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2007+ Infiniti G35



  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    If this is true then i am putting money down on the 08 coupes from now.. and getting rid of my 06 coupe to save up for it.
  • In my excitement to write this I forgot to mention that the car looked great. I got the same sheet that was posted on the freshalloy site in terms of prices. Looks like the invoice for a fully loaded Journey (not S) will be in the 34 range and the list will be in the 37K range. When they asked how many I wanted, I was tempted to ask how many they had. Regardless, dealer said they had an allocation of 31 initially but they didn't know what they would get when.

    My criticism of the car is little to none. I don't like the chrome wing/thing on the rear, I didn't realize that had the trunk buttons on it. Also, don't care for the paddle shifters - they just look big and akward, although they felt like they'd be functional enough. But that's pretty much it.

    On the plus side, I really like the Nav and touch screen controls. The lines of the car are so much better than the '06 it's not even worth doing a point by point on that. Finally, the interior quality is now up to par with the price point. Not quite the fit and finish of a Lexus, but also not quite the price of a Lexus. I will post again, after they call me for a test drive.
  • Ok, I'm drooling on the new G35.

    I am of the opinion that the 3-series and Lexus IS area overpriced. Reason is: I drove a 2004 G35 and it reminded me of my old 3rd gen RX7. I know... not quite - by far - but it was much more sports car than I expected. Can't say the same about the 3-series unless we're talking M3, which is in another league altogether.

    Since I'm a responsible adult now... I can't wait for the 2007 G35. Was going to get an STi or an Evo... but I don't think I can afford a new pair of kidneys as well.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I don't get it why people are surprised by the prices - with all the competition Infiniti couldn't raise them any more than they did. As it is the real price diff between and 06 and 07 will be a fairly hefty $5K.

    At $30K a no options G35 6MT is a good deal.
  • Does anyone know what the lease prices will be on new 07 35X model? How does it compare to 06 prices? For 06 with sunroof I am getting $390 for 24 months 15K, $1400 OTD. I am curious how much 07 will cost.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    we have to wait for car-man for the money factor and residual. But I would guess that it has to be up to the 500+ range. There is no dealer incentive, selling close to MSRP, regular money factor. Those are deadly combination for lease. For 35K or so car, the lease typically go to high 400 to low 500 a month unless selling price is very low, the residual is very high (subsidize by the manufacturer) and/or money factor is really low (again subsidized by the manufacturer). For a brand new desirable car, none of them will happen anytime soon..
  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    ok today i went to the launch part and had a chance to play around with the nav in more detail:


    You can toggle through the sources to access the changer(in the trunk), the cf card, the music box hdd or the in dash cd.
    when you are playing a cd, you can press the Record button to rip it onto the hdd. when i did that, it started playing the first track and writing it to the hdd. i did not figure out yet how to rip specific tracks and how to rip at a faster rate without playing the track at the same time.

    there was also xm in the car. you press the xm/fm switch to toggle between the radio sources. you rotate the infiniti controller to toggle between presets. to seek through stations you press the radio buttons on the lower part of the console. the screen can display the apropriate the info about as well such as rds for regular radio.

    you can press the audio button on the side of the controller to cadjust the sound settings which are typical bass, treble, balance and fade.

    did not have chance to turn volume really up to comment much on sound quality

    the voice entry for destination worked fairly well. and i wont go through the typical nav options.

    once a route is set (through the usual poi, dest, interesection and so on ) you have several intersting options. you can choose the preview option which goes over the directions with you before you begin your journey. there is also a simulate mode which , yep, simulates the journey for your. when using the poi to find the destination, like the lexus you have the option to call the place as well which is very useful.
    to zoom into the map you can rotate the controlloer and the maps are very crisp and clear.

    yep its confirmed. the aux supports video. you can press the aux button to toggel to the aux screen. you have the option to set the video feed to cinema, wide and regular modes. the video wont play when the car is in motion but i am sure there is a hack for that as on the M.

    pressing the settings button takes you to the settings screen. there you can view several important things. the display does a nice job of displaying the average mpg and how many miles left on the current amount of gas. you have hundreds of settings that you can play around with for example how long the lamps stay on, selective door openining, disabling the intelligent key, and many many more. basically you can really customize the car the way you want.

