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2007+ Infiniti G35



  • klpeelklpeel Posts: 46
    Two links. One to the review, the other to the "Nuts & Bolts" sidebar.

    Arguably Affordable, Unmistakably Luxurious

    Nuts & Bolts

    While the Nuts & Bolts sidebar was useful and interesting, the text review itself was odd. All feeling and almost no substance.
  • Good Day,

    So when is the car coming out?? Early November or late November-December??
  • That is one fine-looking automobile.
  • I had a chance to check out the car this saturday at the Orange county auto show.

    My first impression is that the car is absolutely stunning both inside and out. By 4:00 pm there was quite a gathering of people wanting to go and just sit and feel the car. I for myself sat for ten minutes inside the cockpit provoking one guy to get on his knees so that he can get his turn.

    I think the Lexus IS250 is now out of the question and so is Audi A4. The new 2007 BMW 335i sedan is still the leader but for 10grands or so less, 07 G35 will clearly be the winner for a lot of people.

    I am 6,3 and weigh about 220 lbs. It took me some adjusting before I could fit in the drivers seat. The telescopic steering definitely helped and so did the seat extension which provided additional support for my long legs. I don't think anyone taller that 4.5 feet would fit comfortably behind the drivers seat. The passenger side is a different story, I positioned myself comfortably on the front and then asked my friend who is about 5ft 7 inches to sit behind me, he said he could fit in with no worries.

    I found the driver seat laterally constraining compared to the seats on the G35 coupe, BMW 3 series and the Audi A4. Also I found the BMW 3 series and the Audi A4 had better vertical height travel as far as height adjustment is concerned. For most people, this won't matter unless you are above 6ft tall and a bit fat. But again you might compromise other aspects of driving ergonomics if you have to adjust your seats to their extreme limits. As for myself, my goal is to loose 30lbs in the next 5 months and then give the car another shot :) .... talk about motivation.

    The infiniti guy I was talking to said that by Oct 15 several dealerships in los angeles will have the car on their lots so that people can test drive them and the car will go on sale by early to mid nov. Price wise, he said not to quote him (but I will) approx a grand or two more than current line up. Quite frankly, I still think it will be worth the money.
  • starman98starman98 Posts: 119
    The Texas State Fair is always disappointing it is mostly an push for trucks. The Dallas Auto Show in the spring is a million times better.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Price wise, he said not to quote him (but I will) approx a grand or two more than current line up.

    That is in MSRP - with the current deals in place the street price could easily go up 5K between an 06 and 07.
  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    the 07s are in showrooms now. has any body gone and seen them ?
    any thoughts, opinions, views ?
  • I am a Infiniti Technician and I can tell everyone there should be a sample G35 in almost every showroom. The car really is beautiful. And it drives like a dream. We took a good look at it and it seems that it will turn out like the new M series, which has been flawless in reliability and has given us no trouble. I highly recommend the new G to anyone.v
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I saw one this morning at Salerno-Duane in NJ. Looks even better for real than in the photos IMHO. Can't wait to drive one.
  • I havent heard anything about them being in showrooms yet here in New York Metro area. I was told sometime in november.Anyone know when they will be in showrooms in NY??

    Also what kind of pricing will there be on a G35 AWD??
  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    Detailed information the sedan now availale on the website :

    still waiting for pricing info..
  • kj123kj123 Posts: 11
    I took the G35 Sport for a test drive, WOW! My 03 bimmer felt like a classic car compared to this one. Definitely provides plenty of power and handling for this price range. No complaints about anything, other than the silly looking paddle shifters. Pure sport sedan.
  • So the car is in the showroom already?? Any prices yet?? I live in the Ny area and havent heard anything about the G35 launch date.
    What area are you from and how does the car look in person compared to the pictures?/

    What would you estimate a G35 AWD with premium package to run?/ Thank you.
  • Does a G35S = G35 Sport? Or does the S mean sedan?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    I went to a norther California dealership this afternoon and they have a G35 sport on the floor. The car look great. Interior material look and feel very good. The layout of the instrument etc was very nice. Trunk is pretty good size if one don't opt for the 6CD changer. No test drive until 1st week of Nov (carp). I would love to see the rosewood interior and how the chorme strip on the trunk work out on exterior color other than silver. It is certainly one of the more impressive Infinite product and comparable to some lexus cars (and I have six Lexus since 91)
  • aheahe Posts: 8
    I test drove a brand spanking new infiniti G35 Sedan with sports package today in Oakland, CA and I must say I was very impressed.

