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Honda Civic GX Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Discuss all aspects of shopping for and buying the Civic GX here.

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  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Calls to the friendly American Honda Motor Co office in Torrance Calif (888-CC-HONDA), and e-mail requests have failed to get a brochure sent to me - has anyone else been able to get one?
    The authorized Honda GX dealer in Beaverton Oregon doesn't have any, as they do not stock that model - only special order it.
    You would think if I am considering plucking down big $$ for one of their nice cars they would accomodate a request for the brochure...
    Maybe I'll consider the Chevy Silverado CNG/GAS fleet model instead!
  • rstrst Posts: 73
    since they are only trying to market the car in California and soon New York maybe they do not have a specific brochure for the GX. I have been told that the current production run is sold thru September (California). My 2oo6 purchased a few weeks ago has a serial number ending in 00108. There were no local GX's. I had to go to San Diego (Pacific Honda) to pick it up. They must not be building very many of them. Last year, when we got our 2005 GX there were 15 to 20 around L. A. and they were hard to get rid of. Honda may be a little gun shy.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Maybe CNG is more available in San Diego. We have a lot of taxis and buses running on CNG. It may be hard to get CNG in LA if they are closing some of the stations. Unless you have a PHILL at home.
  • ngv123ngv123 Posts: 18
    There are over 80 CNG Stations in Southern California. Infrastructure in Los Angeles is much larger than the San Diego. Please click on this link to look up CNG stations near you
  • I saw my first 2006 Civic GX here in So. Calif. It was parked at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach,Ca. It had "Robertson Honda" paper plates. It did NOT have the DMV clean air stickers on it. All the 2006 Civic HYBRIDS I see all have the nice alloy wheels. The 2006 Civic GX has what looks like alloy wheels but are just the plastic hubcaps. This GX was white and Honda is using the same green sticker on the passenger doors that say's NGV. It's the same sticker as on my 2001 GX.
  • rstrst Posts: 73
    you are right! I just went outside and tapped the hubcap with my is plastic. To enhance the car I already have a set of nicer rims and tires coming. I had a sun/moon roof installed right after I purchased the car. I told Honds they needed better rims, radio/speaker and interior choises to help market the car.
  • Seems like the 2006 Civic Hybrid is such a hot seller right now the dealers seem to be loading them with all goodies, rims, navigation, ets. It seems like the 2006 GX's are coming with the basic stock stuff. It's like Honda is just maketing the GX to the fleet buyers again. RST: you mentioned better speakers. Don't you have 4 speakers in your 2006 GX?
  • Hey RST:
    Do you have the 5 speed automatic tranny or a CVT in the 2006 GX?
  • rstrst Posts: 73
    the car has the 5 speed auto not the cvt. Interesting as well is that when you accelerate the a/c cuts off and blows warm air. I guess thy are trying for more hp off the line. It is not a good thing in SoCal when you are in traffic and have just gotten into a hot car. Not good at all. Maybe I need to read the manual to see if it is the settings I am using. It has what appears to be four speakers, but not the way you would think. It has two small ones on the dash up by the main window posts (the holes are there, but you would need a microphone to test can't get your head any where near them due to the angle of the front window) and two in the front doors. None in the rear. That will be my next project. Somebody mentioned on the forum that it could be done. I just don't really want them above the rear shelf level.
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    I put rear speakers in the doors, below the handles. Plenty of room in the door frame.

  • epnfrnepnfrn Posts: 87
    speakers on 2006 -- there are actually just the 2 in the doors. there are grills for tweeters on the dash, but nothings in there! two weekends ago, i replaced the fronts with component speakers, and was surprised to find nothing up there. also removed the spare tire (i have a repair kit and pump) and stuck an amp in there, as well as an ipod adapter off the stock radio, with cord exiting into tray in front of gear shift.

    as for rear speakers ... is there anyone with a 2006 that has found an option?? i do not believe there is room in the doors in the 06, and certainly not in the rear deck.

  • Has anyone purchased the Honda factory extended warranty 7/100K miles ($1790.00) or the 6/80K miles ($1520.00) for any Civic GX?
    If so, did it come in handy after the 3/36K one expired?

