New Saturn VUE Green Line Owners -Give Us Your Report

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Congratulations on your new ride! Post your first impressions of your VUE Green Line here.


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    So far I'm very pleased with my Vue Green Line. I averaged 28.7 mpg during the 1st 272 miles. The interior, while not extremely plush, is fine. No rattles! I choose to get the comfortability package (XM, heated seats) and side airbags. Even as I was signing the purchase agreement, I was a bit nervious about getting a Saturn. I know it's only been a week, but I've got to say that I'm feeling really good about the decision and pretty sure that I made the right choice based on performance, options, and ultimately price. Yes, you will get a little more bling with a Mariner hybrid or a Highlander hybrid, but they also carry a MUCH higher price tag.
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    It seems that there are no deals on the lease/buy interest rates on this vehicle. GM is not making the purchase of the green line easy. It will cost us an EXTRA $200 per month to lease this puppy. Not exactly what makes sense. Probably will end up with the HHR!
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    First off let me say that there is very little consumer information out their on the New Saturn Vue Green Line. Granted there is Consumer Reports, Car and Driver and other publications but almost nothing from the average owner. This web site is one of the only places besides Saturn's web site to get this information. That is why I feel complied to write about my experiences with the new Hybrid.

    Why did I buy the Saturn Vue Hybrid? Prior to buying the Saturn Vue Hybrid I owned a 1995 Saturn SL2 with 160,000 miles. The car was a workhorse and for the past three years I put on 70,000 miles and averaged 33.5 mpg. I kept detailed records of the gas mileage – hence the need for a Hybrid on my next car. I also like to road bike and need room in a vehicle for two bikes. That pointed me towards a SUV. So I was a Saturn owner + I wanted a Hybrid + I needed an SUV = Vue.

    I looked at the 4 and 6 cylinder Vues and compared the prices. The 6 cylinder was being offered for about $1600 less than a similar Hybrid 4 cylinder Vue. Granted the 6 had more horse power it did have 20% less mpg. Given the fact the government will offer you a $650 tax credit (not a tax deduction) the price difference was about $1000. Given my mileage per year at 25,000 miles, it would only take about 2-3 years to break even. Besides, the thought of owning a Hybrid SUV and helping the environment was very attractive to me.

    I picked up the SUV yesterday with 80 miles on it and it was a basic model. Blue with Gray interior and just the extra MP3 player. No other bells and whistles. The dealership had to look hard to find me a basic model. To echo a previous post – GM does not make it easy to purchase a Hybrid. Anyway, I am currently at 145 miles and here are my earlier feelings.

    Besides the fact that it has the new car smell and that I now am seated about 3 feet higher than my SL2 and I now park in a spot that is protected with a column on one side and a passenger’s door on the other to prevent dings – it is cool to drive as all new cars are.

    Details: when stopping at a light or in heavy stop and go traffic – I noticed that it switches the engine off with the gas. There is a slight but noticeable engine switch. Nothing major and it is something that I did take note of. Saturn states it does this to save gas and increase mileage. (We will see.)

    My Driving Habits: I commute 90 miles a day and it encompasses every type of driving you can imagine. I commute from a town in Maryland to just outside of DC. The Saturn will be going 80+mph on I-95 one minute and stuck in traffic the next. Anyone that has driven this way will know what I am talking about. I am very easy on the gas and easy on the break. My view is that if I don’t get good gas mileage with this Hybrid – no one will. Heck, I averaged 33.5mpg on an 11 year old car with 160,000 miles on it for a span of 75,000 miles- documented.

    In the weeks to come, I will be very honest & unbiased and update my real world findings on this web site in the hopes of providing valuable real time information about this Hybrid Saturn.

