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Hyundai Azera Front End Problems



  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55
    OK Gang:

    Here is the latest.

    My service director at the Hyundai dealership in Houston called me this morning, but a little background first. Earlier in the week I told him about everything I obtained and learned from Technishawn and the other folks on this message board and he responded positively. I faxed information to him and he also looked at this site. Since Monday he has been engaged and working on the Clunk issue.

    What I received from him today:

    1. The good news (or the not so good news depending on how you look at it). Apparently the Hyundai engineers have huddled up and have acknowledged that there is indeed a problem with the suspension.

    2. The Hyundai engineers are not 100% sure that the new struts and strut assemblies are the cure, therefore I will not (at this time) be getting new struts on my car. This may (and I emphasize may) suggest that technishawn's fix is somewhat of an experiment. Their fear is, the dreaded clunk may come back. This may also explain why we have not yet seen a TSB issued for this problem.

    3. Interestingly, my service director told me that when he calls up the old strut and strut assembly numbers on his computer a notice pops up and indicates that the parts are no longer available. Further when he entered the new part numbers, the computer did not recognize them.

    5. I again suggested to my service director that he call Green Hyundai in Sringfield to discuss this issue and he said he would. Earlier in the week he gave Green Hyundai's number to his Hyundai engineer - but did not call Green himself.

    4. Now my editorial comments. It is good to know that Hyundai recognizes that there is a problem. However, their reluctance not to declare the new struts and strut assemblies the fix, does not make me too happy. Their view may be similar to the story regarding the spot on the rug; you remove it and a week later it rises to the surface and is back. I have no idea how long, for those of us with the dreaded clunk, will have to wait.

    Lastly, and equally important, technishawn would you kindly monitor your "fix" and let us know how your Azera is performing?

  • zredsoxzredsox Member Posts: 90
    JMJK -
    Thanks for the update on what you've learned about the dreaded clunk problem. I know that those of us who experience it are starting to get agravated with it. Information like yours, and others, on this forum at least give us hope and cause us to feel like we're at least moving forward on this problem. Hopefully Hyundai will come out with something soon to remedy the situation for all of us who love this car so much.Even with a "clunk", its a great car.
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    I called my Hyundai service manager and left the part numbers for the struts and insulator assemblies on his voice mail. He responded today and said that those parts are from the Sonata. I guess we will wait and see what information comes from the Hyundai engineers "huddle".
  • newguy6newguy6 Member Posts: 34
    I also have a 2007 pearl white Azera with the clunk. It's not terrible (my wife thinks I am hearing things) but it is enough to irritate me. If this is a "luxury car" it shouldn't have this noise. My dealer says he has never heard of this problem before and is not willing to do the strut thing at this time. Maybe information from this site will make them move in that direction
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    More complaints should be filed with Hyundai Consummer Affairs. By their own admission, they usually only take action after "enough" complaints are filed, unless it is a safety issue.
  • azeraclunkazeraclunk Member Posts: 6
    Purchased my 06 Azera Ltd Ultimate in March. Immediately noticed CLUNK called dealer...dealer called factory rep....Tony in NY Metro....Was told Azera was too important project to Hyundai and Factory Rep would go for test ride with me so that he could report back to Hyundai Central. Clunk acknowledged....returned to shop to let air out of tires.....problem still there. Returned to dealer several times to complain along with oil changes and was told the noise is there, but that's the way all the Azera's are. Recently gave info found on this site to Service Mgr. and he will contact Hyundai to see if they will approve repair.

    We should not have to go through the old run around with Hyundai on a problem that everybody has. There are plenty of lawyers that would jump on a "Class Action Suit" on a slam dunk case like this.

  • azeraclunkazeraclunk Member Posts: 6
    I've had them all Mercedes, BMW, Lexus........Dollar for Dollar the Azera is unbeatable. Tremendous Value, Great styling, comfort and goodies (minus navigation).

    I cannot imagine that Hyundai would want to put out an "almost perfect" luxury level automobile;

    I can't wait until this "Clunk Issue" is behind us so that I can buy another Azera for my wife...and I will!
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    I have 1600 miles on my Pearl White Azzy Limited and today I had the car out on the highway and without a doubt it is the best car I have ever owned. That includes my Acura TL's, Maxima, Sterling, etc. I love looking at it and cannot believe the joy I get driving it. I practically do not hear the front suspension, because the noise is really not that much of a deal, at least to me. If they find a fix to totally silence the suspension, so be it. I only drive it on the weekends, my wife's car, so during the week I drive my Sonata LX, which "ain't so bad" either. Had the Azzy up to about 65 to 70 mph with the stereo pumping out some incredible sounds. All in all, an exhilarating experience. We'll wait and see how Hyundai responds to its customers.
  • azeraclunkazeraclunk Member Posts: 6
    I have 16,000 miles on my Azera. I drive my car every day. It's a great car, but the noise is driving me NUTS in around town driving. I have driven other Azeras and they all have this 'DEFECT'. Believe me this defect is in your car too. Your comment " I practically do not hear the front suspension, because the noise is really not that much of a deal" is counterproductive to this forum on getting the problem resolved.

