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Mitsubishi Montero



  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    The snow flake comes on when the outside temperature is 37 degrees or lower. Why 37 degrees, I don't know--maybe this is the highest temperature it snows at or something; I would prefer 32 degrees, but hey, I'm a traditionalist..

    I live in Wisconsin, so the snowflake is on 312 days of the year.....
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543

    No, Im following you but I would like to call the dealer back again becasue I was told by my local dealer that the 2000 and 2001 Monteros call for the same part numbers for the shocks.

    This makes sense as I look at the various online parts houses and scan across the various years of Monteros only to find that one shock covers many years.

    It seems likely that what is going on is that the shock companies have not really looked to post an appication for the 2001 yet. This makes it appear that they dont have a shock for the 2001 when they just might.

    I have several emails that suggest that companies like Rancho just have not looked into the 2001 yet. I hope they do soon, I sure would like to throw on a set of RSX or RS9000 on my rig.
  • mkaye...I still have my 99 Trooper and my 01 Montero. In the past few months I've come to the conclusion that the Montero is a MUCH "better" vehicle.

    Here are some of my subjective reasons:

    Montero rides much better over bumps as well as on the highway.
    Montero is MUCH more comfortable, I see this as a vehicle I could drive in 10 hours a day without a problem, the seats in my Trooper bother my back after about 30 minutes or so.
    The Montero has much better AC/Climate control.
    Surprisingly, the Montero smokes my Trooper for scaling slippery inclines offroad. The Trooper TOD as you stated seems to react a little slowly and the Limited Slip on the Trooper is pretty much non-existant, it only kicks in once in awhile. The Montero on the other has a very smooth LS that WORKS. The Montero has surprised me with how easily it scales slippery mud and rocks that has my Trooper clawing and spinning all over the place in TOD. The Montero all wheel drive seems much better than the TOD in the Trooper. The Montero also is much more stable goes where you point it without undo body lean etc. My Trooper by the way is retrofitted with the Rancho 9000 shocks which are pretty high end and the Monty still is much more stable. My complaint from a design standpoint on the Monty is that even though it is larger than the Trooper overall, the useable space in the Trooper is a little bit better. Also, all of the body cladding on the Monty seems pretty cheap to me and I've seen more than one driving around town missing a big chunk of the molding over the right rear tire.

    As for the issue with people saying the Monty needs more power, I don't really feel it is "underpowered". The Trooper has a little more kick and Torque, but the Montero hasn't ever felt anemic to me. I have towed the largest U-Haul you can rent with it packed with very dense stuff across 3 states. At the same time I had another U-haul on the back of my Trooper..the Trooper accelerated slightly better but bucked around a little more IMHO with all the weight on it. See my next post for thoughts on mechanical reliability between the two..
  • is a problem that just cropped up in the past week on my 01 Ltd Monty. When I start it in the morning, the light in the middle of the little 4wheel drive display just starts flashing. If I run the car for a minute or two and then restart it, it goes away and the 2 wheel drive indicator lights up properly. In the manual it says "if that light is flashing, turn off the car and restart it, it should go away". Well it does...but thats WEIRD, the manual implies its nothing to worry about UNLESS after you restart the car it keeps blinking. So, does anyone know WHY it would start to blink all of a sudden, and how this can be considered "ok" according to the manual???

    On a side note, by brother in law just bought an 02 Toyota Tacoma with 4wd. HIS manual says something very says that in cold weather the 4wd idiot display may blink in the middle AND it just means it is taking longer for the system to go in and out of 4wd. His manual says its "normal" for it to get stuck like that in cold weather. Well I'm in FL and we DID just have our first cold snap (all of about 60 degrees in the mornings)..:)

    Anyone ever heard of any of this?

  • mkaye...

    My Montero has had only the problem with the flashing 4wd light, and my Trooper has a problem with the rear door lock not unlocking when you push the "unlock doors" button in the car...neither vehicle has had any serious problems. I drive both vehicles moderately, have done light weight offroading with them both and I think they are probably very similar in the amounts of maintenance they will need over 5 years. I do think the Trooper will look "cooler" as it ages as it has more classic lines (IMHO). The Montero I think will start to look freaky with all of the body cladding etc, and FWIW I think it looks a little feminine..(uh yeah). Given the choice though I'd take the Monty offroad and onroad over the Trooper..its a much more liveable vehicle and no, I don't think you'll think its underpowered (remember the Ltd. comes with an auto 5 speed trans which helps). Let us all know what you think when you get one and hang onto your Troop as well!
  • The wind deflector that pops up when you open the sunroof flops up and gets buffeted by the the spring is weak or something...does anyone else's do this?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    brill... someone is confused - either your dealer or my dealer. I was told the opposite of what your dealer told you.

