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Volvo C70 New Owner Reports



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Best to take the car to the shop and let the techs look it over.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    You are right .... and it's already there and spending Christmas and New Year tucked up in their workshop with the battery disconnected because they have found a constant drain and can't source it yet! January 2nd they are all back and in action again ... and I just hope they find the fault! One thing to ask your advice on .... the battery has taken one hell of a lot of stress these last few weeks ... been drained and charged and drained and charged so many times now ..... if and when they fix the fault .... do you think I need or have a case for a new battery??? I don't suppose they'll want to replace it unless I ask ... but I don't know how much stress modern batteries can take these days without shortening their life? If you have any views I would appreciate hearing them.

    Happy New Year to you .... all
  • I just picked up my car and brought it home a few hours ago. I love it but because it is so late have not been able to really do anything with it. It was a nightmare getting it home. My friend helped by driving my old car home while I followed in my C70. It was an episode of "Three Stooges". But it was only the two of us. She did not know how to drive a manual trans and stalled my old car at every stop (I had not asked her if she could drive a stick). Finally, after stalling nine times and after a line of cars piled up behind us, I finally gave in and jumped out of my new C70 and fought every fiber of my being and told her to drive my new C70 and I'd drive my old car. The only thing was I could not get my old car started now. I had to push it through the intersection and into a parking lot where my c70 was and as I pushed my old car it continued to roll and rolled towards my C70 - argghhh! I jumped in and pulled the emergency brake. Awful... heart stopping. Well, at least I got to see what I look like when I drive as I watched my friend drive my car to my house. That was not how I imagined it to go. So much for my sworn oath that no one but me would ever drive my car.
  • That has brought such a smile to my face - but good luck from now on and hopefully you'll not have a repeat of seeing what you look like to others.

    Happy New Year.

    P.S. This should now make the first 100 on this thread! (How sad is that?????)
  • Maybe we all can get to 200 faster than we got to 100. Anyway, was driving around quite a bit today (140 miles). Had to go out of town. I tried out a couple of things and found an "uh oh". The bluetooth is coming through the subwoofer in the back and I can barely hear it. The local Volvo service rep is calling another Volvo service rep to find out why he was instructed to wire it this way and to see how he can fix it. They are supposed to call me when they get the fix. Also, I can't seem to get my dang Homelink to work (even though my garage door opener is brand spanking new and homelink-compatible). I'm going to have to kidnap a Volvo rep at my dealer and force him to work on it at my house. I think they will, actually.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Well done, cricket4 ... it's good to know there is one more C70 owner in the world now ..... and I am sure you'll get your problems sorted out! LOVED your story about collecting the car yesterday as well!!!! Made me laugh and it has been retold at one or two London parties I've been to ... so, without naming you ... you are now famous here!!! Happy New Year!!
  • Glad to hear my fame is growing... internationally known woo hoo. Well, I got my Homelink to work. Funny how simple things can be when you sit down and follow the written instructions. The only thing now is getting the bluetooth to work right. (Who knows it may just be operator error... nah, not possible.) I love the car. Have noticed the black dust on the back tires. Got some helpful hints from the guy who washes the Volvos at the dealership. You may already know this (and you may know better) but here are his suggestions:

    1) if you wash at a car wash NEVER use the foam brush. You don't know who used it before you and it could be full of dirt and pebbles that will scratch your car. Bring your own if you must scrub it.

    (2) if you drop your cleaning sponge, towel or mitt on the ground never put it back in the bucket to clean it - you will cause the debris to drop off in the water and then pick it up again when you clean. Always use the hose to wipe it clean first then back in the bucket.

    (3) only wax about twice a year (every six months) unless there is unusual bad weather and the roads are salted, etc. I have a black car so he recommended a black wax but added that any good wax will do.

    (4) At the car wash, power spray and use a spotless rinse in between washes to keep it shiny.