    If I were a Hyundai official and read your post, there would be no urgency on my part in fixing the problem for the rest of us.
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    I totally agree. Clearly, by this time Hyundai corporate is aware of the problem. They should take steps to correct it.
    Their reaction is similar to the tilt side view mirror function which they corrected by eliminating the mention of the advertized feature from the owners manual
    They still have not corrected the memory seat problem which requires the key to be in ignition for the feature to operate.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    )) "They still have not corrected the memory seat problem which requires the key to be in ignition for the feature to operate." ((

    Not justfying Hyundai engineering in this matter, but the thought occurred to me that if the memory seat could be activated without the ignition key in place, it could also discharge the battery (or even result in a fire) in the event of a malfunction. I agree, though, if you're tall and a shorty'd been driving previously, you end up folding yourself up like a contortionist just to get in position where you can insert the ignition key. Perhaps the solution would be drum into the other principle driver that if he/she doesn't return the driver's seat to your position before shutting down the engine and exiting, you'll be doing 25 to life hard time...
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    I do not mean to give the impression that the suspension "noise" isn't something that I am not concerned about. If these boards are monitored(my dealer's sales manager has indicated that he has seen my postings) then Hyundai is aware of the situation. I don't dwell on the situation because I find other pleasurable aspects about the car. However I will be pursuing a proactive stance, by alerting my sales manager, the service manager when I bring it in for first service in a month and depending on the responses a contact with customer relations at Hyundai USA. If, after exhausting all avenues, it would be prudent to act in concert with one another in the form of a large response to Hyundai corporate. I think that they are intent on further establishing a strong reputation for quality and would not want this to escalate. Remember this isn't a safety issue and that is why it may take longer than some people will be happy with.
    As an aside I drive my 2006 Sonata LX every weekday and it has a somewhat noisy rear suspension, not excessive, but also over a washboard type of surface. Consumer Reports reported it as one of their 2 cons(noisy suspension). It didn't detract from the cars performance.
    If enough people are upset then an online petition to Hyundai could be formulated, but I don't think it will ever get to that.
    We all hear it, but some more than others, and I think you need to go up the "line of command" so to speak. If the dealers cannot formulate the "fix", and it's apparent that they can't or are unable to then it falls on Hyundai USA to effect a "fix".
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    I have owned many other brands of cars prior to my Hyundai Azera. Not one of these brands required the ignition key to be on to activate the memory seat function. I never had batteries run down nor fire, and I have never heard of that problem occurring.
    Hyundai XL350 in fact had the memory seat feature operate from the remote control, so that the seat would reposition itself when you hit the remote. The car was supplied with two remotes which could be set for two different drivers.
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    I've hit rough patches of road where the front end jumps around enough for me to say "holy #@*!, what was that???". I was doing 80 mph in the fast lane ome night in a line of cars and hit some uneven stuff and felt the need to move to a slower lane. My '85 Chevy truck never gave me this feeling. If the double wishbone is so advanced, then why is it responding so poorly? Too bad after market struts are not available. Otherwise, everything else about the car is great, but for a (near)luxury car, who wants to be dodging road irregularities? If Hyundai doesn't acknowledge this issue and provide a solution, I will be shopping elsewhere.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    Here is my posting from the Hyundai-Forums.com board. It speaks for itself.

    I agree with you completely. My suggestion is that this board, as well as Edmund's and others should have the moderators set up a sign in for all Azera owners, as well as Sonata owners( I own an LX) to be sent to Hyundai HQ's with the stipulation that we want to have answers now as to their intentions on fixing this apparent defect in the suspension. I truly don't believe Hyundai USA wants to have this kind of bad publicity for their top of the line sedans. In the meantime we should ALL contact customer service apart from our dealer's to make them aware of our concerns. It may entail replacement of suspension components, front for the Azera and rear for the Sonata.
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    More calls to Hyundai Consumers Affairs might speed them to seek answers from engineering. Their phone number is 800 633-5151. If you do call, have them assign you a file number.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    Here is a copy of my email just sent to Hyundai Consumer Affairs. I will post any response as soon as I get one. I will be following up with a phone call.

