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Mitsubishi Montero



  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    One concern with the larger tires as found on SUV's, besides all the lugs throwing the balance off, is the actual lead balance weights. I haven't looked on a Montero, but many rims no longer have the area to put weight on the outside of the rim(for "good looks"). That leaves just the inside rim lip for weights. That does not perfectly balance the tire and can cause vibration at certain speeds. When vibration occurs at a certain speed, the concern should be #1, tires out of balance or out of round, and #2 balance in the drive-shaft. If it is the drive-shaft, likely it would be more constant than just at certain speeds.
    If your rims are only balanced on the inside, you may ask for additional tape weights on the flat outer portion of the rim for greater balance. Usually works for wider rims on cars.

  • patrikkpatrikk Posts: 13
    Has anyone done this job? Just wondering of the mast is accessed from the top of the fender or below, inside the wheel well.

    I hit a bird one day and bent the mast. The motor's still good but the mast won't move. The mast is only $45, so I am thinking of doing this myself.

    Any help out there?
  • Well it has been awhile since I have written anything. But has anyone changed the tires yet to see if this changes the looking to maybe go to a low profile tire do not want to but if it helps. Also has anyone done the shock change yet I know some have talked about it or know someone that knows someone that has done it. But what kind did they did they go to and did it help? I have 25,000 miles on mine now and it feels to be time to get new brakes already anyont changed them and how much was it. That's all for now.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I did replace my Bridgestones at about 45K. I replaced with B'stone H/L's. I think the previous tire was an H/T. I like these a lot better. The tire dealer claimed I would like the ride and wet traction better and he was correct.

    I did have a shock go out but I was unable to find an after market shock available for the 2001 Model. There has been some controversy here on that issue. Apparantly someone somewhere has a shock for the 2001 but I never found one. I'm not sure anyone here can say they've actually purchased and replaced theirs either. :)

    Good Luck
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    The brakes on Montero are easy to replace as they are both (front/rear) disc brakes. I purchased the original Mitsu pads and installed it myself at 34000mi. The pads cost about $120.00 for both.
    Has anyone gotten a flat and tried to use the spare tire yet?! Well, my wife got a flat last night a 1/4 mile from home and was able to limp it into the driveway. This morning I changed it.
    Thank god I was in the driveway and not on the road somewhere. Whoever assembled the spare tire carrier should be fired! The fiberglass cover is supposed to be a snug fit at NORMAL tire pressure.
    Well it seems as if the cover was put on first, then the tire was inflated. To 45 LBS.!! Max is 35lbs.! I could not get the cover off. The spare also presents a dangerous condition once mounted and driven on at 45lbs. Well, for anyone with this problem (I suggest everyone should check this out BEFORE they get a flat), here's the
    Undo the 2 plastic twist-locks at the bottom of the cover first. The idea is to pull the bottom out first then lift it up and off the flange/clip
    at the top of the cover. Being over-inflated, it was too tight to pull the bottom out. It wedged.
    What needs to be done is to spray silicone or some type of lubricant between the tire and the cover at the bottom from the back of the cover, then work the bottom of the cover back and forth until it slips off. Without lubricating it, I would have never gotten it off without breaking it. Funny thing, there is nothing in the owners manual about taking the cover off but they do tell you how to tighten the lug nuts!
    I'm not all thumbs mechanically. I've restored an old Corvette, 2 old farm tractors, and have done a fair share of 4x4 truck modifications.
    Trust me on this one.
    Let me know if anyone else had this problem.
    Good luck!
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    When I first brought it home, as always, I checked everything I could and found I couldn't get the cover off. My son finally figured it out as you did, after about 15 minutes.

    I agree, in nasty weather on the road it would be a real pain in the a**.

    By the way, just to make sure it will come off when you need it, have whoever rotates your tires include the spare in the rotation. The Mitsubishi dealer may not include it unless you specifically tell them. As in my case, they may think the fifth wheel is not matching until you tell them.
  • Since I was only marginally happy with the performance of the stock Yoko(ono!) tires in heavy snow and ice, on my '01 Ltd., I purchased a set of Nokian snow tires from an independent tire dealer that I've done business over the years. (Prior to purchasing the tires, I had a discussion with the Mitsu service manager about this.) After the tire swap, I went to the Mitsu dealer for an oil/lube. The service manager informed me that all four tires were inflated above 40 psi. I was a bit steamed when I heard the news, since I specifically told the tire dealer what tire pressure I wanted, front and rear. I blame myself for not double-checking the tire pressure when picking up the car. Although I don't live in fear of a Consumer Reports-type rollover, I am naturally conscious of the Monte's high center of gravity, and feel it's best to follow the factory's recommendations.
  • I took my '01 LTD to another local dealer for my 5K service and they corrected my vibration problem by just balancing the tires. Brillmtb and Mkaye, I guess you all were right with the problem being the tires. However, I'm still not sure how much of a role the tire rotation played in this solution. If the problem doesn't occur again after my next tire rotation, then I can definitely say that it was all in the balancing.

