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Honda Civic GX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree. However, I'll give you some insight from another expert. An (unnamed) gas co official in the alternative fuels dept. and a gx owner since 2001 tells me that he only inspects his filters at 100k mi and would only replace them if the car was not running correctly. The cleanliness of the gas makes clogging highly unlikely. Another gx owner I spoke to who was driving a 2000 model says he changes them every other recommended service. I can only tell you that the factory schedule is recommended to prevent fuel system problems that could effect your cars efficiency and that doing otherwise could impact your warranty (while under the factory or extended warranty period.) Do what you will with this information. I hope you find it useful.
  • It's no different than your mechanic telling you to change your oil every 3 months or 3000 miles. It's all money motivated. Lexus tried to get me to change out an interior air filter ($80 parts, $300 labor to rip the dash apart) When I asked what it was for, they told me so that I didn't have any unpleassant smells inside the car....PASS....

    If you are pumping your CNG from a well, then yes change it often, but if your NG is pipe line quality I think you're just giving your money to honda, Buy Honda stock if you choose the later of the two.

    130,000 miles on my wife's CNG Suburban and never changed the filter and have never had a problem with the NG side. However pipe line quality NG
  • emaciasemacias Posts: 11
    Hi hondagxsales...a little note just to be clear on something regarding "Fleet Sales" and yes, there are those true dedicated fleet salesman that only know invoice on a car and what they can sell it for after incentives and holdback and different personal motivations on specific models that Honda is pushing but I don't want that to be a picture portrayed about the Fleet Sales guys in this local area and specifically in Cerritos where the sales margin is 285% more just in zone contribution sales. A Fleet manager around here is also The Internet Manager, AAA Rep. , Costco Rep. , Alternative Fuel Department Rep. (yes, and there are two of us...say hi at the next zone meeting) , Occasional Closer, and an ASE Certified Tech. and local Sherrif (j/k) thanks for the nod about "at least trying" because I do believe whole heartedly in this Car and ensuring a better future for my children. I don;t want anyone to think that I just know "The pointy end" and I am sure you were not reffering to me as we have never met, but again, just to back up the local dealers here in this area...and there are about 10 I can name just off hand, the GX reps in this area are extrememly sharp and offer tons of knowledge and information and more than likely miss a sale due to convenience of location and availability...that's all. I browse this sight to get a feel for what's ahappening after a sale and problems and concerns I can help address maybe even before they become a problem with future clients...just wanted to get that out there..and I'm glad to see that GX sales are going strong in your area and that you will soon be adding another fueling station to help with the infrastructure out there in the desert.
  • My hats off to you. Nice to meet a professional. I have called a number of dealerships to see if thay are marketing the vehicle and who's handling it. I only spoke to one that even knew anything about it. Most don't really want to be bothered by a low production unit that requires so much time to become conversant about. Some don't even want to carry the car. Alt fuels is the future of cars. It's a serious issue and the swell in intrest hasn't even gotten going yet. Wait till gas get's back up there this summer. My hat's off to the members of this group, and others like it who have had to carry the ball in our absence for so long. They have created a society of concern and support that has made the CNG owners a viable force. I'll call you at the store and say hi. By the way, If you want to tap into a bigger pool of information, visit my Yahoo GX owners group "Civicgxtalk" and the other Yahoo group I moderate for "Civicgxngv". Speak to you soon. Curtis
  • "Lexus tried to get me to change out an interior air filter ($80 parts, $300 labor to rip the dash apart) When I asked what it was for, they told me so that I didn't have any unpleassant smells inside the car....PASS...."

    That really cracks me up - you bought a car that has a FEATURE (interior air cleaner) and you're breaking THEIR ba!!s about replacing the filter? (BTW - most can be replaced in about 2 min by removing the glove box - check your manual!)
  • Would you for $380 to change a filter. Especially at their recommended interval.
  • I have a 2007 Honda GX and we are about to get the Phill (well, as soon as we get a garage to put it in). My wife drives a van because of our kids, but I was thinking we could sell it and get another CNG car. What other 3600psi cars are there? I would like to get one at an auction, but anywhere it is cheap would be good.
  • Murphy has a couple of Ford Crown Vics on his site for sale, not sure of the PSI.
  • My CV's are 3000 psi. Not sure why with the dedicated stuff Ford decided to do 3000 PSI but all their bi-fuel stuff is 3600 psi.