    1st - The car looks better in real life than in any internet photos. Makes the 15 or so 06 G35's left on the lot look bland in comparison. The interior is much improved and reminds me the Acura TL interiors. I could not stop looking at this car - 19 inch rims, sick headlight design (Reminiscent of the M class) and completely redone instrument panel. Car was equipped with voice activated navigation system and infinti studio on wheels. The brushed wasi aluminum panels is my only compaint about the interior - the material just looks cheap like recycled metal. If I were to purchase an 07 G I would definitely go for the wood trim interior

    (Didn't blast the radio but thought the sound system was decent - didnt have an mps disk to slide in so will reserve judgement on sound system until the next test drive).

    2nd - The ride with the sports package was noticibly stiffer than the base sedans and acceleration was on par with the 06 G's I test drove. Honestly I was not able to tell the difference between the two cars engine wise (i.e. the 8 hp increase) - Only took the car up to 70 mph though because the 3 wk newbie salesman sitting next to me asked me to cool it. There were two odd looking gear shifters positioned beneath the steering wheel which I didn't really test out.

    3rd - there is no pricing available for the new G's from my dealership. The salesman told me she had sold half of her inventory of new G 35's to customer who ordered the car before they had arrived - [non-permissible content removed]. She wanted 1500 down to gurantee delivery of a car...I politely declined.

    Overall I am very impressed by the redesign of the new G. The new styling definitely takes this car to another level.
    Why would anyone buy an IS - IMO the G beats the pants off the IS in the styling department for 4 grand less.

    On the other hand this dealership was pretty desperate to get rid of all remaining 06's on their lot - salesman tried several times to entice me into buying an 06.

    Offer was $29,000 for an 06 G35 with premium package C.
    Correct me if I am wrong but that equates to about $6000 below invoice after premium package has been added on. Bottom line is how much more do you want to spend for an 07 g35 with killer looks but relatively little in the way of changes with the engine - is the $6000 price tag worth it?

    I am undecided and plan on taking another test drive soon.

    Good luck all!
  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    I paid a visit to check out the new g35 at a local dealer and here are some impressions. if you are interested in a particular piece of information, post it on the forum and i will try to answer. i did not drive it so no drive wise questions.

    the car looks very goood. from the rear it resembles a g35 and from the front it looks like a slimmer M. I do wish it was wider, but very nice to look at nevertheless. The only ugly thing was the silver lip spoiler on the rear, it MUST b removed cuz it spoils the look of the car, perhaps a matching color mite have been a better choice.

    Also, i know this may sound way too finichky, put the radar cruise panel in the front gives the car a slightly less symmetrical look. Its a a very small black panel wich is presetn on the lower ride size and replaces a small piece of the lower body panel.grill..

    The interior is specatuclar. The navigation system is much better than leading systems like acura i personally think. The voice recognition was average but you do not have to press a button every time like on the acura(extremely annoying). For those less familiar, here is an example. Lets sat i want to enter a phone number in threee parts. 123-456-7890. Now on the acura, i first press a button n say call, then i press a button to say 123, then press again to say 456, then press agian to say 7890 then press again to say dial. in the infiniti, u just initiate by pressing button once then follow prompts (waiting for a tone cue). However, the system is still does not allow you to speak commands pre-emptively whcih is really annoying but thats a common problem.

    The navigation system is touch screen based and the maps look spectacular. the route calculation was fairly quick. The screen also display audio information. You could set bass, treble, fade and balance, but thats about it. I was expecting more sub woofer control as there are theree in the car. You also have a button for settings which display various information like maintainance and stuff.

    The car does have a compact flash slot. Interestingly, as we know the nav is hdd based and it was rumored that the hdd based cars loose the cd changer. that is not true. in the cars with hdd, the changer moves to the trunk. you get one disc slot in the front, the compact flash slot, and the hdd music box, so thats a fair trade off.

