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Chevrolet Aveo Electrical/Lighting



  • Thanks, you give me a clue! I found it and, by now, solve the problem. The sensor contact is in the tip of the lock. I close the lock manually and then close the door with some wire in the inside to avoid it to be open from the outside. Hope this can help to others.

    Best Regards and thanks for the help!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    Great---I was worried that messing with the lock might trip your alarm but apparently not.

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  • tventtvent Posts: 17
    I just took my 2005 Aveo 5 SVM to a Chevy Dealership Service Department in Virginia because of an unknown engine noise at 41,xxx miles. An independent mechanic diagnosed an alternator problem so I'm getting a second opinion. Anyway I took it in and started asking about my powertrain warranty and they said I have none because it did not start until 2007 model year. I had to show them the 2005 Aveo literature stating the 5yr 60,000 powertrain warranty. Even if it is not covered under the powertrain warranty, doesn't this seem suspicious that they told me that I have no powertrain warranty? I feel disappointed by this experience so far.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sounds like they aren't very knowledgible. Any warranty work that they would do would be reimbursed anyway.
  • tventtvent Posts: 17
    You are right, I guess I should not expect so much from a Chevy Dealership Service Department. I am still waiting to hear what they tell me is making the noise. I will post an update soon.
  • tventtvent Posts: 17
    Dealership confirmed failed alternator and replaced with $100 deductible and "Goodwill" warranty due to low miles. I am still wondering if this repair should have been covered under warranty? The only issue yet to be addressed by any dealership is the front suspension noise this car has made since new. "Unable to duplicate" the noise is always listed on the receipt, yet the first uneven surface I drove over in the dealership's lot today, when picking up the car, duplicated the noise.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I hope you meant this Chevy service department. They are not all the same just like the complaints Toyota is known for in their service department.
  • nelsagrnelsagr Posts: 1
    Can't believe no one had the sence to check the alternator. These car are manufacuted with a defective alternator.
  • I've checked the fuse and replaced the bulb but still no dome light .Can you help me with this problem.
  • I have the same problem - lightbulb and fuse are both good and yet the light wont turn on. Did you ever figure it out? I would appreciate your time in responding. Happy holidays.
  • I forgot what I did to fix this problem, but I think all I did was take the bulb out and put it back in. I haven't had a problem since.
  • I am having the same problem with a friends Aveo, the fuse is good but no power at the dome light. What was the solution for yours? I was thinking there may be more than one fuse or a relay but I cann't find any. Thanks.
  • luckinsluckins Posts: 63
    Hi. I don't remember what I did to fix this, but it wasn't anything major. I think I just took the old bulb out and put it back in and it started working soon after. I don't know anything else after that. I still haven't had the problem since then.
  • Thanks for the info. Mine has no power at the dome light so I figure there must be something between the fuse and light that failed. Was looking for a wiring diagram but haven't been able to find one on line. Anybody know where to find one?
  • ceh426ceh426 Posts: 1
    In the last few months I have been starting to have problems with my 2005 Aveo Hatchback. Recently my dashboard lights have gone off. It started with them going off and on every now and then, and now they are just off all together. I still have the radio and my overhead light but none of the other lights have been working for months. Anyone have an idea? Ive heard it could be the alternator possibly but have had no other mechanical issues with it.

    The other thing that I have just recently had problems with is the thermostat breaking. My husband stomped on the gas one day and right afterwards we had smoke coming out of the back and the front of the car and it overheated. Trying to find the part for it still, and I hear only the dealer can get it but should be a fairly easy fix.

    My gas door is also broken, as well as the gas door opener.

    The car was great when I first purchased it a few years ago, but I feel like its starting to become very unreliable. Who knows what kind of problems Im going to run into by the time Im done paying it off that is going to cost and arm and a leg to fix.

    The great things about it; its small and can fit anywhere, great gas mileage and it has a surprising amount of room on the inside.
  • flaaveo22flaaveo22 Posts: 11
    Hi. Well you have a 5 year old car. These are little trim items, except the thermostat. How many miles on it? Did you by it used and get any warranty at all? Or new? Tell your husband to lighten up on the foot, the Aveo isnt a Vette!

    The lights are NOT your alternator. Don't let someone sell you that expensive job! Its a LOOSE $5 light bulb. You said the lights went on and off, then they just went out. That is a loose bulb, probably not even burned out. If it was the alternator, much more wouldn't work. It wouldn't even start probably. It is a very cheap fix, if you go to nearly any local good mechanic, not the dealer, to either put in a new bulb, IF it did burn out, or just have him tighten the bulb that is in there, and the lights will come right back on. OR it is a fuse, also a VERY cheap fix, you can do yourself. Find the right fuse and replace it. Look in your owners manual, or even in the fuse box, it might say, 'dash lights', or 'lights', or ask a Chevy parts dept. person which fuse runs the dash lights, and see if it is burned out. But it sounds like just a loose lightbulb. I think it is just 1 bulb, and you can also ask the parts dept. at a Chevy dealer, how many bulbs light up the dash, I am sure it is only 1. The contacts holding the bulb might need to be squeezed together a bit to make it tighter if it is the bulb is loose from just age. My dome light is now loose, and I am constantly having to open it up to just reposition it, and it goes out nearly every day! But no contacts to adjust, so I have to live with it.

