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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • ed24ed24 Posts: 3
    I am still having the tranny shutter at 1800 RPM. The dealer has tried three times with no luck (flashed new code). They tell me Chrysler will soon have some "new" code to fix the problem. Anybody know anything about when the "new" code will be available?
  • Shutter=software? Not sure about yours but mine and most others here is coming from bad torque converters! You need to talk to your dealer about a buy back which is what mine offered and we are in the middle of trying for a new 4 door wrangler unlimited!
  • david613david613 Posts: 16
    If you do not get a new TC, your problem with the shudder will return...guaranteed. You need the new TC!
  • kragtjkragtj Posts: 4
    TO: david613 - I thought you went the new TC route and still have the same problem???
  • david613david613 Posts: 16
    Oh yeah..about that...I took it back in and they said that the trans was a quart low on fluid. That took care of the new "shudder". Unfortunately, now I'm getting a vibration from the Pac as if the exhaust is in contact with something that it should not be touching (ie frame). I have a rental again and have told them to call me only when it is 100%. Hopefully, that will be soon. Has anyone else had this problem with the vibration.
  • arosedarosed Posts: 1
    I experienced the rumble strips, shuddering that everyone is explaining in my new 2007 Chrysler Pacifica Base Model (3.8L) at about 700 miles. I brought the car to a dealer who told me it was a loose wire. Went home, and still had the problem. Took it back, and they ordered the Torque Converter. Had it replaced. No more issues, and I currently have over 7000 miles. However, I do noticed what I think is a harder than normal down shift when stopping, but I don't think it is an issue. I don't recommend this car to anyone. Smooth Ride (once the Torque converter was replaced) and good looking, but too much hassle.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    juiceman2k6: I think they sorta made it a little too good sounding. We went with a buy back on a Jeep liberty diesel that started on Fe. 16 07. We got the replacement vehicle on April 4. and all the paper work was finally completed by May 4.
    We were told that was the fastest they had seem in a long time. The peolpe that will contact you are IGS. You do not have to get a vehicle for the same or more that the MSRP. We got a Jeep Compass that was $4,000. less. If you bought a Chrysler service contract Chrysler will transfer it on to your new vehicle.
    In our case we paid $ .05 cents a mile for 28,500 miles. We were treated very fair. Generally they charge $ .15 to $. 25 cents a mile as a rule.
    Hope this helps, good luck.

