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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel Questions

KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
Talk about problems with your Duramax - as well as the older 6.2 and 6.5 diesels - here!


  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    I didn't know any problems with the Duramax existed :surprise: The original LB7's test mule of 1,000,000 miles and GM, said good enough for us and they shut the Duramax truck's engine off. They then took it back to the lab and the engine showed only minimal wear and one guy said she'd probably do another million. :D "So, the story goes" ;)

  • grabowskygrabowsky Member Posts: 74
    I took my 2006 Sierra 2500HD in today for an oil change and to have them check out a "ticking noise" coming from the engine bay. The dealer service gave me a technical bulletin #02-06-01-022E dated 1/12/06. The gist of it is they all do that,some worse than others. Supposedly the condition doesn't effect durability or reliability. We'll see....
    Anyone else have this ticking?I love this truck and hope to have a long relationship with it. You know what I mean! :blush:
  • gandalf2gandalf2 Member Posts: 1
    Have 02 Duramax. In 04 with 112,000 had injector failure, all 8 replace under extended warranty. Now at 220,000, have had 4 fail, dealer says that for 4 injectors and a fuel filter - cost $2700!!! Some people say that GM will warranty the injectors, dealer says "no way". Seems excessive to me and just not right. Any help or proof if GM did honor a second set?
  • fmcgrathfmcgrath Member Posts: 1
    I have a ticking noise in my new 2007 duramax. Bought it in September and has 4200 on it now. I took it to the dealer they didn't know anything the Rep came by didn't know anything. They took the cross arm off to pull the lower oil pan off, then removed the transmission and fly wheel to get to the upper oil pan and adjusted the oilers. Spent a total of 14 days in and out of shop longest lasting 10 days. I got a call today saying the same thing. If your statement is true why did they tear the lower end of my motor apart. Looks like used vehicle now from underniegth.
  • grabowskygrabowsky Member Posts: 74
    Apparently your dealer didn't know about or care to find the tech bulletin. They probably figuered they could get some warrenty money out of it. If I were in your place I'd go to a different dealer in the future.
  • weakleyweakley Member Posts: 2
    02 duramax only starts on startin fluid but then runs fine myideas is camsensor ,cranksensor,glowplugcontrolmodule,1stinjectorfailurinrail any 1 else hav idea please
  • chachi2chachi2 Member Posts: 1
    My 03 silverado has had injector failure 4 times. Starting at 106000 miles. You will most likely have multiple failures. You will need to replace all 8 injectors.Cost is about 3900.00 per failure. Call Justin at GM 1-866-790-5700 ext. 21605. TELL HIM SHERRY WEBSTER REFERED YOU TO HIM.i HAVE FOUND 46 OTHER TRUCKS LIKE OURS WITH INJECTOR FAILURE. LET ME KNOW WHAT HE TELLS YOU. JYSYWEB@AOL.COM. GOOD LUCK.
  • evergreenevergreen Member Posts: 213
    Several months ago I was riding with a friend in his Chev Duramax truck. I think it is several years old and he mentioned the only problem he has had was with the injectors which needed to be replaced. Even though the truck was out of warranty, GM did the work at no expense to my friend. I live in Oregon and apparently the problem for my friend was traveling a lot in California. The GM mechanic told him the problem had to do with the gasoline additives used in California. I guess the injectors where replaced by a type that can deal with the additives. Just passing this on, for what it's worth.
  • redrigredrig Member Posts: 2
    Intermittent failure to start - engine turns over, ignites, dies, then won't restart. Replaced fuel system heater, seemed to fix problem, then happened again, for 3 time. Service shop placed on computer - no errors shown & after towed to shop, started without further repair & continues to start.

    Each failure happened when truck was parked in same spot - slightly downhill with wheels turned to right. Also, temperature had dropped significantly overnight.

    Would appreciate any insight available since repair service can't do much until problem recurrs.
  • redrigredrig Member Posts: 2
    Learned from previous owner that 2001 Duramax had failed to start a few times, particularly when weather had turned colder. He primed the system manually, sometimes more than once, to get it started.

    Injectors were replaced when the problem with the 2001 system was first discovered. Heater block hadn't been used until I got the vehicle but this doesn't have any effect on the problem.

    Any ideas as to why this could be happening?