  • When I had a 2000 CROWN VIC dedicated car it was 3000, but 2002 and later were 3600. not sure about 2001. I got rid of my cng crown vic back in 03. Under warranty , was sitting at the dealers service dept 32 out of the last 90 days I owned it. (not cng problems):sick: When I complained to ford customer service , they suggested trading for a new vehicle :surprise: , so I did , A HONDA. ;)
    PS When you call FORD customer service , you get to talk to someone at a call center who works for a pr firm. :surprise: It appears the folks at FORD would rather not actually speak with the customer directly.Nice to see how FORD prefers to insulate themselves from those that have something to say about the product. " QUALITY IS JOB ONE " was FORD's claim . Maybe " HIDING FROM THE CUSTOMER IS JOB ONE" would be more accurate.
  • HondaGXSales,

    I understand that Honda is only selling Fleet Sales in my area (Wisconsin). Is it possible as a "consumer" to purchase a new Honda GX from a dealer in CA and have the car "delivered" to WI?

    I will try to call you directly on 5/21 so you will not be accused of $elling on the internet.
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Have you called direct to Honda HQ in Torrance Calif to discuss this? I understood they sell nationwide, but you may need to travel a bit to a dealer.
    Last time I looked at the US map, Oregon and Washington (and other states) were not part of Calif or New York, where they advertise "consumer" GX sales as such. There is one Oregon dealer and two Washington GX dealers I have contacted that sell consumer. I am about to order one myself in Oregon and there is no hassle about doing it.
    Keep pushing - you'll get one somehow.
  • ngv123ngv123 Posts: 18
    What dealerships in Oregon and Washington? My cousin lives in Vancouver, WA and has been considering purchasing a GX.
  • mattguthmattguth Posts: 2
    Russ Darrow Honda
    9301 W Brown Deer Rd
    Milwaukee, WI 53224

    I would recommend Tom H, nice guy I talked to the first time just to get info.

    When I went back to discuss it further he was not working so I got stuck with some other guy..... Act a little less excided as I was and see if the price is negotiable 25,100 ish

    let me know how it turns out.... I am looking to buy in June of this year so I will update with my final experiance.

    Also Bob R. with WE Energies was very helpful with information on NGV. here are a few urls
    you can get Bob's full info from the second link his presentation is listed in the middle of the list with David C.

    good luck
  • cngusercnguser Posts: 59
    Beaverton Honda in Oregon, and the dealers in Renton and Bellevue Washington handle the GX. Be sure to ask for the fleet or Internet sales departments - the floor sales folks may not even know there is a GX model or tell you no way.
    Note: I heard through the grapevine (on this CarSpace) that Washington has a hefty license registration fee for CNG vehicles. Might want to put that into the cost equation.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Why in the world would anybody want one of these??
  • epnfrnepnfrn Posts: 87
    do you want to expand on this question? there are a whole lot of reasons why I have one, but am not going to waste my time justifying the GX to you unless you have specific points that are confusing. if there are specific questions or points that you want to make, i'll happily respond to those.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    I agree.. a more detailed question would be appropriate.. in another forum.

    This forum is for prices.. Let's move general discussions about the Civic GX here: Honda Civic GX



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    They are more expensive and finding a fueling station can be difficult in many areas.

    I don't need to continue this, I just don't understand, that's all.
  • dcbadcba Posts: 1
    Everybody, just ignore [isellhondas]. If you've read his posts (almost 10,000) in the other forums, he's the "Internet salesperson" at a Honda dealership that refuses to give out prices via e-mail (ironic, eh?) and has nothing better to do but to get into flame wars with folks who don't share his point-of-view. So just ignore him and move on.

    Any competent Honda salesperson ("Internet" or otherwise) would have known at least the following about the Honda Civic GX:

    Clean air vehicle
    US$4,000 federal tax rebate
    Lower cost for natural gas fuel
    HOV access, free tolls, free meter parking (where available)

    It may not be your favourite car, but there's no need to be such a put-down... ;)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Oh, I give quotes but not in writing. Since we have been the number one Honda dealer in nine states for 26 years, I guess this method must work.

    Wrong on the flame wars. I'm pretty easy going.