    I am the owner of two(2) 2006 Hyundai vehicles purchased during the past 9 months from Hyundai of Westchester in Yonkers, NY. I own a Sonata LX (3500 miles) and an Azera Limited (1600 miles).
    I am sure that you are aware of the Azera's front suspension noise and the Sonata's rear suspension noise. I am an active participant on the Hyundai-Forum's board and the Edmund's board. There are many disgruntled owners of these cars because of the apparent suspension "defects". Firstly you must understand that I have been a strong advocate for the 2 vehicles that I own and have even offered to act as a "good will ambassador" so to speak for my dealer's prospective Azera customers, as a very savvy and satisfied customer, so to speak, so I don't send this communication in an adversarial capacity. You should be aware that there are owners, of Azeras in particular, who are about ready to expand their dissatisfaction with going so far as recommending a class action lawsuit.
    In any case I am certain that Hyundai is most intent in emphasizing the quality and value of its product, because I see the references to the JD Power Initial Quality awards. of which Hyundai vehicles are high up on the list, and which are prominently displayed in the dealer showrooms and in the media.
    All of the owners are certain that you know this problem exists and all are awaiting your acknowledgement of this instead of the apparent silence that has enveloped this major customer concern. Many of us have had acknowledgement from service managers at the dealerships and even from regional tech reps but no word from "above".
    Please, in the interest of keeping the owners of your top of the line vehicles happy and contented, I would urge you to at least acknowledge this communication and indicate that your engineers are at work to effect a "fix" for this problem. As you may be aware that almost all of us who are Azera owners and Sonata owners absolutely are enamored of these cars, so please don't destroy what can become a long-term relationship.
    I do expect to hear from you in a timely fashion so that I can post the answer on the message boards so that you can avoid a massive disenchantment with 2 very fine cars, Azera and Sonata.

    Donald Scharoff
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Well done! I hope other owners take similar action. I have.
  • zredsoxzredsox Member Posts: 90
    Like drdonrs, here's my e-mail that I just sent to Hyundai Consumer Affairs.

    I am the owner of two Hyundai vehicles. One is an XG300L which I purchased new in 2001 and the second one is an Azera Limited which I purchased new in July of 2006. I love my new Azera and seldom does a day go by that I don’t speak highly of my Azera to someone who inquires about it. I am not a disgruntled Azera owner and have been very satisfied with my decision to buy it, so far.

    However, I do believe there is a defect resident in the 2006 Azera. This defect is most noticeable at speeds fewer than 40 MPH over a bumpy road condition and appears to be a “thumping” or “clunking” noise emanating from the front suspension system. At first, this noise was tolerable, but its consistence has now become very aggravating.

    I regularly communicate with many other Azera owners from North America via an Azera internet forum at Edmunds.com. This suspension defect is continually referenced by forum members, and has become a source of frustration for us. A large part of our frustration is the lack of acknowledgement of this defect by Hyundai USA and communicating that steps are being made to identify and rectify the defect.

    My purpose in writing to you is to solicit your response to this Azera defect and to request your direction on how the defect will be rectified for Azera owners.

    I eagerly await your response.


    Don Cash

    Hopefully, other forum members will write and voice their concerns as well, and maybe we can get some attention.
  • hyundai2hyundai2 Member Posts: 37
    I called Consumer Affairs yesterday. The lady was nice and gave me a file #. When I explained that my Rt front, that was clunking, has now escalated to a rattle, and my Lt frt is now starting a clunk as the Rt frt was 11,000 mile ago, She proceeded togive me the ol standard "That's normal suspension noice". The conversation went south from there. Anyway, the point is, EVERYONE NEEDS TO FILE A COMPLAINT !!!With that, Hynudai will have to get proactive. CALL TODAY.
  • azera_06azera_06 Member Posts: 15
    The closest sound that I can think of that would best describe the noise coming the right-side front wheel well area would be that of putting a tennis ball into a plastic milk jug and shaking it repeatedly.

    Does anyone out there have a audio recorder, that they could record the sound with and post it on this forum?

