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Mitsubishi Montero



  • thanks brill for the info. I'll hunt around for the 800 number and give them a call..
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    One other, non-recall, item you will want to note is that the power steering pump may get noisy after warming up and restarting. Some early production 2001s need the reservoir replaced with a larger unit.
  • We purchased an SUV Montero 2001 XLS brand new only 50 mileage. At the time of the test drive, we noticed that the car was not in alignment. We told two salesmen this who sold the car. They indicated that this would be taken care of no problem.

    Prior to leaving the dealership with the car, the mechanic indicated that they checked the air in the tires and evened out the pressure. They wanted us to drive the car for a couple hundred miles and see if that would resolve the problem. After driving the car for a few days, it was clear that this was not going to fix itself and we took the car in to have the alignment done.

    They completed the alignment. At the time that I picked up the car, the mechanic told me that the steering wheel was going to be a little off due to the alignment and that that was normal. He also indicted that he adjusted the toe on the car and that everything was now working fine. After leaving the body shop, I was less than 5 minutes away and noticed that nothing had changed. I immediately went back to the body shop and complained to the service person that checked in my car. He went with me for a test ride and agreed that the car was still drifting to the right and was not properly fixed. He also indicated that what the mechanic told me was not true about the steering wheel being out off aligned and that they would have that fixed as well. He indicated that I would have to bring the car back again since they would not have any further time on that day to continue working on the car. I explained to him that I would have to have a rental car of like size if they wanted us to bring the car back during the week. After checking he indicated that he would have the appropriate car for us and we agreed to bring the car back on Tuesday evening.

    The car was brought back in as arranged. I then picked up the car on Wednesday. I noticed that the steering wheel was still not fixed and the alignment appeared to be little better though, a little better.

    We decided to have the car checked with a mechanic that we knew and trusted. He completed a check on the alignment of the car. He found that in fact the car was out of alignment and was overcompensated to the left to keep the car from pulling to the right. We immediately went to the Mitsubishi dealership from there and I discussed the continuing problems with the sales manager and he discussed it with the Service Department Manager . Service advisor took the car for another test ride and again agreed with us that the car was still pulling to the right. I also showed them the print out of the alignment test completed by our mechanic and this was of course “pooh poohed” by the Service Manager because they didn’t know where the test came from.

    The service manager and service advisor indicated that a copy of the before and after alignment numbers would be in our file. When service advisor went to have the file pulled, the readings were “mysteriously” missing. They indicated that they believed the paper work hadn’t been filed as yet, because it was still with the warranty people. I find this convenient and interesting to the say the least.

    We again waited at the dealership while they worked on the car. When they released the vehicle the service advisor again said that we would notice a considerable difference in the way the car drove. First, the steering while is still not fixed and in addition, there is now a problem with the steering wheel not properly returning to straight after completing or while in the midst of a turn. It appears, that the steering wheel function was fixed in such a way as to try and prevent the alignment problem from being as noticeable. In driving the vehicle, it is still drifting to the right and as indicated, we now have the further problem with the steering wheel and the steering wheel is still not properly aligned.

    I called another Mitsubishi dealership and spoke with their service department. While they confirmed that it is not unusual for a new car to be out of alignment when it received by the dealership, there is no reason that it cannot be fixed and that the steering wheel should always be 100% in alignment. He also indicated that the steering wheel is separate from the wheels and while adjustment to the wheels could cause the steering wheel to move from center, it should be fixed at the same time that the alignment is being corrected.

    Called Mitsubishi open a case # and now a different dealership is going to work on my Montero to see if they can find the problem and fix it. To be continued.
  • Can you tell us the name of the dealer that you've been dealing with? Sorry to hear about your experiences with them. If you look at this board most of us have been disappointed with Mitsubishi's service departments even though we are generally happy with our Montero's.
  • viet2viet2 Posts: 66
    I too have an alignment issue with my Montero. After sending it in for the dealer who fixed nothing, I spend $50 dollars at a local alignment shop. I am very happy at the way the steering align on my Montero now. My experience is, when I buy a car, factor in another $100 for alignment.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    when my folks bought their first new car (a dark green Chevy sedan), a dealer's service department reputation and effort was always more important to my dad that the price he paid.

