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  • cuccicucci Member Posts: 49
    I think this might apply to European owners who find themselves parking in the road along the kerb (I think US is more parking lots etc??) Anyway ..... Sunday lunch tradition of going to the pub and parking the car proudly outside pub door ... other half drove and as he opened the door to exit parked against a VERY low kerb (3 inches high max) the car door scraped nicely along the pavement (sidewalk) as he tried to exit!!! You probably heard his screeching cry of woe on the West Coast as he did so!!! He nearly had kittens!!! Only scraped the paint off the bottom of the door luckily .... but just goes to show how low the car is (and neither of us weighs that much!!) .. so beware if you do find yourselves parking alongside a kerb!
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    Well done cucci!

    It makes me laugh even if I am sure it is different on your side.

    This is typical with Coupe. They have big doors and this is always a risk you take particularly in a street with steep slopes. It can happen even in USA believe me... San Francisco is a good place to test this exercice.

    Another one I tried few years ago was:
    Arrived alone and parked correctly, of course along a curb.
    Meet with some friends and decide to go somewhere else.
    Ask your friends to sit on the back seats and passenger seat, still everything is fine, the front passenger can close his/her door. So you are confident.
    Now you sit in the driver seat and Oh! surprise there is no way you can close the driver door... My weight being just enough (and me too I am not that big...)to stuck the bottom of the driver door into the pavement...
    The only way being to exit the car, ask your friends to exit the car, you pull the car out the freeking spot, ask your friends to enter the car again, now you can leave...
    And you have a scratch at the bottom of the door even if you thought you were really smart to find this nice parking spot.
  • cuccicucci Member Posts: 49
    Thank you Lemenn!! A problem shared is a problem halved ... as the saying goes!!!!! My other half was just recovering well .. and then his football team went and lost to Arsenal just now ..... so I am about to pour him a large glass of wine!!!! Happy Sunday!!!!! Hope all is well with you and car ..... and thanks again!
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    Not sure - but after 1500 miles 1. no rattles 2. no paint chips 3. no software bugs 4. highly satisfactory dealer experience.

    The car has been great so far. My one complaint is rear seat access. The front seat backs don't tilt forward enough so it's a squeeze for most adults (or even to slide stuff back there). It's great for me but no one should think this is a family car. We take the other car when we go out with another couple.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    The front seats do slide forward pretty far.
    However, it is NOT a family car.
  • johnh7johnh7 Member Posts: 67
    Max - I was talking about the seat backs and they don't tilt forward more than a few inches. I was trying to put a small suitcase in the back seat that belonged to someone I was giving a lift to the other day (and I mean small) and I had to put the back window down to get it to fit in. If you could tilt it forward to rest against the steering wheel (for example) you could actually create enough space to slide something (including a not so nimble adult) in there much more easily.
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    However, it is NOT a family car.

    That is probably why Kickingtires named it the Empty-Nester's Car of the Year. (Just comfortable enough for two in the front.) My dogs do okay back there but the covered cup holders make a great "bridge" for them to walk back and forth. I now have seatbelt harnesses for them. Too dangerous to let them roam around. I don't think it's a family car either (unless there are only two in the family).
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    My 1st gen is a true 4 passenger car. My sons have repeatedly said there is more head room in my C70 (top up) than my wife's 00 ES300. Their heads touch the top in the ES, and they have to scrunch down in back. I guess it has to do with the 1st gen being based on the S70 platform versus the 2nd gen on the S40 platform.
  • johnh7johnh7 Member Posts: 67
    It's actually not bad with 4 in the car. Getting them in and out is the challenge
  • cuccicucci Member Posts: 49
    I think all your positive points far outweigh the back seat scenario .... and none of us got the car because we loved the back seats I believe!? It sounds like you are pleased and that is great to hear! I actually refused to take some elderly folks in the back of mine because I was more worried that someone who is not that fit would actually strain their back getting in or out. It's a great two seater with room to carry two extra passengers on the odd occasion. I think a long journey in the back would also be too claustrophobic for me ... but that was understood in the showroom before we bought it.
  • empty1empty1 Member Posts: 109
    I have had a slight rattle where the rear window meets the roof. Drives me nuts, had it fixed once and I think it is returning, anyone else have this rattle. :lemon:
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    I agree with you completely, but many are buying this car sight unseen.

