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Mitsubishi Montero



  • ehollisehollis Posts: 14
    I got the silver running boards on my green Montero. They look fine, but when I went to the dealer to pick up the truck, I saw another green montero with Sudan Beige matched running boards!!? I have never seen them anywhere else. If I had known that they existed, I would have bought those. They look like something from the factory... I'd have paid twice what I paid for the silver...

    Anybody else want to weigh in on the CSI issue? I'm really hot about it. Any dealers out there want to comment on the integrity of the JD Power process?
  • pro212pro212 Posts: 44
    brillmtb, I'd go with silver/chrome Manik brush guards and side tubes on a beige Montero. Manik is the real thing, heavy duty, tough and has "cohones". Chrome/silver looks better with beige than black and should be less obtrusive/noticeable than contrasting black. Don't waste your money on that Montero brush guard thats a big hunk of cheap plastic. The Mitsu guard won't do you any good and will make you look like a dumb city wimp when you're riding in the country. Have no fear with the Manik brush guards, chicks in halter tops will be bent over backwards looking at you and rednecks will give you a thumbs-up "kick flying a.., bud".

    ehollis, I think your CSI JD Powers story is all too common. My family bought two new cars in 2000 and 2001, a Honda Accord and a Hyundai Santa Fe. Both dealers treated us OK but after the deal was signed and checks handed over, both saleman (and saleswomen) were very agressive to say "if you can't give me a perfect score on the Manufacturers Survey, please don't fill it out at all. I need only perfect scores". This really ticked me off so I decided to grade each lower on just that point. What cohones on both the girl and the guy!!!
  • We test drove 8 SUV's, and are seriously considering the MonteLTD. We were offered the 4.9% finance for 60 months, and a free Dell Computer from the dealer.
    We were quoted a price 35,370 without haggling the price.
    After reading the comments, we would definitely like one that includes running boards, wind deflector and tow package. Does anyone know where we could get the best deal in Northern New Jersey? We are not committed to any one dealer as of yet.
    Joyce & Greg
  • Where can you find the silver/chrome Manik brush guards and how much do they cost? I saw some nice brush guards (S.S. I think), but can't find the web site now. They may have come from "down under", Australia, but not sure.

    Good posts on the octane requirements, it will be nice to know what octane the engine is designed to run on.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    The ones from Austrialia are not the Maniks but anther brand. I have the catalogue but cant remembe the name. They are the best looking but most expensive ones I have seen.

    I will try and find the name and web site.
  • ehollisehollis Posts: 14
    I almost bought a car from Salerno Duane in Jersey City. The girls name was Rashedah Carty, and she gave me a price of 34,881. Trouble was, she didn't have a green one. She also had the green demo that I mentioned a few posts back. If you want her number, email me at Very nice to deal with.
  • For those of you considering the Maniks, there is a picture of the black bars and steps (as well as tail light guards) on a 2001 Monte at
  • karno1karno1 Posts: 33
    I considered going to solerno dealer....dealt w/ the same lady Rasheda....she was rippin me way off. She quoted me a price of over 35k. If they were giving you a free dell....its not free. Nothing is free in this world. They are incorporating it into the price for sure. I picked my mine up (ltd. Monty w/ rear air) for 34,259. If you want the same deal....go to the Mitsubishi dealer of Rahway NJ. This was one of the truly best car buying experience in my life. I have bought many in the past, yet they were truly down to earth....and never wasted my time. Ask for Ray the general mngr, and tell them that Raj sent you. He will definitely give you a break, and has alot in stock right now. They put the running boards in at cost which was $370 bucks extra. Believe you me, I tried all of the other dealers....Rahway comes highly recommended....even though its not in north nj....its more towards elizabeth nj....not too far away for a good deal!
  • pro212pro212 Posts: 44 is where you want to go for manly guards. My local speed shop can get them in 1-2 days. The front guard is available in black or chrome and covers the front grill and headlights. The rear has taillight covers but no full rear brush guard. Side rails, I believe are also available. The black guards are much cheaper than the chrome. I got these black ones on my silver 2000 Xterra SE and they look great and protect better than anything. In my opinion, the chrome only looks good on black cars, beige cars, and maybe white (but the black contrast looks nicer on white). Don't waste your hard-earned Benjamins on Mitsubishi plastic/wimp/girly brush guard crap--you'll love the Manik guards--They'll last forever and can kick any royal butt. Don't be in the headlights of these guards cause they don't stop comin'at ya.

