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Vibrating Chevy Silverado Buyback

obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
since a lot of 2wd '99-'00 Silverado owners are
saying that they are initiating buyback after the
last TSB to change the rack and pinion. My question
for those that have gone through buyback is what
becomes of the mods, if any, that you had placed on
the truck? Remove and sell them on ebay? Maybe on
this forum? Leave them on the truck? Curious on
this cause a lot of owners have modified their
trucks...Thanks in advance...

Also what kind of problems encountered during the
process? Any bits of info that you could pass on?

Thanks again...



  • scrappy6scrappy6 Posts: 13
    I had the rear leaf springs replaced on my "00 Silverado and then the rack and pinion....and now with the new rack on you can feel the slightest vibrations on the road so it is in my opinion not as smooth as the first one that was on there that squeeled. As far as the mods go you would be on your own on that one. They won't give you squat for anything now adays....Adam
  • How does the buyback process work. I
    have a Silverado 2wd and have had all the
    ride and tire problems.
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Posts: 1,000
    does that mean that you're not gonna buy another
    silverado? i sure this whole ordeal has been a
    heartbreaker for you and would probably leave
    anyone in a pissed of state of mind, especially
    towards GM for having let you go through what you
    have over these past months. it seems though that
    you like the new silverado and it's features. it
    also seems that if you wanted to buy another one
    that chevy would build you good one if you
    ordered another one. when i bought mine i was
    told that a different than normal order number
    went in to the order system, which was to help
    insure that the truck got special attention on
    the line. don't know if this is true but so far
    the truck has been virtually flawless.

    don't give up.
  • rrichfrrichf Posts: 212
    red and dean,
    I think that if I were in the buy back situation, I would skip the re-purchase part. If you're really determined to go with another truck from the same manufacturer, I would wait another model year or so. If you have to have a truck buy a beater and do just enough maintenance to survive a year or two. If you need something reliable for the business I would go to one of the rental companies. (Hertz, Avis, Enterprise but not National.) The guy at my local Enterprise told me that they will sell their pick ups at about 30-35K miles. All three usually include a decent warranty with the vehicle.

    Even a short term (1 year) ride in a D, F or T might give you a different perspective, especially when you KNOW the durn thing is going to be gone in 12 months.

    As far as a 'Special Order Code' goes, I have my doubts. I took a tour of the factory in Flint many years ago. The only 'Special Treatment' that I noticed was how they adjusted to doors to make them close correctly. (Two guys, one with a 10 pound sledge and the other with a protective steel plate. The plate was placed on the door jamb and whacked with the sledge until it closed correctly. Special treatment indeed!)

    Whatever you decide, get something that's "Right" for you and the H*** with everyone else.

    Good luck.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    red and Rich,
    thanks for the comments...
    I'm glad I didn't trade my '91 Nissan when purchasing the 'rado. Only problem with the truck was tranny replacement at 35k miles under warranty. Of course it's no comparison to the 'rado. But it doesn't vibrate and it's doors, after nine years, still close with no Olympic effort like my new Chevy. All in all, the Chevy has been a good experience as I know all the service advisors, shop foreman, service manager, sales manager, finance manager, and general manager of my dealership on a first name basis. Even got invited to the sales managers house for a cigar bust. Of course, the fact when negotiating the price of the 'rado, I bribed the sales person to foresake his commission and give me his lowest price with $200 cash and the sales manager with a $30 Opus X cigar sure helped.

    It's 3:22 am in Hawaii as I type this. What's funny is I think I'm going to wash the truck and reprogram with the HPIII right now. So for now, it appears that I'm going to keep it and have the service department work more on it cause I ain't gonna remove no $6k worth of mods on the friggin thing. So, if anything, I'll wait a year or two and probably trade it in for another. Hopefully GM won't come out with a "new model" by then. Oh yeah, since the autobody shop left both control arms and rack in the back of my truck, I welded the two control arms together and will return them to the dealer tommorrow. I guess the devil made me do it. Yawl have a good hair day now.

  • I remember in some of the old messages that the BBB would figure in any mods in an official Lemon Buyback. Of course Lemon Laws vary from state to state. If you go directly through Chevy, it is probably negotiable (as everything is).
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    same thing dealer said when asking if I was interested in a '01 model. Even offered to transfer mods from old to new.

    Checked my state's Lemon Law and doesn't have anything relating to the subject of modifications...maybe an attorney might help on this one. Even though it could be negotiated, don't know if I would want to start all over again and order the damn things. Cause I know I couldn't live with the truck in stock form. Too much fun afterall the mods as it takes on its own personality, so to speak...
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    weld 'em together eh? are a sick man....that's why we get along so darn good!

    ..sounds like something I would do...


    - Tim
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    the face of the service advisor. He asked if the control arms were welded together when I found them in the truck. I told him I guess so cause I didn't touch those things since they were dirty. So he assumed that the auto body shop did it to prevent someone from trying to use it on another vehicle. I told him that was a great idea and left. It was kinda heavy though cause one control arm isn't too bad, but two welded together starts to get a little clumsy and heavy.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    would have used them on another truck they get what they deserve...

