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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • JW-R, does your 2001 make the thud only the forst shift of each day? And is it louder when colder outside?
    Just curious.
  • Okay, I see that the people on this forum are knowledgeable Honda owners. I have owned my 2000 Honda Odyssey for about 7 years now. Prior to owning this Honda I owned an Accord for about 6 years. My Odyssey is becoming less of an Odyssey now that I am having transmission problems. I have taken good care of the car, but in the last year and a half the missing in the transmission has repeatedly gotten worse and the engine light stays on all the time now. I cannot even pass emissions because of it. I noticed in some future posts some of you have had Honda replace the transmission. How? I received no communications from Honda or the dealer of such problems. Is there anything I can do now to get Honda to honor any previous recalls to this problem?

    - 2000 Odyssey
    - Approx 138K miles on the vehicle

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Check the transmission issue section

    then go further to find settlemet by input VIN no. to check if your car is in the list.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    I think most examples of a transmission failing after a fluid flush, is due to the high mileage on the fluid before it was changed. Change the fluid every 30-50k miles and you should be okay.
  • Thanks for the information. I spoke with Honda and they agreed to help with the repair suprisingly, but I am not sure if it is help. They are telling me it would cost me $2700.00 to install a new transmission at the dealer. Is this a good deal or should I press the issue further? The dealer misdiagnoised the issue from the beginning and I feel they should participate in the repair. They want to charge me $732.60 to install the new assembly. Should I try to get them to participate in the repair?

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    What did the settlement say? Did it include labor, car rental? If your VIN is inside the settlement then read the fine prints before calling.
  • transprobtransprob Posts: 11
    Honda Odyssey and Pilots from 2000-possibly 2005 or 2007 have had numerous transmission problems and can lock up and cause crash. See NHTSA-ODI. If you have a problem with your Honda transmission you can report it @ and report it to Honda at 1800-999-1009. If they will not replace a defective transmission then report to the Better Business Bureau.
  • transprobtransprob Posts: 11
    Have you heard back to Honda? I talked to Jose also. He would not offer any help. Honda is aware of their transmission problem, but apparently unwilling to make it right. You can report the transmission problem at and also to the Better Business Bureau. If there are enough complaints, maybe another class action law suit will make Honda do the right thing--replace all the defective transmissions. I have 2 Hondas and I was a loyal Honda customer, but with one failed transmission and a 2nd on the way, I will never buy Honda again. When Toyota realized that one of their vehicles' body rusted prematurely they showed INTEGRITY and bought back all of the vehicles affected regardless of their milege or wear and tear. That is what I want a company that stands behind their product and is willing to make it right when there is a problem. Honda knows there is a problem with their transmission, but wont do anything to make it right.
  • We are seriously considering a 2009 Ody. I currently drive a 1999 Ody. Honda paid for two new transmissions in it. One at 25,000 & one at 121,000 miles. The Ody currently has 233,000 miles on her. She ain't pretty but she still gets me where I want to go. I commute over 100 miles round trip in her daily. Honda stood by the faulty transmissions. 2005 and beyond transmissions do not seem to have the problems the 99-04 models did.
  • transprobtransprob Posts: 11
    Any more info on the lawsuit? It is so wrong that Honda will not replace all of these faulty transmissions. You can file a complaint at and the Better business bureau, maybe someone will do something about Honda's lack of integrety.
  • transprobtransprob Posts: 11
    Honda would not stand behind my 2003 Honda transmission problem. I am contacting an attorney about a class action lawsuit. Honda may have in the past helped, but even though I had my serviced by a dealer they would not do anything to help. If they continue this there reputation will decline. They just need to replace any of the faulty transmissions.
  • jw_rjw_r Posts: 10
    One at 25K and one at 121K? Wow Honda is less reliable than GM- not reassuring.

    What kind of warranty did you get on your transmission replaced at 25K?