    -- HybridVue :)
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    Thanks for your report on the Vue. I'm in the same boat as you are commuting-wise. I drive from Eastern WV to just outside of DC and do about 112 miles daily. I currently drive an 05 Scion XB and it's great. However my commute might take me to the downtown are soon. If it does I'll need something maybe a little more comfortable for the longer trip. How is the comfort of the seats and driving position? I drive 80 mph to stop and go both ways also. Does the Vue have enough pickup to zip into the fast lane and cruise at 80?
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    :confuse: We ordered the hybrid in July and recieved it the end of November. The first 2 tanks of gas got 23 mpg. Now we have 1200 miles on the car and the highest average we have gotten is 27 mpg. I know this is good compared to most suv's on the market, but we were really hoping to see something around 32 mpg since we do a lot of highway driving.
    The car is very roomy. We looked at the HHR also, but did not like the middle compartment extending into the back where the back seat passenger would have to sit in the middle and spread their leg.
    And lastly, it does not have a lot of pick-up.
    Are regrets are the gas mileage, wish we had known that the model was going to change in Spring 2008, wished we would have ordered the chrome roof racks(they jazz of the car), and the storm gray color looks green in certain light, yuk.
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    A fellow long commuter. The seat comfort is good in the driving position - no pains on this end. I am a little disappointed that the drivers and passengers head rests do not tilt forward for an additional adjustment.

    One important note - as for driving 80mph - I discovered that the gas mileage goes way down - 15 - 20% decrease in mpg.

    I am currently up to 2500 miles on the Hybrid is less than 4 weeks. Over that span I am averaging 29.1 mpg - very good in my mind. On a recent trip from Baltimore, MD to mid Ohio - I drove between 75 and 80mph over the hills of western Maryland and averaged about 25mpg. On the way back I drove between 70-75 and averaged 25.8mpg. However, while in Ohio I drove the posted speed limit of 60-65 and got my best mileage at 34.5mpg. My local commute to DC has been in the 30.5mpg range.

    That would explain why some people get in the low 20's while others are around 30+ mpg. If you speed you compromise your gas mileage.

    By the way - I found my first bug in the Hybrid. The cruise control stopped working after 1000 miles. The light to engage cruise control would go on but it would not set. After two hours in the dealership - they discovered a tech note from Saturn that the Powertrain Cruise Control Module (PCM) sometimes needs to be reprogrammed. They reprogrammed the PCM and the cruise control is working again. I will let everyone know if the problem resurfaces. By the way the dealership was very nice and really worked to solve the problem.

    I am still very happy with my purchase. :)

    PS: The Saturn will get up to 80mph with no problems - good pick up, just remember that the gas mileage goes down.
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    I went with the Deep Blue color and it is a nice looking car. The Storm Gray color looked to plain in my eyes. The dealer did have to look around (50 mile radius) as it seems that most of the Saturn Vue Hybrids around are Storm Gray. As for the roof rack, you can always get it added but keep in mind that your gas mileage will go down with the additional drag.

    As for the 2008 Saturn Hybrid Vue model, it will be a true Hybrid auto with electric only propulsion up to 35 mph. That will again increase the gas mileage upwards of 10 - 15% from the current numbers. :)
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    The 2008 Saturn Vue hybrid will definitely need all the help it can get considering it is gaining almost 400lbs. when the body panels go from plastic to metal. They are not changing the standard hybrid motor to accomodate this. I hear they are coming out with a second optional hybrid motor. So with the current hybrid motor and more weight, I bet the gas mileage goes down. The non-hybrid 4 cyclinder motor is going from 2.2 liter to 2.4 to accomodate the weight gain.
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    Oh my, one of my reasons for looking into the VUE was the plastic panels. GM finally got something right with those and now they are going to metal. Not sure I want a VUE now.

    Oh yeah when they came out with the relay I spoke to a Saturn spokesman who told me they dont have the plastic doors because it was cost prohibit. Give me a break.
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    I have had my green line for about 2 weeks now.
    I absolutely love everything except for the gas milage so far and lack of hybrid related fuel economy gages. I got a totally loaded model and love the leather heated seats the most (my first car with leather heated seats).

    Dashboard cruise and hill assist lights aren't working. I saw a post that there is a bug and the gages need reset to fix - so no biggie.

    It seems like you have to really work hard for the any gains in gas milage (to get close to EPA estimates) which is a pain. You have to train yourself for sure. My last 2001 V6 ford explorer sport tract met the EPA estimates (18/22) exactly no matter how i drove the thing for the 5 years i owned it. It seems as though saturn is off with the estimates and they are misleading.

    I understand there is alot i don't know and am learning more and adjusting my practice with the hybrid.

    I will update this in a few days once complete with my 3rd tank of gas.

    On my 3rd tank of gas. The first two tanks rated as follows:
    1st tank - 14.25 gallons - 409 miles - 28.75mpg
    * Drove normal without taking into consideration the hybrid eco and charge/assist gages.