    As for myself, I'll be calling HMA Consumer Affairs to file an incident. My 2006 Limited Azera makes the clunking
    noise, albeit not all of the time, when going over irregular (bumpy) road surfaces between the speeds of 15-30 mph. ;)
  • eclaixpeclaixp Member Posts: 46
    I would definetely like to hear this clunking noise that most are experiencing. I only get a clunk noise and feel everytime the engine is restarted, when reaching close to 20 mph and turning to 3rd gear. However, I don't think this is what you guys a re referring to and believe this is what someone previously mentioned as the "ABS self-test". Is everyone experiencing this "ABS self-test" clunking noise? I took it to a dealer and the technician said to wait until my car is over 2,800k miles and see if it's gone. I didn't bring the ABS self-test to his attention as I wanted him to bring it up to me if that's the case. i own a SE model and currently has close 600 miles.
  • roadkingtc88roadkingtc88 Member Posts: 21
    I just sent Consumer afairs my displeasure about this. Lets bombard 'em until they acknowledge the problem & propose a solution !
  • aseralemonaseralemon Member Posts: 3
    Got all the Clunk answers from my service department and Hyundai. Bombard them!
  • aseralemonaseralemon Member Posts: 3
    The Clunk is a problem and it must be dealth with soon or hold on to your resale hats the value is going down. This car is moving froma mid luxury to just another cheap sedan.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    As I have suggested, the moderators of this board as well as the Hyundai Forums should put together an electronic petition that all of us can sign indicating our displeasure with the lack of response and acknowledgment on the part of Hyundai USA. By hinting a joint action I do believe that we will get their attention. It might not be a bad idea to indicate that we, jointly, will be in touch with the automotive publications as well as Consumer Reports. It is necessary to show that there is joint concern and that it could trigger a joint negative reaction that will not serve Hyundai well.
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55
    JMJK says:

    I contacted consumer affairs about the dreaded clunk back in August and received my claim/file number.

    It's about time I called again.

    Thanks everyone,

  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    I again suggest that all wo have the "clunk" problem contact Hyundai Consumer Affairs, report problem, and get a file number.
    They are sitting on their hands and doing nothing to correct this issue.
  • oldblokeoldbloke Member Posts: 22
    No clunk problem after 3500 miles. Main noise is tire noise when passing over pavement joints. Actually no problems at all so far.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi drdonrs. We're not really set up in the Forums to put together a petition, but you might be able to get something like that going on your CarSpace page. It would be a way for you to create a group of "friends" having this problem. You can explore it and see what you can do.
  • cbrturbocbrturbo Member Posts: 16
    Also having this problem. Dealer told me they contacted hyundai. It appears at this time Hyundai is trying to sweep this under the rug.

    If this is the case, I am very seriously interested in starting a group lawsuit. We have spent way too much money on a car that sounds like a 10 year old economy car with bad shocks.

    I highly recommend anyone looking at this car to look elsewhere unless hyundai addresses this issue.
  • cbrturbocbrturbo Member Posts: 16
    What is the manufacture date of your azera?

    I have looked up online parts stores for the azera and it appears that there are two different front struts based on manufacture date.

    I'd also be interested to know if anyone has purchased an 07 model and whether or not they have this problem.
  • aseralemonaseralemon Member Posts: 3
    I think a number of people have reported the same problem with the 2007 model as well as the 2006. I did get my file number from Hyundai and they said no TSB on this problem.
    Not sure if a legal case can be made if it is noise but something is not right. Suggest we keep bombing Hyundai and the dealers with complaints.
    You are certainly right that we have a car that behaves or sounds like a 10 year old rambler. Hyundai is missing the customer on this one!
  • azera_06azera_06 Member Posts: 15
    I will put a sign on my Azera's rear window as a matter of last resort. "Buyer Beware - Hyundai Klunk Junk" :mad:
  • newguy6newguy6 Member Posts: 34
    I purchashed a 2007 at the end of Sept. It also has the dreaded clunk. My wife doesn't hear it but it DRIVES MY CRAZY to have this noise on a "luxury car".
  • christy7christy7 Member Posts: 21
    I have not heard a clunk on my Azera. I've had it for less than a week, and it has 700 miles on it. It seems very quiet and smooth when I'm driving. I've tried to listen for it, since I've read so much about it, and if my car has something wrong with it, I want to know. Is it something that appears later (after more miles?) Or could it be that I'm just not hearing it? (I have good hearing, but, I'm not all that mechanically inclined, and don't know much about cars, engines, clunks, etc. But, I do know that I love this car, and it drives wonderfully!
    Enlighten me as to what to listen for....
    (I've read most of the other post, but haven't heard what I've read described)
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55

    Here is what you need to do. Find a road that has a good deal of asphalt repairs where the repairs are 1 to 3 inches above the undamaged pavement. Look for a number of repairs in succession, that will help. While at a speed between 20 to 30 mph (I recommend between 20 and 25) drive over the above mentioned repairs with your passenger front tire. If you have the dreaded clunk there will be no mistaking it. It will sound like the front wheel is about to fall off or as another message post put it, it will sound like a tennis ball banging around in a one gallon plastic milk jug. I recognized the dreaded clunk the second day that I had the car. I never heard it during the test drive as I did not drive over minor asphalt repairs mentioned earlier. The pavement was smooth, rather new concrete. To the extent that you always drive on a rather smooth surface you are not likely to ever hear the dreaded clunk.