    I have an acquaintance with a 2006+. I checked his out (at least visually) this summer, specifically looking to see whether the back seats had enough leg room. Honestly though - I never tried to get in.

    I thought we might be using this car when going out with other couples. I was a little surprised the first time we tried it. I won't do that again.
  • cuccicucci Member Posts: 49
    Well, I believe in the US many dealers don't even have a car in their showroom? We were in Vancouver last August and had already driven and ordered ours in London, UK. I wanted to show my brother the car so we went down to the Vancouver dealer and asked to go for a test drive in one and he just laughed and said .... 'you'll be lucky ... I have 2 on order for next year and maybe will be lucky to get 1!!!' It made me chuckle because when I had told my brother what we were getting and that the wait in the UK was approximately 3 months he couldn't believe it and said to me 'that's ridiculous ... people in North America wouldn't stand for that kind of wait!!!' Ha!!! Finally the UK can do something!!!! Anyway ... on the first two test drives in London .... I sat in the back while the salesmen or my husband drove it .... so I was fully of the difficulty getting in and out of the back ... especially as I had a bad back at the time!! I would be wary of who I asked to get into the back for fear I might never get them out again!!!! It's a 4 seater ..... but not for longish journeys I would think .... unless they're children perhaps .... or you have the top down.

    Anyway ... just about to drive ours in SNOW this morning ... London has snow!!!! Fingers crossed!
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    Are you crazy?
    Dogs are not allowed in this car.

    If my wife reads your mail and see that someone has dogs in the C70 she will want the same for us.

    We have two rather bid dogs (One German sheperd, one mix German sheperd and Whippet) and they are like our children.
    But until now I was able to convince her just to use our 97 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited for the dogs.

    Now I am in big trouble...

    Back to the topic, I don't think it is more difficult to enter or exit the C70 than other Coupes. With Coupes you just have to be carefull when you do it. Take the time to push the front seats, take the time to remove the front seat belts from their place holders, just take your time and enjoy life.
  • cubemarkcubemark Member Posts: 3
    I actually tested the car at length before we bought with wife and daughter (both 5'4", me 5'10") to prove that we could live with it everyday. Happy to report everyone comfortable in mine. None of the other convertibles in Europe offer as much space (nor look as good). We often drive 4 hours plus, no problems!
  • henkbwhenkbw Member Posts: 22

    Could you be more specific what the rattle sounds like and when it occurs?
    I also had a rattle in the roof on the drivers side. The rattle sounded almost like rainfall and it occured when driving on roads with bad surfaces (bricks, potholes). The dealer could track the problem down to some roof rubbers. After greasing them, the rattle disappeared (almost) completely.

  • cricket4cricket4 Member Posts: 94
    To answer your first question, Yes, I am. But I wanted to let you also know that my dogs are very small (especially in comparison to yours). They are shih zhu/lhaso apso mixes. About 12-16 lbs each. I had a pic posted in my albums but removed it because I thought it might be breaking the rules of only car-related stuff. Next time I have them in the car (with their seatbelt harnesses), I'll snap a picture and post it (and with the top down, of course). Then it will be officially car-related.
  • empty1empty1 Member Posts: 109
    sounds similar to what I had. The dealer had the car about 3 days. The slight rattle came from the driver side rear window where it met the roof. The wound up reseating the window and greasing the rubber molding. Worked originally but I don't know if it is coming back. I wonder if weather has anything to do with it as it became quite cold lately
  • henkbwhenkbw Member Posts: 22
    I don't know if the weather plays a role in this story, because this is the 1st winter for the C70 and in Europe we have a abnormal warm winter so far. And the noises in my car started already in the fall. But I do remember that the interior of my previous volvo (C70 MkI) made more 'noises' during winter- then summertime. So, maybe it is "season-dependent".
  • johnh7johnh7 Member Posts: 67
    Not with the car per se, but the Premium Sound. The sound cut out completely a couple times last week - randomly. Then the sound would be back to normal upon restarting the car an hour later.

