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Hyundai Azera Front End Problems



  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    I think the gist of prosource1's post is that we don't know the background of each and every person who drops a post. I'm not suggesting you or anyone else is bogus, but the occasional poster who chimes in on a hot issue could be trolling for any number of reasons. When I run across a post which arouses my suspicions, I'll pose a test question as carefully crafted as my pea brain is capable of to avoid arousing suspicion. An evasive response from that person suggests to me that he's not likely on the same page with the rest of us.
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55
    I called Consumer Affairs on 10/27/06 as well. I talked to the same guy I have talked to in the past. He said that he has not heard of a fix for this problem however he is willing to solicite information from Corporate regarding this issue - more specifically engineering. He said he would call me as soon as he finds out.

    The main reason for my call to him was that I was frustrated that no one at "his level" seems to know anything about the clunk and I suggested that there seems to be a lack of comunication at Hyundai.

    I also suggested to him that he read some of the posts at Edmunds to get a first hand look at the level of frustration that Azera owners are experiencing. And he did. I think that he is genuinely concerned and I have no reason to believe that he won't get back to me as he has always done so in the past. I also suggested that he call Green Hyundai in Springfield - he had already gotten the telephone number from his data base (he had read the post about the technishawn's repair).

    This is not the first time I have talked to this fellow. Recalling, I received my case number on August 15, 2006, when I first called about the dreaded clunk.

  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    If they do get back to you, please post their response. I suggest that they will advise you to again see local dealer.
  • hyundai2hyundai2 Member Posts: 37
    I just spoke with Jim @ Eastside Hyundai in Kirkland, Wa Apparently, Rockybob's sway bar was installed upside down and that is NOT the problem we are experiencing.
  • ed_ged_g Member Posts: 16
    I guess I made a mistake with the new Sonata. Bought a 2007 Sonata last month and have 1,400 miles on it. The klunk is there.

    I am hearing that Hyundai is aware, but since it is not a safety issue. NOTHING!

    What good is a great warrantee when they say that by design.
  • grayfoxgrayfox Member Posts: 166
    I really like my 2006 Azera but I am not happy about all the front end suspension noise and the road noise. The suspension noise sounds more like all the bushings etc. are worn out. Not necessarily a clunk.
    The dealer said the road noise was due to having less rubber between the road and the rim with 17" tires. Pressure is 30 Psi.
  • ed_ged_g Member Posts: 16
    I think some of the dealers are coming up will all excuses.

    We should alll drive around with signs on our cars telling people to go to the WEB and check out the complaints before they try out a Sonata or Azera. That may get Hyundai to do something. I wonder if the 2007 Azera has the problem too?
  • cbrturbocbrturbo Member Posts: 16
    Dealer is incorrect. I owned a brand new 97 BMW 540 with 17" rims with much lower profile. No such noises.

    If the clunk is coming from tires, then the tire is losing contact with the road due to improper suspension design. Definately a safety issue.

    While we are all agonizing the dreadful noises our Azera's make, I have another fun problem for you to discover: Next time it is raining, floor the gas from a stop, and watch the wonderful traction control show you violent wheel hop. Yeah!!!! what a great car. My 97 BMW with traction control was a 6 speed manual. Only way you knew the traction control was on was the little light on the dash. Try to spin the tires on takeoff, even in snow, all you saw was a little blinking light. Amazing car, made 10 YEARS AGO. Azera with traction AND skid control= wheel hop and wheel spin with automatic transmission. I would say that hyundai should at least be able to emulate the electronic controls of a BMW made 10 years ago.

    Shopping the Azera? Do yourself the biggest favor of your life and buy a used BMW or Lexus for the 25000-30000 grand your spending on this hunk of junk. You will thank me later! You even get the same warrantee: used BMW possibly no warranty left. New Hyundai: 100k mile warranty that the manufactur refuses to honor. No difference.

    Just for kicks, looked up on edmunds. 2001 540 with 50k miles in outstanding condition FULL dealer retail 23,249. kick in a couple grand for an extended warranty if you need that to make yourself happy, and spend 5k less than a new azera and have a fine automobile that you can love, not hate.
  • tinydog1tinydog1 Member Posts: 83
    My question to you is, who in their right mind floors a car on wet, slick roads? Traction and stability systems do not make up for careless driving. My Azera, which I purchased in Dec. 2005, has been great. And lower profile tires DO ceate more noise. It all depends on tread design. It's not the Azera, it's the Michelins.
  • cbrturbocbrturbo Member Posts: 16
    I don't know how to say this without making it sound like a personal attack.