    2nd tank - 14.38 gallons - 364 miles - 24.82mpg
    * drove cautiously with defrosters on the entire time since it was raining constantly (oops). Tried to drive more efficiently, but didn't consider eco and charge/assist gages.

    3rd tank - Read the quick start guide (Will report in a few days the results.)
    * Tried to drive without cruise control and defrosters on, tried to maintane the eco light as much as possible.
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    Two days after my cruise control problem was fixed it reappeared. No biggie I thought until I noticed that my brake lights would not turn off.

    I got home around 6pm on Friday and noticed that the brake lights remained on after I turned the Hybrid off. I checked the brake pedal, made sure the car was in park and started the Hybrid several times to see if it would go off. No luck. I then decided to pull the fuse for the brake lights - they still remained on. So I resolved to take the Hybrid in on Saturday to get it looked at.

    I got up at 7am and noticed that the brake lights were off. I thought, this is good - until I realized that they were off because the battery was dead. I called roadside assistance and within 65 minutes the Hybrid was jumped and I was on my way to the dealer. :sick:

    I picked up a loaner vehicle and left the Hybrid at the dealership. I just picked it up yesterday so they had it from Saturday until Wednesday.

    Here is what they found: the technician found the plastic teeth on the brake switch retainer was stripped causing the switch not to engage as it should. The tech replaced the brake switch behind the brake pedal and it corrected the brake lights on problem as well as the cruise control not engaging problem. (The other Hybrid owner in this post should have the cruise control and the brake pedal switch retainer checked immediately.) You do not want to get stuck somewhere.

    I tested the Hybrid this morning and everything is working properly.

    The service department once again was very helpful. Now I know some owners would be fuming that it took two visits to the dealership to get the issue resolved but being angry in this case would not get you anything except high blood pressure. Things brake so you deal with it and get it fixed. It also helps that it is covered under the standard warrantee. I also have a 5 year 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warrantee that I purchased at the time of sale. If you plan on keeping the Hybrid more than 5 years it is well worth the money. (For the record the issue had nothing to do with the fact that it is a Hybrid.)

    So for now the Hybrid is rolling again and I hope it stays that way. I will keep you all posted. ;)
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    We purchased a Green vue on December 4th. Our fuel bill has dropped $200 per month. My wife drives it 90 per day 4 days a week. We are getting about 28 to 29 MPG. We are planning to buy a second one this summer.....

    PS, no mechanical problems at all to date.
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    I bought a Vue Green Line in December 2006. At about 450 miles I noticed that the doors did not lock or unlock when the car was taken out of or put into park. Next I noticed that the daytime running lamps were out. Finally I tested the cruise control only to find out that was not working either. I made an appointment & bought the car in for service. They had it 4 days & gave it back to me. Everything was working, however within a week it happened again. They again had it for 4 days, tried putting in a new BCM module but it could not be programmed. So they put back the old BCM module and off I went. Within a week the same symptoms appeared. Now that customer service had been notified, I get calls everyday but still they don't know what to do. They are trying to get another part which they say will correct the problem, however I have my reservations about that. Meanwhile, I am driving around with no daytime running lamps, no cruise control & no automatic door locks. Not bad for the price. No satisfaction from GM either. They don't seem to know what to do about it either. Anyone have the same problems?
  • hybridvuehybridvue Member Posts: 31
    If you read any of my previous posts, you know about my cruise control issues. Since, it was repaired the second time - it has worked everyday except one. It did not work one Friday and then it stated working the next day. It seems to me that Saturn's first go at the Hybrid has some propulsion issues with the cruise control.

    As for the day time running lamps and the door locks - I have not had a problem with them.

    5500 miles into my Saturn Hybrid and I am averaging 29.82mpg. That average is probably a reflection of my driving habits. Still happy on this end.
  • ktjensenktjensen Member Posts: 12
    So far if I control my driving I get relatively good gas mileage at above 25 MPG average. I use cruise control and I watch the ECO gauge to make sure it is activating at most times. I have a lot of rolling hills in Connecticut, which costs me gas mileage.

    What can I fairly compare the vehicle MPG to?? the AWD version with six cylinder? or the 4 cylinder manual transmission version? What are those getting for MPG?

    The interior is very quiet. I use the Satilite radio often. No problems noted with my car at all.

    WANTED: better gas mileage please!! I would pay for an improved battery, and a new computer that used the Battery more often. Maybe in the next year we might see a PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) modification for this 2007 year machine?
  • anixanix Member Posts: 3
    My cruise control just started acting up around 8500 miles. I still have to get it fixed.