    Turns out the amp needs to be replaced. I guess there was a bad circuit.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    I don't know what to think.

    I just found my C70 this evening with a small bump in it.
    Just at the top of the left back wheel, the aisle of the car has a "dent?"

    Obviously someone has open his door without taking care and the parking space being very narrow the door has damaged my aisle.

    What can I say? My car is just not pristine anymore.

    I suppose repairing such a think is costly...
  • morgenthalermorgenthaler Member Posts: 19
    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I have had my car since 10/27 and got a scratch on my right rear fender a month ago and last Friday someone did the same thing to my left driver door along the horizontal guard. It looks almost deliberate. Fortunately I have someone who can repair the scratchs and match the paint perfectly. Scratch #1 was $175. Scratch #2 I am going to have repaired next week.

    I am always trying to park as far away from other cars as possible, but scratchs still find me
  • rschleicherrschleicher Member Posts: 79

    Here in the US there are companies who specialize in minor dent/ding/scratch repair, using names like "Dent Doctor", etc. They focus on "non-invasive" smoothing of minor dents and dings, as well as touch-up painting of small scratches, etc. Many of them are basically mobil, and come to you, rather than work in a shop, which I suppose keeps their overhead down.

    If your dent hasn't broken the paint, and is small, then they use a variety of suction tools to pull on the dent from the outside, and little spoon/blade like tools that they try to insert behind the dent to push on it. They get pretty skilled at pulling out minor dents. How good it looks in the end can vary, but there is usually little risk in them making it worse, and the cost is typically low. Some types of small dents just pop out, and it is hard to tell that there was ever a dent.

    I've also had decent luck in having them do scratch touch-up as well. The color match was decent, as was the surface gloss, reflectivity, etc. In my case, my daughter had scraped off about a square inch of paint on her VW, down to bare metal, and they got it back to basically as new condition. This was a dark metallic-blue paint, with clear-coat, so it was presumably a pretty difficult matching situation. The scratched area was admittedly in a not-ptominent location (on a wheel arch), so maybe that helped to hide the work.
  • erisamanerisaman Member Posts: 99
    Sorry to hear of these problems - your dent lemenn and your scratches morgenthaler. The positive side is that they can be repaired, to the extent that they totally disappear - I know, 'cos I've been there!

    Good luck.
  • jtregojtrego Member Posts: 68
    Well, we finally have the "phantom" car. I can hardly believe it. After a long and tortuous wait ... it spent its first night in the garage last night. The ship was delayed due to weather, so it didn't pull into Brunswick, GA until 2/3. Was supposed to be at the dealer by Tuesday, then by Thursday. Well, we were actually waiting at the dealer on Thursday night, with the sales manager promising a delivery after hours, filled out all the paperwork, and it never came. But, come to find out Friday AM that the carrier didn't even leave the port until Thursday am! So ... it did arrive last night at 5pm and we took delivery by 7pm.

    All I can say is wow! this has got to be one of the sharpest looking, best designed, best engineered cars ever. It looks bitchin as my wife says and the celestial blue is the perfect color. Not too light like I thought, yet not too silver, except in the dark. Perfect. In fact, just about everything is perfect. Let me tell all of you out there with the automatic transmission, you are missing 50% of the fun because this manual transmission rocks! Racey for sure and it handles the turbo much better than the automatic I drove as a test drive. Plus, for those of you that are buying this car or considering buying this car, the 17 inch wheels are the way to go (in my opinion) They are plenty big enough to look and handle well, but the ride is noticeably smoother, yet just as sporty. So, if you live in an area where you aren't driving on smooth, glassy roads all the time and you will be on the back roads that are bumpier, then save yourself some money and get the 17 inch wheels. I think they actually fit the car better as well in terms of looks, but that is certainly subjective.

    I like this car as a coupe just as much as with the top down. I don't ever remember anyone saying this before, but I find the side visibility phenomenal without the B pillars, yet the hard top makes you feel snug and secure like a true coupe.

