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  • blowin_smokeblowin_smoke Member Posts: 1
    my duramax has had only one set of injectors put in it but now i think they are going out again because i am only getting like 11 or miles to the gallon will the dealership fix it with no cost to me
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    Since this discussion is focused on the Duramax engine, you probably will get a better response asking in the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Exterior and Body discussion.

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  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    How many miles? What year? My 2005 had injectors replaced but I was using cooking oil mix at some points and I think maybe it wasn't as clean as it should have been. I love the truck.
  • aggie1988aggie1988 Member Posts: 2
    I have had 265 tires on my 2002 duramax for the last 5 years and have had no problem. Sounds like the dealer is voicing his opinion......and you know what they say about those..........................
  • partitionguypartitionguy Member Posts: 3
    Hello: I just read your message and I wish I had an answer for you. But I am just replying to say I have the same problem with my 2001 Silverado, with the exception that the truck will do up to 100 km.per/hr, or to be more exact about 1800 rpm's in any gear. I went to a few dealers with this problem, with last one changing all my injectors. This did not help. When this happens to my truck it is as if a govener kicks in and only knocks when you try to push it over 1800rpm's.
    I have had spans of up to 3-4 months with it never happening then stretches where it happens every 2nd day. If any one ever figures it out I will surely post it on this forum.

    I feel your pain.
  • aggie1988aggie1988 Member Posts: 2
    Same problem with my 2002 at 93K miles. 2002 models (maybe others) had a recall on injectors. Instead of replacing them all, GM offered a 200k mile warranty on them. My dealer implied that if they failed again within the first 200k miles they would replace them again. Hope I don't need to test that theory. Very same symtoms. Luckey the motor did not lock up with the fuel in the oil pan.
  • partitionguypartitionguy Member Posts: 3
    I can't believe all the posts I,ve read about the problem with, the engine light coming on and the engine not going over 2000 rpm's untill you pull over and shut the engine down (for what ever period of time), and General Motors (at least all there dealers) not having the foggiest idea what is causing it.

    Just had to vent on this subject.....gezzzzzzzz... :mad:


    Still pulling over.
  • partitionguypartitionguy Member Posts: 3
    Very simple to do, there should be step by step instructions in the (extra diesel manual) that came with your truck, if you don't have it you can find it on line.
  • bones417bones417 Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2007 classic that I love, I have had it 1 year now. I bought it to pull my 33 ft. travel trailer which it does effortlessly. But last fall when backing out of the driveway I didn't have any brakes, barley got the truck stopped. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the power steering pump told me it had low pressure, which is what seemed to me could have been the problem because when I speed the engine up I got brakes back. Anyway to shorten this story after they replaced the pump it's hard to turn the wheel when sitting still or moving slowly never had this with the old pump. It's been back twice to the dealer for this they have replaced the hydro-boost on the brakes and the steering box still hard to turn. They are telling me that this is a normal characteristic of this truck. Never did it with the old pump, this makes it hard when backing the trailer or in tight parking lots.

    Is this normal for this truck? I have driven 18 and 10 wheelers which you can turn the wheel with 1 finger but if this truck is sitting still I can't turn it with both hands.
  • duke01duke01 Member Posts: 1
    New to the site, looking for help. Recently bought a preowned 03 2500HD Duramax. Great truck! With the recent cold spells I looked for the block heater,but was unable to find. Is this a standard option? Some people that I ask say yes, some say it was an option from new. Looking for help?
  • mike009mike009 Member Posts: 1
    Just took delivery of a 2008 3500HD Silverado Dually and guess what? Same problem, engine light on and no rpm over 2000. The other day it was a wee bit cool around -4 degrees. Well I went about 30 miles to the closest dealer under 2000 rpm at about 50 mph and he could not check it out. Well I had to be in Indiana so figured I would go to the next dealer. Jumped back in the truck and started and no check engine light and I had all the power in the world. Ran just fine since. Stopped by the purchase dealer 4 days later and they scanned for the fault code. Sure enough there it was. This is what they told me. It was the particulate filter had plugged and a regeneration cycle took place by dumping more fuel into the engine to burn out the problem. Now by no means did I really understand what the hell they were talking about. It has been running fine since. By the way it did appear to consume 1/8 th of tank of fuel in 30 miles. Anyone else can shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated. I do use a diesel conditoner and no gelling took place.

