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    I'm curious why you would want service in NJ when you live on Staten Island. Do you work in NJ? Anyway, Paul's Motors in Hawthorne (Passic County) has an excellent reputation. I arranged my overseas delivery C70 through them and I have had them do my routine maintenance and factory recalls and updates. They have treated me very well, although it took three tries to get a mirror memory problem fixed. Apparently only one other C70 in the world had the same issue.
  • irbrenda1948irbrenda1948 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info. The reason I cannot service on Staten Island is there are no Volvo dealers here. I will not go into Bay Ridge, Brooklyn either. I live very close to the Outerbridge Crossing and the Goethal's Bridge, so getting into NJ is quick, plus I have always purchased my cars and serviced them at the dealers out there.
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    Bought a fully loaded 2007 C70 with NAV. Like having a built-in system but the GPS is not as good as some handhelds that I have seen. Does anyone know if Volvo is planning on an update to the software/system?
  • irbrenda1948irbrenda1948 Member Posts: 17
    Just received the latest NAV DVD from NAVTEQ. Ordered it thru Volvo at: ica-Site/en_US/-/USD/ViewStandardCatalog-Browse?CatalogCategoryID=SH4KCghBZ4AAAA- Ea3D9SppgT&ShowAllProducts=YES

    It's a 140 minute update. Supposed to be a 3-DVD disk set yet I received 1 disk. I emailed NAVTEQ to make sure that's correct.
  • akrakr Member Posts: 33
    Can anyone post money factors and Residuals from Volvo (or from a Bank) for a 2009 C70, 36 months, 10k per year. Thanks.
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    Just got a 2011 C70. We were looking for a sedan, but they showed us the C70 and it reminded us how much we missed our convertibles (a '99 Mustang and a '02 Miata). The hard top made all the difference thanks to the quiet ride and many other benefits. Aside from learning that Volvo is closing the C70 factory, we're totally happy with the purchase.
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    I hadn't heard.. :mad:
    Where can we get more info..? What is the source for "Volco closing C70 factory"? Thank you!
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    From what I read, it doesn't necessarily mean that they won't make them somewhere else, but it can't be great news.

    I would have liked to see smarter advertising from Volvo about the car. The one commercial I remember (after Googling the C70) was more about the women in the cars vs. the cars themselves. The commercial's story could have been done with any car. It has some really nice benefits that would have helped sales.
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    So it seems part of the reason is that Volvo could not support the costs of a limited (relative) production "niche" model. So be it, it does not change the car itself, if it was a great car before the announcement, it is still a great car.
    I wonder what this does to the value of the car? Does this information impact the purchase price or negotiability thereof? Does the fact that the model is no longer made change the resale value down the line, say, three years from now?

    I ask as I am interested in purchasing a 2012 model, thanks.
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    Probably not. Most people won't even know this happened. It is not like Volvo went out of business.

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    But let's hope they decide to make this model somewhere else and not just drop it altogether.
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    Looks pretty grim. "With Volvo canceling less-profitable models left and right, it seems unlikely to devote resources to a low-volume sports car. Then again, CEO Stefan Jacoby has made it clear that the company is thinking about a replacement for the C70; maybe these sketches will influence that car’s shape."

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  • tomslycktomslyck Member Posts: 70
    That looks great. But will they do it in a hard top convertible?
  • tomslycktomslyck Member Posts: 70
    Our 2011 Volvo C70 with 15,000 miles has an intermittent problem with the gas cap. The other day, we were half way through a full tank of gas and the Check Engine light came on. When we took it to the dealer, we were told that it was a gas cap problem and they should charge us to reset the Check Engine light even though we hadn't touched the gas cap for 5 days.

    It had the identical problem at around 6,000 miles so we knew enough to unscrew the cap and put it back on to see if that solved the problem (as our dealer told us it would). But it didn't solve it.

    Obviously, there's a significant risk to driving around with a Check Engine light on so we have to take it in. Except for this problem, we love the car but this sucks. We're planning a long trip this summer and no longer trust it to get us there and back without this happening again.

    The dealer tells us there's nothing they can do.

    Any suggestions?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 29,693
    Well, first, if the dealer tells you there is nothing they can do to fix this car that is under warranty, you should speak to a lemon law lawyer.

    Or you could try a different dealer first.

    As to this comment: Obviously, there's a significant risk to driving around with a Check Engine light on
    Actually, there isn't a risk. A CEL is emissions related and does not pose a risk. Check your owner's manual and it will tell you that you should just visit a dealer when you can. There is no urgency there. Urgent matters produce other lights and warnings on your dash.

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  • jschiltzjschiltz Member Posts: 4
    Call Volvo Customer Care. This absolutely should be covered under warranty.
  • tomslycktomslyck Member Posts: 70
    gbrozen - Thanks. I'll read the owner's manual again.
  • tomslycktomslyck Member Posts: 70
    I will. Thanks.
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