    I don't know why the first balancing attempt at the first dealership did not correct the problem. I did notice this time that there were much more lead weights(distributed) on wheels than before. Maybe the balancing machine was not calibrated properly the first time.

    Anyway, I am a happy camper now! This dealer even detected that my brake booster recall was not done. This made me upset with my sales person, because I specifically requested that all of the three (3) known recalls be performed prior to my taking delivery. Needless to say, I will be taking my vehicle to this new service team from now on.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    glad to hear that worked.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Read a one year (long term report) last night. They still loved the Monteros off road ability, had no out of pocket expenses for repairs, averaged only 14.something but admitted they have been putting thier foot in it, still feel the roll is too much but that this is expected in this level of off road vehicle (I agree with that one). Overall they said they would miss the Montero as the year ends and they turn in the vehicle.

    I'm especially happy to here the lack of repairs because this was my only concern going into the Montero. I had heard good things about reliability overseas but was concerned given that this is a new model to some degree.

    I am still looking at the shock isse. I feel I need to conclude this since I started the whole mess. I have been told so many different variations. I am happy with the stock shocks for the most part but I think increase rebound damping would help a great deal an the Rancho 9000 are adjustable. Will pursue application for the 2001.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    To Be fair Briar, your tires had to be fairly hot when the dealer checked the pressure. The tire dealer may have inflated around 35psi, although I beleive 32psi is more appropriate.

    For an accurate reading you have to allow at least 3 hours of no driving for a cool down. To prove my point, check your pressure before you drive off next time. Then check it after the tires are hot. I bring this up because if the Dealer adjusted the pressure in HOT tires they could very well be underinflated now. Amazing the a dealer sevice department doesn't know these things but it happens all the time.
  • tas4tas4 Posts: 3
    I've done it. The first time I had the dealer do it, the second pheasant that kamakaze'd me I did it myself. Its not too bad. First you unscrew the circular bracket where the antennae mounts. Use a wide flat head driver to turn it. Gently apply the turn pressure without pushing down too would be a real heartache to slip with whatever you're using and scratch the paint. With the radio on, slide the plastic 'notched' strip into the hole until it butts up against the motor. Then I turned the radio off. The motor comes on and automatically spins to retract. The plastic strip gets grabbed and pulled inside. As the coil of plastic gets pulled in, grab the mast assembly and hold/guide it as it is pulled in, you don't want it to be dragged and scratch the finish. It'll pull the whole mast assembly into place, when the mast seats in the hole the motor shuts off. Screw the cover back on and you're done. I don't remember which way the 'teeth' on the plastic faced, I'm pretty sure they faced the rear. I know the first time I did it the teeth were going the wrong way and the motor didn't grab the strip at all. Then I re did it with the teeth facing the other direction and it took it.

    Also in regard to the flat tire post, that was my experience as well. It was a nightmare trying to figure out how to get that cover off in the dark. And the cylinder jack is completely worthless on any kind of uneven surface, too small a base, it was nearly impossible to center it and not have it tip when you jacked the vehicle. Don't bother with it if you travel off road or anything other than new, perfectly level asphalt.
  • rotors have been turned twice at 40K, anyone else?
  • My rear brakes were replaced at 30 k and turned.

    My front brakes need to be replaced this weekend.

    Why the rear went out before the front?

    I think they were defective myself but the dealer wouldnt do anything about it.

    I am getting new tires in about 2 weeks. I have 40k on the stock Bridgestones. I think I could go another 10k but who wants to risk it, plus I am driving to Colorado from Texas and will probably be in some snow. I hope!
  • Where did you read that one year report on the Monty? I'd like to pick up a copy...!
  • rberardrberard Posts: 22
    Has anyone had problems with this feature? Mine has gone bezerk. My son was using my montero at the time - after he filled it up, the gage was on full but the display reported 20 miles to empty - he traveled about 90 miles and then it reported 16 miles to empty. I will call the dealership today. I have 27k miles.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Same thing happened to mine at 24K+ miles. Tank was only about half empty.

    My wife filled it up, swears she tightened the gas cap (which will cause it to not reset sometimes and cause the "check engine light to come on), but it didn't reset. I checked the cap and re-tightned it, but it still didn't help.

    Seems I remember it happened once before and it reset itself the next fill up.

    Before the next fill-up, had to take it into the dealer for service because the check engine light came on after about 300 miles. (They said that they didn't know why that had happened because there was no problems stored in the computer memory although they saw the light was on when I drove in). They reset the millage computer at that time. No problems since then.

    Is all this stuff, i.e. display software, warning lights, etc. all on the same computer?