    Keep on truckin.........
  • michelstjmichelstj Member Posts: 5
    A diesel mechanic had my truck for 3 weeks. He put about 450km on it. Of course, the problem did not occur when he had it. Therefore, nothing was done to find or fix the problem.
    They did change the instrument cluster under a recall (because the gauges where going crazy). Unfortunately, now I have an extra 400hrs on the hourmeter and the tripmeter and other functions do not work on the information station. I questioned the service manager as to why the hourmeter is up 400hrs, he told me that they got the hourmeter directly from the computer. I guess that means that someone rolled back the hourmeter on the instrument panel. But the computer retained the proper number?? My transmission gauge stays very low. On the highway it the stays at the lowest temp. Is this normal?
    Back to the shop.
  • openend22openend22 Member Posts: 12
    Hi Bones417 Sorry to say but thats the way mine is and I also have had new ps pumps and steering boxes installed from chevy.. mine is a 2005 3500 4x4. The steering/braking systems on these trucks is substandard at best,. gm dont tell you this before a person spends big bucks... 50k for one of their trucks.. Yea ... like a rock.. fred flintstone steering system.. I have had this truck back to chevy 10 times for this problem and now I am afraid to drive it as it sits in my garage..
  • openend22openend22 Member Posts: 12
    Has anyone on this board ever won or went thru a gm lemon law case for their Gm duramax overheating ...and or lack of steering assist? I am headed in that direction now and would like to know if others have had any dealings with gm on these issues?
  • kacansas06kacansas06 Member Posts: 33
    Do you have an '07 or '08 Duramax? Do you use the Towhaul mode on the tranny on grades? Have you tried using the manual shift mode? It certainly seems as though you have some kind of problem with your truck since I would figure you know about all the things I mentioned above. I would definately Yell and SCREAm at Chevrolet/GM about it. One thing they do NOT need is bad publicity! Especially since Ford has had SO much bad publicity on the 6.0 powerstroke Diesel for just these kind of problems.
  • openend22openend22 Member Posts: 12
    Its an 07 and I have used the tow haul and manual shift and it still overheats.. Chevrolet has the its no problems found at this time approach to the issue.. alough they have changed a bunch of things .. When it overheats the oil pressure keeps dropping also. I also have a problem with power steering assist at low speeds. I have always had gm pickups but I will not buy another one with the duramax.. Way to many problems.
  • gmc3501gmc3501 Member Posts: 1
    Did the fuel conditioner work for you? I have a 2005 GMC Duramax and I have the same problem. It starts up for a few seconds then stalls. Then you have to pump it above the fuel pump. After that, it will start right up. It used to only happen after a cold night, but now it does it in all weather. It happens about 8 out of 10 times you go to start the truck after it sits for a few hours or more. It has been doing it for like a year and nobody knows the fix. GMC said it started for them all the time. Of course. Well if you can let me know your fix, that would be great.
  • akmarshakmarsh Member Posts: 5
    The dealer had replaced the filter on 3/19/07 after I had to prime the fuel. After the filter was replaced I continued to have the problem (happened 4-5 times) so I left my truck with the dealer from 3/26 - 4/2/07. My 2003 Duramax had 37085 miles and the service tech kept the truck outside at all times (in Alaska) and started it with no problems each morning. I talked with the Service Manager and he said they have had problems with water in the water separator that freezes and partially restricts pressure/flow and the vehicle won't start. He recommended buying GM Diesel Fuel Conditioner. I bought 2 bottles of the GM Diesel Fuel Conditioner and added 1 with a fuel fill up on 4/2/07. I've had no problems since adding the GM Diesel Fuel Conditioner and added another bottle this spring and I now have 44516 miles on it.
  • openend22openend22 Member Posts: 12
  • jerrydockjerrydock Member Posts: 29
    I bought a used 2005 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 with the Duramax and haven't had any problems. Are there others who have had no issues?
  • billmaebillmae Member Posts: 2
    Hello I'm checking to see if anybody has the same problem i have a silverado 2500 with a 6.6 duramax about 3 weeks ago when the motor was cold the overflow dumped antifreez after that i could not get the temp to stay warm cold air coming out of the heater and defrost when it did warm the low coolant light comes on i put in new thermastats same problem and i have air coming up in the overflow this truck has only 76,000 miles on a deisel egn and im hearing it might be head gaskets if any one has had a problem like this i would realy like to hear from you
  • rsorlingrsorling Member Posts: 2
    i have a 2007 k2500ext/crew car 6.6 durmax wallison trans w 25k miles. when pulling my fifth wheel 9500 # up hill @ about 2500 rpms it starts to make sound like a skill saw cutting sheet metal. all gauages and perfomance nomal. its so loud that when i go buy someone they take a second look. ive had it to the dealer 3 times w/no conculsion. is this somthing in the turbo? should i hear the turbo at any time?this is getting to be a great concern. or is there something else i should be concered with?
  • bones417bones417 Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2007 3500 crew cab and pull a fifth wheel that weighs just over 13,000 lbs. Next time you hear this look at the engine temp if it is just past 210 then it's the clutch fan kicking in not the turbo, mine it so load you can't hear the radio. I'm betting that's what it is.
  • slyjoeslyjoe Member Posts: 4
    Is this done on a case by case basis or available to all under 200k? Thanks..
  • slyjoeslyjoe Member Posts: 4
