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Toyota Tacoma Prerunner (owner experiences)



  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    One more thing. I have a 2000 prerunner. When I drive my truck when it hasn't been driven for a few hours or more and the engine is cold, the truck shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear at an obviously higher rpm than when the engine is warm (about 2500). Is this normal, or should I get the transmission or soemthing else looked at? I have about 4k miles on it.
  • Our driver's seat squeaks-both the cushion and the back.

    Any solutions-this is very irritating
  • Your transmission is programmed to stay in the lower gears longer while the engine warms up in order to get up to proper operating temperature sooner. When an engine warms up slowly, it gets very poor fuel economy during the warm up time.
  • You mentioned that your MPG with the first 2 tankfuls was around 16.8. This will improve as the enginebreaks in a bit.I have the very same truck, and my mileage started out as poorly as yours, due in part to me enjoying the power of that V6 a little too often.Using a little gentler pressure with your right foot, you can get around 18.5 in town and around 21 on the Interstate.
  • Thanks, 2k1trd and cajunman. I found time to swap the front tires, but it did not change a thing. That did work on my 99 gmc POS. On that one, I did get it to pull to the right instead of the left by swapping the front tires. BTW, the dealership called to see how I liked the new Toyota truck and I mentioned that it may need the alignment checked, asked if they could do that under warranty, and she assured me she would find out and call me back. That was 2 days ago. No word, yet! Not that I really want them working on it anyway. Anyone know of a good place to take it for an alignment in the Baytown, Houston or surrounding area? Also, I got the premium 6 speaker sound system w/cd-radio-tape, and it's not very powerful. Has anyone added an amp to this system or should I just yank it out and put my Sony in that I saved from my old Toyota and go from there?
  • dlucas26.......I bought a '01 Pre-Runner that I have put 6000 miles on. The gas mileage was around 17 when I first bought it. I have been getting a consistent 20mpg since I made a few changes. The first thing I did was open up the air box to allow more air flow. You can find out the specifics on how to do this on tacoma territory web site. I also use Mobile 1 Tri-Synthetic motor oil. The addition of a tonneau cover and a Helix Power tower intake mod. from Performance products ($97 and easy to install) has enabled me to increase mileage dramatically.
    All of this has been fun to do and it has paid off quite well....not to mention the very noticeable power increase. I recommend every tacoma owner to try these things to get better mpg.
  • What can I expect to pay for a prerunner doublecab SR5?? Anyone actually get one for Edmunds TRV of under 18k? Anyone actually get one for under 23k for that matter??
  • I currently own a 98 Mazda B2500 ext. cab and I personally know a guy selling a 2000 V6 Prerunner, loaded, with locking rear differential. Anybody have any thoughts on this, I also have thought about getting a Ranger 4x4, 99 or 2000, but I really like the Tacoma. I test drove it and fell in love with it, now I just have to sell my truck to get that one. I drove it without the ECT button on. I felt like it accelarated very well and was very responsive. Is it a big difference with the ECT button on? And I have a fairly heavy foot, any heavy-footers out there, I would like to know what is the gas mileage range you are getting. I will keep everyone posted on what I decide

  • hey dlucas26, you mentioned a price for your trd
    where did you buy yours? $20700 sounds good what
    were the options?

  • I have the above with the following options: SR5, TRD, Power Package, Convenience Package. I paid $22,000, which was about 300-400 above invoice, and $150 over Edmunds TMV.
  • Just bought it a week ago. Excellent feel, handling, and has a pretty face. Had a good buying experience until went back to the dealer for the "clean-up".

    When the truck was purchased, the dealership's service department was swamped with vehicles. So, the sales consultant wrote up a "we-owe you" for the clean up and removal of an ignition shut off alarm (a dealer add on that I didn't need for $300). Anyway, a few days later, I go to get the truck cleaned up, and 4, yes 4 &*%$&*% hours later they bring me my truck. Everything is fine up until that evening. Get in my truck, look in the right rear view mirror, and the mirror is full of scratches. After a closer look, it is obvious that the Einstein's waxed the mirror, both right and left. During the day it's not noticeable but at night, with the headlight glare, it blows.

    Now, I called the selesperson/manager/pric&$, and let's just say customer satisfaction was the least of his concerns. Any thoughts as to what I should do? Take it to the small claims court? File a complaint with BB? Like that will solve something.

    For the life of me, I still can't figure out who the hell would buff a mirror. I still kick myself for going back for the clean up.