    They said the problem could be storing the garage door opener, toll road transponder, and entry gate transponder in the slot under the display.

    I read in the owner's manual that you are not to store a cell phone in this location and I can understand this as a cell phone emits EMR any time it is powered up. But, openers, and transponders only transmit when activated, and I had no problems with them stored here for 24,000 miles.

    I think the dealer is blowing smoke on this one but moved the stuff anyway.

    Has anyone had to reset the compass? I had to do it once about a year ago but not since. I wonder if you go through that procedure, does it reset the whole computer including the "miles to empty" display?

    I think the whole problem is probably due to MS software in the computer system(s). To fix it, just reboot.
  • tas4tas4 Posts: 3
    We had the same problem. The first dealer we took it to said there was no fix according to the hotline. Six months later at a different dealership they had a tech who said there was a service bulletin on resetting the system. Whatever they did it is now reset.

    The problem with the system is on every fill-up it displays the calculated mileage available based upon the miles generated by the last fill up. So, if for some reason it doesn't register a complete fill up properly, it then always will display a wrong miles to go reading, say 70 miles instead of 300. There is no way to reset it by driving it down to empty and refilling the gas tank (the first dealer's suggestion). The system has to to be reset and calibrated as new.

    If your dealer service dep't doesn't know how, they should. Call a couple other dealers. According to to the second dealer this complaint is showing up a lot in Monteros that have 25 to 35k on the odometer.
  • tas4tas4 Posts: 3
    When I did it it only reset the compass orientation. To my knowledge the dealer has to reset the system for the mileage calculator.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I was worried someone would ask and I didnt note the magazine. check the stands now, it was one of the popular auto mags. I usually run through them very quickly in one shot. It should still be on the stands. If I get by there before you I will try and find it again. Sorry
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    About a reset procedure I think I remember one in the shop manuals, I will look it up again.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206

    ""Kleinschmidt Drives into Motorsports History""

    By Sue Mead

    Lac Rose, Senegal, Africa:

    "German rally driver Jutta Kleinschmidt made motorsports history when she took the 23rd Dakar crown to become the first woman ever to win the notoriously dangerous and grueling Paris-Dakar Rally. Driving a Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero, with co-driver Andreas Schulz, also from Germany, she finished the10,000 km rally just two and a half minutes ahead of Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero team drivers Hiroshi Masuoka of Japan and Pascal Maimon of France."


    Complete article:

  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    From the following website, it appears that Montero/Pajero finished in positions 1-4 in this year's rally.

    Admittedly, these are "Super Production" short wheelbase, 2-door models, but still . . .

  • I was just reading through the threads over here:

    and was surprised to see at least 3 different people mentioning the water pump going out around 90k miles..and having to get the engine rebuilt for a cost of $10,000!!!! This of course seems ridiculous that Mitsu would charge that amount. Anyway, does anyone know with the 2001 Monty with the 3.5 of any weaknesses in the design of the engine? I love my Monty, but if I can expect another 3-5k in "standard maintenance" to get it to 100k miles I might get rid of it.

  • Also, I noticed someone mentioning in that forum something about a recall for a rear window wiper wing nut, and a radiator recall for the 2001 montys. Does anyone have a concise list of all of the recalls? I'll take mine into the dealer in a few weeks and make sure they get them all!

  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    So far, here's what they recalled on mine:

    Windshield wiper wing nut
    Brake accumulator valve

    As far as the long term report that brillmtb is talking about, I think it was the MotorTrend magazine that had the 1 year report.
  • Also, I noticed someone mentioning in that forum something about a recall for a rear window wiper wing nut, and a radiator recall for the 2001 montys. Does anyone have a concise list of all of the recalls? I'll take mine into the dealer in a few weeks and make sure they get them all!

  • thanks for the info!
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Even if the water pump is going out at 90k you really should have changed the timing belt by that time. When you change a timing belt it would be prudent and cost effective to change the water pump. I do this on all my vehicles as the pump costs maybe $40 but would take an additional several hundred $ in labor cost if not done at the time of the timing belt.

    I have several friends with Montes over 90K with no reported engine problems at all. I doubt you will find much with this engine becasue its been around long enough to "work out the bugs".

    Service items

    Replace FRONT windshield wiper nuts

    Replace radiator (tranny cooler running through it may leak wrecking tranny)

    Replace Mirrors if you dont already have the updated version (mine did out of the factory)

    Replace brake accuator (on affected models). You can call the 800 number with your VIN and have the dealer check. I found better service calling the 800 number then walking in with full knowledge to the dealer. Many of us have been unhappy with dealers but this is not unique to Mitsu, just look at the Toyota complaints.

    Possibly replace the 4wd switch which is located under the front skid plate I think, if it is found to be leaking at oil checks. Mine has had not problems but others have reported leaks. I dont think this is a TSB or recall item yet.

    Hope this helps
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