    the centeral instrument panel screen:
    here you can enter settings for tire pressure alerts and mantainance alerts. seemed interesting but i was too occupied with the main screen to pay too much attention.

    misc notes:
    *the trunk opener is on the ugly silver lip spoiler
    * there is new lil slot with blinky lights where you can store the intelligent key (its optional to put it there)
    * the trunk cd change is place on the top front of the trunk. i think its a convenient location but kinda makes the entry space of the trunk a lil smaller on the left side.
    * the car is supposed to be quiter than the old one.
    * amazingly, the leaked pricing was correct.

    will add more if i think of nehting i have forgotten
  • As a reference the MSRP on the 35X base is 33,950. The Premium Pkg is 2,150, Nav is 2,100 and Tech is 1,100. So the Total loaded is 39,300. I'll let you make assumptions from there about money factor etc. But it won't be a cheap lease.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    Interesting stuff.

  • The money factor is .00225 and residual for 24 months lease is 68%. For comparison, 2006 money factor is .00007
  • polmcspolmcs Posts: 25
    I too got a chance to check out the new 2007 G35 sedan at an Infiniti launch party last night. I can honestly say that it is a remarkable improvement on the 2006 sedan. My car is due for replacement and we need a decent sized 2nd car. My wife currently has a 2005 G35 Coupe, which we both love, but it can be a little impractical at times (can't fit more than a couple of cases of wine or beer in the trunk! ;) ) . We did look at the 2006 G35 sedan, but neither of us liked the shape of the rear end, so we settled on the Lexus ES350. I was all set to buy one, went the the dealer, had my title in hand, had agreed on a price for the exact model I wanted, but the sale fell through when Lexus came up about $3K light on the trade in for my old car. Looking at the 2007 G35 sedan, I'm so very glad that the Lexus deal fell through. I love this car.

    As it was dark and the cars were outside (after all this is Phoenix and if you can't be outside in late October, when can you be outside! :) ) it was very difficult to get an idea of the different paint colors on the cars. There were 4 cars on display, all S models and pretty much all fully loaded, but with different colors for the interior. Looking at the brochure, I'm leaning towards the blue slate color with the graphite interior. I can't get the lakeshore as that's what is on the coupe!

    I too noticed that the paddle shifters were huge! Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing and won't know until I drive one. I do know that they had better work a whole lot better than the paddles on my current Saab, or there isn't much point in going with the sport model. On the Saab, the levers are tiny, hard to use as they are mounted on the steering wheel and it takes forever to change gear after hitting the lever.

    As for the other toys on the G35, I would rather they deleted the trunk mounted CD player when upgrading to the NAV and HDD MP3 player. I would rather have a clearer opening into the trunk and a bit more space, as with the HDD player and the single slot in the dash, there really is no need for the 6 slot in the trunk at all.

    I was a little disappointed with the washi trim. The online pictures and the brochures displayed an interesting texture that looked far better than it does in real life, but again, that may just be because it was dark outside and the colored spotlights made everything appear flat. I'll reserve full judgment on the trim until I see it in the daylight when I test drive the car.

    There were no prices on the cars, as they all came with a sample invoice sticker that only listed the specifications and options installed, but the rough prices quoted by the salesmen from the various Infiniti dealers around the valley, all seemed to be in line with the link posted earlier.

    Next step is to see if it drives as well as it looks! If it's anything like the 2005 coupe, then I won't be disappointed. Hopefully, it sounds like the coupe too. I just love the sound of that engine. So much so, that when I took the coupe out on it's test drive, I turned off the radio, lowered the windows and just listened to the engine rumble.
  • Picking up my 2007 G35 (Journey with sunroof and splashguards) at 1130 this Sat/28Oct at MSRP cost, supposedly the first person in the Sacramento area doing so. Have liked my treatment at Elk Grove Infiniti so far.

