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2K Ford Explorer Sport Trac's - III

meredithmeredith Posts: 577
edited March 2014 in Ford
This topic is a continuation of Topic 2031....

2K Ford Explorer Sprt Trac's - II. While I am
having some reservations about "Explorer" topics in
the Pickups forum, for the moment please continue
these discussions here.

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  • dberndtdberndt Posts: 45
    "Bigtoe52 writes:
    How can anyone tell if a tire is overinflated or
    underinflated if it is blown out!"

    Bigtoe52, I wonder the same thing. But I can better understand how they find the problem in tire tread and such. It's the cause of the wildfires out west that has me baffled. I heard on the news it was started by a grasshopper. How the F(*&? is that even possible to determine? Very strange.

    Tc rider - are you in Atlanta, GA? What color combo did you order? The sales managers couldn't believe that it said $75,000 as a base price.
    I guess this is gonna be interesting when I go fight for my price.

    And, wow, I am the first one to post in the 4th (i think its the 4th) topic on ST!
    This has been a good place for info everyone. Keep up the communications.
  • fmurrayfmurray Posts: 7
    I'm close to putting down a deposit on a ST that's currently inbound and due in about 4 weeks. I initially requested one with the limited slip 4.10 differential and the single cd player.

    This one has the regular 4.10 axle but has the 6 cd changer. After reading a bit here I think I'd like to have the 6 cd Pioneer 290 watt system and subwoofer. So my questions are:

    I don't plan any off road excursions but should I hold out for the LS axle for wet roads and/or future resale value?

    And, In case it turns out to be the old system... How does the non Pioneer 6 cd system sound compare to the regular single cd system? (ie: same speakers and power but just adds the changer?)

    Someone mentioned that some 16 inch Firestones have seperated. Does anyone have a link to more info about these tires?

    thanks! Fred
  • Tc rider - are you in Atlanta, GA? What color
    combo did you order? The sales managers couldn't
    believe that it said $75,000 as a base price.
    I guess this is gonna be interesting when I go
    fight for my price.

    Reply: I'm in Raleigh, NC and I'm dealing with Crossroads Ford. It's a huge place but I think my audiophile system slipped through the cracks. I may refuse delivery if it comes without the audio system (6pack w/subwoofer).

    I ordered a Red with Grey leather, 2WD, all the bells and whistles except the moonroof.

    The DORA is supposed to be the official doc between Dealer and Ford, yet it appears that foulups are not unusual, ie: $75,000 base price.
  • bart11bart11 Posts: 3
    I didn't feel good about the Firestone tires either and Ford wouldn't do anything about replaceing them. So I went to my local tire dealer Les Schwab ( a chain in the Northwest) and they said that Firestone authorized them to prorate any size Firestone tire if the customer was not happy. So they gave me a trade in of $88.00 per tire when I purchased new ones. If one company can do this, why can't Ford? Anyway, Les Schwab's will replace any size Firestone tire.
  • I understand the importance to share information, especially where the STs would be affected. But, please consider taking the detailed dramatics to a new topic. It makes it easier on the folks reading all 600+ posts all night long. ;) Thanks.

    Switching the subject:
    When I ordered the ST on 6/27 it already reflected the updated pricing for the *upgraded* stereo and the transmission. If you were quoted the lower price before the change, it is doubtful you were getting the upgraded stereo with the amp and extra speakers/subwoofer, just the 6 CD changer with the 4 speakers. Remember, as some others actually recommend, you always have the option to go with the base model and spend the money you save on an aftermarket system with exactly what you want. I think you'll have better luck on negotiating the price of the transmission since the configuration really didn't change than with the stereo where they've added to the option.

    I am pretty sure whatever wording is included in the contract you signed has a clause about changes by the *manufacturer* which fall outside the control of the dealer. It stinks to feel stuck with the short end of the deal. But if you can establish a rapport with the folks you're dealing with as a genuine and fair kind of person rather than trying to stick it to 'em just to walk out $xxx dollars down then you'll have a better chance of working out a *fair* arrangement.

    You know, one could say that if we all weren't so keen to squeeze the profits down on our vehicles they could afford to put better tire on 'em. :)(Oops, is it gonna start gettin' kinda hot in here?) Please note the smilies!
  • When you open the driver's door on my Sport Trac, and look down on the door sill, you see a black plastic nameplate that says "Mercury."

    I would guess it's supposed to say "Ford."

    Guess it must be the same assembly line as Mercury Mountaineers, and somebody on the assembly line pulled a part out of the wrong box.

    The corresponding part on the passenger door is okay. Just the driver's door got the wrong one.

    If trucks were like postage stamps, I'd have a great collector's item. But they aren't, so I think I'll make them replace it.

    I'll do it along with the gas door. But I think I'll wait till somebody says they've figured out how to fix the gas door. Mine is rubbing the paint off.

