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Toyota Tacoma Prerunner (owner experiences)



  • ggg9ggg9 Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2001 v6 prerunner and I am going to put in a liner, including the bed rails. I have seen the literature on Rhino and Linex. Anyone have any suggestions or preferences? Are there any downsides to a spray in versus a drop in? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    Go with spray in unless you just want under the rail bedliner. The bedliner rubs the paint off the rails, even the Toyota bedliners do this. I have never seen an over the rail bedliner that doesn not rub the paint. So go with spray-in (lineX), it is what I used and it was great and the even do the top of the rails. Have a bunch of colors to choose from. My Tacoma is black and you can hardly tell I even have the black lineX.
  • ggg9ggg9 Posts: 3
    Thans Smgilles for the advice. I got the Linex liner. They did a super job and it looks perfect.
  • tony22rtony22r Posts: 45
    smgilles ->
    1) I too was looking at headers for my DoubleCab 3.4L V6! But i think the TRD ones re-combined into 1 pipe.
    I was hoping to get something "dual exhaust".
    Do you know if TRD or Toyota has any headers for dual exhaust?
    I guess i can just get my muffler man to split it and have two tips sticking out the back.
    there's just something about dual exhaust that gets me goin, hehe.

    2) TRD Supercharger...hmm... that gets me drooling too, but cheapest i saw them going for was about $2300 online. it sure would be hella fun though!
    does the Supercharger replace your entire intake manifold?
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    Yes, the manifold is completely replaced by the supercharger and yes it is a lot fun. You can be doing 85-90 and step on it and you better hang on! There isn't a V-8 truck that will touch it. I raced my brother's chevy z71 he was mildly upset to put it lightly. I don't think you will find the charger any cheaper than $2300. I think cost for Toyota is 2270 or so, but that is what a parts guy told me, so who knows how much they actually make.

    I thought on the doublecab that it had 2 catalytic converters so you could do dual exhaust. I may be mistaken thought since it has the same 3.4 as the ext-cab. Go to and check out what they got. About the cheapest on the web or anywhere else for all Toyota stuff.
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Posts: 278
    Nope, the 3.4L has dual headers off the engine that combine into one exhaust pipe that translate into one tail pipe.

    This is true for all 3.4L Tacoma engines no matter the body style.

  • chas29chas29 Posts: 3
    I am trying to decide between the 4 and 6 cylinder prerunner. I drive about 37,000 miles per year about 2,000 of that is over a rutted dirt road to and from work. I think I need the clearance a prerunner can provide. I like the timing chain on the 4 cylinder and hear that in general the engine is just more reliable than the v6. However, I use the truck as a delivery vehicle also and often drag a trailer that weighs about 1,500 loaded and occasionally weighs 2,000 at the same time I also have a load in the bed of about 900 lbs. Most deliveries are flat land but sometimes I need to drag the trailer up some hills (not mountains just hills). So... who has experience with towing behind 2.7 liter engine? Can they handle it? Of course dealer says no problem but that's the dealer.
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Posts: 278
    I posted this in the towing forum too but you'll have no problems.

    I would suggest however for towing 2000Lbs. with 900Lbs. payload in the cargo box that you opt for the TRD package. It's a bit stiff when empty but you'll never have to worry about the towing capacity of your suspension.

  • I can't find this information anywhere and I don't know another tacoma owner personally, so anyone's help would greatly be appreciated.
    Basically, I don't have a tachometer, and I'm looking for engine RPM at these given speeds:

    20 MPH
    45 MPH
    60 MPH
    70 MPH
    80 MPH

    If anyone would be willing to take note of their tachs when they're driving around and get back to me on these, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks.
  • rdupre1rdupre1 Posts: 3
    I bought my wife a 2001 Tacoma PreRunner and was wondering about what seems to
    be a pretty stiff suspension. Is this normal for these trucks?? I guess I'm used to the
    smooth ride of an extended cab truck. Can reducing the tire pressure help to smooth
    out the ride?? Any suggestions???
  • The suspension toughness you refer to is normal. Changing the tire pressure won't help. The prerunner is not a 4x4, but it sits on a 4x4 chassis, so the suspension and related equipment is the same. The only thing separating your truck from a 4x4 is the drivetrain layout.

    Make sure you keep the tires properly inflated, and they will wear a long time. I currently have 38,000 miles on mine keeping them at the recommended 26 PSI (I got a 2000 model; yours may be different), and they look great. I expect to get about 50-55K miles out of them. If you go below the recommended pressure, you risk a blowout (all those poor guys with the Ford Explorers can relate to this), your gas mileage will drop, and the outside of your tirewalls will wear really quickly.
  • Investigate smoother, more "ergonomical for humans" shock absorbers. If you got the TRD package it comes with Bilsteins which, with my 2001 TRD I can tell you are VERY stiff.