    I am thinking of ordering a 2007 GX, and might go for the extended warranty as I would be keeping the car a LONG time.
    After reading posts of CVT transmission horror stories, and other potential might be cheap insurance?
  • epnfrnepnfrn Posts: 87
    i have not. but have generally heard that honda extended warranties are a waste of $. i say 'generally' everyone, as i'm sure there is someone out there ready to tell of how it saved them.

    as for the CVT issues, 2006 and on no longer have CVTs, so that won't be an issue. i'm sure that murphy can offer some insight on CNG motor durability, but my understanding is that a CNG engine is likely to last >10% longer than it's gasoline brothers. the tank itself has a lengthy warranty on it already ... which leaves the rest of the car, which of course is simply a civic LX, and likely quite reliable over the long term. it's a honda! :)

    hope to have you join the community soon,
  • First off I agree with the bold statement, "IT'S A HONDA" I've always said if cared for properly these GX's should go 1,000,000 miles. Sure things will have to be replaced like seals and gaskets and normal wear and tear item like brakes and rotors, But the tranny/engine/body should go the distance. Taxi drivers are beating up the Crown Vics I see them still running at the auction with 400,000 miles on them. The CV's look pretty toasted at that point but they are still running And that's a Ford.
  • I've heard nothing but good things about Honda, It is supposedly the most reliable car you can buy. I plan to put 30,000 miles a year on mine, and I am at 60k now.
    I also swear by synthetic oil, I have an Astro Van that has 295k on it and I rarely had to add oil in between the 10k oil changes. They say you can go 10k in a GX with conventional oil, but I would not recommend it.
    Murphy, great job on the CNG prices on your site.
    Anyone know if you need an access card for the Riverside city yard? I see the price is 1.43!
    I am sure Ontario probably has a good price, but the few times I filled there, the fills were lousy (3,000psi).
    Even when I used the 3,000 fill at the Hemet station I could still easily make my 143 mile commute.
    Last fill I went 188 miles and the fuel light did not come on (GG-CE)
  • Any of you out there have extended warranties on your GX's if so did you get it through the Honda dealer you bought the car from or an aftermarket company and what did you pay? Deductable too please.

  • I had some terrible experiences a few years ago with two aftermarket extended warranties. They were sold to me by a reputable firm. About half way through the life of the warranties, the original company sold them to another company. Every time I had work done at a dealership, the extended warranty company would not pay the full amount, less my deductible. This was true with the original company and the company that bought-out the warranties. After getting stuck a few times with some unexpected expenses, I started putting pressure on the warranty company and the dealerships. Several dealerships eventually gave in, accepted the lower payment, and then refused to accept that warranty for future repairs. It eventually became a game of finding a different dealer each time I wanted a repair, and then several phone calls back and forth to get an agreement on price. It seems to me that as a customer, it shouldn't be my responsibility to get the dealership and the warranty company to agree on price. Thus, I will probably never buy another after market extended warranty.

    I bought a Honda extended warranty from the dealer when I purchased a new 2004 Civic Hybrid for my daughter. It is seven years/100,000 miles with no deductible. I was able to get a substantial reduction in the price of the warranty as part of the negotiation of the total price of the car.

    I bought a Honda extended warranty from the dealer when I purchased my new 2006 Civic GX. It is eight years/120,000 miles with no deductible. I found it interesting that I was able to negotiate a lower price for this warranty than I was for the warranty that I purchased for the Hybrid two years earlier. When I was negotiating this deal, I was unaware that the salesman with whom I was dealing was also going to be the person doing the paperwork. Thus, the "finance" person didn't need to get his/her share of the profit from "selling" the warranty. I was pleasantly surprised how low they would go with the price of the warranty. I promised the dealer that I would not post the price that I paid for the car or related items. Suffice it to say, there is a lot of dealer profit built into the price of the extended warranty.

