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Mitsubishi Montero



  • ibrollinover4u - Did the computer reprogramming help the tranny shifting? I have also noticed occasional shifting problems with my 2001 Monte LTD., usually when still cold.
  • I have not had the oppertunity to get back to dealer yet...this will be an 1 hour job. I will post an update when completed.
  • I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero SR that I believe may have sludge buildup in the engine. I have tapping noise coming from my engine also. I went to a Mitsubishi dealer to speak to technician. The technician advised me to drain out my oil. Then take 3 qts. of Transmission fluid and 2 1/2 qts of non synthetic oil (mix it together). Drive my truck for a 1000 miles with the mixture in my engine. Drain out the oil/transmission fluid mixture and he guaranteed me the sound would go away. WHAT YOU THINK?
    Has anyone ever heard of that technique for removing engine oil sludge? Tell me what you think?
  • I am strongly considering purchasing the 2002 Montero Limited with the heated leather seats.
    I sat in one and was very suprised how hard the seats were. Are they a comfortable ride? My husband has a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, and the heated leather seats, are softer and very comfortable. I dont want us to have "twin" suv's, that is why I am considering the Montero, plus I like the looks better. any advice or comments on the seats. thanks.
  • toyotas1toyotas1 Posts: 134
    Are they gonna put a V8 in this thing so it can run with the class leaders?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I find the more firm seats MUCH more comfortable. Particularly during long drives. But.. everyone is different.

    When I first rode in a Cherokee I knew I could never live with those seats. I spend tons of time behind the wheel for my job and I find that Super Soft seats that you sink into like the Jeeps are the WORST for long drives. In fact they are torture for me. They surround your body limiting your ability to move and adjust easily. Also they tend to squeeze your body creating more fatigue and blood flow restrictions.

    I always look for a more firm seating surface. You'll find that Premium After Market Seats like Recaro follow the same concept of using firmer surfaces. They actually are proven reduce fatigue and increase long haul comfort. Sounds odd to some but I'm telling you from lots of experience over the years.. it is true. But... everyone is different. :)

  • mhowittmhowitt Posts: 2
    My digital compass gauge on my 1998 montero is going haywire. I press the "s" button to try and reset it, but all I get is an "S" rotating around the gauge. Anyone have any thoughts on how to correctly reset this thing? You can e mail me direct at I greatly appreciate any help on this.

    -Mike Howitt
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Agree with dski. The worse your back or further you drive you will appretiate the firmer seat. European car makers have figured this out long ago. The Mecedes is firm as well. I too was initially concerned but find it to be the most comfortable of all my vehicles.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    We all would like a V8 option but the V6 does fine other than really tring to fly uphill or towing.

    For 4wding the 6 is fine.

    Id be interested in having you define what you think the class leader(s) are and in what area(s), as an SUV, you feel the V8 helps them over the Montero. I dont think many of us are too concerned about 0-60 times in an SUV.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I don't want a V8. I had that in my last truck.

    I'd much rather see a higher hp V or inline 6. What does the new Envoy have? It's a V6 but I can't remember the output. Somewhere around 240-260. I have driven the Pathfinder which feels very powerful with it's 240hp output 6. Keep your V8's I hated the poor mileage on my last one.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Sorry, you are correct. I misspoke for "everyone". In fact, I am looking forward to Fords new diesel 6 coming out next year with 400 ft lbs torque for towing, hauling, carry my bikes, etc. It will have at least 20% better mileage then this years 8's yet have just as much power.

    Iguess I meant that I wish the Montero 6 had more torque. I think it would get a little better mileage and tow my trailer a little better not that towing should be the goal of an SUV.

    I dont think more power in the Montero will make it better at what it is designed to do, be a mid sized, serious off road SUV with all the comforts of SUV such as the Landcruiser all at almost half the price.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I agree on power not being the big issue. But.. for me..I don't need the towing and Off Road ability as much. I'd like to have more acceleration. I don't tow so I figured the Monty had enough torque. Guess not.

  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    In for 30,000 mile service last Saturday. No major complaints about the vehicle other than the squeeky brake pads/rotors I've discussed before and a upper glove box latch that is tought to engage.

    Minor complaint about the service at Anaheim Mitshbishi though. My wife, not realizing that a major service interval had been reached, had the oil changed (not at dealer) on previous Wednesday. On Saturday the service writer said no problem, they would do everything else required at 30,000 miles, fix the glove box latch under warrenty, and subtract the cost of the oil change which it didn't need.

    Well they, of course, changed the oil (but didn't charge for it) and didn't fix the glove box latch. Didn't wash it (as is usual when we go in for service), although they are supposed too. "Shorthanded today, bring it back Monday". Yea, right as if we had time. I'm gittin' tired of that excuse.

    Oh, well as long as the vehicle has no major problems I don't need good dealer service.

    I think I'll send a copy of this to the dealer.
  • suepoasuepoa Posts: 7
    I can't answer your question but I have a great solution. I purchased a Mitsubishi sunroof wind deflector from the dealer. It looks real sharp, eliminates almost all the wind noise when the roof is open and is a smoked color plastic that deflects a lot of the direct sun light from beating down on you. Part of the mounting includes the deflector you're talking about and actually eliminates the use of it entirely. Hence, solving your problem.
  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52
    After spending 10 hours in the Montero last weekend on a quick ski trip to Tahoe, I did not even think about the seats. My wife has back pain and she has never complained about the seats. Indeed, she slept much of the way home. As for the Cherokee, please read the town hall section and other reports on it. Everyone I know has had real reliability issues with it. Frankly, I would be very careful. If the third seat is not a requirement and you don't want twin vehicles, I think the Pathfinder, Highlander or even a wagon like the Outback or Passat is the way to go.
  • mhenderson1mhenderson1 Posts: 164
    Does anyone have better pictures or a web site on the 2003 Montero? I see that has a photo of the front, but I would like to know what it looks like on the inside. Also does anyone know the pricing?
  • lj3dlj3d Posts: 6
    In case you have not read it, PBS's Motorweek has an update on the long-term drive test of 2001 Montero as of February 2002.

