 % 87 and 30 % 91 because, all 87 did cause a little bit of knocking ....
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    87 did cause a little bit of knocking ....

    Very bad for the engine. Like the man said, Lift!
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    So, do we have to wait until November to get the actual pricing for the new sedan? I've see a lot of speculation (both up and down) but does anyone actually KNOW when we're going to see what this new car costs?
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    been trying to find that out for a while, but no body know. i personally am expecting around 1000-1500 increase in price plus most options (like the rumored tech and journey packages). i think a fully loaded will go for around 40-42k without the stupid active steer compared to 48k for the beemer
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    just wanted to add, that v r talking msrp. u can probably grab the infiniti @invoice some time after the release, while the bmws guys wont budge
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    Do you guys realy think that Infiniti cars and especialy the new G35 sedan few months after the release will go for invoice???? If you belive that then you need to stop geting high! Just a reminder- when the G35 sedan and coupe came out in 2003 for the next year and a half were selling for MSRP. No other cars in the mass market evre hold there price for such a long time! So,please guys be realistic.
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    Perrier61 -- Are you in Sales? You seem to be very "Pro-Infiniti".
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    Good Day

    I just found out today that the G35 wont be coming out until the end of November-December and there arent any prices as of yet.

    I presently if i wanted to get an 06 G35 Sedan AWD, premium package, auto for 31,999$ and not sure if i want to do that because i have only 2 more months for the 07.

    Is anyone have any suggestions whether i should go for the 06 for that great price or wait it out for the 07??

    I think the 07 AWD, premium package will go for 37$+ MSRP.

    Maybe if im lucky i can get it through internet sales for about 35$

    So i really dont know what to do with the 06.

    Take care
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    I would never consider the 2006 as an alternative. The 2007 is such an improvement, it is a completely different looking vehicle with better technology inside an out. If you like the 2006 as much, then go for the best deal in years, but to me, that old car is bland by comparison.
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    for those intererested, infiniti has updated the 07 g35 mini site with new info and pictures.

    the car looks spectacular esp compared to the old g35 and 3 series sedan.... the interior is pretty neat and loaded with toys. they have confirmed that there are going to be 3 10 inch woofers whith the studio on wheels package, a 9.5 gb hdd and touch screen nav. the rear view camera will also provide guidance lines.
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    I have been contemplating waiting till 2007 to buy my first luxury sports sedan and the look and additions made to the 07 G35 might have just sold me. I could get a Lexus IS350 for 305hp, but I would be paying $38000-$40000 for it. If I can get 306hp for $33000-$35000 with a good interior (better than the last gen g35) well I am gonna have to give this car serious consideration. I want to see one of these up close though, just hope I don't zone out and hand the salesman my credit card involuntarily haha.
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    Was the news of the november/december release date retrieved from a reliable source? I thought the release date was October. Where did you get the information regarding the nov/dec release date?
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    The 2007 G35 seems to have a significantly upgraded nav-system. It is hard-drive base, and includes traffic monitoring and voice-recognition control of the navigation, radio, and climate systems. It also tells you which precise lane to be in for freeway navigation.

    Is the navigation system in the 2007 G35 more advanced (and have more features) then the system on the 2007 M35/M45?

    Below is a description of the 2007 G35 nav system from someone's review: "The Navigation Package consists of a GPS-based system employing a 30GB hard disc drive (which displaces the in-dash, six-CD changer to the trunk and contains a 9.5GB partition for user-recorded audio tracks); MP3-capable compact flash media slot (also used to copy audio to the HDD and update the map database); lane guidance, which preps a driver for a left or right exit ramp from a freeway; voice recognition for climate control, audio and navigation; and a three-month trial subscription to Sirius or XM satellite radio, the latter including real-time traffic information where available."
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    Does anyone know the release date for the G35 Sedan?
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    Good Day

    Well to be honest i got my information on probably an approximation of the release date of late november december from an infiniti sales person, where did you hear october??, is it reliable?? I dont think its coming out that ealry.

    Take care
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    Edmunds InsideLine, and Consumer Guide, both indicate a November release date:

    After showing a concept version of the 2007 Infiniti G35 coupe at this year's Detroit show, Infiniti unveiled a production version of the sedan in New York. It goes on sale in November.