    - Tim
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Good one Dean. Thats so funny

  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    included. In Wisconsin, under the state lemon law, the cost of any accessories or modifications will not be reimbursed to the owner. So with this info, I'm seeking a replacement truck (2001). Still waiting to hear back from the BBB (was told approx. 2 weeks)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You were told two weeks from the time the BBB received your letter? If so, that's pretty quick.
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    received a call from the BBB today. They are working on scheduling a hearing the week of August 28th. I originally had contacted them on July 24th. So, I would say they are responding fairly quick. I would imagine that GM will try to contact me prior to the hearing, should prove to be interesting.
  • Has anyone heard about buybacks on 2000 4x4, shortbeds? How about frame modifications on the 2001 models? It seems to me that if they made modifications on the 2001's, then they are saying that the 2000's were built wrong or faulty..
  • I think they will argue it is not a fix to the frame merely an "improvement". Otherwise they would be admitting a defect and the flood gates would open. Kinda like Firestone tires.
    Therefore, they will say nobody is really entitled to it retroactivly or through a buy back.
    <<A HREF="">>;
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Has anybody filed their BBB complaint through the BBB website? I have tried this, and I hope it wasn't a mistake! I have thought about it and realized that I don't have any way of knowing for sure if they have received it, or if they are doing anything with it. How long should I wait before calling to check?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    confirm that they did receive the letter. For the additional piece of mind. I'm sure they check their site daily. If not they could probably let you know when to call back.
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Give the BBB a call, I called 4 days after mailing the claim form to make sure they received it. Also, I was notified yesterday for my hearing on Aug. 29th, I would imagine GM will be calling soon! I'll keep everyone posted as it should get interesting quick.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    How did they notify you? By phone, mail, email?
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    URL for their website?
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    The BBB contacted me by phone. Will be sending some papers in the mail with map to hearing location.

    Don't have the URL, search for Better Business Bureau should get you there.
  • To file my BBB claim. Also when you get your paperwork from them you can fax it back instead of mailing. I did. The fax number is on the form.
    BTW settled with GM on a "Trade Back". Dealer is attempting to locate a 01...

  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    are they locating a vehicle to your specs? Or could you order a truck like you had(hopefully without all of the problems)?
  • Said they would locate. The BBB said they were sending me an agreement in writing that stated GM would comply in 45 days... I guess if they don't find one just like mine in 45 days they will give me one with more options...since they wont let me order...and there are not many GMCs out there. Only one in 300 airmiles of my dealer that was leather. It was completly Loaded $31,000.

    <<A HREF="">>;
  • Hang in there and don't give up. Gm will try to get you upset, hoping you'll give up or give into them and their demands. They even tried to say that I said my truck was fixed and ok. That was far from right and I WON my case through the BBB. My truck even QUIT on the way back from the BBB meeting (only 35 miles from home). Had to have it towed into a dealership for another repair. This time ignition module @ 12000 miles!!! Are the trucks really this bad or is mine just a lemon?
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    url for Better Business Bureau is
    I think after mine is repurchased, I'll buy a 2000 Firebird and a 96 or so truck. I can get a brand new Firebird for about $16,000, and after checking the Firebird thread on TownHall, with only two complaints from over 400 posts, I think I'll have alot less problems (hopefully!).
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Can you give us the details on your buyback? Like you said, GM called and told me that since the tires are not the ones the truck was originally delivered with, that they were no longer responsible. She seemed to be more interested in finding a loop-hole than in judging whether or not there was actually something wrong with the truck. When I told her that the dealer fit a set of tires from a truck on their lot, and it still vibrated, she told me that they should not have done this, and asked why they did. I told her that GM specifically told them to do this. She said she would have to check on that, but that she was denying a buy-back. Big shocker there. Unfortunately, I read the BBB stuff, and according to the literature, the best I could do through abritration would be purchase price minus any rebates minus a milage charge based on the milage at the abritration hearing. No refund for taxes, tags, etc. Based on these figures, the best I could get would be about $18,770 on a truck I paid $21,652 with extended warranty ($470)(sticker of $23,200), plus $850 excise tax and $100 for tag for a total cost of 11,000 miles and 9 months of ownership of $3,832. NADA lists a retail value of $19,900 for a '99 with 24,000 miles on it and equipped like mine! And I'm supposed to take $18,770 and be happy? This is ridiculous.
  • If you trade it in for another one, maybe a 2001 or a 2500, I wonder if you will have to repay the taxes?? Might have to pay on the difference in price maybe? I don't know, but it looks like it might save you 800 bucks or so. Still not a great deal for a defective truck, I agree. As you can tell, it's best to get they to buy it back with low mileage. The only things that count are - the price of the vehicle - if you can get them to buy it back - and how much mileage is on the truck. You don't get any credit for aggrevation or doing without your truck while it's in the shop. As a matter of fact, you don't get any credit for the possible hundreds of miles the dealership drove your truck to test the vibration fixes.
  • bob332bob332 Posts: 137
    I appreciate the information provided on this topic. I know very little about the process of "buybacks and the lemon law." I am not even considering it and hope I do not have to consider it. My 00 up to this point has had only a few of what I consider minor problems and nothing major. (I better knock on some wood) I can certainly understand the frustration that some of you are going through. At the same time it appears that when it is all said and done that it is not a very good deal for the truck owner. I guess it comes down to just how bad the individual truck is with down time, repair time, frustration, etc., etc. for one to decide to go through the process, then take a financial hit at the end. Power to you!!! Have any idea on what the success rate is for truck owners in these decisions? GM will not provide, Would the BBB have and share this information? Keep us posted. Good Luck. Bob
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