  • transprobtransprob Posts: 11
    Too bad Honda still will not fix these transmissions. They are dangerous and can lock up and cause crashes. Toyota owned up to a rust problem that didnt even pose a safety issue like the Honda transmission. They bought all the rusted vehicles back for more than they were worth to keep customers happy and keep their good reputation. At least they care about integrity. Honda has much to be desired in the area of integrity. I'm looking into trading both my Hondas in for Toyota, since they are willing to go beyond their obligation to the customer and care about their customers.
  • pinewoodpinewood Posts: 3
    I am also a victim of the transmission issue. In 2004 recall, Honda changed my transmission for some other issue. Now I have a transmission issue. The engine goes off whenever I wait for a signal or stop at stop sign. I have owned so far 2 accords, one odyssey and one civic. I tried to reach out to Honda for this problem and they were ready to change transmission for $2800. Even if I change, the problem may not go away unless Honda gives me 5 year/100,000 miles warranty on transmission. Hence I have changed my plan. No more Honda's in my life any more. I went and bought a Ford Fusion instead of civic. No more odyssey. I will run this odyssey until it dies and think about changing the transmission and selling it. One workaround for my problem: Change it to Neutral or Park when you stop. Technically you need to drive like a semi automatic. Good Invention Honda. You deserve an innnovation award of the year.
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    I had my transmission replaced about 9 months ago in my 2002 at the dealership, you can find my story in this forum, so I won't repeat it. But I paid $3000 and they said it included a 3yr/36k mile warranty. My wife just called and said the transmission stalled. Sounds like I am on my way for my 2nd replacement.
  • I am joining the club too. My Honda Odyssey broke down after 97K miles on my trip to Charlotte, NC. I drove @350 miles from Detroit and TR failed on I77 Near Parkersburg, WV. Very dissatisfied by the Dealer Service who first told me that it is under warrenty. Took advantage of my situation and end up paying $3200 total.. I called few friends who owns Odyssey.. they reported the same issues on their vehicle too. One was broken down @27K and the other was @78K miles on Vacation trip. Just called the customer care but no help... NO MORE HONDA IN MY LIFE NOW..
  • dzturtledzturtle Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Odyssey with the same issue; died this weekend. They are offering me 25% and now I am having to send documentation, etc. Did you have to fight to get the 60/40 split??? I had complained in 2003 twice and then again in 2007 and 2008. I am so frustrated! I am about the 6th person I know that has had issues. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
  • fuhondafuhonda Posts: 1
    Single owner of 2002 Odyssey, have kept up on ALL mantinence. Three weeks ago learned our transmission has suffered a "total failure" and needs to be replaced. It failed just shy of 80,000 miles! I was so pissed, called dealer and arranged a meeting with factory rep. as the fix was going to be around $5,000. Factory rep was a tool and a total weasel who said verbatim, "...if I pay 100% on your replacement, I will have to do it for everyone." Well, isn't that the point dude, you have a nationwide issue, stand behind your work! I told him that one way or another I will get this covered, either by him or once the NEXT class action goes forward. Just tell me where to sign up. Until then, it sits in the garage, I refuse to spend a cent of my money of this crap.
  • I just discovered this Honda Odyssey transmission issue today as my 2003 Odyssey started having problems this weekend. The transmission is slipping and stuttering like many others have described in this forum. Took the car to the local dealer and I'm told that it will cost me $4,202 (labor $968, parts $2,737, alignment after the work $104, replace motor mounts $392)! I don't have the extended warranty. :( However, I did do the scheduled transmission fluid replacement at 31k and 65k. In addition, it was included in the 04-021 Transmission recall and the Oil Jet Kit was added. I'm going to start calling the different Honda dealers in the area and American Honda to see if I can get it replaced. I am so glad that I found this forum. It will give me some ammo for my "discussion" with the dealer.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Still so many consumers buy this van. I traded in 07 Odyssey after 7 months ownership. Tansmission failure in less than 100k is a joke. Though the tranny did not act up in my short 7 months owned the Ody, soft brake issue, different kind of noises (wind, road, accelerator) are 2 major things on my decision to dump my Ody. Anyway I feel you guys pain.
  • jw_rjw_r Posts: 10
    I forced Honda to pay 50% of everything because I found the leak at 105K, but I didn't take it to Honda until 113K. I didn't know the warranty was extended to 109K and thought it was already out of warranty-rats!!!! Otherwise I would have taken it in at 105K and I would have forced them to pay the whole thing.