    'November Reign'
    Set for release in November, the 2007 Infiniti G35 sedan will be offered in five models: base G35, G35 Journey, G35x AWD, G35 Sport, and G35 Sport 6MT.
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    On September 29th, I saw the new 2007 G35 at the Auto Show located at the State Fair of Texas. The car was on a stand and they would not let you open the doors, because the interior was still in "pre-production" form. This was disappointing, because I really wanted to sit in the back seat to get an idea of the interior space. I am trying to decide between a 2007 G and a used 2006 M. The key difference the M has over the G is the interior space, and it would have been nice to see if the 2007 G had improved.

    It is my understanding that is has gained 1.1 inches of rear leg room, but has lost some headroom and shoulder room. The salespeople who have sat in the cars tell me there's no real difference in overall space. We'll see...

    I was told by the largest Infiniti dealer in Dallas that they would have a couple of demo models, for test drive purposes, arriving on October 15. They said that cars would be available for sale on November 1st, although some people have already put down deposits and a waiting list is starting.

    The car I saw at the State Fair had a medium gray exterior. I don't think it was "Diamond Graphite" and may have been "Liquid Platinum". It had a light gray interior with the "Washi" alum. trim. It was a Sport edition with the 18" wheels.

    Overall, I think the car looked nice and was a definite improvement over the 1st generation model. It is is not as "tall & skinny" as the 1st generation and it has better proportions. From what I could tell by looking in the windows, the interior looks better as well.
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    I got a chance to sit in the '07 G35 Sport sedan at the Orange County Auto Show in Anaheim CA last night. I paid a lot of attention to the rear seating.

    The rear seating space is about the same as the current sedan. I'm about six ft. tall with size 13 shoes. I was able to adjust the front seat to a comfortable driving position and then sit in the back seat behind the driver's seat. The knee space was adequate, but there was barely space for my feet below the front seat. I'm not sure if I'm right, but it felt like the width of the rear seat would be tighter for three people than in the current sedan.
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    All i know is, that is wayyyyyy more space than the IS. However, TL is still the leader i think space wise.
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    The car I saw at the State Fair had a medium gray exterior. I don't think it was "Diamond Graphite" and may have been "Liquid Platinum".

    Infiniti has some new colors this year.
    The color you may have seen is "Umbria grey"

    Was this the color?
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    Two links. One to the review, the other to the "Nuts & Bolts" sidebar.

    Arguably Affordable, Unmistakably Luxurious

    Nuts & Bolts

    While the Nuts & Bolts sidebar was useful and interesting, the text review itself was odd. All feeling and almost no substance.
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    Good Day,

    So when is the car coming out?? Early November or late November-December??
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    That is one fine-looking automobile.
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    I had a chance to check out the car this saturday at the Orange county auto show.

    My first impression is that the car is absolutely stunning both inside and out. By 4:00 pm there was quite a gathering of people wanting to go and just sit and feel the car. I for myself sat for ten minutes inside the cockpit provoking one guy to get on his knees so that he can get his turn.

    I think the Lexus IS250 is now out of the question and so is Audi A4. The new 2007 BMW 335i sedan is still the leader but for 10grands or so less, 07 G35 will clearly be the winner for a lot of people.

    I am 6,3 and weigh about 220 lbs. It took me some adjusting before I could fit in the drivers seat. The telescopic steering definitely helped and so did the seat extension which provided additional support for my long legs. I don't think anyone taller that 4.5 feet would fit comfortably behind the drivers seat. The passenger side is a different story, I positioned myself comfortably on the front and then asked my friend who is about 5ft 7 inches to sit behind me, he said he could fit in with no worries.

    I found the driver seat laterally constraining compared to the seats on the G35 coupe, BMW 3 series and the Audi A4. Also I found the BMW 3 series and the Audi A4 had better vertical height travel as far as height adjustment is concerned. For most people, this won't matter unless you are above 6ft tall and a bit fat. But again you might compromise other aspects of driving ergonomics if you have to adjust your seats to their extreme limits. As for myself, my goal is to loose 30lbs in the next 5 months and then give the car another shot :) .... talk about motivation.