    My issue is that within the first month I stupidly left the headlights on and the battery died. After that my gas mileage hasn't been the same. It was around 28/29 mpg and now I am at about 23/25 mpg with only hitting 28 mpg on one long distance (all freeway) trip.

    Has anyone else seen this problem after their battery died?
  • hybridvuehybridvue Member Posts: 31
    When my cruise control was acting up - my break lights stayed on all night and it totally drained my battery. I had to get a jump just to get to the dealership.

    At the time my Hybrid was averaging about 29.5mpg. Since the battery drain, my Hybrid has been averaging 30.5mpg. So I have not seen a drop off. I attribute the increase in mpg to the warmer weather.

    Currently I am at 7343.9 miles and averaging 30.3mpg. I know that sounds on the high end and it is. I credit my numbers to my driving style.

    Check it out at

    There are other Saturn Hybrid Vue owners who also track their gas mileage. The 24-27mpg range seems to be the standard gas mileage.

    Knock on wood, my cruise control issue has not resurfaced in almost 2 months. The only other "knock" I had was that I was re-ended on the Capital Beltway about 3 weeks ago. Hard enough to not only damage my rear bumper but I also was pushed into the car in front of me. I was :mad: Both bumpers performed well - at the 15 mph crash. The front grill cracked, the front bumper cracked and the rear bumper was scratched up. The bumpers protected the hood and the hatch very well. $1700 was the cost to replace both the rear and front bumpers and the tab was picked up by the car's insurance that re-ended me. The lady was very sorry and said she did not even realize that Saturn made a Hybrid. The rarity of the vechicle probably distracted her and caused the accident. ;)

    By the way, there are two questions that I have been trying to get an answer for.

    #1> At what point does the Green Eco Light turn on? The owners manual and Saturn customer support stated that the light goes on when the Hybrid is achieving better gas mileage. That is a generic answer. I am looking for a mpg number that causes the light to go on. I usually get the green light to go on between the 20 and 77 mph range, when I am breaking and at a stop.

    #2 How many 2007 Saturn Hybrid Vue's have been sold? Automotive figures for Hybrid sales never seem to include the Vue and when I contacted my dealership and Saturn customer support - they both stated that the numbers have not been tallied. The best figure I could come up with was an estimate from an article that said 700 Saturn Vue Hybrids were being sold per month. With the first model rolling off in October and production for the 2007 ending in March that is 700 x 6 month = 4,200 Hybrids. That is a very small number. Does anyone have a more accurate figure? Thanks

    Once again - I love my Saturn Vue Hybrid. :blush:
  • ktjensenktjensen Member Posts: 12
    I have had no problems with my Hybred. It has been very cold, and gas MPG is anywhere from 22MPG to 27MPG. Never better than that. Never worse than 22 MPG.

    My concern is that the EPA listing of the MPG says 35 maximum. Well I think that there is no way possible to get 35MPG.
  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    Check out the revised EPA ratings. They show the Vue Hybrid at 26 MPG combined. Almost exactly what you are getting.

