Chevrolet Aveo Electrical/Lighting

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I have a 2005 hatch back aveo really like the car but have been getting the hold light coming on for no reason. Have taken the car in 2 times now to have it checked first time they told me to bring it back when the light was blinking the second time I took it in the light was blinking and they said nothing was wrong. I am sure that the hold light blinking and the tranny sticking in high gear is not a normal thing for these little cars. If I stop the car and sit for awhile and keep pushing the hold button it will go out but if i try to keep driving the check engine light starts blinking with the hold light so something must be wrong anyone else have this problem?


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    If that was my Aveo, I would start throwing around the words, 'Lemon Law'at that dealership,and then they will get off their butts and fix it. If that car is in for the same problem,especially one that can be a danger as you drive,for 3-4 times, the Lemon Law comes into play. Maybe a NEW Aveo! Or a full replacement cost. Read that book and threaten them with the lemon law,and see if they move a bit faster. This is a safety issue,and if you are still under warranty,you can use it to help you. Or call GM headquarters and file a complaint against that dealer,and go to another one. They do not want people to complain to headquarters. No,that car does not drive in 3rd gear all the time. You are ruining the engine and the transmission. So,lean on them and tell them to fix it,or replace the transmission,you dont care. Or you will start working on the lemon law angle. Thats why it was invented. To protect you. USE IT!! Get mad and insist it is a safety isse and WHEN you end up in an accident,you will sue them and GM,and you will be able to buy more than an Aveo when you collect from your lawsuit! They will move their butts fast once they know you are serious. And tell headquarters the same thing! :mad: :mad:
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    Is it just the "Hold" light blinking or is the "Hold" feature actually activated as well? Can't tell from your post whether the transmission is sticking in 3rd gear while this is occuring -- if so, the car is virtually undrivable, especially from a dead stop.

    If the operation of the transmission is normal, it's probably an electrical issue only. I have an intermittent flashing light on the same panel that doesn't affect the car's functioning.

    Not worth looking at for me since it's rare and I'm well out of warranty.
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    It is the hold light and the hold feature that is going. The car is stuck in high gear. The check engine light starts to flash also. The dealer did tell me that I would have to walk or get a taxi to get to work so I did call chevy on that deal. I didn't buy a new car to walk around. Now it seems they want to get me a rental for the day when they have time to fix it. That is suppose to be tomorrow. And yes the car is pretty much not drivable when the hold feature is active. I have to shift it manually to start off.
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    The EXACT same thing is happening to my 2005 hatchback Aveo. I took it in and they ran all of the diagnostics and still don't know what's wrong. So, they called me today and said they are going to replace the engine head (whatever that means). They said they don't know how long it's going to take since they have to special order all of the parts and they aren't sure if this will fix the problem. So, yup, pretty much stinks. :lemon: Sorry about your problem.
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    The EXACT same thing is happening to my 2005 hatchback Aveo. I took it in and they ran all of the diagnostics and still don't know what's wrong. So, they called me today and said they are going to replace the engine head (whatever that means).

    Hmmm! The engine head has nothing to do with the transmission "Hold" feature.

    Sounds more like a bad electrical connection between the console and the tranny itself.

    Good luck with the repairs -- sounds like these dealerships need MUCH better diagnostics tools.
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    From the way it looks they like to sell these they just don't have a clue when something goes wrong. If I am sent walking to work today you can bet Chevy will get a call too. This is turning into a real bad experience.
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    Well end of day 2 car will be in the shop till the end of next week they are replacing the valves on the car they said it was a known issue with chevy I dont know if that was suppose to make me feel better or not. It didn't this is rather upsetting. 10,000 miles and the valves are shot i hope at 15,000 i dont have to replace the engine. Does anyone think it would pay to call Chevy corp and ask what they will do to make this right. I am a bit sided on this as this is our families only car we traded in a car that had 230,000 miles on it and was running great this is a big let down.
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    Made the call to Chevy Corp yesterday. They are working on a solution to this car that had to have the alternator replaced at 1000 miles still has electroic problems and now the valves and head. Haven't heard back yet but will let everyone know. They seem just as upset about this mess as my wife and I am. Which goes a bit further than the dealers attitude of oh well looks like your car will be in the shop alot. That didn't cut it at all.
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    Update I am not sure if this is an update as no information from dealer or chevy. Car in the shop over a week no calls from either the dealer or Chevy Corp. Beginning to wonder.
    Any one have any ideas what to do next.
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    How did a problem with the "Hold" feature turn into replacement of the valves? Was it just something that they noticed while the car was being looked at?