    Within reason, I feel the same way.

    If dealers want the loyalty from their customers, I think they need to realize this. I also think the sharing of information on the internet will further this idea, hopefully.
  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52
    I posted a few weeks ago with some questions about the Monty and I appreciate the responses on the rollover and the price issues. We were torn between the MDX and the Montero. After my wife saw five MDXs on one trip to the yuppie shipping area up the street, she dinged the MDX. Also, the 60 month 0% financing deal was frankly too good to pass up. The dealership experience was decent although we felt somewhat jipped by the new promotion. What is not clear is that if you choose the deferred payment plan, the rate goes to about 9% when the payments start in one year. One nice thing though was that the dealer did not markup the deal options ( the cargo liner is, get this, $250 less than what the Acura dealer was going to charge).

    The only issue is the buzz in one of the speakers which we will get checked by the dealer. We love the vehicle and are looking forward to having it a long time.

    One quick question. We are going to give it its first wash and wax. Anyone have a suggestion as to what's a good wax product and leather seat treatment It's our first new car in years and I'm sure the technology has improved.
  • To Wilkich, congratulations on your purchase of a new Montero. Did you purchase a 2002 or 2001 LTD.

    In answer to you question regarding a wax and leather treatment. Here is what I use based on years of experience using wax from various manufacturers.

    For wax I use Zymol which you can purchase at Target or Kragens Auto. The price is around $11.00 a bottle but the wax is worth the price. Consumer Reports rated the wax very highly.

    For leather, use Lexol. It is a very highly recommended conditioner by most professional Auto Detailers. I use it and have been very pleased.

    Good luck with the new Montero.
  • tykytyky Posts: 5
    I purchased my 2001 Montero LTD in June of last year. I drove it from San Francisco to Reno with 4 adults (including myself)and 2 kids inside the Monty and the road was mostly uphill approaching Reno. The Montero lacked the power that I needed to pass other slower vehicles going uphill at 70 mph. And when I'm on the fast lane I was getting tail-gaited by other SUVs (Cherokees, Tahoes, etc.)getting impatient to pass me. Needless to say I was dissapointed because I will be taking the same road again sometime in the future.

    Went to LA from SFO last Christmas, 2 adults (including myself) and two kids in the Monty. My experience this time was different on the flat road. I was passing most of the cars and SUVs on highway 5 without difficulty under stormy, rainy conditions. I was impressed with the traction of the tires on the road using the 4 wheel drive. I was also impressed with the acceleration. I averaged 90 mph but felt like I was crusing at 60.

    The bottom line is do not intend to travel with 5 other passengers uphill for along period of time. Other than you'll have blast driving the MONTERO at any open road!
  • Does anyone have any reasons why we shouldn't purchase a 1995 Montero? We love it, it actually has relatively low miles for a 7 year old SUV and it is very clean. Any outstanding issues that have surfaced with the older Monteros? Thank you in advance!
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If your going up hwy 50 or 80 at 70mph then you are really moving and I dont see how or why someone else behind you would even want to pass. I have a cabin in Tahoe and in my Accura GSR those speeds might be OK but the limit on hwy 50 is 55mph and they do radar so watch out!

    I am impressed with your 90mph ave from LA, I also drove that part a lot from LA to the Bay Area while going to school down there. Never went that fast though. They use radar and tracking planes on that section so be carefull there too. Perhaps if you open the large Monte sun roof you can see the planes at 90mph :)

    My own experience is that the Monte is really only "underpowered" for towing and if you want to drive uphill fast, generally about the speed limits.
  • Well, the dealership could not reset my miles to empty function on the computer display. They ordered a whole new computer display. This is fine for now - its still under warranty. I hope it doesn't go out again. They told me they have only changed a few in the several years they have been in business. (What other Mitsubishi's have this?) He said that he thought they sold for about $150.00-$200.00. I guess if it would go out again - it is not something you really need in the vehicle. But you know when you get used to these perks - you don't want to do without them. Never had this feature in a vehicle before but I have come to rely on it before the gas gage!
  • To; rberard
    I had the same problem with my computer display which was verified by David the service writer at Roseville Mitsubishi. The Dealer ordered a refurbished one (only way they come) and after a three week wait (the dealer has to send it in and wait for an rebuild one to exchange) it was replaced. The new one worked for a few weeks and has since stopped working again!! The dealer said that the sending unit in the gas tank could be bad, hope so. I hated waiting and having to bring our Montero back in for service. Which I am going to have to do next Monday to replace the power steering tank.