    Anyway, I just can't believe how awesome this car is. I am still petrified by all the moving parts in the roof mechinism, but otherwise now know that the wait was truly worth it. My wife took pictures today, so when I figure out how to get them on here later will post.
  • jtregojtrego Member Posts: 68
    The stats:

    2007 Celestial Blue with black leather (the perfect combo)

    Manual trans (rocks)

    Premium dynaudio (as an audiophile this is a worthy factory system, but the mp3 still don't suit my standards. However, that has nothing to do with the system, I just think CDs sound so much better on a high end system. The aux port is really cool though, without a doubt and my wife loves that she can hook her ipod up so easily.

    17 inch wheels

    Heated seats (yes, a must for those with a real winter)

    Sirius Satellite (well worth the purchase price and it sounds great in Dolby Surround on the premium audio)

    slush/rubber mats

    windblocker (haven't been able to test this yet)

    The homelink was easy to program and the Sirius a whiz to activate.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89

    After this long waiting period it is now time for you to enjoy the toy. Like all of us you will discover all the secret of this great car. Don't forget to post pictures, we always welcome them.
  • tom007tom007 Member Posts: 40
    I too have the Celestial Blue but with calcite white interior (MY perfect combination). I have the Geartronic transmission and love it and if I want to take control, I just click it to the manual position and enjoy the no clutch manual transmission. No clutch to wear out. It is almost like a paddle shift and perfect for going down steep grades. Just tap it forward (+) for higher gear and tap it back(-) for the lower gears and it takes over and downshifts when the rpms are right. The best of two worlds I think. When I had a Corvette with strong motor, I liked the manual so both have their fine points.

    Best of luck with your new ride. A person would be hard pressed not to like this car. I got two compliments yesterday and am constantly getting thumbs up when sitting in traffic.Anxious to see pictures of your new auto. I just can't see enough pictures of this great car.Enjoy it.My pics are on My Space to show you my color combination.

  • jtregojtrego Member Posts: 68
    Missing are the plates that say: "JTZ RE"


    The 17" tires


    The "rare" North American manual shifter. And yes, that is the black leather, but the lighting makes it look quartz. Note the relationship of the pedals where the brake is close to the gas and the clutch quite separate.

  • cmyawncmyawn Member Posts: 50
    My wife and I had been drooling over the C70s for some time. Last week went by our local dealership and leased a new Celestial Blue C70 w/ automatic, premium package, climate package, and dynaudio. They took about 2.5% off list, and we leased it. The doc fee and lease acquisition fee (which I think partially goes to the dealer, not all to US Bank, the lease company) just about replaced the 2.5% discount. The lease factor was .00205, which means 4.92% interest. So I was fairly happy with the lease, given the scarcity of these models. Now the issues.

    1) In the process of filling the car with gas, they used a magnetic dealer plate. And significantly scratched the rear of my new C70. And it will require painting, according to the dealer.

    2) In our drive home, had a message that the anti-slip system needed repairs.

    At present, we have had the car for 5 days and it has been in the shop for 3 of those days. The owner of the dealership has agreed to refund our money (it had better be all of it!)and to un-do the lease, tags, etc. He has given us the weekend to decide. That means in about 3 hours we have to give our decision.

    Saturday we emailed him and said we'd keep the car if he gave us the spare tire/jack (which we have been asking for since day 1, and they have agreed to provide), and the problems be fixed, and that they give us a lifetime warranty on the traction control system and on the paint work they have to do. He says no.

    My latest offer is that we will keep the car if he fixes the problems, gives us the spare tire, and allows us to buy an extended warranty at his dealer cost. Have not heard back from him on that.

    We do love the styling of the car, but are very concerned about quality, and quite frankly also concerned about the level of support we are getting from our dealer. We are spending about $215 a month more for this lease than we would for a comparable sedan w/ sunroof (say an Acura TL, our next choice).

    Advice or help would be appreciated. At this point I'd have to say that we are very disappointed.