    You obviously have never driven a car with a properly functioning traction control. I have. Yes, to be a safe driver, there will be times when one must punch the gas in less then ideal traction conditions. Traction control should allow the car to accelerate smoothly and safely, not semi spin the tires and or wheel hop. You may want to review your ability to control an automobile, as from the statement you made, you do not seem to be in complete control of the vehicle. You should always test out a new vehicle in different possible driving conditions to know how it will react when called upon. Last thing I want to be doing is driving down the highway, hit black ice, and have the traction control fail.

    I was in the same boat as you wanting to justify the ridiculous large sum of money i spent for a dressed up economy car. Reality has hit me square in the eyes. If you like your car, continue to do so. Those of use with more experience with luxury vehicles are not impressed. This car does not even compare to a V6 accord, much less a lexus or BMW 5 series has some reviews have stated.
  • ergsumergsum Member Posts: 146
    Rear wheel drive vehicles (BMW) are less prone to wheel hop due to the transfer of weight under acceleration to the rear wheels. Under hard acceleration on front wheel drives (Azera), traction to the drive wheels is diminished due to this effect. This is one reason why most performance based vehicles are designed as rear or all wheel drive.
  • am153am153 Member Posts: 10
    I've been following the Azura posts now for a few weeks because I was seriously interested in buying either an '06 or '07.

    Now, I'm not so sure. Front end problems and inattention by Hyundai and their dealers plus disregarding the warranty makes me think that I should be looking elsewhere.

    An Infiniti, Lexus, or BMW 3 years old and just off lease is looking better and better.

    If I'm wrong, somebody tell me the error of my ways.
  • christy7christy7 Member Posts: 21
    I have not had any problem with front end noise, klunks, etc. My dealer has given me wonderful attention to any questions I've had. They offer excellent service, and that is one reason I went with Hyundai. They provide a loaner vehicle for any thing, even an oil change, if you don't want to wait. I have no reason to think that my warranty will be disregarded if I should need it. I would never try to tell you what to buy. You should drive each car and then make your mind up. But, I've had no trouble with my Azera, actually I have been extremely satisfied with it. I was able to get a fully loaded entry level luxury car with a 100,000 mile warranty for less than I could have bought a comparably loaded Camry or Accord. I did not drive an Infinity, Lexus or BMW, because I knew that I wanted a new car, not used. And, they were not in my price range as a new vehicle. But, if buying used is okay with you, then you should check out all options. I've always told my husband that someday I would like to drive a Lexus, but when I do, I don't want the entry level model, and I would want to get it new. So, I'll have to wait a few more years for that.
    I don't think you shy away from the Azera because of the posts on this forum about the front end. Go test drive one, and see if you hear anything. I don't hear a thing out of the ordinary on mine.
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55

    While I understand that you are happy with your Azera, those of us that have a problem (the clunk) are not. Because there has been virtually no feedback or acknowledgement from Hyundia there MIGHT even be a problem, that is presicely the point. From what I have read on this forum not all Azera's have the front end problem. But for those of us who do, is has been a nightmare. And it is apparent that Hyundai has largely ignored those who do. While I like everything about my car I cannot, under any circumstances, live with the dreaded clunk. It is clearly a problem/defect and I will continue to try to get this problem fixed until I have exhausted all resources.

    I have said this before and I will say it again, if I would have recognized the clunk during my test drive I would have NEVER purchased the car.

    I am hopeful that Hyundia "bellies up to the bar" and fixes the dreaded clunk.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    I guess that most people who purchase cars have more of a life and don't participate in these car forums. The average person buys a car to get from A to B and doesn't listen for sounds, such as vibrations or occasional clunks from the front end. The purpose of these forums is to have some fun,learn about, praise or complain about our cars.
    If we can get the corporation to make some improvements, all will benefit.
    I hope that someone at the executive level of Hyundai reads these postings.
  • live4techlive4tech Member Posts: 24
    I was reading James Healey's words on the Azera, and he mentions very clearly that he heard the clunk. It sounds like he assumed the clunk was a normal part of the design, which it most definitely is not. My 2007 Azera does not have it, yet, but I do have a noticeable vibration in the whole car's front end and steering wheel when cruising at speeds above 40mph.