    New EPA ratings
  • slave1bobafettslave1bobafett Member Posts: 2
    Hi Guys, I am supposed to be picking up my Green Line view on 4/19. It sounds like there are some problems, I can still back out. Is there anyone that if they could do over again that would not get the Vue Hybrid?
  • anixanix Member Posts: 3
    Even though I am not real happy about the gas mileage I am getting, it is still better than most SUV's, I do really love my car.
  • hrwkianhrwkian Member Posts: 1
    I have really been interested in buying a Vue Green Line. There is one available at a local dealer with some pretty good upgrades and stuff, and I really like the idea of saving gas. The car I have is awful, a '98 Mercury Sable that's getting me 17 miles per gallon... :cry: So any increase in MPG will be great... I am not so concerned with the worries of people when it comes to Interior Design so that is not a big deal to me, I'm just looking for something that is going to be reliable... Thanks for some of the insight, It's always good to hear information from someone who owns the vehicle themselves... :)
  • ktjensenktjensen Member Posts: 12
    The MPG is only around 22 to 27, so do not expect it to be better than that. We are careful drivers, and keep ECO on most times, with speeds below 60 MPH.
  • mcollermcoller Member Posts: 1
    Don't have a Vue at the moment but seriously considering the hybrid. I did notice in some of the info I picked up the other day that Saturn says the max gas mileage for the Greenline is reached at 45 mph.
  • slave1bobafettslave1bobafett Member Posts: 2
    I just picked up my Hybrid a few days ago and today I filled up for the first time. I averaged out at 27.12mpg (I think I could have done a bit better, my wife was drove over half of the time and she is not as careful at driving as I am). These are just miles that I know that I put on so if the dealer didn't have the thing completely full my mileage would have even been better. Here are some things that I am doing that might be able to help some of you out.
    1. The power assist usually only works during acceleration. So in order to capalitialize on that make sure that you accelerate slowly, this will use the power assist over a longer distance.
    2. Will sitting in traffic and the person in front of you moves up a few feet many people have a nature tendency to move up if the person in front of them moves up. With the hybrid the engine will turn on each time you take your foot off the brake, so only move up when you absolutely have to.
    3. When slowing down for a stop or turn, Maximize on the coasting time. This will help charge the hybrid battery and will also add to the distance traveled while using less gas.
  • kronykrony Member Posts: 110 '03 Vue 4cyl CVT got 20-22 mpg in town, ~25 on hwy...
  • revuerevue Member Posts: 1
    Okay, well here it is...

    Picked up my brand new 2007 Hybrid Saturn Vue 10/06/06. Worked fine; pleased with its quiet, comfortable ride. I drive this car a lot, avg 3k mi/month.

    1. By Dec, 10k miles, I noticed the "eco system" wasn't lighting up or indicating the hybrid battery was charging properly.
    2. By Jan, 13k, the ABS brake lights started showing up with the engine lights. It was winter in NY, so I took it the dealer, who supported the "winter" ABS traction control reasoning, cleaned the brakes, and the "engine lights" went away.
    3. In Feb, at 17k miles, the engine light was back, now accompanied by the battery light (front main battery):
    A persistent and mean, red, little light, I had no idea how socially, financially and physically havoc wreaking this little light would become.

    The battery light would flash concomitantly with the engine light and I would take it to the dealership it would disappear. However, it would foretell that at 21,000 miles, the car would suffer persistent and repetitive engine failure, I would lose $1,250 a week in business revenue, additional revenue potential, two employees, arguments with my husband, countless hours in meetings, garages, oportunity costs, etc., which is where I am at, today.

    The scenario is this: drive the car a day or two. The eco charge system works. Then, on any given day, the battery appears. Then, disappears for an hour. Then, another icon will light up: more recently, it's been the traction control. Then, the engine light will appear. Then, I'd know it's time... (to get to a safe location). Within a few minutes, all of the electrical instruments would lose power. No headlights. No dashboard lights. The steering would begin to lock. I'd have to pump the accelerator to keep the car moving through traffic to pull over or it'd die in the middle of whatever I'd be in. This has been going on almost every other week since mid-March and now the dealer has it full-time, bringing in engineers, trying to figure it out. Another thing: my car eats (drains) batteries like candy. The dealer has seen it (and, replaced four batteries). Some how, in this "eco charging" thing, there is a malfunction, and the hybrid battery is not charging the main battery like it should, or whatever.

    Is it just my car? No. I met another woman coming out of the dealership and she said she bought one and when it hit 22,000 miles it did the same thing and hers was parked right out side. She said all kinds of frivolous icons appear in addition to the battery warning before it just shuts down for no reason.

    Did I mention Saturn has it now and the engineers are coming? Maybe I'm repeating myself. Hope you can get something from this.


    And can you still believe I still have my heart set on this car? :lemon: :lemon:
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    I'm highly considering the hybrid VUE and have desparately been trying to find more information on how it performs/handles in the snow and/or ice. Any feedback would be great.

  • ktjensenktjensen Member Posts: 12
    I have TRACTION CONTROL installed on my VUE HYBRID so it runs great in the snow, and ice.
  • hybridveuownerhybridveuowner Member Posts: 10
    :lemon: i took delivery of my vue hybrid in early november. i drive about 25 miles a day round trip to work. i have approx 6600 miles currently. in april, the battery indicator light came on, as did the check engine light. i took it to the dealer and was told that it was a loose connection. two days later, lights back on again. took it to the dealer was told that tech support isn't open on saturday, bring it back monday. took in back monday, they recalibrated something and replaced the battery control unit. fast forward to may, the battery light is on again, the car doen't go to auto stop. and stalls at traffic lights. i am waiting for the part to come in. i was told that it needs a new harness. hopefully that will finally fix it. when the car was working properly my milage was good, 24 in the city and 29 on the freeway. :cry:
  • ktjensenktjensen Member Posts: 12
    My Hybrid Vue is doing exactly the same thing!! This is abviously an identical problem in all the Hybrid Vues. This is really bad if they are all experiencing the same issue.