    David the Service Advisor said that they have had to replace several of the trip computers for this problem in the past but once replaced, they usually work without any more problems (I must be lucky)

    Anyone good luck with getting yours replaced.
  • mortonkbm:
    I don't know if I understand correctly. Did they take your computer display out and send it in to get a refurbished one? They did not take mine out, only ordered "new" one, or so they told me. Didn't say how long it would be before the new one would come in. I hope I don't have to bring my monty back it to remove old display.
  • We are looking at the MM Limited. We'd like to take advantage of the 0/0/0 deal, but feel like the dealer is trying to rip us off. We found out via Edmunds that they are getting a $1500 rebate from the manu. We used this as a negotiating chip. However they basically told us we could have one or the other . . . either the $1500 (off the price) or the 0/0/0 deal. We couldn't take advantage of both. This may be true -- how would we confirm this? Also, we feel like their invoice numbers are inflated. Can someone recommend how we can obtain the "true" invoice for this vehicle? Much thanks!
  • "Montero RV Meter Reset Procedure"

    The vehicle uses a complex calculation that involves the Total Distance Driven and the Total Fuel Consumed, witch are both cumulative numbers, to determine the Fuel Mileage of the vehicle. In some cases it may be necessary to reset the RV meter to reset an in proper fuel mileage number that could be locked into the system.

    NOTE: Be prepared to calibrate the compass. This procedure should be done in an area that will permit the operator to drive in a tight circle.

    1) With the key in the "OFF" position, push and hold the "DISP" button on the RV Meter.

    2)Turn the key to the "ACC" position and continue to hold the "DISP" button until you hear a beep tone.(approx. 10 seconds).

    3) Follow the instructions on the screen, Turn the key to the "ON" position.

    4) After "System Connection" test has been completed the compass calibration screen will be displayed.

    5)Press the "CAL COMP" button and follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not press the "CAL COMP" button within 7 seconds a blank screen will be displayed. If you are not in an area that will allow the vehicle to be driven in a tight circle, you can drive to a location that will allow this and push th "CAL COMP" button again.

    Note: After the initial reset function the "miles" display will be "----". This is because the system is calculating the miles remaining. After about 30 seconds a new milage number will be displayed. If no milage number appears, make sure there is more than 25 liters of fuel in the gas tank.

    I hope this helps LEN
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Posts: 23
    After extensive research/test drives/dealer hassles, I just bought a Limited with premium package for $34K. I wanted to buy a MDX/Odyssey until I realized Montero has third seats.

    Very comparable to other high priced SUVs and great reviews available on the net made my decision easier.

    I just showed the dealer how much I can buy one at CarMax and asked to beat it, which they did. I wanted 0/0/0 financing and they wanted to charge more, then I walked off. Got a call next day, hehe.

    Hope this helps,

    Dong Shin
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    From the Mitsu site (

    . Cannot be combined with any other financing program. Your participating Mitsubishi Retailer can provide you with additional details.
  • I've heard this noise that sounds like fluid in the transmission area. Especially when it is cold and from a complete stop. I've also heard it with the vehicle is just idling. This noise is heard all the time. Has anyone else experience this noise and is it normal.

  • I followed your directions and they worked! My miles to empty display is working fine now. I wonder how the mitsubishi place attempted to fix the problem? I need to call them in the morning and tell them I fixed it myself!
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Thanks for posting the reset info. I have the manual as well and read about this but was too busy to post.

