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Chevy Silverado - Continued IX



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    obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    so you are saying that a 7mm deep socket with a 1/4 inch drive would work without any extension? How long was the time and/or mileage prior to your change? BTW, thanks for the tip as I also have a center console...

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    nrd525nrd525 Member Posts: 109
    My tranny problem has also been experienced by "Young Ryan".He was the first one to have it,my friend's truck did it a while back,and from looking around in various forums,it seems to be common.But since it lasts maybe a second or so,it's not that big a concern.Since the truck only has 3950 miles on it,I think I have a lot of warranty left!I'll tell them about my troubles,so it will be "on the record" in case of troubles down the road.I guess it's a computer deal,according to Ryan.
    Since the only thing the trucks had so far is an oil change at 1500,I can't have any complaints YET,can I? From past experience with both GM and Chrysler dealers,I really don't expect them to find either of the noises,at least on the first try.Stuff that comes and goes is really hard to find anyway.
    The noise is coming from the rear suspension,for sure.I had a friend slowly drive it while I walked alongside it yesterday.I'm guessing it's the spring shackles need to be lubed.I hope it does it next week,so it can be solved the first time,but I'm not confident.The dealer is the reason I didn't buy a Chevy.I liked the front end and the wheels better on the Chevy,but I had used the service dept of my dealer for several cars/trucks over the years,and they treated me right.So I bought the Sierra instead.
    I had a noise on a car once(86 Iroc Camaro)that took EIGHT tries total from three different dealers,in three states,and I found it at home,just by jacking it up,and crawling under it.It was the exhaust hanger and all I had to do was loosen it up,and shove it forward a half inch.End of "DOINK" on acceleration.GM put out a service advisory about a week after I fixed it.They had it on a lift every time,why didn't anyone find it?
    Sometimes,punding on the dash is useful.My 79 Trans Am had interitent dash lights,they looked at it twice,and everything seemed ok.I got "frustrated",and blasted the top of the dash.The lights were dead after that.I took it in,and an hour later it was fixed.It was a defective wire connector that had no tension on the contacts.Who knows how long it would have been if I hadn't whacked the dash?
    My two most trouble free vehicles ever,both had dumb stuff like this happen out of the box,but they(82 K5 Blazer,and 88 S10 Blazer)were great after that.The big Blazer was perfect for four years,except for my breaking the rear window track due to trying to close the window on a pipe that was sticking out.The little one blew a starter that was a freebie even after the warranty ran out.The 88 was recently "retired" due to miles and twice being stolen and trashed.
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    obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    seems like you're an avid GM fan. Good luck with your truck...

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    ovalleyovalley Member Posts: 135
    I too experienced the hard to reach screw on the center consol end. Didn't have the right size extension. All I did was take out the other two and apply a little pursuation, presto plenty of room to remove the air filters. Didn't replace, just inspect and shake out the loose dirt and leaves, no mold. Only 12k on it so far.


    Also inspected the ball joint dust boots a little further. One upper one is torn. The two lower ones leaked where the boot attached to the top, like they had come loose or were never installed correctly. Also discovered that they stripped the threads on the top of one RS9000 shock. It appears to be holding. All they did was compress the bushing a little more. Looks like it doesn't have another take apart and put back on left in it. Here we go again.
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    wight1wight1 Member Posts: 218
    in the maintenance service schedule at 7500 miles, it says "drive axle service". I interpreted this to mean to change the axle fluid. In the same paragraph it says to change the fluid after the first 500 miles of trailer towing, so I did both. At 7500 mile intervals after that it just says to "inspect fluid level". To me, "service" meant change it.

    Where did you get and how much did you pay for the Royal Purple? What weight did you use? Have you noticed that it makes the engine knock noise any quieter?
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    ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    3950 (4000 mls) seems thats when my truck did the hesitation thing. I now have 5300 mls and havent experienced it since.

    Thanks for the info (color) on the oil filter Vince.

    Tim actually just the cement i carried was close to 1300 lbs. Add posts and all the other stuff it was probably up to 1500-1600 lbs. Sorry i typed that last night and just made a rough guess. My skinny [non-permissible content removed] couldnt count for weight in the truck (180)

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    mledtjemledtje Member Posts: 1,123

    I use one of those plastic oil filter wrenches to remove/install the oil filter. But, I use a 1" box end wrench on the hex on the bottom of the plastic, not a ratchet in the small hole. It has worked quite well so far.

    Sorry to hear the upgraded filter has a larger body - that means another tool to buy. I must have 10 different oil filter wrenches. Two for the Capri (two different filter manufacturers), one for the El Camino, one for the Silverados, one for the Vanagon, one for my old RoadRunner, and four universal types, including the one obyone mentioned. I should give the El Camino one to the guy who bought the car, but he works at a Jiffy-Lube place and doesn't need it.


    Mike L
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    redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    i agree and did the same thing that Ovalley did
    and forget about the fastener in front of the
    console. don't even bother with it as it would
    obviously be a waste of time. the plastic cover
    is more than flexible enough to be pulled and
    positioned in such a way as to allow removal and
    installation of the filter.

    Ryan, how did your truck ride with the load? also

    did you try the tow/haul mode?

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    lincoln5lincoln5 Member Posts: 40
    The next time you set fence posts, use pea gravel with no cement. You'll be surprised how firm they hold and there is no mixing. Also if anyone ever has to remove a post or reset a post it is a lot easier to remove the pea gravel rather than concrete.
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    bcobco Member Posts: 756
    thanks for the great news about the plastic filter wrench...just bought one for my wife's jimmy. we'll see how it works. if not, just try one of the adjustable ones that oby recommended. been using one of them "huge-pair-of-pliars" looking clamp wrenches to pull the filters off my 'rado. looking to replace it too... i agree on the more tools part - definitely can't hurt. the wife has finally cut me off on accessorizing my truck (surprised it took her this long). guess i'll just have to accessorize the tool box now, eh? ;) i mean, that's not the TRUCK, is it? no, it's a tool box. LOL!!!

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    bcobco Member Posts: 756
    ryan especially, others also...

    incidentally, i had my hood up this weekend, just doing routine checks on everything. now, some of you may remember me bitching about changing the front shocks when i put the bilsteins on. the rears are easy - 30-45 minutes to take both off and put two new ones on. the fronts are a different story. if you don't take the tire off...you're looking at 60-90 minutes a pop. and a major pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. the problem is removing or replacing the nut on the top bolt of the shock (assuming you do it from the side). now, with the hood popped...you can look right down on top of those little sob's. looks like you got enough room to maneuver around 'em too. worth a shot anyways...

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    meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
    For purposes of efficiency....

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