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Toyota Tacoma Prerunner (owner experiences)

a6chrisa6chris Posts: 15
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I juts bought a new a new Toyota Tacoma Pre-runner
V6 extra cab, 900 miles on it and man it is GREAT!
I love it. I always wanted a high quality TOYOTA
and now I own one yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!!!



  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162 that like Jumbo shrimp?

    - Tim
  • I have a 2000 Prerunner V6 extended cab--which I love. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage which has been 17 highway. Is this common/normal? I have ~3000 miles on this beauty. Could something be wrong?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Wrong with a Toyota?? NEVER!!!!
  • My Milegae too is - not wonderful, but then again, I figure 3.4 V6, gearing etc, I just live with it. Best of all it is a TOYOTA reknown for it's quality! I love the looks from the big trucks here in TX, I know they are thinkin it's a "runt" truck" - but we will see whom is still on the road 10 years from now, me or thier big american iron clunkers. Case in Point, my wifes NEW 2000 PLymouth Voyager suddenly lost the tachometer and speedo this weekend, and then it came back! after a "restart" of the engine, and it also ocassionally does other odd things, like running rough on a cold start, and then a "re-start" make it smooth back out, These are things I do not expect I will ever see occur in the TOYOTA, but are indicative of the still remaining "lower quality" found in american made cars.
  • I have a 99 Pre-runner v-6, that gas mileage improved after about the first 5k miles and oil chnage. Best I 've got is near 22 per gallon doing mostly freeway. See if it improves with more miles.
  • Thanks to Dave and Shaky for their positive comments. I'm looking forward to a little better gas mileage now...will drive my truck more in hopes of accomplishing this goal!!! No matter, I still love it!
  • I have a 1999 Prerunner V6 XTcab and I love it. I can relate exactly to Dave. I too live in Texas and get the same looks from those big unstyled, oversized, pickups. I love the body on my Tacoma, it just looks styled! My gas mileage varies: 17 City (if I drive it like a baby), as low as 13 City (if I drive it hard), and usually about 22 highway. I just checked the Blue Book value on it: only $500 less then what I paid for it! These trucks hold their value!
  • I have a 1999 V-6 prerunner XTcab. Here is the ticket. Buy from and have the dealer install the TRD supercharger like I did (that way it falls under the full factory warranty) and the big boys will not feel so big next time you leave the light together. (It is more fun if you avoid putting any of the TRD supercharger stickers on the truck.)

    I get about 14/16 mpg around town and 20 or so highway if I don't put my foot in it a lot. On the other hand the supercharger requres premium gas but what the heck.
  • Edmund's road test of the 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner is now available. Here's the direct link to the Spin Around Town: 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner, by Neil Dunlop. What do you think?

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • eds6eds6 Posts: 1
    I bought my new Toy Tacoma Prerunner XTCab V6 at the end of September. I get 21/22 mpg mostly highway miles. So far I love the truck, peppy and looks great. My only concern is initial quality. The drivers auto door lock quit working, and I'm having problems with the remote entry. This is my 3rd Toyota Truck and the others had no initial quality problems. The dealers service department has no concept of Customer Service but then again they are a car dealer. At any rate I'll get these minor problems worked out and the vehicle is all I expected.
  • I'm curious....what SR5 packages are people getting on their PreRunners?

    From pictures, I am opposed to the chrome package as it draws serious attention to the grille (not my favorite design Toyota has come up with).

    The color keyed packages seem a bit nicer but I suppose when I visit them in person I'll know.