    Is this done on a case by case basis or available? Thanks..
  • slyjoeslyjoe Member Posts: 4
    I've owned this truck since new and it has just under 60k miles now. I am on my third set of batteries. Does that seem excessive? I live in Las Vegas where the weather is often over 100 degrees. I haven't replaced them in over a year and haven't had any problems. Just yesterday a problem arose. The clock on the radio goes to 12:00 as if the truck has/had a dead battery. All the presets are still there, but ther clock reverts back to 12:00. The truck turns over, although a bit sluggish. Anyone have/had the same or similar problem? Thanks..Jarrett
  • twoskinnytwoskinny Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 gmc duramax, the problem i,m having is the dash lights dont all work. the dealer replaced the radio because some of those lights went out at about 34000k miles. since then i have had more problems with other lights, like only part of the speedometer lights up, only half of the climate control lights work. now i have some interference in the front speakers. when the seat belt reminder chimes i can hear it in the front speakers. please any help would be great. aj
  • dieselrookie3dieselrookie3 Member Posts: 7
    I just bought a travel trailer(5500 lbs dry weight- 7000 all in?)and need a long term vehicle to tow it. I've test driven the above vehicle and find it has LOTS of power. The question is...fuel economy. How can I get the best fuel economy with this truck? After market chip? Do I need the 6.6 or will the 6.0 litre be sufficient. Which of the 2 would you pick? Any specific problems with either one? The blog entries really don't describe any with the 08 models. Also, I am Canadian. Do you suggest I buy State side and pay the dollar difference? The only taxes I have to pay is the standard 7%pst + 5%gst. Just trying to be wise in my decision over the long run. thxs
  • billmaebillmae Member Posts: 2
    well my 01 6.6 duramax with only 75000 mi had to have head gaskets put on at $4,700 i talked to the dealer ship and told them that i heard about the the problem with the gaskets on that and made like this is the first time they ever heard of it i got this truck when my son inlaw past away it was his baby the dealer ship also said if i was the first owner they might cover part of the cost anyone else as happy with G.M as me.
  • velocity1velocity1 Member Posts: 1
    have gmc 2003 sierra 3500, 148088 miles. runs great, starts great, have recently noticed excessive smoke from exhaust only when ideling. will cleaning injectors solve this?
  • scribe2scribe2 Member Posts: 3
    My 2004 GMC Duramax (60,000 mi) will have a complete system (electrical, drivetrain) shutdown without notice; unfortunately it only occurs while driving. As you would expect things can get pretty exciting with no power steering or brakes. I have on occasion been able to shift to neutral and restart but not always. This shutdown only happens once every few months but could be very dangerous regardless. When this recently occurred I noticed the "warning" indicated "battery not charging." The batteries are fairly new and they tested good. The dealer ran the diagnostics and couldn't find anything wrong; said that they would need to have the "event" occur while they're testing. They charged the batteries and kicked me out the door with a defective vehicle and I don't know what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.
  • 3jp3jp Member Posts: 3
    I put about 18 gal, of gas in my sierra and ran it for about 60 miles. engine idled bad. had it towed to a chevy dealer where the tank was siphoned out, lines blown out, fuel filter changed out. truck runs ok, but i feel it does not have the power it used to have. what could i have damaged? and do you think the chevy dealer put my truck in a gm database that if i try to take my truck to get checked to a different gm service center in a different state, it will show up and void my warranty? i paid cash but the invoice had vin # on it. any help will be appreciated.
  • Jack2uJack2u Member Posts: 3
    1. Ignition switch-what all are you hanging on the key ring?
    2. Intermitten ground fault
  • Jack2uJack2u Member Posts: 3
    Damaged your fuel injector. Pitted from the gas.
  • Jack2uJack2u Member Posts: 3
    If the fuel lines were collapsed, there is a restriction causing a vacuum.
  • scribe2scribe2 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response Jack.
    -I only have the key in the ignition and nothing else.
    -Intermittent ground fault; could be of course; the word "intermittent" is a nightmare for all concerned.
    Because the truck has only shutdown during city driving I wonder if the alternator could be the intermittent problem. I'm not familiar with the inner workings of the alternator but could it be that it "intermittently" doesn't charge the system enough to keep it running? My understanding is that if it's not putting out at least 10 volts then the electrical system will shutdown. What sucks is that I've had the local dealer document that this has been an ongoing issue since new (only happens once or twice a year) but the warranty has just expired and I don't think give a doo-daa anymore. Our temps here can get to -30F and I would hate to be stranded out of town.
  • dmaxdiesledmaxdiesle Member Posts: 1
    My 2005 GMC Sierra diesel had the same problem last saturday I took it to the local dealer today and they called me 8 hours later and told me it was the wiring harness to the injectors. total cost w/ parts and labor will be $565.00
  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    I recommend to consider a detailed inspection/disconnect/file-posts/impedance/continuity-test of the wire that goes from ground post of battery to the ground post of starter motor.
  • bones417bones417 Member Posts: 6
    ????? Do you understand how the electrical system even works? The body, frame, engine block.... all are a ground source, there isn't a wire running to everything for the ground.