    Here's what Healey said about the clunk:

    "Noise. The suspension on the test car clunked on sharp bumps. That used to afflict many import brands but has been mainly banished. Sad to see it rear its noisy head again."
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Your front end vibration over 40 mph sounds like wheels out of balance or improper tire inflation. Shipping sometimes causes flat spots on tires which often goes away after a couple thousand miles or less. Mine did.
  • live4techlive4tech Member Posts: 24
    Thanks floridabob. My front end vibration does feel like the wheels are badly out of balance. I took it back to the dealer and they drove it and said it was completely normal, but it can't be. I've got the SE model Azera that comes with Kumho KH16 tires and the right front has the smallest sliver of a wheel balance weight I have ever seen. The other 3 wheels have large balance weights which are roughly equal in size. Possibly I have a slightly defective right front tire.

    It is good to know it might be a bad case of flatspotting from the long ocean voyage from Korea. I would be relieved if that is the case and the vibration goes away by itself soon.
  • am153am153 Member Posts: 10
    I haven't read about any front end "clunks" lately. Does that mean that the clunk problem has been solved?
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    Hyundai has not issued any TSB's regarding front end "clunk", therfore I assume no changes have been made.
    Unless they have made changes and are keeping them secret.
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55
    am 153:

    I talked to Hyundai today. I will post the highlights of my conversation later. Bottom line, so far nothing to date has been done. There are other issues (that I will post) that made me very angry.

    Refer to my post number 101.

  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55
    I talked to Hyundai this morning, November 8, 2006

    Reference my post number 101.

    I did not talk to my usual guy. I talked to a different person this time – I am not sure what has happened to my usual guy (raises a level of suspicion).

    I was told that a letter was being mailed to me today. The letter said that Hyundai was setting up a meeting with me and the district parts and service manager (“DPSM”). I nearly came unglued. I told him that I have already met with a DPSM and wanted to know what they intended to accomplish by meeting again!!!!! He did not know that I had already met with the DPSM.

    I told him that I was promised answers to two questions:
    1. Were the Hyundai engineers indeed working on this issue and;
    2. When would I receive acknowledgement from Hyundai that something was being done about the dreaded clunk.

    He knew of no request.

    He said that this was the first time he had heard about this problem. Again, I nearly lost it. I told him that I knew for a fact that someone on this forum has sent a letter to Hyundai.

    I told him that the communication at Hyundai is terrible and solicited his help in finding more about this problem. He put me on hold, came back about 10 minutes later and said that he would personally being chasing this one and PROMISED to get back to me next week – even if he had no news to report.

    I am of the opinion that Consumer Affairs is following some very strict “corporate” guidelines (I don’t think they are allowed to play in other sandboxes) in terms of resolving this issue. I believe there is virtually no communication between Consumer Affairs and Manufacturing. I think that if any of you call Consumer Affairs in the future you should always have in the back of your mind my case number 1003227. To the extent that they say that this is the first they have heard of the problem refer them to my case number. I would also recommend that everyone who has the dreaded clunk, and calls Hyundai, should ask for extension 54248 – start early and often.

    He was unaware of Technishawn’s fix at the Hyundai dealership in Springfield, IL – I had to tell him that story too (again).

    I said that the Technishawn fix was with new parts and those “new parts” are not on the computer system yet.

    I also told him that I smell a skunk in the wood pile and my expectation was that he find out about this issue.

    I am fed up and everyone needs to call . . . please.

  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    It would appear that if Hyundai has to change out springs and shocks on X amount of cars, it would be an expensive proposition. That's why they are dodging the issue IMO. I referred the part numbers that techishawn had posted to my service guy and he said they were from a Sonata. All I know is that my right front suspension sounds different from the left and it sounds like a bushing is bad or something. If Hyundai does not resolve this seemingly simple issue, I will be a Hyundai short timer. On another note, got 29 mpg highway the other day. City is another story and mixed usually finishes out at 19 mpg, but my foot is made of lead. :P
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE; 122
    As I previously posted, I was informed by two different Customer Affairs people that they are not ALLOWED to contact engineering nor allow owners to speak with engineering. The must call your local dealer and ask their questions of service department or parts department.
    Does that make sense? Even local dealer says the policy is "stupid".
    The dealership employees appear to be equally frustrated.
  • cbrturbocbrturbo Member Posts: 16
    After my trouble call to Hyundai being "escalated", the dealer finally called me today to have the car brought in (about 1 week after my conversation with consumer affairs).

    A Hyundai rep is at the dealer checking my car out now.... the service guy did (finally) admit that they (including the Hyundai rep) hear the clunking.

    Let's see what comes of this.....