    (5) Also, don't be too picky because those spots you see later that you missed aren't really noticed by others - only you because you are the most critical & obssessed.

    (6) a chamois is a must have and if it is new and you are breaking it in then it might seem like it doesn't work at first but keep working at it and it will eventually work nicely over time.

    (7) use a degreaser on the tire rims but don't let it sit any length of time or it will streak. Simply spray on all tires then immediately go around and wash off.

    (8) when shining the tires with a good tire spray (for that wet look) always spray directly on an applicator (never the tire) because the oil in the spray will show on the car if you miss the tire.

    Lastly, in lieu of the above, just take it to the dealership or a professional car wash and have it detailed. He recommended certain name brands for car cleaning products but I won't do that here since we are international and not sure if such brands are available to all.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,359
    Hello, Cricket:

    If you enjoy washing/waxing/polishing your own car, and especially with a black car, I recommend reviewing the following:

    If you search the topics here in the Forums, you will find Zaino threads. I've been using their products on my '05 Abyss Blue Acura TL and found them easy (but time consuming and not inexpensive...) to use with fabulous results. The shine lasts a long time...

    Happy New Year to All!

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • Thanks for the website. I checked it out. The pix look great. I read the tips & tricks section. The writer recommends not using a chamois because it could trap in pebbles and dirt particles but instead recommends 100% cotton towels (white because colors may includes dyes & chemicals harmful to the paint & cutting off the edges of the towels because they also can scratch since they're not made of cotton). Interesting. Well, I've already bought the chamois so I'll just have to take special care with it and pay special attention to any scratches. He also recommends using the towels instead of a sponge (natural or synthetic) because these also could scratch. Has anyone else found this to be the case? Seems to make sense... You're right the products are not inexpensive but if they preserve my car's paint, it would be worth it... Mothers brand was recommended by the guy at the dealership(so much for not mentioning brands). Easy to buy since Walmart carries the brand and gentle on paint. Will see how it goes with Mothers but will keep Zaino in mind. Thanks for the website.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,383
    Zaino is great stuff and very easy to apply and remove. On a "per use" basis it really isn't that expensive because so little is used. It's the only thing that's been on my 99 C70.
  • I just got a new C70 and absolutely love it. One issue that I have, however, is I have no idea how to set the various audio settings on the booming Dynaudio system to get the best sound. With there being both basic options (e.g., bass, treble, etc.) through the audio button, and more detailed options (e.g., graphic EQ) through the computer menu, I am at a loss as to how to combine the various settings between the two to get the best sound. Any advice would be most appreciated. (I listen to a lot of classic rock). Thanks!
  • First of all, I want to thank all of you for your contributions to this forum. I have periodically followed the various C70 forums over the last several months, and they contributed to my decision. Due to the lack of availability at local (California) dealers, I had decided to go with the European delivery for summer '07. I have done this on my two other Volvo purchases, and it is a fantastic program! On Christmas day I drove past my local dealer and saw a new C70 sitting out front. I went back the 26th to have a closer look and found out that the customer who ordered it changed their mind, so the car was available for purchase. I had seen two other C70's at this dealer for the same reason, but the color and options weren't what I wanted. While this car wasn't the color I had originally wanted (celestial blue), I immediately fell in love with it. It is Zanzibar Gold Metallic (I'll post photos later). It was also equipped with every option I wanted and a few others I didn't (rear park assist and 18" wheels). I asked the dealer to subtract the price of these two options ($1395), and they took off $1257, so I put a deposit right then. I'm guessing they were willing to negotiate because they already pocketed the $4000 nonrefundable deposit from the original buyer. I completed the deal on the 27th and drove my new car home!
    Now is where I could use your help. I must admit my initial problems are nothing compared to some I have read in this forum, but the dealer is still searching for answers. My car is equipped with the Dynaudio system (an imperative in my purchase and thus the following question is essential to me). I cannot access the Dolby Pro feature and Surround Sound in the FM or Auxillary modes. It is listed as a feature in FM mode, but it cannot be selected, thus Surround Sound can't be set/selected from the Tuning/Sound knob. The manual specifically says that it can be selected, but that it may not give the best sound in weak signal areas. I definitely live in an area with a strong signal, so this isn't my problem. There is a noticeable difference in sound quality when not in Dolby Pro. In fact, during my several test drives (3 different cars) this sound is what sold me on paying an extra $1500 for the premium sound system. I can't verify that they had Dolby in FM mode, but they sounded as if they did. Does anyone receive FM in Dolby? How about Sirius in Dolby? I haven't activated my subscription until I sort this issue out.
    Thanks for reading through this novel. I have just a couple more questions:
    My manual also states that the 2007 model should lock all inside compartments with the valet key or remote. Only my front compartments lock. The two rear and trunk pass through don't lock. The 2006 only locked the front, but the '07 should lock all. Can you share your experiences. Last question: I was also told by my salesman that the '07 came standard with a spare tire. I can't access anything in the bottom of my trunk, and my manual says that if you have the tire puncture kit in the trunk pass through that you won't have the "optional" spare. I do have the puncture kit. On Volvo's website, it says the tempa spare is a $0.00 option. Doesn't that mean it is standard for '07's? Your feedback on any of these questions is greatly appreciated.
    Sorry about the gigantic post. Happy New Year!
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    I think you'll get the same 6 month free Sirius trial offer when you activate that I was offered. I think it comes with the car (at least in the States).