    Many Thanks
  • cubemarkcubemark Member Posts: 3
    Hi Sorry to hear of your experience. My C70 (with virtually every option!) is from May last year and bought outright here in the UK. I love it and am keeping it, but I am resigned to the fact that things go wrong. If you want a car to be reliable look elsewhere sorry to say. But then most of the reliable cars have no soul either! Most of the issues for me are electrical/software related. Recurrent roof failure warnings (which then self correct) and rear speakers failing to work until reset by the dealer. I also have a rattling roof (unshielded cables which may now have been solved but not for me). I guess it all depends on what you want from a car. Despite the gremlins it still makes me smile!
  • cmyawncmyawn Member Posts: 50
    Thanks cubemark. I think my request to be allowed to buy an extended warranty at dealer cost is a reasonable one. Seems like these cars are beautiful but high maintenance. So an extended warranty seems the way to go.

    I did buy at purchase time all my maintenance for the first 60,000 miles.
  • cmyawncmyawn Member Posts: 50
    Latest message from the dealer is that he is reversing the sale, will have a check for me today.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Concerned about the level of support??
    The dealer is unwinding the deal and letting you walk away.
    He is under no obligation to do so.
    Most dealers I know would tell you "sorry" and just fix the car.
    On top of that, you got a pretty good discount on a limited issue car.
  • jtregojtrego Member Posts: 68
    cmyawn, sorry you are disappointed so far. I too am surprised the dealer went back on the deal. I don't think I have ever heard of that before.

    Update for the rest. this car is really special on the highway, and since winter came when ours arrived (just as predicted in my x-files post a few weeks ago)we have done mostly that, highway driving. The best part here is the 5th/6th gear. When you want to pass, it just really takes off when downshifting to 5th.

    Now, the real test comes on the back roads. Is this just a cruise mobile ... or is this a really fun car to drive in the country? When the snow melted today, we drove (in the dark, no less) on some of the more remote roads in Southwest VA. Keep in mind, no snow and ice on the roads anymore, but the road were still covered in loose gravel in some spots. Why in my insanity am I doing this you ask when I waited 7 months for this little gem? Because, I want to know what kind of car this is and what it can do. So ... I took it to the limits (okay, well not just that far yet because I couln't stand the thought of wrecking it) BUT ... I did push the car real hard and it really stuck to the road. It corners well for a car this weight. NO 4 wheel skid on the stones, the front wheel drive kept it moving straight ahead. With downshifting into turns it brakes nicely, corners without too much lean because the car is so low already I assume, and it comes off the corner like a rocket when you shift up to the next gear. Fantastic! I don't like the road noise with these tires, but with the Dynaudio cranked up, that is not an issue. this little car rocks and the manual transmission really makes it more that just a cruiser. Yeah, I got her a little dirty tonight ... but I had to see what all she has to offer.

    All this with driving in night conditions with the top up in temps that don't exceed 35. I can't imagine what this wil do in warmer weather, with clean roads, softer tire temps and the top down. Ahh ... yes. and, just for you erisman ... this really happened and it wasn't just a dream while sitting in my garage!
  • yegayega Member Posts: 6
    quote Lemenn: "Henkbw and myself are from europe where we have 3 other engines (I believe Belgium has in fact other smaller diesel engine 2 liters I think) in addition of the T5 like you."

    We don't have a smaller Diesel engine in Belgium. There is difference between the D5 sold in Belgium and the D5 sold in other countries: The D5 sold in Belgium is capped at 163hp (fiscal reasons).
  • cmyawncmyawn Member Posts: 50
    Based upon info I see on our state's website, I think I have 3 days to back out. And that is what our dealer allowed us.

    My concerns on the level of support were due to the inability of the dealer to fix the anti-slip problem, and their lack of urgency in attempting to fix it. At the time we went in and received our refund (full refund), the car was still in the shop, in pieces.
  • erisamanerisaman Member Posts: 99
    A dream? I reckon that would have been a nightmare to most!

    Seriously - good to hear you are having fun and long may you do so. As for me, I too am having fun - and now it's in the real world.

    Good luck and enjoy.
  • jtregojtrego Member Posts: 68
    On a more serious note, so far so good with all the electronic stuff.

    No problems with the barking dog noise and not problems whatsover with the auto climate. It works perfectly.

    No check engine lights yet.

    No problems with rattling with the roof cables or driving with the top up and the trunk full of groceries with the divider up in the trunk. As it should be, we can't open the roof with the divider up.

    All the locks and lights and windows seems to be working according to the manual. No lights staying on longer than expected.