    Test drove the Sport model and liked everything very much except for the paddles (which I really dislike and wouldn't be using anyway), different size tires, and the trim on the deck lid (which I think is on all models). Will miss the seats in the Sport model.
  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    one more i just remember which people might find interesting.

    the accel pedal does not come down as most cars, its actually mounted on the floor. something like the accelerator pedal you would see in the arcade or using the steering wheel/pedal set wiht video games. a good example is like using a guitar foot pedal...
  • does this apply to all models, or just the Sport?
  • guruggurug Posts: 24
    not sure, think its all. the sport probably makes it aluminium.

    i think its kinda cool because sometimes when you being lazy and using the edge of your toes, the foot the can slip and cause the car to jerk. this setup will avoid the slipping
  • It's on all models.
  • tpricetprice Posts: 46
    I had a chance to stop and look at the 2007 G35. I did not have time to take a drive, but was happy with everything I saw except for the chrome lip on the trunk lid. It's personal preference/subjective item, but seems like that could have been left off and mae available as one of the dealer add-on accessorizing items. Chance for the dealer to make a couple of bucks and folks who like it to personalize their car. May just be majoring in the minors, but just didn't do anything for me. Other than that, Infiniti has made some very nice updates to the G.
  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Posts: 116
    On Saturday Oct. 29 my wife and I went to Infiniti of Escondido which is just north of San Diego, Ca. We had the good fortune to meet a nice sales consultant by the name of Robert Snider. He gave us superior service and made our visit extremely pleasant.

    We have one of the very first 2003 G35 sedans which we bought in Mar of 2002, Our car has been terrific so with that good experience we wanted to test drive the new high tech 2007 sedan.

    Off we went! On launch I noticed that the car had much more snap than our old one but also noticed that the motor tended to rev much more while accelerating. I also noticed that the engine turned faster at cruising speeds, I am sure the engineers have all this figured out so I don't think this is a bad thing being that the new G is supposed to get better gas milage than the old one. The car with the normal suspension was great in the curves so I will not opt for the sports suspension. I would also get the standard 17 inch wheels because they can be rotated and would last longer. As it is the handling was wonderful! The body seems tighter than our old one and Infiniti did a great job in designing this car. Watch out BMW! All the high tech stuff is fun and I will get a car with everything on it, love their new navigation and voice commands!

    Our present car is a red garnet fire color and we were thinking of getting another red one but we didn't like the new fire engine red so will have to look at other colors. To each his own on this one.

    Overall the new sedan will find a good home with us and we are excited about the new future addition.

    Did I say that she is pretty on the outside? Well she is!


    San Diego
  • OK, I'll probably take alot of flak for this, but after test driving the G35 yesterday, I'm not as excited about buying it as I was previously. I've never owned a Nissan or Infiniti, but had my eye on the G35 since it's release, and was very excited to hear about this new 07 model. Yes, the improvements are vast over the old model, and yes it is obviously a great looking and fast mover, but a few things soured my excitement over this car:

    1. Alot of the interior materials looked great, but felt 'cheap'.

    2. When you punch it, the engine sounds strained and 'angry', and it does so often and sometimes needlessly. I caught the same unpleasant sound and feel from the new V6 Passat. I think the transmission is doing alot to save this car from being annoying to drive.

    3. Try as I might, I could not find a comfortable driving position. I spent lots of time adjusting everything, and popped between the Journey and the Sport model, but it just never happened.

    4. I love the NAV system's jog dial and touchscreen, but the overall look and usability of the screens were a turn-off. I often design user interfaces for software here at work, and consider the Honda/Acura NAV systems to be the benchmark of perfection. Others may have more features, but I don't think any NAV can beat the usability and intuitiveness of the one offered in the TSX.

    Since I didn't get the 'I gotta have it' itch from a lengthy test drive, and because this is our second car that we really should cut costs on, I'm probably going to leave this segment and go for a Jetta GLI instead. The much lower sticker price, lagless turbo four, and lovely DSG transmission will suffice for me. Again, I'm not saying that a Jetta is better than a G35, it just happens to fit my personal requirements better...
  • 3. Try as I might, I could not find a comfortable driving position. I spent lots of time adjusting everything, and popped between the Journey and the Sport model, but it just never happened.

    I'm am so happy to hear you say this. I too could not find a comfortable position no matter how hard I tried. May I ask how tall you are? I a 5'5" and I am convinced that the headrests are made for someone taller then me. I just figured I would figure it out once we took delivery - but now I'm thinking I need to go back and work it our BEFORE we order the car.