    I was lined up to get a set of Manik guards on a beige 2001 Montero XLS so I know they are available. Another nice feature is they have holes already drilled for roadlights. I drilled a little more and installed a set of the most powerful Daylighters in black trim and they work great; saved my neck a few times on some dark roads and highways. Good luck bud, I think your looking about $1000 for all (black) (minus side rails but including roadlights installed), which is a bargain.

    These are the legendary ones.
  • ken131ken131 Posts: 20
    When the climate control knob is turned to the right (to auto or further) the green a/c light comes on automatically to turn the a/c compressor on. Why does it do this when it is cold outside and you are just trying to heat the inside of the car (to say 70 degrees)? Should the a/c compressor then be turned off when trying to heat the vehicle? or should it be kept on? I'm just not sure to why it "defaults" to on whenever the climate control is turned on. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Good question. Not knowing why and concerned about the compressor running (and assuming this is bad for gas mileage and wear) I turn the A/C off.

    I have heard from others that just because the light is on doesnt mean the compressor is engaged so I might be overly paranoid here.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Try this site. There are two brush guards that look nice. Included is that stainless steel one from JAOS.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Motor trend show tonight reports that long term test was excellent, no problems with the Montero.

    They report 14.9 mpg average. Pretty low compared to my mileage but I dont know how much off roading they are doing.

    They mentioned the marked increase in Mitsubishi quality that they have noticed over the years.
  • karno1karno1 Posts: 33
    the reason for the ac light coming on is due to you are engaging into the "auto" mode....thus it is doing everything possible to warm up the vehicle, including the defrosting of the windows. As you all know, in order to clear up the windows, the most efficient way to do that is by engaging the ac compressor on for the faster clear up. I too just got my Monty, so i'm not too sure, but once the windows are all cleared up, the ac light should go off.
  • Whats a good price to pay for an Montero XLS 4wd? I say 4WD because the Edmunds info is a little confusing. It says 2wd on the header and then you read the info in the body and it says 4wd is standard. I have gotten a price for a Monte Ltd without even beginning to bargain for 34,400 with rear air which kind of surprises me - maybe the Edmunds TMV deal of 33,350 is right.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    karno1 is exactly right...On a bitterly cold day, turn the compressor off and the heat on and viola--instant fog!!! I have never had the Monte's windows fog up--a major benefit over my previous vehicle, in which I could simulate a minor blizzard on the INSIDE if the weather was cold enough (in fact, one winter, the total snowfall was higher inside my car than it was outside--it was a Honda).

    However, unless its REALLY cold, you really don't need the compressor on...
  • Thanks for the information on the brush guards.

    On the octane best for the 2001 Monte subject:
    I requested an official response on the octane rating(American) the engine was design for from the Mitsubishi representative. Hope to get something next week.

    Has anybody decided or bought good off road/winter tires and rims yet?
  • jessefjessef Posts: 1
    Has anybody out there gotten an exceptional lease on a Montero Ltd. in Northern New Jersey? If so, please tell me the deal you received and where.
  • karno1karno1 Posts: 33
    I'm from bergen county nj, and inquired about the lease deal on a 36/39 month lease w/ $0 down. Came out to 598 a month. I decided to put 5k down, and do a 60 month finance, came out to 611 a month. these things last a long time, and would be well worth buying it instead of leasing it. No special programs going on at the moment for these things.
  • tommy39tommy39 Posts: 1
    I bought my XLS in Jan. for 30,995. It has the sun roof and a rear spoiler but no rear air. It listed for 33,000 plus. I had a trade in that complicated things a bit so I think I could have gotten it cheaper. Also got the 4.9 for 60 months. There are no 2wd Monteros.
  • amers2amers2 Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 all black Monte Ltd. with a manik brush guard and tail light cages. I would rather have a Jaos brush guard, but it's too expensive. Jaos has some nice modifications for the new Monte. You can check them out at