  • toyrotatoyrota Posts: 66
    Steve, If you go to Toyotas webpage, you should be able to find a customer satisfaction #. Call them. I have read about people having their beds repainted after the toyota bedliner has rubbed paint off, they may instruct the dealer to replace the mirrors either on warranty or by some other method. Good luck!
  • tacoma_trdtacoma_trd Posts: 135
    I test drove a prerunner a few days ago, and a 4-runner today. I notice they both have a red button on the dash on the left, it is right next to where the diff lock and ECT button is. I do not know what this is for, can anyone enlighten me about this red button? Thanks.
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Probably the LED for the alarm system.
  • dlucas26dlucas26 Posts: 3
    Hey, kongti. I got mine at Baytown toyota. The best way to go is to get preapproved from your Credit Union before you ever set foot in one of these places. On mine I've got:
    air cond., alloys, 6 speaker cd/tape/radio, v-6, auto, SR5, TRD, power windows, locks, and mirrors, daytime running lights, sliding rear window-tinted, extra mile option(glass etching, pin stripe, bodyside moulding, spare tire lock, carpet floor mats, cruise control, 3yr./36,000 mi. roadside assist. and rental car), and Securikey Plus, which is an elaborate alarm system I'm still trying to learn all about.
    I could not believe cruise was an option till I saw how they bundle it with all that other "stuff". I think if I had not been rushed at the time of delivery(7pm on a friday nite), I would have done a little better, but?
    I just put a Covermaster Camper on it, and it is great, really beautiful match on the style and paint, and my mpg. went from 16.8 to 17. I ordered the spoiler to keep the back window a little clearer and to cut the drag, hopefully. Seems like it did!
  • I just bought a 2000 tacoma SR5 V6 xcab and I absolutely LOVE it. The dealer told me the red button is to manually activate/deactivate the alarm system. If you have the key in the ignition and you push the button a couple of times you'll hear it honk a couple of times. I have yet to figure out when it's on vs. off. Good luck!
  • tacoma_trdtacoma_trd Posts: 135
    Well guys I just sold my 98 mazda B2500 last night, and this week I will be buying a Tacoma V6 Prerunner loaded, ext cab, locking rear diff. I can't wait, I'm so excited, this will be my first tacoma, once I drove it I wanted it at that moment. I'll keep everyone posted, and if I can get my scanner working I may post some pictures
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Pretty cool. I'm sure that you'll like the truck. They seem to do pretty well out here in the Calif. deserts and forests even without the four wheel drive. California is full of them and I haven't met an unhappy owner yet.
  • ser22ser22 Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2001 Prerunner and love it. I chose to not include a bedliner at my time of purchase because I want to see what else it out there besides Toyota's bedliner. Is Toyota's a good choice or are there any others that you can recommend? Thanks for your input.
  • mjenmjen Posts: 1
    i'm close to getting a tacoma doublecab would like to get the 4x4 but can't seem to justify it. is a prerunner + diff lock a good alternative if all i expect to do is take a few ski trips during the winter? thanks for your input.
  • evanspa5evanspa5 Posts: 2
    I recently bought a 99 per-runner. I have to say, The loud flunk when releasing the brake is annoying! The dealer said it was "normal". Normal for what? a $5000 yugo, or a 20K truck! I have had the truck for 3 weeks, if I can't find a fix, I may just sell it. Does any one have a sure answer for this problem? Is it axle wrap, a down shifting trannie or brakes? Please help. The Toyota dealer was useless(no surprise).
  • bp53bp53 Posts: 23
    Can you get a 5 speed tranny in a prerunner or is one limited to an automatic? Also, if I can purchase an xtra cab 4x4 v6 for 22, 500 is this a good price?
  • brtybrty Posts: 1
    Does anybody have any input on the 4 cyl. Prerunner? I am thinking of getting one for a commute truck and I am wondering if the four banger in front of the automatic cranny will suffer too much. What about gas mileage? Is the 6 cylinder worth the extra thousand or two? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • pooh001pooh001 Posts: 3
    Has anyone had a similar experience?
    2001 Prerunner sr5 v6 automatic transmision

    At 1800 miles I make a brief highway trip (20 miles). I make a stop and then continue for about 5 miles. When I slow to an idle to make my turn the engine noisily clunks and dies (much the same as a standard would if I had not downshifted). When I start it up again It runs fine in Park and Neutral but as soon as its placed in gear (any gear including reverse) it clunks and dies as if it is stuck in too high a gear to take off.

    After towing it in to the dealer the mechanic witnesses this problem once but it goes away once he gets it into the bay. With no problem left to fix it gets turned back over to me like a ticking time bomb.

    Fast forward to 5000 miles. I go on an extended higway trip (150 miles) I stop for gas, get back on the road and have no problems. 60 miles later when I exit and slow to an idle... Bingo! same old problem.

    Towed it to a dealer (this time out of state)and they are convinced it is the Torque Converter. After they change it ...No Joy!

    Final result is the Transmision has been replaced and so far so good. I'm just curious if this has been seen before. Thanks for the input!
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Posts: 278
    We may need you some day!

  • tony22rtony22r Posts: 45
    I bought my 2001 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab PreRunner V6 SR5 TRD from Longo Toyota in El Monte, CA for $24,200 out-the-door; no hassle, no bait & switch. 7.49% financing with $0 down from was Easy and Fast! They qualified me in 15 minutes, sent a blank check to me in 2 days, and we went Shopping!