    Neither the 2004 Civic Hybrid nor the 2006 Civic GX has enough age or mileage to received coverage beyond the standard three years/36,0000 yet, so I haven't had an occasion yet to see the level of customer service I will get from the extended warranties. Also, these two cars are the first Hondas that I have ever purchased. In the past, I have always had enough warranty work done on my cars to more than pay for the cost of the extended warranties (after market or dealer purchased). We'll see if the same is true for the Hondas
  • I want to know where I can buy a used GX in Los Angeles. I found only one in the Recycler. My 05 is so much fun I want another.
  • WWW.CNGMOTORS.COM for used GX's
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    In looking over many tell-it-all web sites for "dealer costs", none appear to have anything on the '07 GX. Am interested in ordering one, but am not the type who deals from the MSP down. It is best to go in armed with close to accurate info and work from that, upwards if need be. Even Consumer Reports does not have it on their fee charge info price line. This Edmonds site under what people have paid for the GX implies full list price paid - I don't want to go there.
    Anyone out there found something on the '07 GX dealer cost?
    What did you end up paying for the bare car, excluding tax, license, extras, etc?
  • Scott Robinson in torrance has plenty in stock , they are advertising at a little over 24k.(quarterly ad sent to curent customers , sales and service specials) Dealer margin at msrp is usually less than 10 % before any incentives.
  • epnfrnepnfrn Posts: 87
    i agree. dealer margin is very low for the GX -- i think invoice is about $23k. this is not a car honda makes money on, plain and simple! mine was $24k from Lodi (and I know that the sacramento dealership - mel rapton or something like that, will also sell for $24k). i would be very surprised if you convince anyone to sell for less than that.

    hope to welcome you to the GX family soon!

    ps. i also work from invoice -- was able to buy a new S2000 for $2000 under sticker in 2003 (while others were still paying $2000-8000 OVER sticker to get their hands on one). that said, don't expect less than $24 :)
  • I just recently sold a NEW 2006 with 17 miles for $22,500 but don't expect that other dealers will be able to do this. Also keep in mind GX's are always limited production runs. Not sure what it is for 2007

  • emaciasemacias Posts: 11
    Yes, I have 4 GX Civic's in stock and they are all silver and priced extremely well so that I can finally start to order some 2007 models. Interested? :surprise:
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Not supposed to sell here on the forum ...but can you leave a business name contact? Perhaps some others besides me are also interested.
    "You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post".
  • emaciasemacias Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info...and since I'm a fleet manager at Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos CA. and I am listed in the comapny team's not really selling anyways...more like giving away. lol. I am looking to gain more knowledge on the cleanest car in the universe! That's my top priority and helping answer questions about the GX to boost consumer knowledge is just my social responsibility...sorry for the breaking of the rules here in the forum....wont happen again.
  • I am the Alt Fuels specialist at Robertson's Palmdale Honda in Palmdale, Ca. I may be contacted at the Dealership directly. It's sad that GX's are left in the hands of fleet Sales that typically don't know anything about the car except the invoice price. Our store has set up a seperate alt fuels dept and will be the first Honda Dealer in the nation with a CNG Station open to the publis. It should go online in February. As far as the dealer cost, there's very little profit in a GX. Perhaps you should be focused on the benefits and fuel savings the GX will give you. Besides, what else can you buy that has a $4,000 tax Credit? There's your big savings. I have also secured additional grants for my customers that can total another $5,000 in cash. Fleet Depts can give cars away but rarely can even tell you even the most basic information about incentives in your area, how the car works (beyond the most basic information, sometimes as little as "the pointy end is the front") My hats off to the fleet guy in Cerritos that joined in, at least he's trying.
  • Wow Everybody!
    This little group has really come full circle.
    Honda employees are looking here for information.

    If you go back through all the early posts in this group.
    We would have loved to have some participation from Honda corporate or dealers.
    But thanks to the members of this forum we have figured out most of our issues with the GX & PHILL.
    It is great to have you guys on board. I know that I am looking forward to upgrading from my 7th generation GX as soon as I wear it out. ;)
  • Well, you're half right. One of the HONDA guys was looking for information. The other is a GX/Phill expert with information to give.
  • Hondagxsales , and emacias. You guys really need to have a serious talk with Honda on the cost of GX fuel filters. If an owner follows the regular maintenance schedule of low pressure every 10K ( approx $190) and high pressure filter every 30K ( approx $178), at customer pay rates, that is about $724 for 30,000 miles of driving. The low press. filters is sim. to an oil filter and costs $125-$145 retail + labor , high press. $ 45 + labor. Total cost per 30,000 miles of driving is almost 50 % of what I paid for fuel at the high cost public stations ! I have cut open an old filter and nothing in it justifies the cost. At 90,000 miles I'm very unhappy about gx maintenance cost's.I'm done with today's rant. Thank you.
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