    Other then that, though, I loved the car - except where they placed the 6 CD changer. How stupid is that! I'm going to smash it with a suitcase or a set of golf clubs!
  • I just test drove a 2007 G35x and did not experience the accleration or seat adjustment issues that were mentioned.
    The driver's seat is almost too adjustable.
    Try it!

    The car stuck to the road and acclerated like a dream...with great braking!

  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    I'll post the invoice prices tomorrow, I have all invoice prices for the entire line and each option... stay tuned.. My Dumb self left the sheet of paper at work!
  • I too am concerned about the seats. I drove the Sport on 2 occassions and found the driver's seat just too narrow despite adjusting the bottom side bolsters to their full open position, Now at 5'-3" and 160, I wouldn't think that I would feel cramped. I don't drive with my legs staight forward, but prefer a more relaxed position. I felt the bolsters digging into my thighs. I also drove the AWD and found the seat much better.
  • keitha3keitha3 Posts: 124
    Ah, I see. You're the one. I went in to see the new G35 at the same dealer and spoke with two of the salespeople, both named Jim on that very same day. Both were just sensational gentlemen, just the kind of sales rep I love. Answered my questions, didn't press me to buy on the spot. Was told, like you, that MSRP is what they're selling them for now. Loved the car. Asked how many they had sold. They answered just one so far, so that must be you. Hope you don't mind if I contact you in the future and ask how their service is. I think they have a very good reputation, but it never hurts to hear first hand from a customer.

    Oh, and hey, congrats on the new rocket ship. One day, that might be me pulled up beside you at a stop light, revving my engine and smiling.
  • I'm quite satisfied with my 2007 G35 Journey so far in some street and a little highway driving ... appearance, ride, fit and finish, performance, audio and a/c and heat, etc. Friends who have looked at and touched it are even more smitten by its appearance than I am. The seats are quite comfortable for 6'0" me, altho I would have paid extra for the Sport seats.

    But of course let me note some negative nits which needed a few days to surface, and which reflect my personal bias and taste:
    1) trunk lid is awkward to raise/close without a handle/grip somewhere. The ugly chrome trim on the lid is not shaped for gripping, is slippery, and retains fingerprints.
    2) turn-signal clicker is too soft. I can't hear it over normal road and radio noise. With the corresponding blinking indicator lights being a little small in my view, several times the turn-signal has been off or on when I thought it was on or off.
    3) no digital clock anywhere if no Navigation Package. This really irks me. I often want to easily know the hour and minute. The analog clock in the center console is useless for me.
    4) intelligent key ergonomics. I am getting nicely adjusted to its being in my pocket untouched. But its buttons should be better distinguishable by feel, the alarm button should be better protected from being accidently pushed, and the buttons should be "higher" on the key (and move the Infiniti emblem to the bottom) so that one's thumb rests directly on them.
    5) LCD info on instrument panel should be bigger/better. What I want to see there most of the time are just the digital time and the odometer mileage. What I now see in the various panels are a variety of numbers and letters (much of which doesn't excite/interest me) that are somewhat difficult for me to read in just a quick glance, being somewhat small and in a weak red color.
    6) poor map storage. The door pockets and the center console storage box are all too short by an inch or two to hold maps. All that's left is the glovebox which is often already filled. So my maps now have an extra fold or two in them.

    I'm quite pleased with Elk Grove (CA) Infiniti ... reps Jim and Eric, manager Russ, and the several service folks I just questioned about the type/vendor of the oil being used (and I was surprised to learn that they are using normal instead of synthetic 5w-30 oil).

    The final sales process was comfortable aside from all the paperwork that can't be avoided. Before signing anything I was shown all the car-prep documentation, and went on a test drive of "my" new car just to be sure that a) it worked, and b) I was still sure. But there were two negative moments for me:
    1) my trade-in value was printed nicely on a piece of paper while at the rep's desk. After my agreement to, and signature on, this and other various preliminary documents, all the paperwork then went elsewhere while I went to the finance guy's desk. This desk is where all the officially printed sales-documents appeared for my official signature. On the sales contract I noted that my trade-in was now listed $150 less than before. This was of course quickly corrected with apologies for an accidental error/misunderstanding by somebody somewhere in the past few minutes. On my previous car purchase eight years ago at a VW dealer, there was an "arithmetic error" $150 in their favor on the contract. Go figure.
    2) In the midst of all the official signing at the finance desk, I was suddenly presented with an "opportunity" to purchase an extended warranty, a Simonizing treatment, or a Lo-Jack device, then and there ... and this was the only "pressure" time during multiple days at this dealer. I would have appreciated at least a day or two's lead time to first think/research these costly items.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Please don't take this the wrong way... but I have a question after reading your current review.