  • IGS will pretty much BS you if you let them, we found the jeep wrangler we wanted last weekend and started it on MOnday, the igs rep supposedly faxxed the paperwork on monday and we called the dealer on wednesday and they had not received diddly! And then I got pissed because there was no communication for 2 days between the 2, ISG finished there paperwork today and sent it to the dealer. The dealer then sent it to Chrysler financial for approval, all of this in less than a week! NOW my only problem is we are in financial troubles right now and filing Bankruptcy, not behind on our car payment and not putting the car in the BR but Chrysler told the dealer to hold out till they find out if the car is in the BR! We are not putting chrysler in the BR so there is no reason for them to raise an issue with it but you bet they will try to be stupid about it! They were suppose to be doing a collateral swap.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Juiceman2k46: I know a good bit know about BC. Under under Fed. BC laws you can not add or take away anything until the BC is discahrged. Chrysler Financial is worried that anytime after BC is discharged you cam dump the car back on them with not owing a dime. I am sure you understand their concern.
    Talk to your lawyer, perhaps he can help you with this. If anyone must do a BC, one must ask what have I learned from this? The stigma of years ago is not what it once was, but it will have some longer lasting stains on ones credit, that can be overcome in time, if learning has taken place.
    I sincerely wish you the best.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My 2007 Pacifica Touring started to get a banging on the floor when being started after about a month of ownership. Now the whold car vibrates at about 900 RPM and at 65-70 on Cruise there is a thunk every so often. Two visits to a dealer - 20 or 21 days - they claim that it is normal - some do this and some do not. If that is the case, there is either something wrong with the ones that do or with the ones that do not. Going to another dealer soon.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My 2007Touring has an incredibly noisy front end and on bumpy roads the wheel jerks to the side. This has been described as normal by the dealer. I have been in the automotive repairbusiness for about 40 years, and I tend to think hnot.
  • erniekerniek Posts: 2
    tranny shudder happens between 30 & 50 mph. had to dealer twice. Was told on first visit of the TSB 18-19-06-78. They had the car just part of that day. Got the car home and started doing the same thing. Second visit--- dealer had car 1 day--performed road test and said he found normal shifting. He said the tranny was meant to shift fast and that the transmission to engine will request touque management, to drop injectors, timing, and transmission will shift and engine will return to normal. **B.S.--He Told me all Pacificas do that, that it is, "NORMAL" He told me to call Chrysler. I did the first time and will do that again the second time. Will work on Lemon Law. Such a pretty car, such unprofessionalism, and engineering. Really love car. Any answers?? It is just the TC, and why don't they just say that and replace it?? Seems pretty simple if thats it. Quit beating around the bush and fix it right the first time. We like the car, not what its doing. THAT IS NOT NORMAL !! We only have 3000 miles on it--
  • besserbesser Posts: 2
    Wow - found the 75 messages all about my same problem. Took my new Pacifica with 1500 miles in today. Service Manager rode with me - thought it was the engine missing as the tanny idiot light did not come on. later in the day, he said it was the tranny and had a service bulletin to use software to reset the electronic transmission. I did not notice a problem driving home, but it was not bad to begin with. Now that I have read the messages above, I am really worried!
  • Its the torque converter, ours started around 1000miles and we are doing a buy back. We had to order a new jeep wrangler so its taking awhile! It took them 3 times to diagnose ours and when they did he drove 3 others on the lot and all were doing it.
  • rae4rae4 Posts: 2
    :confuse: Just brought our new 2007 Pacifica and it has approx 1,000 miles on it to the dealer for several issues, mainly, we noticed the past week that when driving at approx 30-40 mph the car seems to hesitate, hard to explain, but doesn't seem to shift smoothly as you are accelerating (gently). So when we dropped it off today we also told them about the front driver side, speaker (or so we thought)sounded cracked, it idles high and the driver side arm rest just isn't right. When the dealer called they said the speaker was fine, they couldn't duplicate the hesitation despite driving it 14 miles, it doesn't idle high and the arm rest is just the way it is. I was shocked when they didn't address any of our legitimate concerns. So I decided to look up info on Pacifica defects/problems as there is a definite hesitation around 30-40 mph which is our main concern. That's when I saw all the other owners with a similar problem which they called a shudder and it is exactly that problem. I still can't believe how dismissive the service dept was in telling us they couldn't duplicate the problem. Of course they left a message. I have 2 fords the past 10 years, Taurus & Windstar and have minimal to no problems with them especially when under warranty. Whatever concerns few concerns we had were checked & corrected if necessary, no problems. So FIrst I was surprised then aggrevated they are claiming there is no problem,& now I flat out scared & worried that I purchased a lemon, or at best a vehicle that many people seem to first, have a problem, then secondly, can not get Chrysler to fix as they are supposed. Then regarding the speaker, after reading posts, it seems some people have had a problem with a front end vibration, I'm thinkng thats the problem. It really is disturbing since we really liked the Pacifica, and after having the windstar out of necessity, it was so nice to be able pick and purchase a vehicle we truly wanted.... now I'm not so sure :cry: :confuse:
  • besserbesser Posts: 2
    I posted my concern last night after having it in the service dept and today I drove the Pacifica and sure enough I had the same problem of the jerking taking place at about 35 MPH at a constant speed and going up a slight hill. I have an appointment again tomorrow and wrote them a note about the new torque converter. We plan to go on a long trip in 10 days and we don't need this problem!
  • I have a 2005 AWD Pacifica Touring and after a long drive, when I put the car in park or neutral or reverse, I get a hard shift that feels like the tranny is about to fall from the bottom of the car. More like a thunk noise that shakes the car. When I drive short distances it doesn't happen, it shifts smoothly. I am taking it in to the dealership next week. Has anyone experienced the same? Thanks.
  • HI every one seems that we all are having the same problem with the shutter transmission,I just got my 07 spring special edition Pacifica and felt the problem when it was 300 miles, I took it to the service and they told me that the TC needed re program,the problem still there, also the front end is noisy, please let me know how do you guys got your fixed.
    I don't know what Chrysler is doing about this seems to be a very usual problem.