    Curiously... I didn't ask my dealer until I went in to have mine installed. I told parts that I was having the shock installed regardless of their findings but they came back after looking it up and still claimed the parts are different. Who knows - hopefully it'll all be cleared up or '01's available by the time my second one goes.

    Flashing lights: I have the XLS and this week in the snow I tried to use 4 wheel high. The lights began to flash indicating 4 wheel drive was ingaging but then they went out. It didn't feel as if 4 wheel was ingaged but I was on ice so I'm not positive. I tried again with the same results. Then about 5 minutes later on snow again I ingaged a third time and all four lights stayed on as they should. Strange and disconcerting. Is this thing working or not?

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    You mentioned you have the rs9000 shocks (Rancho?. How do you like them? Did they make the vehicle ride too harsh. If they have an application for the Montero would you install them in yours? Would appretiate your experience with these shocks.

    I also agree that while the Montero is not underpowered there are a few circumstances where I wish there was either a turbo/supercharger or small V8. One is high speed climbs up a long grade and the other is towing ability. Although rated at 5000lbs, I have a 3300lb trailer and the combo of the weight and air resistence you really cant "cruise" at 65. Perhaps this is good given safety considerations with a trailer but the pulls uphill can be slow.

    In defense however, my friend with a 3/4 ton, diesel ?turbo tells me to stay calm, his rig doesnt tow at 55-60 uphill either and he has 10x the torque.

    So I guess I should not be too disappointed, I just didnt have that perspective.
  • I loved the Ranchos...they improved the ride of the Trooper quite a bit. They are easily adjustable with 5 settings (takes about 2 seconds). So, if you want ultra plush or ultra firm you've got it. BTW even at their softest setting they are more stable than the standard trooper shocks. Even though more stable they absorp bumps much better than the std trooper shocks. As for putting them on the monty, maybe, but I'm actually very happy with the factory shocks on the montero!
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    99 Trooper:

    I'm replacing my (missing-in-action) 2000 Trooper with a new vehicle. It was such a tough choice since both vehicles are really great. I did end up purchasing a new Trooper yesterday. The combination of factory incentives and the 10 year/120,000 mile warranty really swayed me.
    Couldn't get more than 3K off sticker for the Montero (taking the 1 year no interest/payments option, I believe there is a $1,500 rebate if you do not choose the 0/0/0 financing). There's already $3,500 rebates on the 2002 Trooper, I got that and more off of so-called "invoice" (I know, it's because they "have" to discount em. Current Trooper is a lame-duck since for 2003 it becomes a GM product off the extended Envoy chassis, called the Ascender).

    Trooper Likes: As you mentioned, "classic" styling, will age well. Good engine power. Lots of room. Great Warranty (how about the 5-Year/60,000-Mile Roadside Assistance that includes coming out for dead battery, a flat tire or simply running out of gas). Huge discounts. Also had the RS9000 shocks on last Trooper and it greatly improved ride and handling (will order immediately for new one from @$59.00 each [best prices around]).
    Dislikes: All-Wheel drive w/o center diff. lock.

    Montero Likes: New design, more current (inc. crumple zones). W/the Limited, great (and fun) transmission and sophisticated 4WD. Very smooth motor. Very comfortable and nicely appointed interior. Definitely better quality interior materials, like leather vs the leather available in Trooper Limited.
    Dislikes: Needs just a little more power or, at least, low-end torque. Couldn't justify the cost vs. discounted Trooper, but compared to the likes of Sequoia, Envoy, Tahoe, Land Rover, and others, hands down the Montero. Just wished for a little more power. If Trooper didn't have the huge discounts, would have chosen the Montero, period.

    Although I plan on keeping the Trooper for years, who knows, maybe I'll take a loss on it if, for 2003, the Montero gets more uumph. That's what happened between the 96 and the 2000 I had. The change to a different drivetrain (3.5 DOHC vs. 3.2 SOHC motor and markedly improved transmission) completely changed the character of the vehicle.

    The Montero is a great vehicle and I'm sure you are all happy owners. Thanks for the info and advice. I'll keep lurking around the Montero chat.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I like the Montero suspension too thats why I want to be very careful when considering changing anything. I thought about a combination of the 50mm higher and slightly stiffer springs with the ranchos and this should increase the off road ability (not that it isnt superb already).