    I'll update as soon as I get info.
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    I just picked up my car after having the rear driver side tail light assembly replaced (2 diodes went out). The service manager stated that the noise may be due to play between the front axle and wheel. I haven't checked yet, but he also said there was a TSB on this and that a shim is installed to take up this play. It makes sense. He will call when the part comes in and I will post the results.
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Well, I just read the TSB and that aint it. Snap sound when starting foreward AFTER being driven in reverse. Sigh.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    I again suggest that any owners who have this "clunk" notify Consumer Affairs, and get a file number.
    They apparantly will not respond until they hear of enough complaints. The company still refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem, at least on some of the cars.
  • cbrturbocbrturbo Member Posts: 16
    Hyundai dealer in conjunction with Hyundai tech specialist removed and reinstalled my strut.

    The dealer said he was just taking measurements to either take back to hyundai or the manufacturer of the strut... he said to call hyundai every 4-5 days to see what is happening.... So funny, every conversation with Hyundai has been that you should contact through the dealer only.

    I'll check with my lawyer soon on what a reasonable period of time is to wait for the problem to be fixed. At least my lemon law case is open shut now that they documented the inspection of the problem.

    Ill keep you updated on our lovely little :lemon: :cry:
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE; 129
    Isn't it strange that the corporation, that has an engineering department, asks the local dealership for advice.
    One would think that it should be the other way around.
    The three service managers who I have contacted, expressed the same feeling.
  • technishawntechnishawn Member Posts: 26
    Well guys I had my front struts and insulators replaced with what happened to be Sonata units last month . The engineer told my service manager that since they are the same chassis and the Sonata does not have that problem then that would make sense to try. Well it has worked for me and another locale customer and after 1000 miles my car is as quite as a mouse.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE 131
    Do you know the name of the engineer who OK'ed this replacement, and at what office he is based>
    The name and address of the dealer who performed change might also help.
  • cableguy06cableguy06 Member Posts: 299
    The Sonata DOES have this problem. Just read the boards :sick:
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55
    Congratulations to you!

    One request from me. I posted a message (number 50) some time ago. I mentioned your fix and now that it has been a month later would kindly review that post number 50 and comment.

    Are you hearing any talk about your success translating into a TSB for the rest of us?

    Thanks JMJK
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE 134
    If Hyundai engineers have acknowleged a front end problem in the 06 Azera, they have not shared that information with Consumer Affairs department or local dealerships. I am not aware of any TSB's relating to this problem.
    I have read of several "fixes" on these forums including reversal of upside down suspension parts to replacement of struts with Sonata parts, but the company does not claim either of these have been performed at their direction.
  • cbrturbocbrturbo Member Posts: 16
    My dealer told me that Hyundai has told technishawns dealership to stop their "fix".

    I'd love the clunk to be gone, but I would have to believe that putting sonata front struts on a heavier car is not good for the handling characteristics. Not to mention what different handling dynamics might do to the ESC program.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    I thought the Sonata's K-Thunk pertained to the rear suspension.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    It does and there is now a "fix" officially sanctioned by Hyundai. The parts are listed in the computer which I saw yesterday while "visiting" with my service manager. They are being ordered for my Sonata LX and he is going to delve into the Azzy's suspension noises. I have a feeling that with patience and all of the customer's complaining a "fix" for our Azzies is not far behind. At least I have one of my 2 cars that will be more silent. Still enjoying them immensely. :)
  • technishawntechnishawn Member Posts: 26
    I heard the Sonata had the problem in the rear. I also remember talking to my service manager about them putting 4 cyl. Sonata struts on V6 equipped cars to quite them down
  • technishawntechnishawn Member Posts: 26
    Congratulations to you!

    One request from me. I posted a message (number 50) some time ago. I mentioned your fix and now that it has been a month later would kindly review that post number 50 and comment.

    Are you hearing any talk about your success translating into a TSB for the rest of us?

    Thanks JMJK

    Post #131 is my reply to post #50. I thought I would give it a thousand miles to see if it returned. I have not heard of any TSB's. I probably will not post to this board again.... RUDE !!!!!! :mad:
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55

    RE: Post #68

    . . . "My purpose in writing to you is to solicit your response to this Azera defect and to request your direction on how the defect will be rectified for Azera owners.

    I eagerly await your response.

    Respectfully," . . .

    Has Consumer Affairs responded to your letter?