    This truck is NICE! Smooth, seamless power from the 3.4L DOHC V6. Those 190hp comes on fast and pulls strong! Cab is quiet, ride is smooth, feels refined like a TALL Camry!
    Already thinking of making it louder and obnoxious with TRD Supercharger (+50hp) for $2300, along with TRD headers and exhaust. hmm... i'm gonna have Fun with my new Toy!

    The women really dig the head-turning rugged good looks. I feel like royalty riding tall with legendary Toyota quality & build. Drivers in any other new trucks/SUV's get jealous when my ride pulls alongside.

    The Tacoma's ain't the cheapest ride you can buy, but hell i KNOW it's the BEST ride you can Own!
    15 years from now my Grandkids will be riding tall and proud in this truck!
    More than i can say for my poor (not very old) Ford... which blew its head gaskets after 65,200 miles and 6 years.
  • Hello Everybody,

    I'm about to move north to Iowa from Georgia and am a bit worried about the winter weather I'll experience. I bought my PreRunner V6 with Georgia winters in mind and suddenly find myself facing tough Iowa winters. I wouldn't be concerned if I had a 4x4, but I bought the 2WD PreRunner.

    If anybody has some experience with a PreRunner in snowy weather, please share your experiences. Can you share some tips for making my truck a good snow vehicle?

    Thanks much,
  • tony22rtony22r Posts: 45
    Hey folks check out:

    It lets you see Recall details on various makes, models, and year.

    You'll be happy to know that there are ZERO Recalls for 2000-2001 Toyota Tacoma's!

    Toyota Quality is not only Legendary but it is Fact!

    Not so for Ford, Chevy, and Dodge :o(
    You'll see that there are Already 4 or 5 RECALLS on Brand NEW 2001 models like Ford Ranger or Chevy S-10!
    And we're not talking little stuff, but Serious stuff like: brake lines, airbags, seatbelts, fuel systems, tires, hoods flying off while driving, cooling systems, mislabeled GVW ratings.

    Ford Quality is JOKE One!
    Chevy, like a CRock (sits on jackstands like a Rock)
    Dodge... um, i can't think of anything for Dodge.

    So if some Chevy/Ford/Dodge owner starts disrespecting your Toyota Tacoma ride... point them to the Recall Database to see just how many recalls their vehicle has. They'll shut up real fast!

    Because Toyota is the BEST!
  • pyramid1pyramid1 Posts: 1
    I use on occasion and have driven up to 45 MPH with it engaged with no problem (off road). I own a 2000 X-Cab TRD Pre-Runner. I often go to the mountains and the truck never dissapoints. I did however have a constant rattle behind the passanger air bag. Dealer said they had a few come in. The result was them replacing my entire dash. They scratched the hell out of my A pillars and numerous dash pieces re-installing it. That was last Dec. They have since replaced those pieces (no charge, all warranty work). I love my sunroof and is constantly open until I can't stand the squeek that comes from it (probably needs grease). Minor gripes. I have hauled everything from palm trees to a full scoop of gravel and I have logged 36,000 miles in about 18 months of ownership. No problems mechanically. It drives today like the day I drove it off the lot. I use my truck, never abuse it. I will recommend a K&N air filter, my only modification. A little better gas mileage. Changing the oil is a snap for the filter is easily accessible (every 3,000 miles, 10W-30). I use Maguires auto care products. Their Soft Wash Gel works great along with their liquid wax (I wax every 3 months). I threw some clear corner and bumper lenses on the front end as well as plasma super whites for headlights.They look and function well. I am running Hella 550 fogs hooked to a tastefully done Pre-Runner bar made by Rhino. It bolts up to the hook mounts connected to the frame and comes up to the top of the front bumper. It's black so it doesn't look overbearing like most do and can have it welded to the frame if you like. Well I love my truck. On a scale of 1-10, I give it an 11. To bad they changed the front end 6 months after I bought mine. Oh well, I know mine is the cleanest! Form follow's function with Toyota trucks. This is mine and my wifes 3rd Toyota. She has a 98 4 Runner we have logged 40,000 miles in it, again no problems. I have owned a Ford Ranger and a Dodge Dakota (that one was a nightmare). The ford was O.K. but lacked power (4 cylinder). The Dodge fell apart in only 32,000 miles (serpentine belt system went out 4 times, 2 front end alignments, Rear brakes would lock up under light braking, brake lights would stay on by themselves, radio would turn itself off, had to replace the exhaust) I could go on with more and only had it a year and a half! It was a brand new truck, the current body style Dakota (new in 1997). Will never buy another Dodge as long as I live (they lost 300 million last year). Toyotas are built to last and the company has never foundered. There's a reason for that. They make a great product. I will probably be one of those guys jumping in front of his truck in a advertisement having logged 250,000 miles in his 10 year old Toyota. Thanks all =) Remember, the fun begins, when the pavement ends!
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