    The Dolby Pro is not an AM/FM option in mine, at least not that I can tell.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    Should have mentioned Dolby Pro works for Sirius as well as the CD player. Don't know about auxilliary as I didn't get the iPod hook up.

    My dealer automatically orders the spare for everyone, but I think it's a choice one still has to make. Mine simply assumes no one wants the gunk as an alternative. I'd make sure you speak up though. It sounds like your car came with the gunk - not the spare.
  • Re the tempa spare - I think you'll find that the option is either/or. Either you specify the tire puncture kit or you specify the tempa spare.

    The latter has been previously dealt with on occasions (messages circa #35 on the thread entitled 'Options chosen or rejected') and it has been suggested that an economical solution is to purchase the S40 wheel, using that as the spare.

    Best wishes for your 2007.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi youngstirs,

    Congratulations for your choice. I will be more than happy to see your pictures. Gold Zanzibar is also a color I considered first, but the dealersjip was not able to show me even a sample of the color, so I decided to go for the Celestial Blue (like many others).

    As far as your questions:
    Dynaudio systems: I cannot answer, I don't have it.
    Locking all the compartments: I also have a 07 model and also can only lock the front and trunk compartments, not the rear and trunk pass through. So I am in the same situation as you and if somebody can lock all the compartments, I am also interested in the trick how to do it.
    Regardingthe spare tire: We have already discussed about this topic. 0$ option does not mean you will get it automatically. For me, I selected this 0$ option and of course I gotthespare tire, but not the puncture kit.
    So it is either the kit or the spare tire but not both. It seems in the US you are able to negotiace to have both for no extra money.

    We are waiting to see your pictures ASAP.
  • I got the Dynaudio and you are right. Dolby Pro is not an option in the AM/FM mode on the 2007 model. Please let us know if you hear of a fix (I will do the same). I am driving a loaner/hire car since mine is in the shop with a faulty window. The hire car is a 2006 C70 and it DOES have the Dolby Pro Surround Sound optiion on the AM/FM mode and it is FANTASTIC! Why do you suppose they made this change/update for the 2007 model? Does it make the radio stations come in more clearly - sound clearer?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Dolby is not an option for FM on the 2007 Volvo's.
    This was changed due to customer complaints about how weak stations sounded in the surround mode.
  • Thanks, thought maybe that was the case. Because, although I said the Dolby Pro sounds FANTASTIC, it does not sound good at all for stations that don't come in very clear. It sounds like someone is playing with the volume control (like toggling between loud and soft). But when it does come in clear, it sounds really good. I can understand the upgrade.
  • Hi – thought I’d let you know that I’ve had my C70 at last, and so far so good.