    Looking at the PARTS RESTRICTION ENGINE HYBRID service bulliten kind of implies that this might be a problem with many of the Hybrid Vues out there. The Technical Service Bulliten is very terse (hard to understand). Here it is:

    link title
  • ktjensenktjensen Member Posts: 12
    Well the Saturn Dealer now has my vehicle. They said it was unsafe to drive until the new part (battery charging circuit) gets in. This is a factory fix for this 2007 Saturn Hybrid Vue. I have a GM paid, no cost rental until the vehicle is fixed. The part just came out May 31st from Saturn factory, so lots of nationwide demand I am sure.

    Just funny that there is no recall on this vehicle. There should be, if the charging circuit fails to work the car eventually dies while you are driving.

    Good luck owners!!
  • silverglvuesilverglvue Member Posts: 8
    Our 2007 Hybrid Vue had a problem with the battery light followed by an engine light about 10 days ago. We took it into the dealer. Drove it home and no problems. Yesterday morning the vehicle went into auto stop but then died while waiting for traffic to clear for a left turn. It restarted when the ignition was turned over but by that point the battery and engine lights were on again.

    We had it into the dealership within 5 hours (thanks to previous postings for bringing our attention to this issue). When it was taken into the dealership we were dropped off at the rental car company. GM or the dealer are paying for this rental and it was the dealer that prompted the rental as we don't have the coverage for this.

    We were told last night (31May) that a part was on order..and the part appears to be not readily available. If we are having similar problems then I'm guessing that a recall is likely as soon as the part is more readily available.

    We will drive the rental until the part comes in and our Vue is fixed.

    Until this (3500 miles), we have been happy with our hybrid view and average about 25 mpg mostly in city. On the interstate (going 75 mph) we seem to get closer to 30 mpg.

    We're anxious to see if this part fixes the problem so that we can get back to driving our Vue!
  • allcurrentwizallcurrentwiz Member Posts: 1
    I've had my 07 Vue since October and have 18,400 miles and drive 125 miles per day 60% highway and balance stop and go. Averaging 29.6 and I often have a piece of equipment in the back I'm delivering. I couldn't be happier with the car. It runs well, is solid and sure footed. My last Saturn is still on the road clocking in at almost 300K miles. Runs like a V6 but drinks like a 4cyl and carries my bulky items around like a champ. A very nice compromise.
  • hybridvuehybridvue Member Posts: 31
    Like the previous post - I have had my Hybrid since Dec 2006 and have 14,800 miles. I drive 90 + miles per day with 50% highway and 50% stop and go. Averaging 31.3mpg with an empty trunk. I couldn't be happier with the Hybrid.

    You can check out other Saturn Hybrid Vue Owners at:

    Hopefully, these battery issues are not widespread (knock on wood.) Good luck to all and I hope the battery issue gets straighted out.
  • chmsommchmsomm Member Posts: 36
    Well, I finally got sick of $3.10/gallon gas. My wife has the GM discount through her father. That coupled with 0% financing and discounted extended warranty led us to take a chance on the Green Line.

    I was seriously injured in a car accident due to a negligent Minivan driver a few years back and there is no way I would ever consider a compact car, fuel savings or not. A SUV with no hybrid technology surcharge looked like a good solution.

    I have driven it for only a week and have some initial observations:
    1. It handles like a Vue/SUV.
    2. Decent acceleration for suburban driving.
    3. Cruises well on highway, but a little weak on passing acceleration at high speeds. It's not a V6, but the electric assist helps the L4.
    4. Weak on steep hills, which is expected. OK on moderate hills.
    5. First tank of gas was 25-26 mpg, which is not bad considering there is a learning curve for max mileage. This was with the AC in the "green-mode". Already doing better on the second tank as I learn the art of the "coast". I am also adjusting the AC as needed, without making myself uncomfortable.