    Actually, 2 questions on points 3 and 6.

    Point 3, you do not like the analog clock and wish for a digital clock because you often need to know the hour or minute.
    Why do you need a digital clock? I don't understand.
    Looking at an analog clock, I immediately know the hour and minute.

    Point 6, you do not have enough room for all of your maps in the map pockets.
    If you have the need for so many maps, and if the Navi offered a digital clock, why didn't you just get the Navi option, which would have given you the digital clock and lessened your need for actual paper maps.

    Was the Navi not available to you?

    Also, has any current 07 owner tested your bluetooth yet?
    Previous G owners have complained about how aweful the sound quality is (even if it's the other party complaining)
    Has this been improved?
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    Just thought I'd share, Although it will seem that for a while you'll be paying MSRP, or if you max out the options you may be able to squeak out $500 off.

    G35 Base..........$ 31,450...$ 28,930
    G35 Journey......$ 31,900...$ 29,343
    G35 Sport AT....$ 33,450...$ 30,763
    G35 Sport 6MT..$ 44,450...$ 30,763
    G35x AWD........$ 33,950...$ 31,221

    Premium Pkg....$ 2350......$ 2025
    Technology.......$ 1100......$ 948
    Navigation.........$ 2100......$ 1810
    4W Steer..........$ 1500......$ 1293
    Sirius/XM*.........$ 300........$ 259
    Sunroof**..........$ 1000......$ 862
    Wood Pkg........$ 450........$ 388
    Spoiler.............$ 550........$ 474
    Perf. Tires........$ 400........$ 345

    * = Included in Nav Pkg, cost only if separate
    ** = Included in Prem, cost only if seperate
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    I ordered my G35 Sport AT with Prem, Nav, Tech, 4W Active Steer, splash guards and the must have trunk cargo net!

    The did not have one with all the options so they are searching the future allotments for Nov./Dec. and get back with me this week before placing a order. I put in for black with Graphite trim, and also the Blue Slate with Graphite. so I have a few days to decide on color if we have to order it.

    Any opinions on Color for those who have seen 07's? By the way the Blue Slate is closer to charcoal/ dark graphite, it's really hard to see any blue in the color.
  • Yes, I forgot to mention that one: The trunk mounted CD changer is another issue that just might be a showstopper for me. The car's gotta be able to fit our baby stroller and the small opening left by the CD-changer housing will likely prevent that. After equipping the car with a hard drive and CF slot, they should have ditched the CD changer altogether - isn't that the point?

  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    That's funny zigthat... a CD player is a show stoper on a $40,000 car. lol There has never been, and most likely there will never be the "perfect" car for everyone. Some are "underwhelmed" by the CD changer placements, others are appalled at the 2 torque reduction for adding 26 HP results in shaving .8 sec off 0-60 time. others complain that the seat is too customizable and couldn't settle in comfortably in 5 minutes on a new sports car when they probably stepped out of a ford Taurus or Nissan Quest which they drove for the past 5 years. And others have a gripe with the volume of the turn signal click.

    Bottom line does anyone have any real complaints? Even looking at the excellent post a few back from someone who owns one, can only come up with the tiniest points to address.

    So far I've test drove the car 4 times for over 90 minutes of road time and 50 miles, and spend about 2 hours combined time in the seats and I myself can't come up with anything more then trivial complaints... I wish the cup holder in the center console was an inch deeper.

    It's really great that we can not honestly find any issues with the new 2007 G35... we'll see as more get sold, but I can't imagine it's going to get any worse excluding major mechanical failures, seems nearly every ergonomically and environmental (cockpit) issues have been addressed, and address very well.

    And in contrast to competition and even outside the direct competition I can come up with plenty more gripes against BMW 3 series, Acura, Audi, VW, and the god-awful Mercedes.
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