  • I just bought a 2000 PreRunner, extra cab, with the 190 horsepower V-6. By way of background, my old truck was a 1990 Toyota regular cab 4x4. When I traded it, it had 160,000 miles on it. I felt the truck could have easily gone past 200,000 miles, had it not been for the fact that I regularly drove it into the surf in Galveston, Texas. The topside of the body was fine, but the damage caused by the salt water exposure to the underside of the frame, and, I suspect, the engine seals, contributed to my ultimate decision to replace the vehicle. Needless to say, my new PreRunner won't go swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, so I'll probably be driving it well beyond 200,000 miles. I chose the PreRunner for three reasons: (1) I didn't need the four-wheel drive that much anymore. (2)I liked the power in the V-6 (my old truck had the 4-cylinder engine). (3) I don't like buying new vehicles every four or six years, so I wanted an absolutely bullet-proof truck that would still run like new well after the loan was paid off. As far as performance, I am a bit disappointed with the gas mileage, but it's a fair trade-off for the extra power. The truck is very comfortable, handles well in traffic, and has no problems merging onto a busy freeway. I have not been off road yet and I honestly don't intend to do the extreme things I did with my old 4x4. But I will eventually make it out to the Big Bend with this truck to see just how well that locking rear differential works. I'll let you know how it went.
  • I just love my new toyota tacoma single cab pre-runner. its just me and its a hoot to drive. i baby the thing so much its like my only child
  • I am interested in the Pre Runner with a V6 and a regular cab. I can't seem to find anyone who has one or even pricing with that configuration. Is it even available?? Any input is appreciated!
  • Here in Michigan a dealer told me the Pre Runner is not a big seller. However, I still feel I would like to buy one. I like being a little higher off the ground (safer)
    1. Do they handle like a 4x4? Is the the ride smooth?
    2. I am considering a PreRunner4Cy 150HP xtacab.
    3.How the gas mileage on the 4 vs 6. Im reading the comment on the 6 and a few have expressed the fact the mileage is not that great.
    All feed back appreciated.
  • Do u have a 4 or 6. I have a 1990 6cy 148,000
    going strong. But thinking of the 4cy prerunner.
    How your mileage and whats it got on it. Would you mind sharing the price you paid with acces.
  • I live in Maryland and was considering the prerunner. I was wondering how it tracks in the snow compared to the 4x4. Any thoughts?
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    It's simple if you live where it snows then get the 4x4 model.Many times i have tried my tacoma in 2wd in the snow and it just doesn't cut it plus the 31 inch tires are so wide that it's that much worse.Put it in 4wd and it's a tank! I think the prerunner is a great idea but not for snowy conditions and i think the first snowstorm you would see my point.Oh and bombing around in a good
    storm while everyone else is stuck or at home is a
    good time.
  • I have read that most v6 tacoma owners complain about the gas mileage. I was wondering if the owners had manual or automatic transmission on thier trucks? I am thinking about buying a toyota S-runner (Tacoma Xtra cab v6 5speed/sport suspension and exhausted) And I am worried about the fuel efficiency.

    Thanks for your help! happy Holidays!
  • toddztoddz Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2001 V6 PreRunner TRD and after 1500 miles i seem to get about 19 mpg mostly without the A/C on.
  • Couple of questions:
    How well did the 4X2's with locking rear hold up during this latest Midwest storm? Are they somewhat OK in 3-6" of snow?

    How much is Toyota charging for the TRD Supercharger? What are they charging for the install?

    Thanks in advance..
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    I have 29,000 miles on my prerunner v-6 and am averaging 18.7 MPG. This is all city and when I do go on trips, that number can dip to around 18 MPG for 70-75 MPH. I rarely get anything lower than 17.5 or higher than 19.6, so the mileage is very, very consistent. I have kept records from mile one, and these are the results.

    For those of you wondering about the Prerunners vs. 2wd or 4wd models, here is a little insight.

    The Prerunner sits on the 4x4 chassis but, of course, lacks the 4wd. It rides just like the 4x4's--firm. If you get the TRD package w/ Bilstein shocks, expect an even firmer ride. Of course, you'll thank the toyota engineers should you venture into a field of medium to large rocks or potholes as the firmness will keep your insides on the inside.

    For those wondering about whether they should go with the 2.7L or 3.4L V-6, there really shouldn't be much discussion. The 3.4L V-6 is the smoothest, most efficient V-6 in a pickup. It produces over 80% of it's torque at 2500 RPM's. The extra weight of the prerunner, whether reg. or ext. cab, demands the extra power of the V-6. The 2.7L is adequate at best in the Prerunner. Yes, it will cost more, but in the end, you'll thank yourself.