    BTW, would somebody please repost the toll-free number to call to ask for a tonneau cover at the less-expensive original-equipment price rather than ordering from the dealer's parts dept?
  • nuthnfree: Unless you receive the letter for the tonneau cover offer, you cannot order it. It all depends on when you ordered your vehicle as to whether or not you will get the letter.
  • fmurrayfmurray Posts: 7
    I thought I read somewhere that the Sport Tracs were not being registered correctly?

    Is it a Truck or a SUV?

  • We live in NY and ours was registered as a truck and we received commercial plates, but over the weekend I seen a ST with non commercial plates. The dealer told us that because the ST has bed in the back it is classified as a pick-up truck. I'm now confused after seeing the ST with non commercial plates because we could have saved ALOT of money registering the ST with regular plates.
  • rb125rb125 Posts: 28
    It's small pickup truck with a passenger cab and an open cargo box on a frame. The 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac is based on a stretched Explorer SUV chassis and share about 80% of the same parts with the Explorer.
  • Hi to all,
    My st was registered as an "explorer wagon"
    I do not know how the st is classified as a wagon, but the dealer was the one who transfered the registration. Also, does anyone know about the "HT" tires?? I would like to trade the HT's in for a better tire even though they are not part of the recall.
    I am sending the truck in to have a rattle in the front wheel well looked at. Truck is to new to have a rattling noise already.
    Still love the st.
    Thanks to all of you for your post's.
  • They just informed me that yes, they are installing the wrong radio. Today's is the first day of my build week.

    The dealer just admitted they ordered the standard radio instead of the audiophile system. And they said they can't get it corrected now.

    This really torgues my [non-permissible content removed], cause I started calling a few weeks ago with my concerns and they blew me off.

    They offered to "try" to get one and install it at the dealership. I told them no thanks.

    I've got a truck that runs now with no car payment.

    If I wanted to compromise I would have bought off the lot.

    I've cancelled my order and asked for my deposit back.

    Are all Ford Dealers idiots??
  • sporteesportee Posts: 5
    Here in Washington, I just received a pair of new plates in the mail and a letter stating that my Sport Trac was registered incorrectly when purchased, that from now on it will be registered as a truck. I was not sent a bill, just told that next year I'll have to pay more. I also just got my ST back from the Service Dept. I was told the gas door rub was fixed, to come on down and pick it up. When I got there, the gas cap was in the bed of the truck, and the door still rubbed! All they did was loosen up the door and in the process, lost one of the rubber door stoppers. Now I have a wobbly gas door that rubs and clangs when you shut it. The guy at the desk attached the plastic gas cap "leash" (don't know what it's really called) and agreed that the door still rubbed. We picked our ST up on Saturday, and were told they would check into our problem today. No one will take or return our calls in the Service Dept, so I guess we'll have to go down in person, again.
  • fmurrayfmurray Posts: 7
    Does anyone have the Ford ST Tonneau cover?

    Did it come from the factory or did the dealer installed it from their Parts Dept? If so, what did you pay?

    I'm still waiting for my dealer to inform me of the price to add one after it arrives. (He's been trying to push some other 3rd party cover, one piece and painted to match) I'd rather have the Ford advertised Tonneau cover.
  • rb125rb125 Posts: 28
    If you order and took delivery before the tonneau cover was available, you should receive a letter from Ford to order one for $590.00 (MSRP). If you order your ST now without one ($502.00 list), your parts dept. will be glad to sell you one for $1186.00...right! It's the same with the cargo cage, if order it with your ST, it list for $166.00...the parts dept. gets $351.00. The cargo cage is the same part number for the F-150 & ST.
  • robertc5robertc5 Posts: 18
    I, too, have a ST with the added "features" of a rubbing gas door and no paint on the bottom of the front set of doors. I have an appointment next week at the Ford dealer body shop to fix them both. When I showed him the doors, he just smiled and said, "Yeah, I've see that before on a number of different Ford products." He said it still had adequate paint to prevent rusting, but if it would make me feel more comfortable, he would be happy to "add a little paint." I said I would like him to do that. Regarding the gas door rub, he said that it indeed did look like a potential problem, and one not easy to fix. He could "shave off" a little of the plastic at the edge, but the paint would not be an exact match. And the door has no real adjustment capabilities. His suggested fix is to "heat it up" and then bend the hinge part to prevent any rubbing. What do you think? I don't have any reason to doubt his word, but have never heard of that type of "repair". I'll let you know if it works. Also, I have given up waiting for the hard tonneau cover. I ordered a soft one from Ford and will have it installed next week. Hope I like it.
  • If you check back in the previous posts, one forum member describes where the body shop adjusted the gas door by heating it up and reshaping it.