    The infiniti guy I was talking to said that by Oct 15 several dealerships in los angeles will have the car on their lots so that people can test drive them and the car will go on sale by early to mid nov. Price wise, he said not to quote him (but I will) approx a grand or two more than current line up. Quite frankly, I still think it will be worth the money.
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    The Texas State Fair is always disappointing it is mostly an push for trucks. The Dallas Auto Show in the spring is a million times better.
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    Price wise, he said not to quote him (but I will) approx a grand or two more than current line up.

    That is in MSRP - with the current deals in place the street price could easily go up 5K between an 06 and 07.
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    the 07s are in showrooms now. has any body gone and seen them ?
    any thoughts, opinions, views ?
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    I am a Infiniti Technician and I can tell everyone there should be a sample G35 in almost every showroom. The car really is beautiful. And it drives like a dream. We took a good look at it and it seems that it will turn out like the new M series, which has been flawless in reliability and has given us no trouble. I highly recommend the new G to anyone.v
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    I saw one this morning at Salerno-Duane in NJ. Looks even better for real than in the photos IMHO. Can't wait to drive one.
  • newcarmannewcarman Member Posts: 55
    I havent heard anything about them being in showrooms yet here in New York Metro area. I was told sometime in november.Anyone know when they will be in showrooms in NY??

    Also what kind of pricing will there be on a G35 AWD??
  • guruggurug Member Posts: 24
    Detailed information the sedan now availale on the website :


    still waiting for pricing info..
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    I took the G35 Sport for a test drive, WOW! My 03 bimmer felt like a classic car compared to this one. Definitely provides plenty of power and handling for this price range. No complaints about anything, other than the silly looking paddle shifters. Pure sport sedan.
  • newcarmannewcarman Member Posts: 55
    So the car is in the showroom already?? Any prices yet?? I live in the Ny area and havent heard anything about the G35 launch date.
    What area are you from and how does the car look in person compared to the pictures?/

    What would you estimate a G35 AWD with premium package to run?/ Thank you.
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    Does a G35S = G35 Sport? Or does the S mean sedan?
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    I went to a norther California dealership this afternoon and they have a G35 sport on the floor. The car look great. Interior material look and feel very good. The layout of the instrument etc was very nice. Trunk is pretty good size if one don't opt for the 6CD changer. No test drive until 1st week of Nov (carp). I would love to see the rosewood interior and how the chorme strip on the trunk work out on exterior color other than silver. It is certainly one of the more impressive Infinite product and comparable to some lexus cars (and I have six Lexus since 91)
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    I test drove a brand spanking new infiniti G35 Sedan with sports package today in Oakland, CA and I must say I was very impressed.

    1st - The car looks better in real life than in any internet photos. Makes the 15 or so 06 G35's left on the lot look bland in comparison. The interior is much improved and reminds me the Acura TL interiors. I could not stop looking at this car - 19 inch rims, sick headlight design (Reminiscent of the M class) and completely redone instrument panel. Car was equipped with voice activated navigation system and infinti studio on wheels. The brushed wasi aluminum panels is my only compaint about the interior - the material just looks cheap like recycled metal. If I were to purchase an 07 G I would definitely go for the wood trim interior

    (Didn't blast the radio but thought the sound system was decent - didnt have an mps disk to slide in so will reserve judgement on sound system until the next test drive).

    2nd - The ride with the sports package was noticibly stiffer than the base sedans and acceleration was on par with the 06 G's I test drove. Honestly I was not able to tell the difference between the two cars engine wise (i.e. the 8 hp increase) - Only took the car up to 70 mph though because the 3 wk newbie salesman sitting next to me asked me to cool it. There were two odd looking gear shifters positioned beneath the steering wheel which I didn't really test out.

    3rd - there is no pricing available for the new G's from my dealership. The salesman told me she had sold half of her inventory of new G 35's to customer who ordered the car before they had arrived - [non-permissible content removed]. She wanted 1500 down to gurantee delivery of a car...I politely declined.

    Overall I am very impressed by the redesign of the new G. The new styling definitely takes this car to another level.
    Why would anyone buy an IS - IMO the G beats the pants off the IS in the styling department for 4 grand less.

    On the other hand this dealership was pretty desperate to get rid of all remaining 06's on their lot - salesman tried several times to entice me into buying an 06.