    We picked up the car in pouring rain and went for a leisurely drive, then, as the day wore on, I took my wife and son back to our house – to leave me to enjoy the C70 on my own!

    The rain had stopped, the skies had cleared so, with the T5 engine quietly ticking over, my foot on the brake, and taking a furtive look around to make sure no-one was looking – I pressed the magic button and set the roof in motion.

    The hum of motors and pumps seemed to fill the night air as each piece lifted and swung into position – then dropping obediently into the trunk. I thought of trying the heated front seats – this is January after all – but decided against it, let’s walk before we run!

    I slipped a Celine Dion CD into the 6 stack, twiddled momentarily with the volume and bass control, then settled back to enjoy the ambience of the moment - and the sight of the twisting roads unfurling in front of me, rolling surf kissing the beach alongside.

    The C70 just hugged the road, clinging to every curve and bend, ignoring every rut and pothole as though non existent, the soft leather seats supporting my every move, the audio soothing my mood. The polished wood steering wheel, standard in the UK, felt sensual and luxurious to my fingers as they stroked it’s gleaming grain.

    The slight wind draught caught me from time to time, but who cares, moments like this are few and far between and have to be savoured and enjoyed as and when we can – and I was savouring and enjoying to the ultimate!

    The Xenon lights dispelled the shadows as the car cruised through town, I pondered as to how many heads were turning to watch this beauty slip back into the darkness from whence it had come.

    Just then I heard a voice bellow from behind “DAVID! Put that b----- roof up and bring my lap top back – if you want to watch the DVD, do it in the house, it’s b----- freezing out here!”

    So, I locked the garage and went back indoors – but it was good fun writing this!

    That's all folks!!
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    What kind of man listens to Celine Dion....yuck, especially in a C70 :confuse:
  • It was the instrumental version actually - but I'd have enjoyed the vocal just as much. ;)
  • Hi lemenn,
    I've posted a few pictures on carspace. The link is below.
    I, like yourself, loved the celestial blue and was going to order that color. I also hadn't seen the Zanzibar Gold Metallic on any car--only the back of the brochure, and it looks really gold there! When I saw this color on the actual car sitting on the dealer's lot, I was sold! I still love the blue, but I know I'll never tire of this color. The Zanzibar Gold has several different looks as you may notice in the photos: beige, cream, gold, silver... depending on the light and surrounding colors.
  • Why would they take the option away from those who live in areas with good reception or listening to just stations with strong signals in Dolby? It seems that if weak signals effected the performance, you could just switch to the 3 channel option.
  • Cricket4,
    My dealer is looking into the Dolby in FM mode situation. Even though Volvomax says it isn't possible, I will exhaust every resource to try and get Dolby in FM. As you have noted, "It is FANTASTIC"! The dealer seems to think it should work, and the manual does say that you should be able to select it.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Well Congratulations to erisaman,

    You are part of the club now!

    We hope that now that you have the real car you will be as active as you were when only dreaming of the car by answering all the questions like you are used to.

    Next step will be pictures of course. After American and French C70's cars pictures, we need the UK version of the C70.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi youngstirs,

    This is definitely a great color, and like with the celestial blue the color is changing a lot depending on the day luminosity (from dark grey, to light blue for the celestial blue). I think Volvo must use some kind of special paint to be able to get all these variations of colors.

    The white leather is really great looking but I am still wondering how this will be 3 or 5 years from now.

    After 3 months, my beige floor mats are already dirty and stained...

    But is is true that in the USA you probably live in an area where there is not as much rain as we have in Europe (looking at the pictures, you still can put the roof down).
    Here in France it is rainy and cold, no way to keep the car clean.