    This is NOT a "Lame Duck Greenie" as posted on another review that come up on a search engine. I now drive a SUV that probably will get a minimum 25 mpg for suburban commuting that essentially cuts my "get-to-work" gas consumption in half, meaning a $50/month reduction in fuel costs.

    Everything on the vehicle seems to work well. My initial impressions are good. Will make additional posts in the future to update everyone.

    Lame Duck Greenie???????????
  • mgoblue1mgoblue1 Member Posts: 2
    Same issues here with battery and engine light along with the power steering shutting off while driving.

    I am told that the part in question is a wiring harness and there is a very recent service bulletin covering the issue. As with other posters, the part is not available "at the warehouse" but can apparently overnight them direct from the factory.
  • hybridveuownerhybridveuowner Member Posts: 10
    i took my vue in last week & got the new wiring harness. hopefully this fix (number 4 for me) will finally be it. the last fix lasted about 3 weeks so i am not getting my hopes up til we pass the 1 month mark. i still have reservations about the reliablity of this vehicle. time will tell.
  • detroit_rexdetroit_rex Member Posts: 1
    I've had three stories published on the Vue Green Line ... and THE first on Edmunds Inside Line. My view on the VUE is positive. The moniker of Lame Duck comes from the fact that since last year (late 2006), Saturn has paraded the new 2008 Green Line and its greater, greener technology for the world to see. In the article you read, I reviewed a 2007 model. Are you not familiar with the political condition of being a lame duck? Think about it.
  • chmsommchmsomm Member Posts: 36

    Please take this as constructive criticism from a scientist who has written over 80 peer-reviewed publications. I am not trying to give you too hard of a time on this one.

    I did read your article. I re-read it to be certain of my initial interpretation.

    The article's title and the paragraph concerning "lame duck" are very misleading and somewhat nebulous in their interpretation. Try to choose your words more carefully, it avoids confusion. I won't respond to a reply on this topic. I've said my piece, you are welcome to disagree.

    Now that you have clarified, I think it is a mistake for Saturn to discontinue the BAS system. I like the lack of what I call the "hybrid surcharge" (what a nebulous term)with the 2007 model. I would tend to agree with your 2007 vs 2008 comments now that they are in context.

    So far the mileage is good and there have been no problems. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the electrical problems other owners seem to be having.

    Will keep all you other BAS Vue drivers updated on how the beast is working as time moves on.

    Will we need to specify BAS vs 2-step, or whatever tech term is used for the various hybrids. I'm sooooo confused. My mind is nebulous.

    Oh no. Brain freeze.
  • chmsommchmsomm Member Posts: 36
    Can anyone provide info on the number of 2007 Green Lines sold?

    I was wondering about the percentage/fraction of Green Lines with electrical problems?

    Assuming, which can be bad, that only owners with problems would be most likely to make posts.

  • gunga64gunga64 Member Posts: 271
    Haven't checked here for a few months.
    25-30 MPG for the VUE isn't that impressive to me. Considering other manufactors are starting to show better MPG on gas alone. These insane electrical issues that can't seem to be solved is another concern. Thank you for your reports, seems to me I need to look elsewhere.
  • cak0219cak0219 Member Posts: 8
    I'm considering a VUE - I have the Hybrid at home this evening for an 'over-nighter'. I really like the auto-off and I tend to coast anyway, so after reading about that here, I might get pretty good mileage. I'm still not sold yet, though.

    I've read some other people's input who say it is quiet. Having just dropped off a Hyundai Santa Fe, the VUE seems pretty noisy (road and tire noise). But, I realize it doesn't have all the amenities of other SUV's, but with the price in the same range, I was expecting a little more for the money.

    The biggest question arose when I was asked if there have been any safety tests done with regard to the battery if you're in an accident? Could there be issues with batteries exploding, or battery acid being thrown about?

    Does anyone know about this? I've done a little research on hybrids in general, but haven't found anything yet on this.

  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "The biggest question arose when I was asked if there have been any safety tests done with regard to the battery if you're in an accident? Could there be issues with batteries exploding, or battery acid being thrown about?"

    1. I think the gas would explode long before the batteries went. These are NiMh; the "exploding" batteries one reads about are LiIon.

    2. I believe you are thinking of lead-acid batteries when you speak of acid being thrown around. I have seen nothing to indicate there is any danger of such an event.

