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    Read the previous sections for enough Ranger \Tacoma info
    for 30 lifetimes.
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    man, this is crazy. I agree with that kieth dude, we should go back to fighting over trucks, not tires that everyone basically agrees on. This whole tire thing is dumb. U really cant criticize ford too much. All the recalls done so far have been done by ford. In other words, ford is recalling products it didn't make. It's losing money, alot of money, when the tires are not their responsibility. Firestone should have recalled those tires and payed for the new ones, but no, they deny everything. Ford realized that firestone was doing nothing so they took the initiative to recall the tires. Sure they've been really slow about it, but what would u have done if u were the owner of ford??? Throw away your profits from the past year or so to fix someone else's mistakes???
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    I just saw where the PR co. hired by Firestone to help them with this problem just left them saying "there's nothing we can do for them now". Firestone not Ford, will be found guilty here. guitardude is right Ford has documents showing they told Firestone there was a problem but, Firestone never did anything, so here we are.
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    I can see that u also know about clay. It sucks. U simply do not drive in it. And if u must drive through it, a tacoma or ranger is definetely not an option. Take something that has big-block power or a diesel and make sure u have a buddy around that can pull u out. BFG all-terrains will do about as much good as drag-slicks. One of my friends has a 2wd with 33" bfg all-terrains and he got stuck in a rut about a 1/2" deep. The tires were almost brand new yet it only took a 1/2 second for them to get completely packed. Fortunately my ranger was there to pull him out. We kept off the sticky stuff and had no problem.
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    I know this is old and off subject but you have it backwards. You said Ford is doing all the recalling and Firestone is doing nothing. In fact it is Firestone who is doing the recalling and Ford is helping in that they are stopping production in order to free up more tires. More Firestone tires?? Check out Fords web site or
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    just a smuch as firestone. Why are these Firestone tires not causing deaths in vehicles other than Explorers?

    It's Fords job to test their trucks and to make them safe. They should have caught this and fixed it before any innocent people were killed.
    FORD CHOOSES what tires they put on their trucks, and its their job to test their safety when put together.

    Ford is guilty.
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    NO manual lever T-case on 4x4 Ranger's?

    please tell me this isn't so?

    No Neutral position for 4x4 Ford Rangers?
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    Lets not start talking safety spoog, we all know where the Tacoma sits in crash tests, at the bottom of the food chain....
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    You must not have many friends.
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    As far as what you may imply about Ford not caring about the safety of the consumers, I tend to disagree with you on this point. I'm not disagreeing with you just to disagee but rather some evidence might show other wise. As we all know here I don't own a Toyota or Ford but, rather a Frontier. From what I've seen in my limited experience in the Automotive Industry the Domestic Companies have(by far) implemented saftey concerns in their vehicles much more than the foriegn companies. What I'm trying to say is Ford has started some of the best safety features and was the first to put them in their vehicles as standard equip., items such as: Air Bags(my friend had a '93 Ranger that had one, my '94 S-10 didn't, my brother's '93 Isuzu P/U doesn't have one), passanger side air bags were first seen in the ford vehicles....oh and let's not forget about the 'third' brake light which was made a requirement in the 1986 model year(Ford had those on some of their '84-'85 T-Birds). I know that some other companies offered saftey items first too, but I've never seen a Japanese company come out first. When I worked for a Ford dealership in '91 all the crown vics came wih driver side air bags and I can remember my mom's '93 Accord w/o one! The fact is the the Japanese companies SEEM to wait until they HAVE(by law) to implement safety features.
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