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Jeep Liberty Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    I have an '05 CRD Limited and it does not have this capability. I sometimes just turn the headlights on during the daytime when I think I need to.
  • While driving yesterday in 96 F. temp all of my engine diagnostic lights came on as if I was starting up. The air
    conditioner was running but nothing seemed abnormal. The lights went off after about two seconds, and no other symptom appeared.
  • pvan1pvan1 Posts: 3
    Replaced the relay in the PDC box and it works great! Cost for dealer part was $10.50 including tax :)
  • My '05 Liberty CRD does not have DTR lights. As a matter of fact, they were not required by federal regulation as of that date. Many vehicles being sold to Canada and other countries are required to have DTR lights.
  • btc2319btc2319 Posts: 3
    A/C blower 2nd speed stopped working then 3rd stopped. Resistor in or under glove box is the fix for this that I have found? Unable to locate?? Am I missing it or is it behind something?? can anyone out there give me an idea as to where to find? Looks as if it is held down with 2 screws? Already have new part.
  • Hi, Appreiacte if anyone may give me a link or information about Liberty 2005 Wiring Diagram and Backup Wire. I am installing a rear view camra and video system. Thanks.
  • My daughter's 02 Liberty headlights were not working. Brought it to the dealership for a recall and asked about the headlights. High-beams work, fogs work. He said it would be $800+ to fix the problem. He said it was the Body Control Module. Did not allow him to fix it yet. On my way home I hit a bump in the road (common in New Orleans) and they came on! Could this be a lose ground? I'm pretty "hands-on", couldn't I just replace it my self if it were really bad? Where is it located, under hood or under dash? :confuse:
  • I have a 2003 freedom edition

    I don't know what happened but all at once the instrument cluster lights, rear passenger tail light and passenger front marker light all stopped working. There were no surges that I am aware of and no new electrical items (radios etc.)

    I checked every potentially related fuse and couldn't find any that were bad or even looked suspicious. I decided to change the light bulbs and still nothing.