    A guy at Les Schwab who was rotating my tires had changed his 2001 Montero to gas shocks and stated he was very happy with the handling on side to side transitions and swooping dips.
  • I'm sure you'll be happy with the Trooper. My intention was to sell my 99 when I got the 01 Montero, and well, I loved it so much I just couldnt part with it..and I'm not rich by any means! You brought up a good point which I didn't address and that is value for the dollar. I am totally in agreement that the Trooper is so heavily discounted that its a much better value. I've told almost EVERYONE I know to go buy a Trooper. The situation with the Montero is that the dealers do NOT discount very much. I bought my 01 as a "dealer driven" model with 9k miles on it, for 28k..and that was about the best deal going at the time (6 months ago). I am the first person the vehicle has been titled to, but it DID have 9000 mile on it. Since you can go out and pretty much buy a brand new Trooper with 5-6k in savings...its hard for the Montero to compete pricewise. Anyway, let us know your thoughts on the truck!
  • Thought I'd cross post here because the Montero Sport board is pretty inactive. I own a 99 Sport XLS.

    Had an oil chg ~3000 mi ago and just recently, the oil light would dimly come on when stopped in traffic, idling. Once I give it gas or accelerate, it goes off. Happens again when I idle at a light for more than 20-30 sec or so. It seems to just barely come on and kind of flicker between on and off.

    I checked oil. Level is fine. Anyone ever have this happen?
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    That shouldn't be happening. I would call the dealer on that one ASAP. If it happens every time you idle, show it to him (it may save you several trips back and forth to the dealer).

    It could simply be a short in the oil warning light, or gunk in the engine, etc.--but oil lights are the one thing you don't want to mess around with (although if the oil level is fine on the dipstick, it's probably nothing major).
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    In case no one has seen this website, there is a company called JAOS ( that makes a lot of dress-up parts for SUV's. The company (out of Japan) has teamed up with Mitsubishi to sponsor the annual Ramada Express Hotel International Rally ( They make quite a few parts for the new Mitsubishi including up to 19" wheels. They also make a lift kit (2") and shocks for the 2001/2002. The website does not seem to work to get to the suspension part, but you can order a catalog or call the company for more information. The lift/shocks are from their subsidiary BattleZ.

    Here is one of their Montero project vehicles (which I don't think has the lift):


  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Oh, now you have done it. I had tried to put my desire for those bull bars, 50mm lift kit, skid plate and cargo rack in the back of my mind, just cant afford it right now, but look what you have done :)
  • I have a 2001 Montero Sport XLS with P255/70SR16 tires. Can I put P265s on it without worrying about anything?
  • Looked at the Montero the other day and we are impressed with the Limited. Actually, our holy grail has been the Acura MDX but we frankly don't want to spend what they are running now. We like the interior and the fact that it is a little different from everything else out there. While the third seat is not very easy to pull out (as opposed to the fold down MDX and Explorer), we could deal with that issue. Two issues concern us: The CR Reports "non-acceptable" rating for tipover potential and the fact that the dealers are not really up for making deals. Our thought is to look for maybe a used '01 or find a desperate SF bay area dealer. Our limit is $30k but would love $25-28k. This unrealistic?
  • 25-28 is reasonable for a used 01. I got a dealer demo 01 Ltd WITH the rear air option for 28k about 6 months ago. It had 9k miles on it.

    Regarding the CR reports tip over rating, there was a huge controversy over that and Mitsubishi denies a problem. Also an independant testing company could not duplicate CR's results. Personally I would not worry about it. Most people in the auto business that I know totally disregard CR's testing. If you search the web you should be able to find detailed information about the Montero..start at Mitusbishi's website if you like. Remember this IS an SUV not a car and certainly IS more tippy than a Honda Accord...:)

    One note though, I wouldnt buy a Montero with the idea that you are going to be zipping through traffic, its not built for that, no SUV is (except perhaps the BMW). The Acura MDX, while being a nice car is just that, a car, its not an SUV. Its basically a front wheel drive vehicle with no "true" 4wd. The MDX is definately faster than the Montero, and handles better on road, but would be best used for "light duty" offroad.

    Good luck, they are both nice vehicles..
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Agree with 99trooper, the Montero (and most SUV) cant be driven like a sports car. If you want to do that the car biased SUV like the MDX and BMW are the way to go but you will give up on true off road ability.

    The roll over issue is really a mute point. All SUV can be rolled easier than cars. Pickups as well, add vans and motorhomes. Jeeps are inherently prone to rollovers and more importantly on Ice/snow thier short wheelbase predisposes them to spinning out very easy. On the other hand nothing can touch the small CJ for off roading. In Austrailia they have had the 01 style Montero (called Pajero) a little longer then the US and they often disconnect the sway bars (which should make the vehicle more unstable on turns) for greater articulation and have no complaints about roll overs.

    The point is that you need to match the vehicle to what you really think you will be doing with it.