    I would call GM again and follow up with a letter -- send with delivery confirmation. Document every call and letter along with service records and phone calls -- date of call, who you spoke to.

    If you continue to have problems, all this will come in handy if it gets to the point of applying the lemon law or any other legal recourse.

    This being a warranty repair, I hope the dealer gave you a loaner car, even if it's a rental that they pay for.
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    too bad your having so much trouble with your dealer he should be able to repair a hold light problem without much trouble i would suspect the switch. driving the car with the hold light on could damage the transmission if you don't shift manually. if the valves are bent and need replacing this is caused by timing belt failure, some one may be abusing your car
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    if the valves are bent and need replacing this is caused by timing belt failure, some one may be abusing your car

    On another forum for Aveos, some members have had valves replaced because they were seating improperly and were noisy.
    If I recall, there was a service bulletin for early 2004 models, but also some problems for 06 cars.

    A timing belt failure will affect the valves so severely, the car wouldn't run at all without rebuilding the head.
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    Ok this is the worse experience ever. Dealer hasn't returned calls. I finally got to talk to someone again at chevy corp. They went to a manager. They will not replace the car but found out they are rebuilding the engine. All they will do is let me trade it in for new one the transmission is still not getting fixed the electrical isnt repaired. I think at this turn I might need a lawyer i am not sure. They want to appease me with an extended warrenty which I think is just a push off to get me off the phone. I asked if this is the treatment all chinese people get when they have an issue with chevy products. I am so upset right now. The dealer finally called after chevy finally called them to let them know I was upset with not hearing from them in over a week. I am so sick of GM and to think i have been a loyal GM driver for over 20 years. I understand why people no longer want to do business with american auto makers any longer. They really don't care about the customers that drive these cars just how many they sell. Any suggestions as chevy doesn't seem to care if I push the lemon law on them. They seem to think they wont get caught with it.
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    Did the dealer give you a loaner car? If so, GO to the dealer instead of calling and ask to see what work they are performing and how much longer it will take.

    As long as you have transportation and the dealer will correct all the problems, take them up on the extended warranty.

    If you can consult with a lawyer inexpensively, it probably wouldn't hurt, but it isn't worth spending thousands at this point.

    Also, read up on your state's lemon law -- they're all different and usually it involves multiple attempts to correct the same issue, not numerous repairs of different problems.
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    I have been to the dealer alot and called alot but wasnt getting anywhere thats the reason for calling Chevy Corp. Thanks for the info on saving money on the lawyer. I am just really upset. I really dont see how trading off at this point will be a good deal one year into a loan. Seems that would be very expensive. Thanks for the quick response.
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    Sounds like thought boys down at that dealership need to get there act together.....or it's going to come back and bite them in the ...... Hope the other dealer works out for you.
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    Even with a warranty repair, you should still receive an itemized receipt detailing all the work that was performed and any parts that were replaced.