    I do understand the plusses. As suggested, I went to that other forum and have discovered that fuel is much more available in other parts of the country. Where I am, they are almost non-existant.
  • bank1avpbank1avp Posts: 78
    dcba - Give me a call or email, I can answer all your questions about the GX or any other Alt Fuel vehicle. The advice is free. Yes I own a CNG dealership but I don't even have a GX right now to even sell you. So don't worry I won't put a sales job on you. I would just hate it if you were put off the GX because of this experience, it is a good vehicle. I can't even get new ones but I can recommend where you can and how to get a deal on it. With gas heading to $4 per gallon CNG is definately the way to go.

    To keep this somewhat relavent to the topic discussion. Those of you that have been watching my site for price updates have probably noticed it has not been updated in a while. I had computer issues and I'm back up and running again so send in those updates. This time around I will include the price and last updated date.

    CNG Motors
  • epnfrnepnfrn Posts: 87
    ok, i'm not sure why i'm even bothering to respond to this internet honda guy (and yes, you do seem like a trouble maker - YOU MAY NOT BE, but i'm the 2nd person to tell you this in 2 days, so perhaps you should assess how you are writing).

    my justification for the GX -- i have a 40mi commute in the Bay Area, crossing 2 bridges in the process. with the GX, i get to use the carpool lane (this saves me about 1 hour roudtrip per day -- value to me at my salary ~$50). those 2 bridges at $4/each = $8 that i DON'T have to pay in the GX. my other car (a S2000) gets maybe 25mpg, at $3.70/gallon (premium), my GX consistently gets 40mpg at about $1.95.

    so, cost to drive my S2000/day = $19.84 + $50 time lost
    cost to drive natty gas GX = $3.90

    with about 4 CNG stations along my route, availability isn't a problem. oh, and by the way, the GX is the cleanest burning car on the planet!

    there are all kinds of things i don't like ... what's the opposite of sporty? 250mi range, ect, ect ... but hands down, FOR ME, the GX is the ultimate commuter car! the S2000 fills in all the gaps the GX can't, so I feel pretty lucky to have the best of both worlds.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    I'm not a troublemaker but some people automatically don't like me because of my username. I'm used to it so no problem.

    You answered my question. I no longer live in California but I'm a native So. Californian and I did live and work in the Bay Area for four years and I remember the traffic.

    I'm sure someone will jump in and correct me but the last time I checked there were only a couple of places in the entire Seattle/Puget Sound area that sold natural gas.

    And, we can't use the carpool lanes like you can. I can see that would be a major plus for you.

    We get zero interest in GX's but I can see why you bought yours.

  • jetboatjohnnyjetboatjohnny Posts: 104
    I wish I would have known about these cars a few years ago, I would have got mine sooner.
    I drive about 620 miles a week, have a reliable 24/7 CNG station close to my home, so it was a no-brainer. For all the money I save on fuel, I can afford to rent a car if I want to drive out of state.
    Until an affordable electric car is available that can make my 140 mile round trip commute, I will stick with my GX.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Prices Paid and Buying Experience.... is the title of the forum.

    Any other posts will be deleted!!

    Host-Prices Paid Forums


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • giorgigiorgi Posts: 8
    I just bought my 99 gx with 55k two weeks ago for $6999 with shipping from texas to the bay area. $7550 after taxes, not a problem with the independant dealer. Although I did have problems with E-loan, don't use them for auto loans.
  • mattguthmattguth Posts: 2
    Russ Darrow Honda is the worst dealership. Salesman told me the car was in Chicago at a holding yard and I would have it in 2 to 3 weeks, I gave them the $2000 deposit, now they can't seem to find 'my' car.... now they only have white available. Tom H does not return voice mail or email, lies and says he never receives them.

    They know they are the only GX dealer in Wisconsin so I can't go anywhere else... besides they have $2000 of my money so what am I suppose to do?
  • epnfrnepnfrn Posts: 87
    When in doubt, go UP the chain of command. Write a letter to the manager, making sure to comment that you are going to forward your concerns to American Honda ... I've heard that dealerships do not like it when people complain to AH ... gives them a black eye. Be sure to be succinct, accurate, and professional.

    good luck,
  • 4 weeks ago I got my new '07 Civic GX from the Honda dealer in Cerritos for $23,550 took about 15min to get down to this price.
    I guess once the '08 are on the lot they stay with the sticker price again for a while.
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