    Had I heard the dreaded clunk during the test drive I would have never, never, ever purchased the car - it's that bad. If Hyundai comes up with a permenant fix I will be delighted.

  • hankhonesthankhonest Member Posts: 7
    250 mles and no clunk yet. We have an '07 Azera Ltd manufactured in Sept 2006.
    We have lousy roads in San Jose but so far no unusual noises at very low, low or moderate speeds. I did notice the headlight cutoff which is pronounced in my opinion. I will continue to listen for the noises you have mentioned. Hopefully Hyundai resolves this issue in our favor soon. I am still a loyal fan.
    Hankhonest :surprise:
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    )) "Find a road that has a good deal of asphalt repairs where the repairs are 1 to 3 inches above the undamaged pavement." ((

    As much as three inches?!? (That's fully half the height of curbs in many communities.) Better yet, drive off a sheer drop of several hundred feet. If an Azera doesn't clunk when it hits the bottom, the proud owner probably got a good one...
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Member Posts: 442
    WHEE...oops OW !!! I hope not, or so, depending on how you look at it. ;);)
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    A lawsuit, at this time, is probably not necessary and would be very expensive. Hyundai is a hugh corporation, with deep pockets.
    If enough Azera owners complain to their local dealers as well as Hyundai Consumer Affairs they hopefully will take some action. If enough of us post on forums our displeasure pertaining to their slow response to this problem they should get the message, as it will ultimately effect sales.
  • oldblokeoldbloke Member Posts: 22
    March 10 2006.
  • rockybobrockybob Member Posts: 8
    I just reviewed this entire thread and am kind of curious: nobody else has mentioned checking the Anti-sway bar installation (with either positive or negative results.) Is anybody asking to have this checked out?

    To reiterate, my 2006 Azera Limited klunked dreadfully as delivered. Everybody riding in the car noticed it. As soon as possible I took it back to Eastside Hyundai in Kirkland, WA. Jim, the service manager, wrote on the warranty repair invoice that the "Anti-sway bar was installed upside down and was reistalled right side up." Whatever he did absolutely fixed the problem. 4500 miles later there is still no hint of inappropriate suspension noise. He told me that there was a very subtle asymetry in the bar and that it required a side-by-side comparison of two Azeras to see that my car had the bar upside down.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Bob, I think I'm the only other Edmunds regular who's taking your account seriously. (But my opinion doesn't count since I don't own an Azera. ;)) Might help you establish credibility with all the site Doubting Thomases if you'd scan your service invoice copy with the service manager's writeup and post a readable jpg image file of it.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    My local dealer states that he checked suspension and that it is to specification. I again called Hyundai Consumer Affairs ( Oct 27, 2006), they say thay are unaware of any such front end complaints, and have no TSB regarding the issue.
    They definitely are hiding from the problem.
    More complaints are needed. Get file numbers to document your complaint.
  • rockybobrockybob Member Posts: 8
    Perhaps, but I just moved last month (35 years of stuff in boxes) and don't know for sure which box has the receipt, so it won't be real soon. I will take this discussion string to Service Manager Jim next week when I go in for the first "free-for-life" oil change. He says my Azera is the only "klunker" he's ever heard of...

    I'd press for a personal look-see at the suspension if my service manager said "everything is up to specifications" and the car still klunked. By definition something is different about a klunker. And the difference is most likely in the suspension... Jim said there were subtle signs (paint wear) on mine.
  • hyundai2hyundai2 Member Posts: 37
    I'm have definately taken Bob seriously. I had mine inspected by two dealers and was told it is fine. My ?? is, now that your sway bar has been flipped over, do the ends run under or over your steering arms?!?!?. I'm trying to desipher from which position it was in before the switch. Mine was compared to other Azeras, but whos to say that there wasn't an entire boat load shipped with incorrect installed sway bars
  • prosource1prosource1 Member Posts: 234
    The internet is now a huge tool for information. Any individual can post a claim or start a discussion whether it is legit or not. Illegitimate claims, whether negative or positive plant seeds of doubt or create disillusion. Keep this in mind when you read some of these claims. They are just that, claims!
  • azera_06azera_06 Member Posts: 15
    My Azera's "Klunk" claims you are spot on. ;)
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Are you suggesting that these front end sounds or "clunks" don't exist. Most new owners like to brag about their new cars, not criticize them. Hyundai seems to be very slow relating to owner complaints. Their Customer Affairs employees appear to be poorly informed with regard to the Azera.
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