    You don't sound sure about what repairs were completed -- did you get an invoice from the dealer? "Might have done something" isn't good enough.
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    My husband and I purchased a 2007 Aveo Sedan in October 2006. We had a good car for a while, until June. On June 19th, we had to take our car to the dealership we bought it from, in Anniston, Al, because of the brake light and battery light coming on for no reason. They said nothing was wrong, it didn't do it for them, sent us home. We took it back to the same dealership June 22nd due to the lights coming on and now, in addition to that, the headlights cutting off. They kept our car Fri~Wed, we got it back that Wed, supposedly fixed. They said they replaced the fuse block, along with fixing a recall on a piece of fuel line. The car ran okay for a couple of weeks, then the lights were coming on again! I then called them to let them know, they said bring it in first thing that coming Monday morning. Being as that the lights went off and we had not had serious issues with it, we decided to go ahead on our scheduled trip that Sunday. Coming home from Atlanta down I~20 just outside of Bremen Ga, the radio goes out, the lights go out, then ALL the lights on the dash come on! All of a sudden, the car drops from 70mph to 15mph (with an 18 wheeler behind me and 3 children in our back seat!) The car starts to spit and sputter, with a bad vibration. The car then just completely quit about 2 mins after I got onto the side of the interstate. After restarting it, my husband could not drive over 21mph. This is what they call the car going into "Emergency mode". It will only run what you have to have, so we spent 2 hrs getting from Carrollton Ga to Oxford, Al. Roadside could have come and got the car, taken it to Carrollton Ga, but could do nothing with us or our children. We had no choice but to get it back as close to the dealership we bought it from as we could. We ended up having to get our children's other parents come and get them, stay in a motel overnight, and my husband miss a day of work. Come Monday morning, we take it back, for the 3rd time in less than a month, for the same problem and worse. They keep it 3 days, call and tell us there is NOTHING wrong with our car!!! Come to find out, they said this because it pulled NO CODES! By this time we are both flustered and I have filed a complaint with the BBB against the dealership's service dept. We are in contact with GM over and over again. We got our car back, GM says "take it somewhere else for a 2nd opinion" We drive to Boaz Al to another dealership. They pull no codes from the computer, BUT they did pull a history, proving something IS wrong with our car. It is losing voltage for some unknown reason, they replace the battery, but they will not attempt to try to find out where it is losing the voltage, due to them having a 2007 Chevy Aveo in their shop for 3 months and nobody, not even the engineers, being able to find the problem. Well, we let GM know what they tell us, we wait, and in the meantime, the lights come on again and again. NOW, our car is in the shop for the 5th time in just over a month, at another dealership! We are having to spend money on insurance on a rental car, but they have been kind enough to pay for the actual car rental. We have yet to hear anything from them about it, but of course our car is still in the same spot 2 days after I dropped it off and got our rental, so I am assuming they have not even attempted to look at it yet. I want to know if anyone else has had this kind of issues, and if so, has it been resolved????? What ended up being the cause of the problem? If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!!
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    Probably there is a bad wire in a wiring harness or a bad connection somewhere. From the symptoms you described, the first thing I would check is the alternator and its plug and harness. I've never met a mechanic who liked working on an intermittent electrical problem, it flusters and frustrates them too, so I think they are trying to give you the brush off. It's not how the world is supposed to work, but you'll probably have to be a pest to get the service you deserve. Maybe ask for daily updates until they resolve the problem and escalate the complaint (but not straight to BBB) if they refuse.
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    Go back and them put a 'co-pilot' into the car - it plugs into the diagnostic system under the dash and clips onto the sunvisor. When you have the problem, you push the button and it will record what is going on.

    That should finally solve the issue for you.