    Interestingly, the manual states that your dealer has to program the remotes to work with the driver side mirrors and seats, but our remotes do that already. IN other words, when I use my remote (if I locked the door at least once with those settings) the seat and mirror moves into my position when the driver's door is opened. My wife's remote moves the mirror and seat to her position. However, it will get confused if ou have the remotes too close, just as the ignition switch will if you have the remotes too close. Smart Car. I only wish the rearview mirror would adjust as well with the remote but it has to be adjusted manually each time we switch drivers.

    And for cricket4, haven't been able to actually drive with the top down yet to see if we have the same problem with how the pieces stack in the trunk, but will let you all know when and if we do.

    Hopefully this can provide some positive feedback, since there has been much negative so far. I can say that our car was held for 6 weeks in Sweden at the plant fot upgrades so maybe some of the issues you guys have had have been corrected. Only time will tell...

    ..but, like someone else here said, this is a complicated car and as enjoyable as it is, I don't anticipate it being an easy car to maintain. Maybe I will be surprised. It sure is fun to drive!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 29,501
    I'm not all that surprised the dealer is backing up on the deal. I mean, if it has yet to be titled (which it probably hasn't) and the miles are still ultra-low (which they probably are), then I think he'll just resell it new and maybe even get full sticker for it.

    '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited. 54-car history and counting!

  • rschleicherrschleicher Member Posts: 79
    We've now had our new C70 for 4 weeks, although we've only put a few hundred miles on. (We're keeping the car that it will eventually replace for a while longer, so for now the C70 is an "extra" car.)

    So far, (knock on wood!) zero problems of any kind, and everything has been working as it should.

    Miscellaneous comments:
    - it took a little playing around to get the Homelink set up right with our garage door opener. The actual process was not quite like the manual. We trained the Homelink button to mimic an existing opener, but then had to also train the actual garage main motor unit to "recognize" the Homelink button. (Two step process, not quite like what the C70 owner's manual said.)
    - Sirius radio is very nice - I especially like being able to save 20 Sirius stations (10 presets x two bands).
    - We didn't really want the 18" wheels originally, but got them "for free", basically. I was a bit concerned about ride quality, but they seem to ride just fine, and I like the look of them just a bit more than the 17" wheels. We'll have to make sure that our tire pressures are kept up, to minimize any chance of rim damage. I also think that when the original P Zero Rosso's wear out, I'll probably put some all-season replacement tires on (perhaps Pirelli P Zero Nero M+S tires), to get better tread life.
    - power is plenty adequate for us
    - no sign of any problems with the top, and also no sign of rattling of the top, either up or down. I notice that there is a faint evidence of rubber bumper marks left on the bottom edge of the rear window glass, when the top gets put back up. This is very faint (more like a film), and wipes off, since it is on the glass part of the roof, (actually it is on the blacked-out lower edge of the glass, not the clear part, and I assume it is basically normal). No evidence of any marks left on either the painted part of the roof, or on the rear deck panel/cover.
    - no strange noises, warning lights, or other funny behavior.
    - related to reports of check engine lights coming on due to loose gas caps, we've had no problem so far, although it seems like the gas cap gets to its "clicking" tight position with pretty low turning force. Hopefully it is providing a good seal. I recall reading in the manual that the gas cap could be hung onto the fuel filler door, since it wasn't tethered. But our car has a tethered gas cap, that hangs off of the door, out away from the body (so no dripping on the paint).
    - we have noticed the fairly rapid build-up of brake pad dust, similar to what most European cars do - it seemed to be fairly equal between the front and rear brakes.
    - it took me a little while to get used to the narrow spacing between the brake pedal and gas pedal, but I am now "trained", and it isn't a problem (despite my US 13D feet)

    Things not yet tried out:
    - Haven't had my iPod connected yet - for that matter I haven't inserted any CDs yet (just FM and Sirius so far).
    - Haven't played around with any of the various "user settings" on things like climate control defaults, etc.
    - Haven't tested the alarm system, nor the "top down" double-locking mode.
    - Haven't checked out the rain-sensing wipers yet, since the car hasn't been rained on yet. (For that matter, I don't know for sure if the top is water-tight...)