  • zredsoxzredsox Member Posts: 90
    jmjk -

    No, Consumer Affairs has not responded to my letter. I sent the request back on October 24th and they haven't even had the courtesy to acknowledge its receipt. It's really a very unprofessional division, in my opinion. I don't think they will ever respond nor do I think they will have any influence on Hyundai correcting the "clunk" problem. I suspect that they are a very weak part of the Hyundai organization. I think the "clunk" problem needs to be elevated to a higher eschelon within Hyundai, somehow, before this problem will ever get the attention it deserves.
  • grayfoxgrayfox Member Posts: 166
    After contacting the Hyundai people in California last week, I had an appointment to check the suspension today a a local dealer. They agreed it was noisy and inspected the front and rear. To my surprise, they decided the noise was from the rear suspension and ordered new REAR shocks for my car. HMMMMMMM
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE 143
    At this point,nothing surprises me.
    Please post after replacement.
    My car now has 12,000 miles. Either I am getting used to the noise or it is diminishing.
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55
    For the past 2 1/2 weeks I have, once again, been in contact with Consumer Affairs. And I have once again gone full circle including receiving another letter from the District Parts and Service Department. The District Parts and Service Manager agreed with me - what in the world would be accomplished by meeting again? So the local service manager, the district parts and service manager and I agreed that we would not meet. Consumer affairs took that as a refusal by me. That has been straightened out.

    Consumer affairs also said (not in these exact words) that the original report from the District Parts and Service Manager (recalling the report stated that the dreaded clunk was consistent with the car) was gospel and if I disagreed with the report that I should bring it up with the Better Business Bureau!

    I have repeatedly stated that there is something wrong with the car as one, not all cars have the dreaded clunk and two, that an Azera was repaired in Springfield, IL (technishawn's). And this ought to be enough evidence to get them to do something.

    And of course no one, absolutely no one at consumer affairs has yet to answer my question - is engineering looking at this issue. I have asked that question to virtually everyone that I've talked to at consumer affairs and I get no response. I believe it was floridabob1 that said consumer affairs has no connection with engineering.

    My clunk is getting a bit worse. The bumps that cause the dreaded clunk don't have to be as sharp anymore.

    I guess the next thing to do is write a letter to the President of Hyundai. I am reluctant to do that as I may blow a gasket if he refers me to Consumer Affairs.

  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    )) "Consumer affairs also said ... that the original report from the District Parts and Service Manager ... was gospel and if I disagreed with the report that I should bring it up with the Better Business Bureau!" ((

    jmjk, I don't believe the Hyundai Consumer Assistance Center's reference to contacting the Better Business Bureau was intended as an arrogant put off. They're the agency to which owners may initiate a binding arbitration hearing to resolve disputes with automakers. Their service is free to car owners and their decision is final and binding on automakers, though not on car owners if the owners disagree with it. You'd still be free to initiate legal action against Hyundai. (Some states' "Lemon Law" statutes require that binding arbitration be attempted prior to addressing an issue through litigation.) If you can obtain anything that substantiates in writing (preferably of an official nature such as a copy of a salient TSB) that Hyundai is installing replacement struts, bushings, or whatever to alleviate the thunking issue, that would probably bolster your case with the BBB's independent arbitrator. You can request the claim form for this service by calling BBB's national hotline at 1-800-955-5100. All this information is in your warranty supplement booklet packed somewhere in the vinyl owner's manual folder, too. Good luck.
  • hyundai2hyundai2 Member Posts: 37
    My '06 Azera now has 12,000 miles. I'm running semi rough county roads now to help expadite strut failure. Rt frt and Rt Rr are clunking to the point of rattling, and now both Lt struts are clunking. I'm giving it about another 2 months, and when it does go in for repair, there should be NO question as to the cause of the noise. It is already getting bad, but I DO NOT WANT ANY DOUBT.">
  • newguy6newguy6 Member Posts: 34
    Glad to see that I am not the only one. I have an '07 and the clunk is getting worse, not only the right front as it once was but now the rear is as bad if not worse. Have taken it in and the service advisor acknowledges the clunk but they can find no fix. I feel like I bought a car that I cannot live with. I am sick about it, if anyone has a solution please let me know.
    The next step it to sell it as aloss and buy a Honda as I was originally going to do.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 148
    Make sure that you notify Consummer Affairs, and get a file number.
    Unfortunately, they will probably offer little help, other than tell you to again contact your local dealer.
    If they tell you that they are unaware of the problem, alert them to these forum postings.
  • grayfoxgrayfox Member Posts: 166
    Maybe we should all post our File Numbers on this site and if Hyundai says they are unaware of our problem, we could respond with the numbers.
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