    By the way, I drove the Montero through the snowstorm in Buffalo when we got 25 inches in a matter of hours, and it didnt get stuck once unlike all the other SUV's. This truck is sweet.
  • ken131ken131 Posts: 20
    No, the A/C compressor stays on indefinitely unless it is manually turned off. What is the reason for this? Is the compressor really on when I am just heating up the car? (the green light is on, so I assume that it is). Any more info on why this compressor turns on (and stays on) ALL the time when using climate control (even to heat the car) would be helpful.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Just because the green light is "on" doesn't mean the A/C compressor is engaged and running. The green light just indicates the clutch on the compressor will be engaged if the climate control system needs it to control the temperature setpoint, or if it needs it to reduce moisture in the cabin air. If you manually turn it off, you have just defeated one of the options the climate control has to "control climate" This is OK if your main purpose is to save on fuel, and not control temperature/hudmidty in the vehicle.
  • Thanks for all the posts on brush guards! The S.S. Jaos brush guards were the ones that I liked. The price is a little high (about$1,200.+ tax & shipping), which is surprising with the almost 2 to 1 exchange rate for Australia.
  • Thanks for all the posts on brush guards! The S.S. Jaos brush guards were the ones that I liked. Will check price at the WA. distributor; I have a bad feeling they are going to be real expensive.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    The Jaos SS were my first chioce as well. Why the high price?

    The Waag look OK but I dont see them in chrome/ss and with a beige montero I dont think black would look good.

    Check out those Jaos skid plates, would like those as well.
  • karno1karno1 Posts: 33
    now that I have finally bought my Monty, its time to go over the things I really dislike about this truck. I don't like the idea that they decided to go w/ a retractable antenna......there shouldn't even be an antenna. It should be embedded into the rear window like most other cars are doing these days. I don't like the small, toy like rear view mirror......I thought it'd at least have a automatic dimming feature on it. even the motnero sport has a better rear view mirror in it. no memory seats, and no powered passenger seat. sound system could use a bit more oomph! tachometer is on the wrong side. there isn't one piece of metal incorporated into the interior design of this truck!

    other than all of that, I have been loving every single minute of my truck, rides like a true dream....very nice and high up, huge sunroof, the biggest i've ever seen on a vehicle, enough power for its size, and awesome seats!
  • Karno1,
    You forgot to mention no remote control of the radio, even Durangos have that. I agree no powered passenger seat was also a cheap shot for cost saving. Just think, they will fix all those things and a V-8 in the next couple of years, but who wants to wait?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If we are going to get picky....they should have made the rear windows electric like in this years LC. I would like to push a button up front to open them.

    I think there is a "diversity antenna" in the window. I dont know if the window technology is as good as a regular antenna. Why they have two in the Montero is something for the antenna experts.
  • ehollisehollis Posts: 14
    Here's what a diversity antenna does Basically, the antennas work by selecting
    the best-quality FM signal from the available antennas or by
    phasing and combining multiple signals. This gives improved fringe area FM reception.

    Amen on the power passenger seat. Just think, it's a leather seat, with a heating element and an air bag. Would it have killed them to put a motor in it? My wife "loves" this feature. Even the car we got rid of (1885 Nissan Maxima - R.I.P.) had a power passenger seat.

    Here's the other thing I hate. Where do you put the rear "shade" (the thing you use to cover up what you've got in the back) when you have the third seat up? (I don't have kids, but I haul a lot of them, and I'm always putting the third seat up and down.)
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