    Now it seems to be happening more often
  • acslater925acslater925 Member Posts: 3
    my 2002 duramax only starts on "spray" as well. Just went to the dealer this morning (for the 2nd visit with this particular problem), and they are ordering 8 injectors for me, should be here in a week they say. I'll let you know if it fixes the problem. The 1st time I had this problem, I changed the fuel filter, and the problem was gone completely, until I did 500 miles this past weekend (good highway run, box full of firewood, up to 90 mph, but other than that a run-of-the-mill road trip). I have had the crank sensor done last year, as well as a new injector pump (all under warranty, both times involving a 5+ hour tow). One other problem I have had is (in the rain only) the engine gets very loud, tons of black smoke with the pedal down, but clears up if I stop, turn off motor, then resatart. I have never had answers on this one, from either the dealer or BD Power (I run their EZAmp tuner).
  • acslater925acslater925 Member Posts: 3
    Well, 2 weeks later, the new injectors came in, and 2 days later (without my truck), I got it back, and it runs like it did the day I drove it off the lot! Just did another 500 miles this past weekend, and it starts right away, every time. I guess the old injectors had been on their way out for a while now. I did see the (warranty) bill, and the total was almost $6000 with taxes, wouldn't want to be on the hook for that one. I'm happy for now... :shades:
  • eugy44eugy44 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 05 Duramax with 30K miles on it. It has always put out a black cloud under moderate to heavy acceleration. The little contry dealership where I bought it, tells me to use a fuel additive, and that will fix the problem. I am not a diesel expert, but this doesn`t seem right. I know other people with a Duramax and theirs doesn`t smoke.
    Any clarification?
  • goodcrdgoodcrd Member Posts: 253
    Simple things first. Check air filter and engine oil first. If the air filter is dirty change it. Have your engine oil tested. If the fuel dilution is too high you have an injector problem which needs to be addressed. A good engine oil sample report will give you more information then you need to find an area to look. Also pull your turbo boost sensor and make sure it is clean. This will improve engine performance.
  • akmarshakmarsh Member Posts: 5
    My 2002 Sierra 3500 with a Duramax diesel engine normally is parked in a heated garage and has 36K miles and has been trouble free until now. I live in Alaska and recently parked outside and the temperature was around 10F and the truck wouldn't start in the morning. After manually priming the fuel filter the truck started and was running fine after that. Yesterday I brought the truck into the GMC certified service shop and had the diesel fuel filter replaced as a precaution. The service tech said some water was noticed which may have been the original problem. I parked the truck in my heated garage overnight and it wouldn't start until I primed it. Has anyone else had this problem? What was the solution?
  • agitatoragitator Member Posts: 1
    While traveling in my 02 3500, I had a sudden increase in fuel consumption. I stopped to check and notice fuel all over the back of my dually. A steady drip from the oil pan indicated I might have a hose problem or something. Upon going to a dealer on the road. I was told my injectors were stuck open. My oil pan is full of diesel and they wanted $5000 to fix. My truck is running smooth and is without smoke. Can anyone tell me what is going on?
  • acslater925acslater925 Member Posts: 3
    The injectors on the 2002 (and other years) Duramax has an extended 320,000km (200,000 mile) warranty, which is well beyond the regular Duramax warranty. This is as a result of all the injector problems GM has had with this motor. Unless you have more than 200,000 miles, your injectors (& related labor) should be covered.
  • uglyduckuglyduck Member Posts: 1
    just bought a new 2006 express van with a duramax deisel. When it had just over 1500 miles on it it started smoking periodically. It started with a small loaded trailer hooked up at around 70 mph. Now it seems that it will smoke at any time. Big clouds of white smoke. Or heavy black smoke. Its at the dealer now for the 2nd time and they can't figure out whats wrong. Any Ideas will be helpful. I know this shouldn't happen because I had an 03 silverado with same engine and that didn't smoke at all.
  • jklingel8jklingel8 Member Posts: 10
    I am about to receive a 2007 3500 Sierra w/ a 6.5(?) liter turbo diesel. I have heard of a problem that "all three" companies are having with idling the diesels in cold weather (-20 and below). Apparently the DPFs are plugging up, shutting down the engine. Have any of you heard about this? (A Dodge salesman told me the Dodge "solution" is to drill holes in the filter and let the particles fall out. They plan to do that until the issue gets resolved at the factory.) Any experience w/ this? Thanks. john
  • gettinradgettinrad Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 (new body style) 2500hd duramax 6.5 coming and I heard from my mechanic of a similar issue as you are desribing, only it's not only in cold weather. The truck randomly shuts down apparently. When I ask the dealer, and when I called GM they say they've never heard any such thing. Does anyone know anything about this??
  • gettinradgettinrad Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 (new body style) 2500hd duramax 6.5 coming and I heard from my mechanic of a similar issue as you are describing, only it's not only in cold weather. The truck randomly shuts down apparently and there is currently no fix so it would have to be returned. When I asked the dealer, and when I called GM they say they've never heard any such thing. Does anyone know anything about this??
  • coontie57coontie57 Member Posts: 128
    I have no such problem with my 06 nor have I heard of similiar problems from my two buddies that have the same 06 trucks..
  • jklingel8jklingel8 Member Posts: 10
    Interesting that a mechanic mentions this, yet TWO dealers I spoke w/ today have never heard of it, and I talked w/ guys in the service dept, not sales. One serv guy even looked for bulletins from GM on it; nothing. If it happens to mine, you will all hear of it, for sure, as will our good friends at Good Wench. later. j
  • markpoffmarkpoff Member Posts: 2
    I experience the same with my 06 duramax that has only 20k on it. I have had it in to the dealership 4 times and they have reprogrammed glowplugs and checked for codes, etc, to no avail. They advised me to put in Stanadyne fuel additive to increase cetane levels and sulphur (lubrication), which doesn't seem right to me either. I have been doing that for 9 tankfuls now and there has been some improvement but only about 50%. Any more luck with your problem?