    Re: I give up
    You mean everything else on the vehicle was fine except for the radio, and you cancelled it? I would have taken the truck with the condition that I not pay anything for the stock system (take it off base price) and take the vehicle to a car audio shop to replace the whole thing. But, then again, I am still carpooling until mine arrives. :)
  • stnewbiestnewbie Posts: 11
    I ordered my silver frost Sport Track on July 28.
    Since it was ordered after the plant reopened will it for sure come with the hard center console instead of the removeable pouch? I definitely want the new type so wondered if I need to call my salesperson and specify that I want the new one or is that just standard now? Also do you think there will be an additional charge? I havent seen any new price quotes concerning this item. I did make a deal with the salesperson as to price of the total package but no contract.
  • dberndtdberndt Posts: 45
    On my way to pick up my ST!!!!!! It got here a week earlier than expected! YAHOOOOOOO!
  • We have been waiting since April 29 for our ST. I just called our dealer today and the inventory manager said that he spoke with the Ford regional representative today. He told her that it was embarassing to have customers wait this long for their orders. He gave her our order number and told her to step things up. I sure hope we hear something in the next couple of weeks. Ford really needs to "tighten up" and get these orders out.
    Others out there, keep in touch with your inventory managers. Make sure you keep in touch so they won't forget you. One more thing, don't change your orders once you've placed them. Our guy told us that if you do, you will start over at square one...
  • melvin7melvin7 Posts: 32
    I ordered mine 5 June, got a vin no. 8 Aug and a build date of the week of August 28. I have not got a delivery date as of yet,maybe it will happen in my lifetime. Good luck to you and thanks everybody for the good info.
  • obr123obr123 Posts: 18
    Took mine into the service dept Friday and had them examine the door. The service manager said they were ordering a new door/hinge setup. The one I had as faulty (which I already knew from reading the posts here). Evidentally they get these from a vendor. Ford (to my surprise) does not make them so it will take a little longer to get in. And he has made me an appoint with the bodyshop on the 21st to have all the door bottoms painted and the whole truck buffed out. I told him that I had found a few over spray spots on the truck since I have had it. He told me to look some more to see if I could find anything else I wanted done while they had it. So far the service dept has been really good to me. And the parts dept has been just as nice. Maybe because I've been droppin' so much $$ on the counter for mud flaps, rear window vent deflector, hidden hitch.... etc... naw....:-)
  • zack1000zack1000 Posts: 84
    stnewbie---If your Sport Trac is built in Run 2 which began in July you should get the high series console providing you ordered the Cloth or Leather Comfort Package. If you did not, you will get the pouch bag.
  • zack1000zack1000 Posts: 84
    You are in a tough spot. If you took them to court you could probably hold them to your signed contract. However, you'd have to pay attorney fees. They're probably thinking that you won't do that.

    And they're probably within their rights to sell your new Sport Trac tomorrow. The contract I'm sure doesn't list that vehicle as "yours".

    Perhaps you have an attorney friend that can write a good threatening letter or make a phone call threatening to sue. If you can bluff them to believe that you'll take legal action, they might think it's not worth it. But move quickly, because your ST might be in somebody else's garage very soon.
  • sooch40sooch40 Posts: 1
    has any one heard when the repair part for the power steering is going to be produced and ready?. ford has a bullitin out on the problem but no repair for it.
  • robertc5robertc5 Posts: 18
    I,too, think you are being taken advantage of. You have a contact and they should honor it. Between the time I ordered my St and received it, there was a price increase. The dealer did not pass it on to me. I paid just what he contract said. I know this is obvious, but you have only a few real choices. (1)Stick to your guns, but you will probably not get your ST for a while - maybe never (at least from them). (2)Ask for your deposit back and go elsewhere. Or (3) find a middle ground. Yes, you have been reasonable to agree to pay for the difference in the stereo price. But we are talking a couple hundred dollars on a $28,000+ vehicle. I would offer to split the difference and then try to get some free services - free oil changes, mud flaps, etc. But that's me, and just an opinion. Good luck!
  • rb125rb125 Posts: 28
    It's not just the dealers, it's also Ford Company (they all come from the same mold) customer focused service, staff is not courteous, (the customer is always wrong), lack prompt service, and no corporation at all. Word of mouth is the best, pass the word. I will never again spend a dime at my dealer (University Ford, Athens, GA) nor give a favorable referral. It's back to GM for me, on my next new one.
  • wpoewpoe Posts: 41
    What dealer are you dealing with? I purchased my ST at Perimeter Ford. They had to order my ST a second time because the first one was missing some of the options I requested. There was a price increase between the first and the second ST, but they stayed with the original price. Let us know

  • I tried to figure out your numbers...
    From your description it looks like the dealer is trying to charge you $229 plus the $433. If the premium system is in the truck then the $433 should replace the $229. On my DORA there is no price next to the 6CD because it is part of the upgraded "package", and therefore included. For example, if you agreed to order 16 wheels separately and then later find out that they are only available as part of an upgrade package, then your total cost should you still choose to get them would be that of the package, not the package plus the original cost of the wheels ordered separately.

    As far as the difference in price due to the new pricing on the tranmission, that just makes my head hurt...
  • bart11- which Les Schwab did you take you tires to? The one in Centralia is only offering me $60 for my non-recalled Firestones.

    I called the # left on here to request the tonneau cover and had no trouble getting the $590 price. They said they would send the appropriate info. The day before I called I went to my dealership to the parts dept. and checked on ordering a cargo cage and tonneau cover. They quoted me $354 for the cargo cage and $1,012 for the tonneau cover. Outragous!
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