    Anyway the problem isn't with the starter it sounds like the starter turns the engine over but since the thing shut down it won't start. It still could be a bad ground with some component because everything electrical has to have a connect to a ground source. This is usually done by one or more of the mounting screws and/or bolts.

    I'm not saying it's not a bad ground just that there isn't any wiring to check out for the ground.
  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    i'm definitely not familiar with the specifics of these trucks - i'm just a wannabee owner, so thanks for the beat-down!
    I thought that most vehicles have that particular wire, and that it/posts can get corroded and cause an unintended voltage drop.
    Maybe my recollection is way off even for my particular GM V8 which had a problem with that wire: I suppose it could have been the hot wire from battery and not a ground wire.
    (I do recall being particularly careful when using a jumper cable
    to parallel that wire, as required sometimes for that car - it looked a bit like I was "hotwiring"/stealing.)
  • 3jp3jp Member Posts: 3
    I have taken it in fto the dealer and asked them to check the injectors and pump and they have not found anything wrong. I have not told them that i put gas for fear of voiding my warranty. will a pitted fuel injector pump come up on the diagnostic test? Is there a way to check it? How can I approach the dealer to check for this?
  • onyx2onyx2 Member Posts: 3
  • onyx2onyx2 Member Posts: 3
    i have an 04 chevy 2500hd 6.6 that surges at idle. if i let the truck idle it jumps from 1000 to about 1500 every 4 to 5 secs. it only happens sometimes so it's kind of hard for me to pin point the cause of it. plus my engine light likes to come on an won't let me go over 2500 rpms. the code says something like (pressure regulator failure at acceleration). i know someone has to have same problem out there. if anyone can help with this please help.
  • jmoore11jmoore11 Member Posts: 1
    Just had oil change on 2001 GMC Duramax, and they discovered diesel in oil pan. Took to shop and they stated that all 8 injectors needed to be replaced. This was my fathers truck and do not know if there were any extended warranties on the vehicle at time. The truck only has a little over 130,000 miles. Does anyone know if there are any recalls on the injectors since I have heard so much on these going bad? It is going to cost around $5000.00 to get all replaced with labor and new injectors. Also, would replacing with refurbished injectors be a wise decision due to the cost of new ones.
  • myllyduramaxmyllyduramax Member Posts: 3
    I own an 04 LLY Dmax and went to the dealer for servicing and was told that 2 injectors are sent too much fuel. I was told that the work could be as high as $8,000 (C$) which I found outrageous. I researched and found that GM had injector problems with the LB7 engine and problems was suppose to be fixed with the LLY but some had their injectors replaced. GM extended the injector warranty to 200,000 miles on LB7. Does anyone know if this warranty was extended to the LLY? I also read that injector overheat on the LLY? Does anyone know anything about this?
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    What's the truck doing? Going into limp mode where it won't go past 2000 RPM? Jeff 2005 Duramax Email me direct if you want [email protected]
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    Don't ever see them using new. Normally refurbished. The price is outrageous.
  • myllyduramaxmyllyduramax Member Posts: 3
    I did not notice anything with the truck, that is loss of power or decrease in fuel consumption. What exactly should I be looking for? I went for a drive with the truck and noticed that it felt as if the truck was lacking power or did not want to go. It did go over 2000 rpm unless I floored the pedal. Not sure what else to look for.
  • duckyw2001gmcduckyw2001gmc Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 gmc 2500 and it is hard to start when it the outside temp is cold or when the engine is hot. we have given it a snort of ether when cold to get it to start quicker. other wise its just turns till it starts. Also when the engine gets hot after about an hour the power cuts out at 1800rpm's. so far we have changed the primer pump and we have checked all fuel lines and changed one of them. is there anyone out there who may have some ideas for us?.
  • folbfolb Member Posts: 54
    I have an 05. Don't know if the setup is the same. Check the back side of the driver side fuel rail. There is a "pressure valve?" on mine that gets weak and you can buy a shim kit or a new one from PPE out of California. Pacific Perf. Eng. Stays about 1800 RPM and won't go any faster right? Can you turn the truck off for a bit then back on and its OK? Can't get it to happen just by revving the engine but under load? Try that valve. Jeff
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