    The Long Term Review has been very good, and it noted no stability problem claimed by other consumer media source. The only weaknesses noted was the general loosening of the suspension and wasted space of the dash.

    Here is the link to the review:

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Did they mention what was loose? Shock?

    I dont know about the wasted space, what did they mean.

    I think there could be some better uses of the existing space such as a GPS system like they have in Europe but I would not give up on my current computer. I also like the two glovebox system.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Mitsu released the CRV/Rav4/Escape size Outlander and the 2003 Montero an the New York Auto Show the past two days.

    The Montero is suppose to get a new 3.8 litre V-6 with a few cosmetic changes. The XLS will now come with the Sportronic 5-speed automatic transmission. The 4-speed auto is gone on the Montero. Also they are going to have active-track system.
  • Here is a link to Motor Trend's review from the NY Auto show:

    I think that the best change is to increase the engine displacement a bit, although the MT review doesn't give the particulars about the increase in torque or horsepower. But what is with that new front-end? I much prefer the nose on my 2001 Limited.

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    The long term report was nice to read. I'm not sure specifically what they meant by the suspesion Loosening up but I did have to replace a rear shock early. I do think the front end feels a little loose but it's very subtle. There are occassional creaking noises as well.

    One funny thing I noticed in the report was their mention not ONCE but TWICE about the "Gutsy 235hp V6" comparing to V8's in some of the competition. What were they on? I noticed that a third mention of the Horsepower was correct at 200hp but they never corrected that it does NOT accelerate like a V8. I wonder what these guys are used to driving. I think they got this impression wrong.

    I'm anxious to see the new 2003 model with its increased power. I may actually replace a vehicle with the same model if they made the improvements I'm hoping for. I've never been happy enough with a vehicle to consider buying it again. That says a LOT.. by this time (50,000 miles) I usually can't wait to dump what I'm driving.

  • 99trooper99trooper Posts: 87
    In that motorweek article about the 03 Montero they state that ActiveTrac uses braking at each wheel to increase traction. Have I spaced it? I have a 2001 Montero Ltd, and didn't think that it worked by braking..does anyone know if this is how ActiveTrac worked in 01?
  • JPhamJPham Posts: 148

    I'm looking to purchase a '97 Montero LS with all the goodies. I know the tires are prone to misalignment and it's relatively costly to service
    (perhaps that's why there seems to be many '97 out there for sale right before reaching 60kmi?).
    Anything else I should be looking out for?


  • mhenderson1mhenderson1 Posts: 164
    Here I'm thinking that Mitsubishi was totally redesigning the Montero and all they seem to have done is change the front grill and increase (from photos) the tire size. I am really disappointed with this truck.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    When have you ever seen a manufacturer do a total redesign after only two years of production? It would NEVER happen. It couldn't. Hell, not even GM could afford to go and redesign the Aztek this soon.

  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    ". . .ActiveTrac system that allows drivers to select from 2WD, AWD, or 4WD with low and high locked settings that are standard in the 2002 Montero Limited. All 2003 Monteros feature Mitsubishi's active traction control system, which utilizes braking force to reduce wheel spin on slick or uneven surfaces to help prevent traction loss . . ."

    Might as well buy a Sequoia.
  • nvcnvc Posts: 21
    This is to respond to the Wind noise issue (a bit late, original post in Feb) I have a 97 LS and I had the same noise a thigher speeds coming from the windsheild. There is a TSB on it and the dealers should be able to fix it. They need to replace or repair the seal of the windshield. I don't know if this applies to the the newer monteros like another poster asked.

    Hope this helps.
  • mhenderson1mhenderson1 Posts: 164
    Did they at least redesign the interior. When I sat in it, the frotn legroom seemed like it was made for dwarfs. There is no legroom at all.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I hope they dont go to this system. The Sequoia uses this and the 4wd review I read was not favorable on this system. More than one reviewer felt that the braking and depowering of the motor inhibited its performance in difficult situations such as sand/mud. One reviewer even went to the point of stating that he wished he had wire cutters (to cut the electronics) by the end of the test.

    On the otherhand, this system can work very well on ice covered roads.

    The problem is I dont have problems with the Montero now on any roads so why lose some off road ability to gain marginally in situations that are currently not difficult to handle?

    Now, if they use only the braking portion and not go as far as the Sequoia went with power reduction if traction is even more difficult then maybe, just maybe, it will work but I would like to see it tested in the sand/mud to be a believer.

    I will be suprised if the new V-6 gets more than 20-30hp and that would not be enough for me to "upgrade".
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    >>Did they at least redesign the interior. When I sat in it, the frotn legroom seemed like it was made for dwarfs. There is no legroom at all.<<

    What did you sit in? Must have been the Montero Sport because in two years, I've never heard anyone complain here about lack of room in the full size monty. Maybe this just isn't the vehicle for you. But to answer your question, I have no idea what they did with the interior for 03. Perhapse someone here saw it at the NY Auto Show and can respond.

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