    One the of the most interesting things i noticed was in the arm rest. Yes there is car charger slot there. Right next to it is the aux input. Whats so intersting about that? Well it seems that the aux input is AV. Yes, there were there THREE AV composite sockets there including the conventional yellow one for video. I can not confirm if it does video aux or not, but i am pretty sure it does. so now u have inputs for video aux and stereo audio aux built in. that just gives new meaning to ease of installation for things like car pc, ps2, xbox and stuff, all beautifully displayed on teh lush center console screen.

    The buttons and interior finish and quality are a marked improvement over my current 06 coupe. the buttons were firm and responsive and the car just simply felt better made than before.

    The paddles behind the steering were large, felt natural and easily accessible. The seats were very comfortable and offered good support. Being the S model, the car also had power controls for the bolster supports which can really pack u in the seat, butreally might mean alot to some one more heavily built (read wider) than me.

    at first glamce the difference look subtle, however the r significant to me. i am definitely going to upgrade (waiting for the new coupe).

    random thots:
    there is no mention of a differemt suspension for the sport model.
    the rear view camera can not b had without radar cruise.
    the paddle shifters r only on the sport model.
    seat controls have moved to the left lower side of the seat.
    seats r still not cooled, only heated.
    u press the start button without foot on brake to just turn on accessories. foot on brake then press button to start car.

    will add more later if i remember anything
  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Posts: 116
    Just found out that the 2007 G35 sedan is on display at Escondido, California now. Going to see it now.


    El Cajon, CA
  • My local dealer is taking deposit right now for the 07 G35 sedans. With a deposit, they will put me in queue for one that they receive in their first batch in Nov., and they will sell it to me at MSRP. Is this a buy? Do you think I can find another dealer who will sell it for below MSRP? TIA.
  • kj123kj123 Posts: 11
    I'm in Texas. I drove the S model, which is Sport. It had all possible options. Sticker price is supposed to be $1000-2000 higher than current and they will not budge on the price for several months. First round of cars will be delivered the first or second week of Nov. Very few coming to each dealer, 15 or so for the first month.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    My dealer said prices will be $39k - $48k. This seems about $7k high to me. Anyone have definitive pricing to share?

    I am looking for Sport 6 MT and no tech package etc. Just leather seating.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    "The navigation system is much better than leading systems like acura i personally think. The voice recognition was average but you do not have to press a button every time like on the acura(extremely annoying). For those less familiar, here is an example. Lets sat i want to enter a phone number in threee parts. 123-456-7890. Now on the acura, i first press a button n say call, then i press a button to say 123, then press again to say 456, then press agian to say 7890 then press again to say dial. in the infiniti, u just initiate by pressing button once then follow prompts (waiting for a tone cue). However, the system is still does not allow you to speak commands pre-emptively whcih is really annoying but thats a common problem."

    Have you ever driven an Acura?

    I own an 06 MDX.
    You're wrong.

    There's a trigger like button behind the wheel... smartly placed, I may add.
    Pull the trigger once and the system is now listening.
    (You'll hear a tone)

    You say...
    "Call 555-123-4567"

    The voice asks you to confirm and you then hit the button again and say "Yes" or "Call"

    Yes, that's 2 button hits....
    Imagine the calories burned!?!?!

    Acura has by far, beaten the competition in regards to Navigation... read any review.
    And let's not forget the Bluetooth functionality.
    Flawless in the Acura, people can't even tell I'm in the car.

    Let's hear you say that about the G.

    With all that being said, the 07 G is beautiful, and plan on giving it a very fair comparison while looking for a second car this Spring.
    Since I'll be looking for a G35x, I very much hope the brake issues are corrected this year.
    Just wanted to comment on the Acura, it's a fantastic system which shines compared to Lexus, Infiniti, BMW and the likes.
  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    Yes i owned a 06 Pilot (same nav system as Acura) and my friend has a TL.

    With that out of the way, i dont think u understand my point. Yes you could say the number like that in an infiniti as well. but my point is that lets say you want to break it up into threee parts. then for each part, you gotta press a button. know wat i mean ?
    also for the example u used, you need to press the button for the confirmation right, in the infiniti you do not. point proven

    as far the bluetooth. they work fairly well in both. however, the TL is a much less noisier car ( the infiniti is more sport oriented, trade offs) so it has better outgoing sound...