    The gas door opener is a simple plastic cord running under the carpet to the gas door, it just came off the latch someplace along the way, it has to be reconnected. Not a big job either, it is not expensive, but the time for a mechanic might be, finding the cord and tracing where it came off...but it either came off at the pull lever, or at the door. IF it didn't break along the length of the cord.

    Frankly to hold the gas door closed, I had another car with the same problem, and it had a simple release like our Aevos, not electrically operated. I got 2 very thin magnets, cut it into two small squares, not to small, but small, and super glued one to the gas door and one to the car, remove the tiny rubber bumper I think that is on the car, so that with the magnet it will still close flat, and put 1 piece there and 1 on the door, and it is fixed! It held it shut and will opened easily. No one sees it and it cost next to nothing. I used one of those flat magnets you get from just about every store, doctor, or company selling any service, even pizza delivery!

    OR you can use one of the stronger Velcros and do it that way, it is all hidden from view. Then you dont have to get the release fixed at all, IF it is expensive to reattach it.

    As for the thermostat, I am ignorant. But they are a very easy and fairly cheap fix, if it is easy to access in the engine. I would think most auto parts stores have what you need in stock, or can order one. The car is basically a remade Daewoo, that has been around over a decade. Daewoo may be gone, but parts are not, this car is made all over the world under a dozen names, but it WAS a Daewoo....if you didnt know. I still see a few perfect ones on the road, and a lot of run down ones. So parts are available, hopefully not just from Chevy. but if so, you need it and it is 5 years old.
    Replace the antifreeze when you have it fixed to protect your water pump....the thermostat is usually right on top of the pump, or next to it, and that IS a very expensive fix! An antifreeze flush, done professionally, is a 'cheap' preventive measure. Then you are safe for another 5 years or more!!! Let us know if any of this works out, I would like to know for sure. My 2006 has had no mechanical problems either, just trim pieces, like you, but not the ones you have , but it is a cheap car, it isnt a Vette. It holds up pretty well, new oil and a new filer,some gas and its on the road!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am from GM Customer Service. Can you please email me at for more information with the concerns on your vehicle? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Does anyone know what could be wrong with my aveo, dome light wont come on ,checked fuses and light bulb all is ok took light out and put back in, still wont work, any help will be appreciated..
  • It is the bulb - trust me. Same thing happened to me. I checked the bulb. I checked the fuses. Unlike normal bulbs this type of bulb wont burn out the filament as you could then see it. Get a new one from the dealer. Good luck. The bulb cost around ten dollars as I remember.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Chevylover7,
    I am from GM Customer Service. I apologize that you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle. Can you please email me with more information? You can access my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • How does one remove the plastic lamp cover to replace the light bulb?
  • can you tell me how to remove the dome lamp cover to replace the light bulb?
  • I can't remember and may have to go back and check, but I think it just pops off. There's little slots on the side where you can stick a flat-head screwdriver, I think.
  • I just bought an '09 Aveo...I don't know the particulars on your vehicle, but from reading some of the posts. I'm thinking that the cause may be vibration related and affecting either the mode selector switch or the bulb far, I've had no problems in that area...and except for replacing some broken interior trim items and rebalancing the tires, I've been very happy with the car... :)
  • kingofchaos1kingofchaos1 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    I just had a similar issue with my 2005 aveo. On the way home, the check engine light and hold light were blinking. I slowed down at a stop light, it went away and never came back.

    I am thinking this is an electrical problem with the sensors, because the car was driving perfectly during and after the issue went away. I was not stuck in any particular gear and the acceleration/power out put was nominal.
  • Please I have the same problem. What should I do?? :(
  • Hiya. Pop the dome cover off using a flat screwdriver. Take out the bulb and then put it back in. See if this works. If not then get a replacement from the dealer. It runs only 10 dollars or so. It is your best bet for an easy fix. Good luck.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • krystalb1krystalb1 Posts: 1
    I will NEVER buy an Aveo again. A few months ago, my horn stopped working, so naturally I checked the fuses. Sure enough, the fuse blew. I buy a 5 pack of fuses, as I am putting them in, they are blowing out instantaneously. On the 4th fuse, it doesn't blow out right away, so I turn the car on and all of the sudden, the entire horn harness from the fuse box all the way to the front of my car where the actual horn is located, goes up in smoke. It literally melted the fuse inside the fuse box. Fortunately, nothing else was effected by it. Take it to the mechanic, he says I can either put in a "button" to bypass the horn or I can have the problem fixed the correct way which could end up being expensive due to labor. As I am thinking this over, my interior ash lights stop working as well as the night time lights all on the passenger side. Weirdest thing ever, my driver side lights work, but not the passenger side. Both headlights work, but the turning signal light and the brake light on the passenger side are completely out. It figures too because all this occured a month after paying the car off, it's like a rule or something when you pay the car off, all the problems come out. Anyone have any insight or advice on my issues with this car? I really liked this car until all of these electrical problems developed.
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