    We may manage to make it all the way past the end of the Northern CA rainy season without letting the car get wet, so perhaps it will only see car wash water (and no rain) until next winter!

    The car is mostly/nominally my wife's, but I usually drive if we are both in the car. Having this car is also leading to some degree of neglecting of my "toy" car (a 1959 Corvette). (It provides an interesting contrast to the C70, as a very "elemental" convertible with zero creature comforts.)

    2007 C70 - Black with Calcite Cream, all options but Nav.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Well I got the estimate forthe repair.

    My dealership contacted first a dent doctor. The repair technician took pictures of the dent and told me he thought it would be doable because the paint was not really remoded.

    Then he called me and said this was not possible because thedamage is on the edge of the aisle not in the middle of the sheet of metal.

    The body shop quote came back and it is: $350

    I am not sure I am ready to do it considering it can happen again few days after the car come back from repairs...
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    No State has a 3 day law regarding cars.
  • rschleicherrschleicher Member Posts: 79
    Volvomax's statement (above) is very interesting. Until I looked for myself at the California DMV web site, I would have sworn that there was some kind of 2 or 3 day "cooling off" period in California, at least for cars purchased from dealers, where the buyer could simply "undo" the sale. But in fact the CA DMV web site explicitly says that there is NO cooling off period, unless the buyer has explicitly obtained a contract cancellation clause within their contract. CA regulates how much a dealer can charge for such a cancellation clause, and also regulates the allowable "restocking" fees that can be charged if the car is returned. But unless you have this sort of clause in your purchase contract, the deal is final with the signatures. (This is only for California - I have no knowledge of what other states do. But CA is pretty consumer-friendly, in general.) Note that the above description of CA law may be fairly recent, as it is based on a Car Buying Bill of Rights law that passed in mid-2006. I can't rule out that there may have been a cooling off period under the previous law. (I also wouldn't rule out that the so-called "Bill of Rights" law passed in 2006 may actually have weakened buyers' rights, rather than stengthened them. Sometimes the names of laws and bills are misleading.)
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Yup, no state not even CA has such a law.
    People think they do of course.
    AZ is trying to get such a law passed, but it has no chance.

    In the above case, the dealer went beyond what they should have, or what any other dealer would have in letting the customer return the car.
    I think this act should be appreciated more than it obviously was.
  • empty1empty1 Member Posts: 109
    Well I certainly put the c70 through the paces tonight. Going about 70 on a major three lane highway, a guy in the center lane came at me like a bat out of hell cutting me off. I swerved to the left hard to avoid a collision and then a hard right to avoid the center barrier. Although alot of sway, car saved me. If I was in my wife's SUV I would have tipped over and bye, bye. C70 held fairly tight and I escaped what could have been a cruel end. By the way you think the [non-permissible content removed] would have stopped to see if I was ok, but he simply drove on as I drove to the side to gain my composure. Think I just go my money's worth on my purchase. :)
  • jtregojtrego Member Posts: 68
    Wow, that sounds like my ride home the other night, only the big difference is that I was trying to push the car to the limit and you were just trying to survive. I too am impressed with this car's road presence. Its way cool and glad you came out alive.
  • erisamanerisaman Member Posts: 99
    The same here - good to know you are still in one piece and the car also.

    Maybe that is why we've all chosen Volvo - safety first!
  • cuccicucci Member Posts: 49
    Erisman you've made me laugh!!!

    For years and years, each time we came to buy a new car I would say to my other half 'what about buying a Volvo?' ..... 'no' came the reply always .... 'too boring!'

    Suddenly the new C70 is launched and he says 'how about a volvo ... you've always liked their safety aspect!'


    Glad to hear the car came to the rescue so magnificently though!!
  • johnh7johnh7 Member Posts: 67
    It went a 2nd time. They replaced it the 1st time but there must be something that causes it the amp to "short out". Evidently the circuitry in the amp becomes "disconnected". If I shut the car off and let it sit for an hour the circuits reset and the amp works. But then it shuts down again at random times and without warning. So - it obviously has a flaw that needs to be addressed.

    Is this a unique experience I'm having or are there others out there?
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