    Yes the acura are nice cars but too plain for my taste. its just a matter of preference. I loike the sportier, better looking infinitis also that TL is not available in coupe form these days neway.

    i dont think nething shud b taken personally, these are just opinions. i personally like hte infinitis and their tech, you might prefer the acuras. its all cool.
  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Posts: 116
    Saw the new one and we are very excited about all the high tech changes and modern look. The quality has improved even though the quality of our 2003 was just fine. The 2007 is a real winner. Can't wait to get one soon.


    El Cajon, CA
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 875
    just drove one in Houston. A big step up in interior quality. Acceleration felt stronger than outgoing model. The horsepower increase is bigger due to SAE regulations, meaning the last model power ratings have gone down. It was a paddle shift with sports package, and it felt very buttoned down. I leaned on it hard once in a strait line and acceleration felt very smooth and linear to me. The nav can work 3 different ways. Voice command, buttons, or touch screen.
    All in all a very cool car and a worthy option to the almighty 3 series. Now if Audi can join the horsepower war I'll be happy.... :blush:
  • qs0922qs0922 Posts: 11
    To sum it up in one sentence:

    "The 2007 G35 strikes the perfect balance between the BMW 3 and Lexus IS."

    Remember where you heard it.
  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    Here's what I found on another Infiniti site. Hope it's OK to post the link instead of cut-and-pasting the info.
  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    these prices listed are impossibly low... i am expecting these to be low balling the overall price by around 3k.

    if these are the actual prices, then its an amazing deal for the stuff they are offering. i was thinking of dropping the technology package from mine, but i think i mite keep it if it is that low price.
  • needgneedg Posts: 13
    I went to the G35 event last night at Frontier Infiniti in San Jose, and the price for the sport model was on display in the window. $39,000 for the sport, w/sunroof, navigation, technology, and I believe premium package(I assumed premium package because dealers usually make you get it w/nav). They had the price for everything itemized out, and it looked pretty close to that list cainep posted. I didn't pay too much attention to the value of each item, I was more focused on the car having nav and the sport package and being at 39K. It looked nice; much nicer than the current G. The new G looks better than the pictures, and when you see it next to a 2006 model it looks even better. I was shocked to see the price stay so low, as I was expecting a 2-3K increase like everyone else.

    After seeing the car up close, I agree with what some others have posted. The interior is nice, I actually like the washi aluminum. Better leather, nav is pretty awesome and quick(I was calculating different routes in the showroom), composite video in the center console(salesman confirmed it's not for music at all but wouldn't confirm if you could plug dvd player or whatever in there), seats have side lumbar adjustability, and rear seatroom seamed pretty good (I hated the rear seats on the '06 because they felt hollow due to the reclining feature).

    On the downside, the interior still not as nice as BMW or Lexus, but the difference is a lot less now. Center console can fit a radar detector and sunglasses, and that's about it...still better than the IS 350 though. The driver seat feels a little tight on the side legs and isn't adjustable(I'm not a very big guy 5'8 170lbs).

    The last two complaints really piss me off because they would be so easy to fix. The front grill is made of plastic. Why? :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: I own an I30 and have owned a Q45 and G20...all with metal grills, why move to plastic now? It looks cheap and will get rock chips like no tomorrow I'm sure. And, if they use plastic for the grill, an obvious piece of the car that everybody will see, to save costs, then what else did they cheap out on? This just has me worried about the car 8 years down the road, because that is how long I like to keep my cars. I'm not one of those guys that is going to keep my car in pristine condition or gets the clear bra in the front, but girlfriend's civic has a plastic grill. Give me a break. Lastly, this is my gripe with Infiniti and several other manufacturers. What exactly is supposed to be able to fit through the ski pass through? Yeah, skis, but hasn't anybody heard of snowboards? :mad: This thing will not fit a snowboard to save its life, and there's no reason for it not to. Expand the hole by a few inches and you're good; I do not see any reason why they couldn't do that. Are they trying to get me to buy a ski rack or something? I like to go snowboarding a lot, and this small passthrough could cause me to look elsewhere when it's time to replace my car as skiracks don't really look sexy to me.

    Other than that, looks like some nice improvements...I think I left some drool in the car when playing with the touchscreen nav. :blush:
  • I was at the dealer today and these ARE the prices - I was surprised to say the least. The had a fully loaded G35S (all the major packages except 4-wheel steering) and I was told the price was 39 and change.

    All I can say is Thank You Infiniti!
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