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    Unfortunately the type of problems reported here might not set a code in the computer if it's a bad alternator, bad ground, an intermittent short (or open circuit), or a problem with wires going through the steering column mounted switches (my guess here). The computer CAN cause these type of problems though and after thoroughly checking the electrical system, they should just swap out a computer and see if the problem goes away.
    A technician should drive the car home and around town as his personal vehicle until it malfunctions again. This can be the best way to figure out what's going on. The car may be made in Korea, but it's not impossible to troubleshoot.
    I had a customer with a Saab that had an intermittent no-start condition that was hard to figure out. We swapped vehicles for a week and on the last day I had her car, it did it's thing. I had all my test equipment in the car along with a factory trouble tree printout and ran down the list, figured it out (bad ignition module) and after fixing it she never had the problem again.
    Good luck and let us know when it's finally fixed!
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    Ok, I spoke with the service manager this morning at the dealership the Aveo is at. He says they have ordered an alternator for our car. Yes, you would think that would have been the FIRST thing that other people would have thought too, I did. The reason why I backed off that idea is because I had told one of the "technicians" it could have been the alternator and he asked me if I had went to any kind of school for mechanics! I was appalled and never the less pissed, so I refrained from comment at the time. I did in fact used to work for an auto mechanic, for almost 3 years, but I was 17 at the time, and the FIRST thing I thought about was the alternator. I also know on rare occasion, the alternator will test as good, but have a malfunction in it! Anyway, about the Lemon Law thing, NOPE! It does not apply to warranty cases! The only thing we can do to take it a step farther, if this does not fix it and GM will not do a trade~assist, is find an attorney and try to fight GM to get another vehicle! I have had it up to my eyeballs and back around with this car and the nonsense we have had to deal with. Now, WE have to fork out MORE money for insurance on the rental car to keep it longer, since the dealership doesn't even know when the alternator will even be in! Although this may seem fair to some people that we are having to pay the insurance, think about this~~~~~We also still have to pay the Aveo payment as well as the insurance on it!! We can't let the payment fall behind just because the car has been in the shop 5 times in 6 weeks. An interesting though *My Pops, who will be 95 in a cpl weeks said this to me "That car is a 4/90......4 days on the road and 90 in the shop!" I could not help but laugh, but I did think he was darn close to right!
    Oh, I did not know anything about that co~pilot thing! Also, one of the guys form the dealership (the one we bought it from) did drive our car home, but only one night, and "could not duplicate the incident"
    I will post an update when I find out something else from the dealership, and will continue when we get the cra back and see how it goes from there.
  • richard1hainesrichard1haines Member Posts: 41
    They should have an alternator in stock and if not, to you tne next day. If not, I find this story a bit fishy. :confuse:
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    it stinks of Chevrolet pie to me. :(

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    Are you sure you have to pay that rental company for insurance if you already have it?
  • richard1hainesrichard1haines Member Posts: 41
    Did you get the alternator installed? I don't think the alternator is the problem here and was a co-pilot every given to you to put in the car? :confuse:
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    I own a 2006 Aveo LT, currently no problems with the car. Love the car. Love it so much that I bought a 2007 Aveo SVM.

    One thing I notice with my new 2007 SVM is that when I depress the brake pedal, or use any accessory item (such as turning on the signals, fan, etc.) there is a dimming in the instrument panel when the lights are on at nighttime. For example at night I have the lights on (w/the instrument panel lit) and the lights dim both on the instrument panel and even the headlights briefly, then return to normal. It is not a severe dim, but it is definitely noticeable.

    My question is why would this car have this problem? I have returned it to the dealer and they gave me a very generic service bulletin that was applicable to all GM cars stating that it is a 'normal' condition. I could understand that when a lot of accessories are being used and the car is at idle that this condition could be present, but it does this even at 50 mph. In other words, it doesn't matter which speed you are driving.

    The reason I question this is that my 2006 Aveo LT does not exhibit this problem. I'm wondering if the reason for this is that the SVM does not have air conditioning, and that there is some different setup in the electrical. I even called the dealer and they confirm that both cars have an 85-amp alternator/500 battery. So what gives?

    I'm wondering if ordering an SVM with the A/C provisions kit would fix the problem, or does the vehicle simply have to have A/C in order for this issue not to be noticeable. Or, maybe I have a faulty alternator or the alternator is weak? Any suggestions would be helpful, particularly owners of SVM's that might exhibit the same problem.