    Enjoy your new toy.
  • Dear all

    I own a 2002 C70 and I am considering purchasing a new generation model.

    I have enjoyed reading through your messages and I think this is a wonderful community.

    I have some questions, about which I would welcome any feedback.

    1. Generally: any past owners of a first generation C70 that can offer comparisons with their new C70?

    2. How is the new C70 on headroom for the driver? – having briefly sat down in an new C70 I found it to be slightly less than in the first generation

    3. What is more comfortable (rather than sporty), especially on bumpy roads: 17 or 18 inch wheels?

    4. Any outstanding issues on noises and sounds in the 2007 C70 models?

    5. Is the trunk really (almost) useless with the roof down?

    6. Any thoughts on when the 2008 model would be ready for purchase in 2007?

    I appreciate your input.
    Best wishes for happy driving experiences in 2007.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    To all .... especially everyone who has been so kind in replying/encouraging/sending views and ideas, etc. etc.

    Today I got the car back from it's Christmas/New Year holiday at the servicing garage! We think it's fixed! Well, the technical guy said '99.9% certain' the current problems are fixed ... which is good news .... but does suggest that some more minor things might occur but that software fixes are coming in each day!!! Anyway ... the mystery problem of the over night battery discharge was finally diagnosed to the CRM leaping into action one minute after being shut down by the remote ... and telling the CEM to keep certain functions awake .... involving the roof mechanism and the doors (thus my door locking lights never went off over night, etc). I believe there are some 24 'controls' which had to be gone through .. although all the ones which are switched off by the ignition were immediately discounted ... and the 'remote' ones had to be individually isolated and tested. It turned out to be a faulty connection in the CRM and no software was involved this time ...although the car does now have most software upgrades to-date! It took all day Tuesday to identify the exact source of the problem and then another day and a half of testing and re-testing to clarify a fix had been successfully made! Now my doors and lights and locking mechanisms are all working ... the heater system isn't blasting out at de-misting levels every time a control is touched ..... the infotainment (awful word!) system sensor recognises night from day and so does my rear view mirror!! Although these latter two were corrected by software before Christmas. As we left the technician he was battling with another C70 just bought in with the driver window deciding to drop down after closing ..... so that sounds familiar to some I believe!

    So ..... I feel like a 'new' owner again today and it's brilliant to have our car back! What I find so wonderful and endearing is ...... that through all the problems C70 owners face (and they do seem numerous!) .... we all still love our cars and wouldn't want to change them!

    Anyway ... early days and I obviously want to drive and test the car over the next few days .... but there ARE solutions out there!! I think what I have learnt from all this is .... that if you spot a minor problem or glitch with your car ... don't be like us and think you'll get the garage to look at it on the next visit ... or that you should read the manual again in case you misunderstood ... because it could be the signs of something more sinister that needs urgent attention!

    Delighted to see and read all the new owner reports ... especially erisaman who made the whole experience sound like something from a beautiful movie!!! Long may it last!
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    You have a remarkably upbeat attitude. I have to say I’d be a bit upset if I was dealing with some of these things.

    My car seems to be working. I haven’t found anything malfunctioning. It’s extremely easy to learn and a pleasure to drive. Of course, it’s only been 3 weeks.

    I’d say the only thing disappointing has been mileage. I do combo driving, mostly highway (maybe 60%) and short trips around town. I think I’ve been getting 22 or 23 MPG. I thought this car would do better with that mix.

    The car totally meets expectation. One thing people should be aware of is that you can rationalize the back seat, but it’s not really the type of car you want to go out in with another couple. It’s an awkward climb in and out. So – if this is your car – be aware it may not be the best option for 4 unless you have an alternative sitting in your garage. We would opt to take our other car when going out with another couple. I’m not saying you can’t squeeze 4 into the car. I’m simply saying it’s a fairly awkward entry and exit, especially for adults.
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