    The supercharger can be bolted on by the dealership in around an hour, and the last time I saw, the prices were around $2400-2500 which may or may not include installation (sorry, I didn't check into this.) The supercharger bumps the HP and torque by 70 horses and pounds for 260 HP and 290 lbs. torque. Get that in the prerunner ext. cab which only weighs around 3350 lbs. (3280 for '00 model, heavier for newer, feminine-grilled '01 models)and you will do 0-60 somewhere in the 6 second ballpark. I wish the magazines would do a roadtest for this model, so we could know the performance for sure.

    Hope this helps anyone with questions.
  • I own a '99 PreRunner V6, ext cab. I have added a K&N filter kit from Downey, so far. More to come. My gas mileage went up to about 17.2 (combined), from about 16.5. The horsepower increase is yet unknown, but it definitely passes better on the freeway.
  • The V6 engine is not available in a regular cab configuration. For a Regular cab you have a choice between two four cylinder engines, the larger one producing 150hp and gets 19/21 mpg. The V6 is rated at 190hp(17/19 mpg) is only available in extended and double cab versions.
  • I am looking to purchase my first truck. I think I should get a 4x4 because I live in southern New England where we get snow, but is the cost worth it compared to the 4x2? There is snow on the ground here for at most 3 months a year. Can the 4x2 Per Runner handle it with the locking differential?
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Ive tried my tacoma in 2wd in the snow and it pretty much is worthless.....get the 4x4 trust me.
  • I have a Tacoma xtracab 4cyl 5 speed 2WD now (I wanted gas mileage this time), but have had several Toyota 4X4s in the past. I live in Sacramento where it doesn't snow, but when I took them to Tahoe (100 miles away) I purposely got off in the snow to play. It's virtually impossible to get the tires to spin if it's in 4WD. My experience with limited slip differentials is that one tire spins faster than the other, which causes you to slide sideways in snow or ice. If u live in snow country, the 4WD is DEFINITELY worth it.
  • I am looking for a pick up for my 16 year old son. We live in an Atlanta suburb, but he loves to hunt and fish. He is all testosterone. He wants a 4x4 truck. I don't think he will do as much off roading as he thinks. We hunt in Georgia in mostly flat areas. It snows once every two years or so. Can he get by with a prerunner? I'd love your insite. Thanks.
  • Just picked mine up a week before the snow started. Live just outside of Chicago.

    First thing I learned is how to work the Locking Diff... (Plenty of time to play in the 2 hour commute) Next was to add about 300lbs of sand over rear wheels.. what a difference. It definately reduces the slipping and sliding.

    4 X 4 would be nice but I don't go off road and can't see it (except for this year) for only a few days a year. I use the truck mostly for commuting to work and yard/house work.

    Love the truck so far. Great heater, comfortable and better than my 89 Corolla in the deeper snow - especially when it freezes.
  • Been shopping for a new truck for the last month. This is vehicle #50 for me, Toyota truck #7... 2001 Prerunner (Impulse Red/Oak) V6 XtraCab SR5, TRD, Power Pkg, Bucket Seats, Cruise, Sliding Rear Window, MSRP $21562, invoice $19795 (in northern California with the Toyota advertising addon). Paid $200 over invoice or $19,995 (and I used to sell cars). WHAT A GREAT TRUCK FOR UNDER $20K ! ! ! I've also owned a few GM full size trucks (last one was a 97 GMC Z71), and have driven just about every kind of truck u can name... and this truck thinks it's a Lexus. Most of my previous trucks were 4X4s, but since I rarely use the 4X4, I decided to buy something that looks like a 4X4, but doesn't have the extra weight, more maintenance, less performance, and less gas mileage associated with 4X4s. Obviously it won't get as good a gas mileage as my last truck (99 Tacoma 4 cyl 5 speed) but who cares, that one didn't get that great anyway (20/25). Unlike the last one, this one looks HOT, and is FUN to drive, and I can see over traffic. And unlike full size trucks with extended cabs... it fits in my garage!
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