  • ilaveoilaveo Member Posts: 26
    I don't have the prblem on mine. It sounds like a voltage regulation issue. My first theory would be that the (belt on the?) alternator slips just a little when the load increases putting you on 12V battery power for a split second. Somehow after a split second the pulley (or whatever) on the alternator gets back up to speed and puts you back at the usual approximately 14V. Make sure you document the problem at the dealership in case you run into problems down the road.
  • bry1023nybry1023ny Member Posts: 2
    Do you have the SVM Aveo or an LS or LT? Thanks.
  • ilaveoilaveo Member Posts: 26
    SVM w/AC provision but no AC.
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    HI, please help me figure out how to remove the headlight assebbly in order to change the turn signls light bulb. I tried following the manual's instruction (Remove 3 bolts, pull assembly out) and it didn't work, the headlight is stuck in and the bumper is in the way of the assembly comming out, now i have scraped the paint off of the top of the bumper trying to pull the headlight out and need to remove it to touch up under there and work on my signal bulb. any idea?
  • flaaveoflaaveo Member Posts: 161
    This is a new car..and has a warranty I assume...why are YOU changing a dead bulb? Make the dealer do it! Thats why you have a warranty. I have an 2006 and the headlights just slide right they obviously made it more difficult on the 2007 SEDAN. It took some wiggling to get mine out to put in SilverStar bulbs to get some bright white light out of them. But they came out easy. I thought I was going to scratch the bumper to..but at the last moment the light assembly came out. And it turns out they dont have to be re-aimed! I found that out. Hope by now you have it replaced.
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    Good advise with the car still under warranty. Also remember to never touch the new bulb, or at least wipe off with alcohol if your fingers come in contact to preserve the life span of the bulb. If the assembly is a tight fit and it may scratch the bumper surface, use masking tape over the painted area's but remove promptly afterwards.
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    G'day all, first off i would like to say my wife purchased in march 06 a Holden Barina, i think it's your version of a 2007 ls Aveo sedan, she loves it and i have now found out it badged a Holden Barina, Daewoo Gentra & now a Chevy Aveo, our aussie version of this great little car does not come with a lot of the accessories that you get in America and i was hoping that someone on this forum would be kind enough to track down a parts supplier for 1.The driving lights and surrounds in the front bar, 2. the rear spoiler for the sedan, any rtesponse would be greatly appreciated as these add ons would make her little sexy car even sexier. Cheers all, :)
  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    I can't say off hand though there have been other website listed in the Aveo forums. Did you look at all the Aveo topics listed. Also you can do a search for Aveo parts/accessories and see what comes up.
  • kennyk1kennyk1 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for that poncho167, didn't have any luck with the google search, if you know the contact details of a chevy dealer in the states i can contact them direct, just need to find a dealer that will ship internationly, Your 2007/8 Aveo seems to be to new to be able to find any parts for from auto stores online so i think a New car dealer that sells them should be able to get parts for them. If anyone else reading this forum can assist with a contact please do.
    Cheers kennyk1
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    My Aveo Sedan started doing the same battery and parking brake lights turning on while driving. Took it in the first time and of course the lights didn't come on. I was taking it in for servicing(Oil-change, tire-rotation, etc.) when the lights came on again as I pulled it into the dealership. They took a look and found that the alternator shorted out. It'll be in the shop overnight while they order the alternator.
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    I have a 2007 Aveo Hatchback that I have adored from the day I purchased it. Unfortunately, some minor things have happened since ownership that are causing me to suspect that I may have an electrical issue. Here is an outline of various events.

    1. When we bought the vehicle the dome light flickered and had to be replaced;
    2. Alarm went a bit wacky and at one point reset itself, locking all four doors while the vehicle was on and warming up in my driveway;
    3. Chevy recently replaced my air conditioning unit because of a "dirty feet" smell and a few days later I went to get into my car and while it was completely turned off the air conditioner/heater turned on by itself. The same thing continued to happen intermittently without cause or warning.

    As of the day of this writing my car is in the shop for evaluation. I was just informed that a bulletin just came out about the "dirty feet" smell and they are awaiting the part. As for the air conditioner/heater fan turning on while the vehicle is off, well lets just say that unless Chevy can dupilicate that the problem will not be fixed.

    Please let me know if any of you have had any strange things go on in your vehicle.

  • wheelmanwheelman Member Posts: 52
    If you get an electrical disturbance (eg. Check Engine Light) in your Aveo,
    Go to 1st choice: Any Chevrolet service center;
    2nd choice: Any GM dealership (Buick Pontiac,Cadillac.)
    3rd choice: Any other car dealer. Why? Because the diagnostic equipment for reading codes is standardized throughout the industry. And all dealers should have the basic diagnostic equipment to gather and troubleshoot the computer codes.

    When you arrive at a dealership with a "Check Engine Light" on
    DO NOT TURN THE ENGINE OFF!! Codes are stored in a volatile memory which needs electricity to retain those trouble codes. Turning your engine off may stop the flow of electricity to that memory causing the codes to disappear and then you...and the service technicians are SOL. (squat outta luck)

    You can buy your own basic trouble code readers from stores like Advance, Autozone, Pep Boys and WalMart. With a quality code reader you can capture, read and save the codes. Take the codes to your Chevy service people which gives them a place to start with the repair.