    The brake lights work and the front passenger turn signal still works but the lights are still out. I have gone through all of the standard things that I think it could be and I am stumped.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to get more opinions.
  • I have a sort of similar problem. My passenger side low beam doesn't always work. Sometimes when I first turn my lights on it won't come on, sometimes it will. Sometimes it comes on after only a few minutes sometimes doesn't come on at all. If I switch to high beams and then back to low the passenger low won't come back on. It's really weird. Sometimes hitting a bumps turns it back on, sometimes not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is also an '02 Limited. :confuse:
  • This might be the same issue as above and only coincidental we had an accident. Our 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited was in a small fender bender and was repaired. They replaced the front bumper and some of the front lights, can't remember which ones. Anyways, the passenger side low beam does not work while the driver side low beam does. The high beams work on both sides as do the fog lamps. I switched the bulb and fuse and it resulted in the same problem. So I eliminated those two items. Another note of interest is the driver side running light is out but the turn signal works. Is there any correlation between the two in the harness?
  • The headlights and the speedometer did not work in my 02 Jeep Liberty. I had no problem with the fogs or the high beams. The dealer said the Body Control Module was bad. I replaced the body control module and the Junction (fuse) box. Now the speedometer still does not work. The odometer is on but does not advance. Any help out there? :confuse:
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Check the speed Sensor.It should be on the transmission.
  • I changed the Body control module and the speedometer, odometer, headlights and everything else is working. Today, the engine light came on and the oil sensor alarm beeped. Now what?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    You have to find out what code came up to see where the problem is.I hope you checked your oil,if thats ok,it could be the sensor,but you need to see what the code says.I'm assuming your talking about the check engine light when you say the engine light.
  • Question: I was able to reset my "timer" on my other cars because every so many miles the oil light or check engine light would come on at oil changing intervals. I bought this Jeep used and have only had it for 7 months. Is it possible this 02 Jeep Liberty Limited has to be reset to turn of the oil alarm and check engine light since I just got the oil changed 50 miles ago?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I take it you don't have the owners manual.If you do check there.My daughter has a Grand Cherokee,and her service engine light comes on when the oil needs changing and she has to reset it everytime.
  • I purchase my 2005 jeep liberty new 2 years ago,My dealership in town went out of business about a year ago.I service my suv by the recommended service schedules through the dealership. My suv was tuneup and had oil changes as throught the service manual.My suv now has 38,217 miles about 2 days ago my check engine light comes on!As I open the engine compartment and look at the wires I notice a few wires exposed,I was told these wires are for the fuel injectors and a total of six wires are exposed with about a inch of wire exposure. I was ask to called the Chrsler Corporation by the next closest dealership by by home. And chrysler corp. told me that my suv was out of warranty by 2817 miles,I now that this problem was there proir to us finding it!Owners beware of these problem with the engine compartment!!!!
  • My daughters 2002 jeep has the same problem with fuse locks inop..interior lights inop.
    Just happened a few days ago. Looking for any answers.
  • Found it !!!! behind glove box. All you see is a multi-wire plug. The part, which looks like a circuit board, actually slides into where plug plugs in. loosen the two screws and part slides out. new part slides in circuit board first and tighten screws plug in and your done. Ten minute job. Dealer wants to, well lets just say, unimaginable things to you . Dealer wants couple hundred and tells you it is an hour and a half job. Go figure!!!!
  • ">I have the same problem with my 2002 liberty. I have not found the problem. Help us. :confuse:
  • Any idea where I can get this resistor online? I don't have the time to stop by the dealer to pick it up.
  • Our problem was wiring on drivers side sun visor. Where the visor attaches there are three screws. A wire came loose and shorted out under one of the screwscausing fuse to blow and thus take interior lights, radio and dooor locks.
    Hope this helps!
  • Can someone please help me. I am trying to wire a 4-flat wiring harness directly to the wiring in my 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade. I have found the wires for the turn signals and ground but cannot locate the 1 wire that controls both the brake and parking lights. There is a white/tan wire that is just for brakes and a green/yellow for just parking lights. Can I splice both of these wires into the brown wire on the harness? Or is there just 1 wire that will control both.

    FYI: the wires I'm splicing are located at the rear of the jeep inside a white plastic channel at the edge of the rug under the plastic trim.
  • I have a 2004 liberty and have had NUMEROUS issues with this!! No repair shop has been able to diagnose what causes it. When it first happened, they thought it was just a few spark plugs, and they replaced the coil pack. It's always my radio/clock, locks, and interior overhead lights. Then eventually after a few days it'll take the dash lights and possibly the high beams with it. It makes a weird sound when it happens-kind of like having a stone or acorn hit the car and drop a few times. Unfortunately, i've had this repaired-this week will make it the 4th or 5th time since I bought it in November 2003!!! VERY frustrating but repairable. THe sparks and coil pack themselves aren;'t that expensive-it's the time it takes for someone to diagnose the possible problem and the time it takes to fix it and double check it that really adds up$$.
    Let me know if someone finds something else to be the cause of it-i'd love to know-i like my jeep a lot, but unfortunately, next car will probably be something else.
  • I have a 2003 Jeep Libetry and have a problem I haven't read anything about or at least couldn't find anyone with my problem.. My interior lights remain on when driving the jeep. Ok I know some of you'all might think turn of the interior light switch but trust me thats been tried till I was red faced and ready to pop. Hope someone out there has the answer to my problem..
  • yakersyakers Posts: 10
    A defective interior light switch?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    If you don't see the word 'door' warning you on the console, it should be a switch, harness or solid state relay problem. You have to start playing with the connectors of the wiring harness to isolate the problem.
  • My 2003 liberty is doing this too! It takes about 15-20min of driving then it will do it. Dash lights stay on. Blinker lights stay on inside and out. Local dealer no help. They say the switch might need replacing, but he was not 100% sure. let me know if you ever found a cause.
  • When i came home in my 03 liberty and turnit off the clicking sound appeared and the only way to stop it was to start the jeep and turn it off again . What can this be?
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