    You just have to be really persistent- I was for the last 2 months. Honda offered 0% at first, then 25% of $3400, then 25% of $2800, and now 50% of $2800 (see below).

    Costs Honda gave me:
    Tranny + Torque Converter: = $1801.13
    Fluid = $65.82
    Clips = $8.72 + $1.22
    Labor = $925

    Total = $2801.89

    After 50% discount

    Total = $1400.95

    I am really annoyed at Honda's inferior to Toyota quality and perhaps this is the last Honda I will own.

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    .... You just have to be really persistent- I was for the last 2 months. Honda offered 0% at first, then 25% of $3400, then 25% of $2800, and now 50% of $2800 (see below). ....

    This shows Honda was trying NOT TO PAY for failure of Honda product(s).
  • As an update to my post #1025 ...

    I spoke to my local dealer and complained about the number of problems I've found online, mentioned the talk of class action lawsuits and that I've seen posts that Honda has offered "Goodwill" warranties. I also explained that I have my records showing that I flushed the transmission fluid at 31k and 65k. The dealer said that he would call Honda for me to see if they would pay for the replacement. A few hours later he called me back saying that Honda would cover 75% of the replacement. So I will be paying $1,155 for a re manufactured transmission and a new "computer". This is much better than the $4,202 that they quoted me first.

    In addition, my good friend who has a 2002 Honda Odyssey took their car in today with transmission problems. I told them about what I found on this forum and they got the same deal as well - Honda is paying 75%.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    Good For You!

    Hope the other Ody owners have the same luck dealing with this tranny problem.
  • vanmom6vanmom6 Posts: 12
    I had no idea about the Honda transmission problems or ext. warranty UNTIL my Odyssey started having trouble last week. PO 740 code. TCS light on. Check Engine light. Slipping. Now they tell me I need a new transmission. Asked if I qualified for the "silent warranty". Who knows about "silent warranties"? Sounds like Honda is trying to get away with a design problem that should have been recalled..... Called Honda American. My car has 94k miles (under the 100K) but I've had it 6 months past the ext. warranty. 99 months- (warranty for 93 months and/or 100k). I bought a Honda so I wouldn't have these kinds of problems. Honda said I can file a claim and then be assigned a case manager, but I have to get the car to a Honda dealership, pay them to diagnose it, and then wait for an investigation. My husband is starting a business after having been laid off recently, we have 4 kids! Has anyone been successful at getting Honda to do the right thing AFTER the ext. warranty has expired??? Do I have a chance or should I just pay at the local transmission shop?
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    If you go back through the thread you'll find a lot of useful information on this topic.

    I don't know the answer to your question, however many people have had good luck with Honda paying for some if not all of the transmission after the warrantee expires.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Honda still needs to do it on their pace, not yours
    so go ahead to follow the proper procedure, file a claim and then be assigned a case manager... and see what Honda offers

    Did you check the VIN# whether your Ody is under the Honda transmission settlement?

    You can borrow or rent a car for the time being.
  • vanmom6vanmom6 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the advice. Yes, my "01 Odyssey is under the transmission settlement. I just hate to have to fight for Honda to take responsibility. I've read the thread... do using words like "class action law suit" "design problem" "goodwill warranty" help?
  • After 3 weeks (last visit only) and 2 transmissions (and 4 other visits to the dealer) I have now been told this thud is "normal" in 2002 Odysseys. Does anyone else have a 2002 Odyssey? Please tell me if you get a loud thud (as if the trans fell out of the car!) from park to reverse the first time you start the car each day.

    I need some info to fight with.
  • vanmom6vanmom6 Posts: 12
    I did take my Odyssey to the Honda dealership. Tech told me what I already knew- need new transmission. Kept asking if I'd had it serviced by Honda. Kept telling him "no, but here are all my records." I now have a case # with Honda American and waiting to see what they say... in the meantime I'm borrowing other moms' vans to carpool my 4 kids around. They don't mind- I've let them borrow my Honda while there Fords, Town and Countries, Mercury ...vans were in the shop. I'll post when I hear from Honda!...
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