    Merry Christmas....
    .....and Peace on the highways

    The WheelMan
  • buscemibuscemi Member Posts: 9
    this should not happen. i am a backyard mechanic. I just lost my ford escort....SOB SOB. It was doing this towards its end of life. It is indicative of a timing belt issue. If i stop at lights the lights would dim. If at higher speeds then it would not die or lessen in light in tensity. 85 amps should not do this. keep bringing it in until THEY fix. tell them to show you any of the other cars in the lot doing this all the time then you will back off. If not goto court. Check out neil Chyet , handle on the law website.
  • jeeperscreepjeeperscreep Member Posts: 1
    there is an alarm or something going off in my 04 aveo.
    it is a chirping sounds like it is coming from the central dash area.
    it will go off once, then again in 45 seconds
    then after 4 minutes it does it two times again in 45 seconds.
    It stays on this pattern.
    I don't know if it is a warning alarm of some seat belt, door ajar, fluid low or what
  • timsehtimseh Member Posts: 24
    That sounds like the seatbelt warning to me. Is the warning light on?
  • wave54wave54 Member Posts: 211
    I have an 04 also and I've never heard any sort of alarm or chirping sound. To my knowledge, there is no audible seatbelt warning on this model year.
  • luckinsluckins Member Posts: 63
    Actually, on my 2004 Aveo, there is a seatbelt warning chime when I have the key in the start position. I often have the seatbelt off with the car running while I'm checking things out. It chimes for about 10 seconds and then goes off. It shouldn't stay on continuously or keep coming back on. Maybe my car's unique. ;)
  • bayoubilly74bayoubilly74 Member Posts: 10
    I have an 07 Aveo sedan that I bought new. I've had it about 6 weeks or so. I love the car but have had a problem similar to what you mentioned. Each morning when I start the car prior to going to work, all of the "warning lights" on the dash light up as usual. No big deal. Problem is, the "parking brake" light and the "battery" light both stay on for about 3 minutes or so after the other lights have gone off.

    I took it to my Chevy dealer and left it with them. When I went back to get it, they told me that the lights did not do what I described. On the ticket they wrote "could not duplicate" and that was it. I have noticed that the problem with the lights only happens in the morning when I first crank up the car. Makes me wonder if this is connected to the engine being cold? Any advice?


    by the way, the tech tried to tell me that the car's computer was "running a test" and that it could be normal....yeah right, nice try
  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    This is probably not it, but I recently read in a local paper auto question column that engine/brake trouble lights can also be triggered by the emergency brake lever between the seats on several different brand cars. If it is not pushed down and deactivated all the way it could trigger warning lights not related to the brakes.
  • luckinsluckins Member Posts: 63
    I think my dome light bulb burned out on my 2004 Aveo. Has anyone had any experience with changing that light on this car? How do you get the cover off without breaking it? Is it hard to change?

    It was working one minute and broken the next.
  • luckinsluckins Member Posts: 63
    Nevermind. I figured it out and it was very, very easy and the light was not burned out. All is working again. If anyone wants to know about this, please let me know.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Member Posts: 161
    My 2006 Aveo has an odd color starting on the headlight covers. They are NOT getting dull, like so many older cars with plastic lens covers. It is developing a 'rainbow' look to the side of each headlight, where the turn signal is located. You know, the look of gas when it is floating on water. That kind of 'rainbow' look. I don't know if it is because of the daytime running lights, that are on ALL the time?? Or is there a problem starting in the plastic cover?? Does anyone else have this issue? I am going to take it in to my dealer as soon as I can. But that could be weeks. So I figured I would ask if anyone else has this going on.
    It is obviously covered, I hope, by the warranty, I only have 9,500 miles on it! BUT, I just wanted to know if this is a common problem or do I have an odd one? :confuse:
  • cstreetcstreet Member Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue. I replaced the light, but still nothing. I'd appreciate any help.
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