    I personally used the Landcruiser as the gold standard but did not want to shell out 60K. The Montero does everything the LC does, rides just as nice, has a nicer interior and you cant beat the price. In Australia it even beat out the LC last year. Now if it can hold up even 80% as long as the LC I will be happy.
  • Well, I took the plunge and bought a Montero Limited yesterday. I was wondering if anyone knows of an aftermarket air deflector for the sunroof. When I took my first test drive, I had the sunroof open and it is incredibly noisy. I don't like the one offered by Mitsubishi because it blocks too much of the sunroof over the driver's head. I'm looking for one that is smaller. Anyone know of any aftermarket deflectors?
  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52
    OK, this may seem like a dumb question and I think after the minivan controversy, auto makers would be on guard for this. Here goes. The third seat on the Explorer and the MDX third seat fold down and are integrated into the floor. The Montero, on the other hand, has a seat that can be taken out altogether. Any thoughts or resources on the relative safety of each design? In other words, in a severe rear end collision, does the removable third seat present a risk?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If I were to rephase your question I think it would be answered in itself.

    Would anyone feel safe sitting in the rear seat of any of the vehicles mentioned during a "severe rear end collision"?

    I dont think the type of seat or for that matter if you had no seat at all, would significantly alter the end result.

    The rear seats in many of these SUV are only suited for small children. I think if you are going to regularly carry passengers back there then get a Suburban and live the good life. Add the DVD player for the rear passengers as well.
  • I'm looking to attach trailer light wires to my 01 Monte. I haven't found an extra set of taped off wires to connect to. If I remember correctly my '96 had an extra set of wires under the rear carpeting which made the connection easier. I'd hate to have to cut into the wires behind the light If I don't have to. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
    I apologize in advance if this was covered earlier on this board, I looked quickly and didn't find anything.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If I did mine correctly you need to connect to the rear lights. I hooked up a 7 pin, with a constant power wire for the trailer battery. This includes a keyed relay type switch so that when the key is off the power to that wire does not continue to flow. I forgot to hook up the reverse lights to the plug so that my trailer reverse lights come on and will need to go back in there.
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    Some vehicles have an existing connector that makes wiring a trailer a simple "plug-and-go" connection. It looks like the Montero doesn't. Here is a link to Hoppy manufacturing that makes various connectors, they recommend a universal kit that requires hard wiring to the rear light wiring.


  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52
    Thanks for the information above re the Montero pricing and the rollover issue. We went to a dealer in Northern California and test drove a silver '01. (Has anyone noticed that sales people are young and don't know a lot about the cars they're selling. She could not get the 3rd seat out and had no real answer to the rollover issue ("We aren't aware of any rollovers")) Anyway, came close to deal but they would not come tremendously below MSRP (maybe $1k) with the new 0% financing deal. However, they came close to invoice without the financing. The manager (they did the "let me go to my manager" game) said the company wouldn't let him sell it for lower. We walked out because it did not feel like it was a great deal for a left over vehicle.

    Anyway, anyone know the inside scoop on how far dealers can go while offering the 0% deal. I know the ads say they can't combine rebates with financing deals but is that true?
  • Sometime ago, back in November, we had a discussion that I started on vibrations in the steering of the '01 Montero LTD at speeds above 73 mph. My problem still exists. However, it is not consistent. I originally discovered the problem with less than 1k miles on the truck. I now have approx. 5k miles. In fact, I am taking in in for the 5k service. My dealer tells me that they are not going to be able to verify/test my vibration concern due to safety reasons (i.e. They cannot test drive the vehicle at those speeds). So, there isn't much they can do about it.

    I wanted to know what Pinoy44 finally did about his vibration problem. Did you have any success???
  • pinoy44pinoy44 Posts: 14
    For some unexplainable reason the vibration and intermittent humming noise in my 2001 Montero disappeared when I'm cruising at speeds of 72-78 mph. I don't know if it's brought by the cold weather here in the Midwest. I have 7K miles now and so far I don't get that problem anymore. The only thing that I changed that I know of is the type of oil I use. I am now using synthetic oil. The dealership did wheel balancing before and it didn't fix the problem.

    I'll wait until the warm weather again to see if it still exist. I already told the dealership about this disappearance and they don't know the reason.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I think that vibration at the steering wheel related to speed almost certainly would be due to the tires.

    Many manufactures seem to have this problem. You dont have to go far on this site to find these kinds of issues. For the most part they seem limited to a few vehicles and are generally solved with a rebalence and if that does not work then replacement of the tires.

    It is my understanding that you can have tire defects such as a slipped belt that wont balence out and can lead to vibration.

    Vibration that you feel with acceleration and that resolves with taking your foot off the accelerator very well could be the drive shaft.

    Other than these two items there isnt much else that would explain the problems I would think.
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