  • markpoffmarkpoff Member Posts: 2
    I also have an 06 Duramax truck that started smoking after about 1500 miles with white smoke at idle and thick black clouds on heavy acceleration. Multiple dealership visits have yielded minimal results. Glowplug reprogramming, code checks, etc and the only recommendation is to add Stanadyne to increase sulphur and cetane levels from ULSD that is currently offered at the pump. I am not happy and am looking for a better solution. Any more luck on your situatoin?
  • coontie57coontie57 Member Posts: 128
    I have an 06 and two of my friends do too. NONE of us have experienced this problem with fuel... You need to find another dealer!!

    We are all in different cities in NC, GA and MO so its not just our fuel stations.
  • goodcrdgoodcrd Member Posts: 253
    Check the sensor that senses EGR flow. If it is a delta P sensor like in the detroit's, the hoses leading to the sensor clog up with soot. A low EGR flow will be read and you will get too much egr which will cause incomplete combustion due to too much exhaust getting into the intake. If they use a boost pressure sensor these also clog up with soot and must be cleaned to read properly. The new emission systems are full of problems. It is mostly soot related clogging the sensor and turbo vanes on the VNT types. The Cummins turbo units use a different type that is self cleaning. Use ULSD as much as possible. But you will still need to clean the sensors and related parts when performance issues arise. Also one last note some of the early coolant cooled heat exchangers for the egr gases have been found to leak coolant internally (Coolant getting into intake) or clogging up with soot.
  • 03dmax03dmax Member Posts: 1
    The dealer told me that the 07 needs to run low sulpher diesel. Maybe try the low sulpher and seee if it makes a difference. My 03 smokes only when I put my foot into it.
  • akmarshakmarsh Member Posts: 5
  • grebbygrebby Member Posts: 1
    I live in southern California and I have the same problem intermittently. Usually on cold nights. Did you find any answers?
  • akmarshakmarsh Member Posts: 5
    A couple of times I've had to prime my fuel filter even when the truck was in the heated garage and wouldn't start after sitting overnight.

    Here's my notes on my 2003 GMC Sierra Fuel Filter Problems:

    3/26/07 - 4/2/07 37085 miles, after diesel fuel filter was replaced on 3/19/07, priming problems happened 4-5 times (i.e. the problem is worse). I left the truck with Chevrolet from 3/26 to 4/2/07 and the service tech kept the truck outside at all times and started it with no problems each morning. I talked with the Mark - Service Manager and he said they have had problems with water in the water separator which freezes and partially restricts pressure/flow and the vehicle won't start. He recommended buying GM Diesel Fuel Conditioner. I bought 2 bottles of the GM Diesel Fuel Conditioner and added 1 with a fuel fill up on 4/2/07.

    I haven't had any problems since I got it back from the shop and I keep the truck in my heated garage at night.

    I'm wondering about the new Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel being a possible culprit?
  • finsfanfinsfan Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a new 06 leftover duramax, it currently has 3k on it. The problem is that when I accelerate or decelerate there is a loud winding type noise. I have had freinds an neighbors ask if this is usual, as it is quite loud. Also the other problem is that it seems to be stuck in first gear for a long period of time when the engine is cold, regardless of outside temps.Being my first diesel wasnt sure what to think, is it normal?
  • coontie57coontie57 Member Posts: 128
    The cold weather slows the shift points... that's normal I think... This problem "winding type noise" I have never had with my 06 and 12K miles.. The truck is very quiet after owning a Ford 250............1999
  • dupeduramaxdupeduramax Member Posts: 4
    I just recently purchased a 2001 2500HD w/ the 6.6 Duramax. This is my first diesel. When the engine is idling it will jump up 50-100 RPM every 4-5 seconds. The truck has 136k on it an i was told my the dealership that the injectors were replaced at 105k. I put a new fuel filter but nothing changed. im gettin 16-17mpg. Any body elses engine idle like mine? how does the engine behave if there is a leaky injector? Also it wont break the tires loose from stand still. is that normal or lack of power?
  • ptbealeptbeale Member Posts: 2
    Anyone running BioDiesel in their trucks?
    I'm currently running 100% BioDiesel in my 07 Silverado 2500HD. {LBZ 6.6L}

    I feel relatively comfortable running 100% BioDiesel in my truck, but some colleagues and friends have warned that I'm taking a risk with warranty issues.