  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I as well as many others have yet to get our Pacifica repaired, we are in the middle of a buy back. Our front end was also noisy to the point that it sounded like it had bad struts on the front but they still could not diagnose it, the shuttering is a bad TC and is a bad design which came straight from my service rep. He said that they were developing a new one to correct this but it still has not happened, I quit worrying about it once we started working on a buy back.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rea4: I had a real clunk when at a stand still when I put into D or R the transmission made a loud clunk. The shifting was not firm but a sloppy shift. When I went in for the 3,000 mile oil change the tec. found a TSB and reprogramed transmission. That changed it and the issues were gone.
    We had the same issue at 30 to 40 mph as you describe. I wondered if the engine was needing the 89 octane as the book suggests. We had filled up the tank at a funky Shell station, and I wondered if they had 10% alcohol and our mpg went down to 21.4 where we usually get 24 + mpg. So I went to our usual Conoco station and put the 87 octane. The problem went away.
    Perhaps your dealer did not know about the TSB? Maybe the gas is 10% alcohol? You might consider taking it to another dealer. Hope this offers some directions to consider.

  • kragtjkragtj Posts: 4
    Replaced the torque converter in my '07 Pacifica Signature Model at 3,000 and the shudder problem is gone. I now have 7,500 miles and no repeat of the problem.
  • I bought a 2007 Pacifica AWD Spring Special... within the first 700 miles we noticed the shudder. Got the salesman involved and he walked me to the service center. They claim they were not able to duplicate the problem. Took it back again and same result (unable to duplicate problem).
    How do you get them to acknowledge the problem? Did the buyback process start with the call to Chrysler?
    Also, we are experiencing a strange problem with the electrical system. The HVAC shuts down every now and then for a minute or two... the lights go out, the fan stops, and the radio goes mute. One hot Saturday, after I put the kids in this happened... and I noticed that 3 of the four windows would not role down as well. Weird... Took it back recently and asked them to reset the clocks which over the last month have become off by several hours!
  • I would print off this whole thread and take it to them, they tried that with me on the first two trips to the dealership. I finally took it to them and told the guy to drive the damn thing home, to get groceries and for a week if he had to but I wanted it fixed! They had it for ONE day and called me and said that they felt it and it was the torque converter, 704-825-4544 is the service dept of my dealer, call them and talk to them and ask them what documented problems they are having. The service guy told me he drove 3 new ones on the lot and all did it, if you need his name let me know and I will get it for you.
  • They installed the latest driver for the trans computer and the shudder at 30 miles it's gone but still very smooth (the shudder) at 45 and 70 mph, also when I brake the downshift is very harsh and intrusive any one of you have feel the same?
    I have told them to just change the TC, I want to keep the car.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    When you refer to a "shudder" is it kind of shaking feeling? I feel this at 25 to 28 mph. We had a TSB done about 2 weeks ago because when going into gears from park had a thud sound. From that point we have had the thing at 25 to 28 mph. We also have noticed (maybe due to the colder temps) our fuel mpg has dropped about 2 mpg.
    I am sure this might not show up at the dealers test ride. So I am waiting for it to either get worse or maybe I can duplicate the problem sometime for the service manager.

  • yes is like a hesitation with some vibration, the clunk noise when you move thru the gears is solved with the newest software on your TC, but the shudder is from the torq converter
  • Thanks for the advice. Finally, the dealership found the TSB and said they would order a new Torque Converter. They also stated it is likely that the electronic shutdown was related(?). Oh well, I really appreciate everyone's input... without it I may have had to accept it as 'Normal'.

    While it is NOT NORMAL, it doea (unfortunately) appear to be common. :)
  • I drove 500 miles on a 2007 Pacifica and did not experience the shutter. Seems that this problem is showing up in some, but not all, 2007 models.
  • has to be the 4.0 l engine w/six speed trans, I think that just the ones built before may are the ones that can do the shudder.
    how do you feel the suspension?
    mine has a noisy front end like weak shock absorber , my pacifica is 2000 miles now, please let me know.
  • I'm waiting on a lawyer to review my case for a buyback. I've only had my truck for 8 months. I had my axle shaft and cable booster replaced all within 2-3 months. Now my steering wheel shakes when I brake, after they replaced the axle. My car also uses alot of gas. But of course the dealer says its normal. I don't think 11-12 mpg is normal. I've taken my truck in about 3-4 times about the gas and a hesitation when taking off. Which the dealer said was normal. Let me know about your buyback.
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