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2019 Honda CR-V Price Deals and Buying Experience

Learner531Learner531 NorCalPosts: 3
edited November 11 in Honda
Hi there,

I'm looking to get a great year-end deal on the 2019 CRV and need some help. I saw lots of buzz on the 2018 and most of those purchases were made early in that year but little info on the 2019. This is my first time purchasing a vehicle.

2019 CR-V EX-L 2WD
MSRP: 30,945
Dealer Invoice: ~29,100 for most dealers who actually showed me the invoice (one told me on the phone 29,392)
Edmund's True Market Value: 28553
My zip code: 95008

Initial bids from dealers ranged from 27900 to 28800. No trade-in vehicle.

Current lowest bid is 27400 + about 11% for taxes and fees (waiting to hear back if anyone can beat it)
OTD ~ $30414

It looks like a good deal based off the Edmund's TMV above. I don't know how much the MSRP increases with each model and changes throughout the year but these discounts are proportional to what people were getting for the 2018 CRV in Jan-March.

1) Considering that it is the end of the year, last quarter with unmet quotas, and the 2020s are about to be delivered, is this a good deal? If not, how can I negotiate it down even further?

2) Current incentives last through January 2nd. They told me that it is not likely that anymore will come out until then unless something extraordinary happens. I'm wondering if I should accept the current offer or hold out till next week, Black Friday, or December. I prefer to make a decision in the next 10 days unless waiting will knock off significantly more like 4-500.

3) Also the color combo I want (White with beige interior) is less available than others (mostly silver or gray with black interior). Does that mean the white/beige is more popular so it sold out and that I might miss out on it if I wait? or less popular so less of those were made and I may get deeper discounts if I wait?

4) What are some questions that people tend to overlook? Do you ask before you settle on a price or can you negotiate on each thing separately after the overall price is agreed upon?
I've gotten advice to ask what exactly the warranty covers, if floor mats are included, after factory/dealer add-ons & fees.

Lots of questions...Thanks in advance!


  • Did you get a reply on this yet Learner531 ?
  • Learner531Learner531 NorCalPosts: 3
    Hi clearglass - no I did not. I decided to wait it out. I'm planning to ask for updated quotes and incentives from dealers since we're at the end of the month.

    I checked and the current TMV is 28449.

    Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

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