    I think that's all bunk based on very old news, but any thoughts on that are welcome!

  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    The main concern with B100 is that it has a very high detergency effect. It will clean out dirt and deposits from the tank to the cylinders, so it's important to regularly (and more frequently) change your fuel filter as well as your engine oil and oil filter.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • teosborneteosborne Member Posts: 2
    I have the 07 2500-HD 6.6, my ticks also, I was given a advisor as well, and was told that it may stop and sometimes it may happen when I run it hard.

    I am having a problem with no acceleration if I punch it quickly, it will continue to run the engine but will not exceed over 2 RPM's, I have to shut if off for about 10 minutes before it will accelerate and run at a normal RPM. It has left me sitting on the side of some pretty busy freeways, all because I am trying to get out of the way of a larger vehicle. Anyone having this problem? it also rattles like it has 100,000 miles on the front end. yes, I am 100% woman, therefore, the dealer looks at me like I have lost my mind when I complain, it's less than 6 months old and 14,000 miles mostly highway miles and the suspension sounds old already anyone have any advice for me? I thought HD stood for Heavy Duty, this truck gets driven like a truck should, not a sedan. they tell me that I have the best truck on the market, so do not worry, we can fix whatever happens to it, but, they don't.I have tried other dealers, they are all the same. I would love mine too, much more if it didn't make me worry that my girls and I are going to be stranded some place out of town and with horses in tow.
  • teosborneteosborne Member Posts: 2
    I have an 07 Duramax 6.6, it also smokes at 14000 miles upon hard acceleration and today it shut down on the freeway. had to sit for over 10 minutes before the RPM gage would reach over 2000. after that it was fine, just had the fuel filter replaced 3 days ago. my husband had an 05 that would do the same thing. any suggestions?
  • dupeduramaxdupeduramax Member Posts: 4
    My father has a 05 F-250 I have driven that and it makes my 01 2500HD feel like I am driving a cadillac. Very smooth on the highway with all the passing power I need. havent run into the problem of the engine getting over 2000rpm, so i would say that something doesnt sound right there(but we do have different motors. just got engine code P0089 Fuel pressure regulator performance the other day, wondering if that might have something to do with the rought idle. anybody know where to get a fuel pressure guage for the duramax besides kennedy diesel ($150)
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    I had an o2 also. Had the injector problem too. Got rid of mine at 86000 and got an 05. Replaced under warranty.
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    I had an o2 also. Had the injector problem too. Got rid of mine at 86000 and got an 05. Replaced under warranty. Also check with dealer about injectors for the 05 and he said 4200 for 8. What a rip off. Engine only costs about double that.
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    Lucas makes a good fuel additive. If its anything like the Dodge, I think its just extra fuel being dumped if it's black smoke.
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    I get that winding noise also. Sounds almost like an additional fan or something else is turning. Mine goes away after about one mile.
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    I have the same problem. At 2000 RPM it won't go any higher. I can turn mine off for 20 sec and turn it back on and its like something resets itself. Mine happens all the time. I was using a biofuel at one point and thought I got too much water in it. Have you change the fuel filter yet? I did notice something on mine. I had the AC on and the truck bogged down so I pulled over to check it out and the AC line that runs over the primer was leaking water into the pump. I put a rubber insulating pipe over it to keep out the water. I think this is a design flaw for Chevy. Empty out your fuel filter into a clear jar and see if anything falls out. I get what looks like splitters or saw dust. Vandals?
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    Mines an 05. Rough idle between 1000 and 1500 whether you sit and push the gas or running with that. Maybe thats the feel you get at that rpm and youre moving.
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    Does it only happen when the ac is running? My AC line in my 05 runs right across the top of the primer pump and I think its dripping in and causing the fuel filter failures. I put a rubber insulated hose over mine to help.
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    Check to see if the AC line is condensating into the primer pump. Bad diesel?
  • dupeduramaxdupeduramax Member Posts: 4
    anybody know how a leaky injector will behave? or a clogged one.
  • coontie57coontie57 Member Posts: 128
    I only hear this somewhat loud noise when pulling my 12,000 lb camper up a mountain like I did yesterday. After I have pulled a few miles up Old Fort, MT 6-7% grade at 55mph in 4th gear..(wide open) noise and doesn't quit until I top the mtn ... Is that the protection on the turbo ?/ Fuel dumping/waste gate?? Any thoughts?

    I guess I should add this is an 06 Duramax Diesel.. 13.500 miles..
  • ptbealeptbeale Member Posts: 2
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