    With looser shocks you'll lose some off-roading capability but gain back some comfort.

    Monroes or the like should do ya. Any that will emphasize a smoother ride.

  • I have a 99 Pre-runner v6. Has any current owners added a Flowmaster muffler to their trucks. If so, was it a 2 chamber or 3 chamber muffler?
    Any noticeable performance gains?
  • I like the more formidable off-road capability of the Prerunner, but I'm awfully surprised that there's no manual transmission offered, only the automatic. Here are some questions for Prerunner owners:

    How is the auto tranny? I'm used to manual, and I dislike the lack of responsiveness inherent in many automatic designs. What's your take? The price increase over the extended cab SR5 four cylinder is about $2K, and I'm having trouble justifying it when the Prerunner is mated to an auto. If you were looking at a manual and still got sold on an auto Prerunner, what helped you in your final decision?

    In general, I think that a 2001 Prerunner would be a good fit for me, I'm just put off by the idea that they're only available with automatic transmissions.

    Hopefully I'll hear some owner testimonials that will temper my bias.


  • I guess this isn't a shot in the arm for the PreRunner since I test drove it alright...

    Then got my V6 4X4 5Spd Manual. I don't know if it has more umph but it sounds and feels better to me knowing I decide when the truck shifts.

    I shouldn't knock the PreRunner though. Just if you think you'll miss the stick in your will.

  • I'll miss that little bugger sticking up through the floor that makes the truck go. Hmm... If Toyota made a stick in the Prerunner, that would be the truck for me.

  • I did my research.

    I drove the multitude of trucks.

    I compared apples with apples and apples with oranges.

    And the Prerunner was the flat-out winner of all the heats.

    The automatic is so smooth that I'm beginning to lose my "manual only" mantra.

    Despite its low price and impressive options, the Ford Ranger didn't do enough to satisfy my doubts.

    The Nissan Frontier, too eager to please, didn't blow up my skirt because of its ugliness and its bizarre aura of tacky reliability.

    Did I leave out Chevy? Oops, I wonder why I never bothered to even test drive one...

  • Does anyone on the board know of an effective way to temporarily disable the daytime running lights option on their Tacoma? I know this sounds a little strange, but there are times when I want to briefly disable the DRLs on a '02 Tacoma. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • dcabman1, check out They have a FAQ section that lists some how to's and I remember seeing on in there about disabling the lights. Might hook up a toggel switch to the one lead that you have to snip, that way, you can flip them off/on. If it where me, I would opt for one of the light up toggels.

    good luck
  • Thanks tacoma4me for the recommendation on the DRLs. I'm a little nervous cutting wires on a new truck, but with good, detailed information on how to complete this procedure, I'll give it a shot.
  • I have a '99 Tacoma PreRunner (V6,auto) that I am considering towing a 4900 lbs. (max) two axle, Electr brake camper trailer. Does anyone have experience as to how the truck would do? I really don't want to upsize trucks right now. Also,does anyone know why the owners book says they (TOY) recommend NOT using a weight distributing hitch set up with the this truck. The dealer stumbled on this question.
    Thanks, Mototroy
  • Hi all,
    I am about to buy myself a prerunner V6 Xcad. I talk three sale men from different Toyota dears.
    Two said that the TRD made the ride on Freeway
    and City street feel discomfortable than the one WITHOUT TRD. Please give me your oppion.

  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    you are going to have to go test drive one. if you ask ten people, 5 are going to say it's too stiff, the other 5 will say it's just right. it's all personal preference and what you're used to.


    towing facts, good luck, let me know how it gos, gotta tow a mustang on a trailer.

  • I am looking to buy running boards for my 2001 Regular Cab Prerunner. Anyone know a good place to buy that will install them?


  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    A curious GM owner wants to know. Thanks
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897

    You can probably find some at the pepboys. Why do you need boards? For looks?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Prerunner is a vehicle that runs the course prior to the race.
    In Toyota world, Prerunner is an I4 or V6 truck, 2WD built on 4WD platform, so it has the same groundclearance as 4WD. Reasonable 265 BFG ATs, only automatic transmission. People who buy a truck like that mostly use it for high-speed offroad races, like desert. With good driving, it can go quite a few places where a 4WD can go.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    on the road and always wondered. That's interesting in that having come from NY I always did think more clearance was just as useful as 4wd in the winter. Always thought it would be nice to have cars with more clearance for that part of the country.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    When I started shopping for a truck (never owned one, I came from the car country), I just fell in love with the height of a Prerunner/4x4 Taco. Everything was right....sitting up high, V6, manual, I had to get a 4x4 for the manual transmission, but I'm not worrying. Clearance is fun when you are looking down at the Ranger boys, or some 16yo punk in daddy's miata.
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