    The only published concerns are from emergency workers who are worried about the high voltage wires being cut during a "jaws of life" rescue. However the wires are brightly colored, and I haven't seen any reports on this issue lately.
  • cak0219cak0219 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the battery lesson. I'm not familiar with Hybrids and am just getting into them.

    After reading the discussions here, I'm seeing a lot of electrical issues. My dealer (of course) says there are no problems with electrcial system or getting parts to fix them.

    First year cars often have issues. I need to see when the '08 (Hybrid) might be coming out. I think I'd feel better after they've had more experience with them.

    Thanks for your input.
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "After reading the discussions here, I'm seeing a lot of electrical issues. My dealer (of course) says there are no problems with electrcial system or getting parts to fix them."

    Keep in mind that the Saturn belt hybrid system is simpler than the Toyota HSD, but it is also a new implementation, and it is not as efficient as a dual mode hybrid (HSD).

    If you are worried about electrical components, you might want to go for either the Ford Escape Hybrid or the Highlander Hybrid. Here is my short summary based on my reading and experience.

    FEH: Rides more like a truck (you may or may not like that in an SUV), but has a 4 cylinder engine (plus). Can achive mid 30's for in-town MPG. I personally found the truck to feel a bit "tippy" (but that was a 2006 model), and stability control is not offered on the hybrid model.

    HH: Rides very smooth (a Toyota design intention), but has a 6 cylinder engine. Can achieve upper 20's MPG in town. There have been considerable comments on the fact that the HH runs the ICE for a longer time than the Prius or Camry Hybrids.

    To get these kinds of MPG, you have to drive it like a hybrid - it is a learning process. If you drive either of these vehicles hard, you will get low 20's (HH) or upper 20's (FEH).
  • dsauvagedsauvage Member Posts: 2
    The Saturn Vue Hybrid I purchased is only 2 months old and I have had to replace one because parts were rattling in the door and dash and the second one already had a blowout that almost flipped the car. Onstar took forever to send someone out. They now suggest a get a spare at my expense and put it in the cargo area. So now I can smell rubber the whole ride and have lost all of my storage space. Geeh. I wanted to return it but customer friendly Saturn told me no. They told me this after 1 week of their discussing it. I have owned many new cars in my life, but have never been so totally disgusted as I have been by this purchase. By the way, I am averaging 22 miles to the gallon on open road - my old SUV did about the same. Wish I had stuck with Toyota. Instead this $24K car is made of plastic that rattles and has no tire or place for one to address safety on the road. Buyer beware. Their pledge of 100% satisfaction is bogus. I got 100% taken advantage of and want to help others so that they are not like me. :sick:
  • dsauvagedsauvage Member Posts: 2
    The Saturn Vue Hybrid I purchased is only 2 months old and I have had to replace one because parts were rattling in the door and dash and the second one already had a blowout that almost flipped the car. Onstar took forever to send someone out. They now suggest a get a spare at my expense and put it in the cargo area. So now I can smell rubber the whole ride and have lost all of my storage space. Geeh. I wanted to return it but customer friendly Saturn told me no. They told me this after 1 week of their discussing it. I have owned many new cars in my life, but have never been so totally disgusted as I have been by this purchase. By the way, I am averaging 22 miles to the gallon on open road - my old SUV did about the same. Wish I had stuck with Toyota. Instead this $24K car is made of plastic that rattles and has no tire or place for one to address safety on the road. Buyer beware. Their pledge of 100% satisfaction is bogus. I got 100% taken advantage of and want to help others so that they are not like me. :sick:
  • hybridveuownerhybridveuowner Member Posts: 10
    i had the wiring harness replaced 3 weeks ago. the result is that the battery warning light and the check engine light have stayed off. i hope that this will be the final fix although i am sort of sorry that i didn't buy the ford escape hybrid. since i keep my cars 10-15 years, i hope the remorse doesn't stay
  • vttimwhitevttimwhite Member Posts: 2
    We've had the Hybrid Vue for about 11,000 miles and love it. You do have to learn to drive it differently (it's not a Ferrari after all). The gas mileage is about 27/30 mpg. We have the battery harness problem, were waiting for the new part and the car died smack in the middle of a well-traveled road leaving my wife and daughter stranded and in a bad location. The dealer was pretty good about responding to the problem, although they did tell us it was safe to drive while we waited for the harness to arrive. It wasn't.

    I like the vehicle, but it's got me worried now. We'll see how it goes from here... :sick:
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