    Offer was $29,000 for an 06 G35 with premium package C.
    Correct me if I am wrong but that equates to about $6000 below invoice after premium package has been added on. Bottom line is how much more do you want to spend for an 07 g35 with killer looks but relatively little in the way of changes with the engine - is the $6000 price tag worth it?

    I am undecided and plan on taking another test drive soon.

    Good luck all!
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    I paid a visit to check out the new g35 at a local dealer and here are some impressions. if you are interested in a particular piece of information, post it on the forum and i will try to answer. i did not drive it so no drive wise questions.

    the car looks very goood. from the rear it resembles a g35 and from the front it looks like a slimmer M. I do wish it was wider, but very nice to look at nevertheless. The only ugly thing was the silver lip spoiler on the rear, it MUST b removed cuz it spoils the look of the car, perhaps a matching color mite have been a better choice.

    Also, i know this may sound way too finichky, put the radar cruise panel in the front gives the car a slightly less symmetrical look. Its a a very small black panel wich is presetn on the lower ride size and replaces a small piece of the lower body panel.grill..

    The interior is specatuclar. The navigation system is much better than leading systems like acura i personally think. The voice recognition was average but you do not have to press a button every time like on the acura(extremely annoying). For those less familiar, here is an example. Lets sat i want to enter a phone number in threee parts. 123-456-7890. Now on the acura, i first press a button n say call, then i press a button to say 123, then press again to say 456, then press agian to say 7890 then press again to say dial. in the infiniti, u just initiate by pressing button once then follow prompts (waiting for a tone cue). However, the system is still does not allow you to speak commands pre-emptively whcih is really annoying but thats a common problem.

    The navigation system is touch screen based and the maps look spectacular. the route calculation was fairly quick. The screen also display audio information. You could set bass, treble, fade and balance, but thats about it. I was expecting more sub woofer control as there are theree in the car. You also have a button for settings which display various information like maintainance and stuff.

    The car does have a compact flash slot. Interestingly, as we know the nav is hdd based and it was rumored that the hdd based cars loose the cd changer. that is not true. in the cars with hdd, the changer moves to the trunk. you get one disc slot in the front, the compact flash slot, and the hdd music box, so thats a fair trade off.

    One the of the most interesting things i noticed was in the arm rest. Yes there is car charger slot there. Right next to it is the aux input. Whats so intersting about that? Well it seems that the aux input is AV. Yes, there were there THREE AV composite sockets there including the conventional yellow one for video. I can not confirm if it does video aux or not, but i am pretty sure it does. so now u have inputs for video aux and stereo audio aux built in. that just gives new meaning to ease of installation for things like car pc, ps2, xbox and stuff, all beautifully displayed on teh lush center console screen.

    The buttons and interior finish and quality are a marked improvement over my current 06 coupe. the buttons were firm and responsive and the car just simply felt better made than before.

    The paddles behind the steering were large, felt natural and easily accessible. The seats were very comfortable and offered good support. Being the S model, the car also had power controls for the bolster supports which can really pack u in the seat, butreally might mean alot to some one more heavily built (read wider) than me.

    at first glamce the difference look subtle, however the r significant to me. i am definitely going to upgrade (waiting for the new coupe).

    random thots:
    there is no mention of a differemt suspension for the sport model.
    the rear view camera can not b had without radar cruise.
    the paddle shifters r only on the sport model.
    seat controls have moved to the left lower side of the seat.
    seats r still not cooled, only heated.
    u press the start button without foot on brake to just turn on accessories. foot on brake then press button to start car.

    will add more later if i remember anything
  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Member Posts: 116
    Just found out that the 2007 G35 sedan is on display at Escondido, California now. Going to see it now.


    El Cajon, CA
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    My local dealer is taking deposit right now for the 07 G35 sedans. With a deposit, they will put me in queue for one that they receive in their first batch in Nov., and they will sell it to me at MSRP. Is this a buy? Do you think I can find another dealer who will sell it for below MSRP? TIA.
  • kj123kj123 Member Posts: 11
    I'm in Texas. I drove the S model, which is Sport. It had all possible options. Sticker price is supposed to be $1000-2000 higher than current and they will not budge on the price for several months. First round of cars will be delivered the first or second week of Nov. Very few coming to each dealer, 15 or so for the first month.
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