    Interesting, I put in a small amount of gas on the way home over the weekend. This amount did not initially reset the miles to go info but after a little driving time it reset accurately. I'm not sure how but it did. I had previously understood by some that if you not putting in something like 6 gallons or more you could throw off the accuracy but I guess not.

    For those of you replacing the unit see if they can get the GPS system from Europe. Was over there several months ago and they have the Pajero with a GPS that would fit the Montero as they are the same. I only wish they were offered over here. Maybe next year?
  • Before the Consumer Reports flap, I had posted about rooftop racks (e.g., Yakima, Thule, etc.) and received a few responses. Yakima now makes brackets that hook onto the factory-installed luggage rack on the 2001 Limited and enable you to carry a Rocket Box, bike racks, etc. on your Monte's roof. Although I don't have any concerns about my Monte's stability in every-day driving and have been thoroughly pleased with the truck (except for gas mileage, that is), I was wondering if anyone else had put a luggage carrier on top of their 2001 or 2002 and noticed whether putting a couple hundred pounds of gear on the top of their truck created any stability issues. Obviously, common sense tells you that putting more weight up high will decrease stability to some degree, but what I'm really looking for are comments from someone who has done it and whether they had any problems. Thanks in advance.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    For those following the shock issue with the Montero I have some additional info. I was able to narrow down a fitment.

    Apparently the Gabrelle (?sp) commercial valved shock fits and works very well. The guy I spoke with said it took out all the un needed sway but did not make the Montero too harsh.

    This is a gas shock so I was worried it might be too stiff.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Are not the Mitsu Factory shocks gas as well?
  • We bought a leftover '01 for basically invoice along with the financing. Thanks for the wax tips.

    As for kyoung7, we faced the same issue with our dealer who said no rebate with financing. All in all, we were lucky because we got a car that had been on the lot awhile and I am sure that the dealer had the manufacturer kick in more to just get a single car off the lot. (They can do this but would never tell you.)

    The ads say they cannot combine the deals and that is pretty much the policy at the other dealers we shopped around at. When given the choice, I would choose the financing deal even if you were going to pay cash. $1500 rebate does nothing especially if are financing the car at more than 0%. I think your best bet is to take the "free" money over 60 months. Everyone I talked to including my banker friends mentioned that a 60 month 0% deal with nothing down is about as good as it is ever going to get. Another option is to buy a late model used '01 Monty with cash as there are a bunch out there (at least in the bay area).
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Claimed to increase gas milage (I dont see how) 10-15%.

    Pajero site, interesting, some future features on the Montero may end up here first. Wish the GPS was offered over here.

    I was happy to hear that the Montero took 1-5 in Dakar as did KTM motorcycle (my other passion)

  • I own a 96 Montero LS (88,000 miles) and I like the car except that it tends to be very noisy at higher speeds. I have noticed this especially above 80 MPH when a very load noise eminates from what I think is the top of the windshield (it has done this since new). I have visually inspected the area and nothing looks out of the ordinary. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206

    Do you have, or can you get the Gabriel Shock catalog or part number that fit the 2001 Montero (so that we can cross reference to other manufacturers)?

    Thanks in advance

  • They are doing a story on the Mitsubishi vs. Consumer reports on the rollover thing...
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Dont hold your breath on the 60min show. I have a political feeling that most of TV is run by people who would have us go back to the caveman days while they enjoy vast acres of private land in the recreation site of thier choice. I would be suprised if they say anything good about any SUV.

    On Shocks, Gabrielle tells me they dont make a Montero 01 shock but the local shop found some. The guy should be back in today so I will find out which part number he used if he can remember now. I think that these companies have proper shocks but they have not checked measurements on the OEM to date so they dont have a public fittment recomendation yet. Will update later.

    On Mileage, well I found out how much wind resistence affects mileage. Heading to the Bay Area with the wind a couple of weeks ago. Could not belive it when I got 21 mpg at 70-75 mph! Could see the grass blowing my way on the side of the road. Usually getting 18-20 at 65-75. Changed to Mobil 1 full synthetic now. Dont have enough time to tell if this makes any difference. I doubt it will on mileage but definitely on wear.
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