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Toyota Camry Starting / Stalling Questions



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    Sorry, my response was to frankrom22,

    I've not had to have the steering column apart, so I'm not sure I can help you. I do have a set of manuals, but I'm out of town for 2 weeks and can't even look it up for you at this point.
  • rsantan1rsantan1 Posts: 11
    My 1999 Sienna had a similar issue. Would not start sometimes. Turned the key a few times and it would start. The problem would go away for weeks. Spoke to my Toyota Service advisor. They could not duplicate the problem. He thought it could be the starter but said it was not cheap to replace and was my call. I decided to have the starter replaced as my wife and kids usually are in the van. Anyway that was a few years ago. Problem has not occurred since I had the starter replaced.
  • I need to know where to find information or if anyone knows how to change the ignition switch in a 2001 Toyota Camry. Does anyone know if the appropriate Haynes manual contains detailed instructions or not or where I can find detailed instructions. I have never had the dash of an import apart before.

    Thanks a lot
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I'd recommend getting the factory service manual rather than Haynes -- it should be much more detailed. You may want to try eBay.

    Kiawah is very good though, so if you can possibly wait for him to return from vacation, I'm sure he'll be able to find the answer.
  • Dayummmmm it's 130.00 on ebay and the part is over 100, not sure a factory manual is a good idea for my pockets.

    As far as Kiawah is concerned I wish I could wait. I am also out of state from home and am due back at home...900 miles away by next Thursday.

    Thanks for the suggestions though
  • rsantan1rsantan1 Posts: 11
    I have Haynes manuals for both my toyota's. They are very good and have pictures. If you do not want to purchase one then go to the Library and make copies of the section you need.
  • Do they contain detailed information about how to change an ignition switch? I am kinda stuck in a small town here so the library is tiny with no manuals at all. Came here to visit my parents grave and have to be home to be in court for a child custody hearing with my ex and back to work. Crappy time for all this to happen.
  • mollasmollas Posts: 1
    my 1988 camry's engine (with 130K miles) goes off whenever I sopped (at a traffic light for example) in the first 25 to 30 minutes of driving. Once I drove it for 30 minutes or more, the problem disappears. This happens whenever there is rain before I start the car. Otherwise, it starts and runs very well in winter or summer.

    what could be the problem? thanks, Mollas
  • RSANTAN----What year manuals do you have and do they cover changing an ignition switch at all?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,579
    How about new ignition (spark plug) wires? Have you ever done that?

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  • pdnotespdnotes Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Camry 4 cyl. and am having intermittent starting problems. My dad checked the battery and the starter, both are fine. When it happens, it will not even turn over - no click or anything. If you repeatedly turn the key (sometimes 30-40 times), it will start. We had the same problem with a Nissan several years ago, and an ignition switch solved it. Could this also be the issue with my Camry? Another strange note - this seems to only happen when it's hot outside.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I don't know if you still need the instructions, but I'm back in town and just sent them to your carspace email address. Check upper right hand corner...."you have mail".
  • yezyez Posts: 1
    Please help. We have the same exact switch assembly problem and symptoms as stated in #41 (2002 Camry) and are trying to replace the switch. Can't get it out... Can you send directions?

    Never took some doing, but we got the new switch assembly installed.
  • My husband recently replaced the starter in our 1992 Toyota Camry. He's taken it apart twice to make sure he put it together correctly. However, the car will not start unless he places it in the Neutral position. Before the starter went out, he could start it in drive. Can someone offer some insight to this problem. Thanks! :confuse:
  • My camry is giving me such a headache right now, when I start it up and let my foot off the gas pedal it starts to rough idle and sometimes it even dies, this also happens when I tried to drive it around the block at my house. I have changed the spark plugs but still am having idling problems.
  • My '95 Camry with the 2.2L engine does not start properly when cold. I have to hold the gas down slightly or the engine shuts off. When the engine has run for about thirty or forty seconds it will idle as normal. I am wondering if anyone knows whether the '95 2.2L Camry has a sensor which tells the cold start injector to enrich the fuel when the coolant temperature is low (ie. when the car is cold). If anyone can help me with this question or has dealt with this type of situation before, please, please help me!

    Thank you!
  • i have similar problem what they did is replace the idle control valve and did some cleaning to i dont know what. I had it done 2x in 2 years interval. Probably they didnt do ti right the first time.

    everthing is ok now.
  • presto2presto2 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 that is acting the same way. Was your problem ever resolved?
  • ravirajraviraj Posts: 2
    I am having intermittent starting problems with my 1996 toyota Camry.
    It has happend 3 times till now. First it happened 2 months back. I turned the keys and nothing happend. I
    turned it 3-4 times but nothing it didn't even click or anything. I tried few more times it clicked once but didn't
    start. My interior light and headlights were working. I went to office in friend's car. In the evening I tried to
    start the car again. Turned the keys 3-4 times after trying for few times finally it started. I had the problem for 2
    days. I used to start the car by turning key again and again. After 2 days the problem disappeared. But then it
    showed up again 2nd time a month back. At that time also it did last for one or two days and then went away. Today,
    after a month, same thing happend again, this is third time. In the morning car did not start. I tried to turn the
    key 3-4 time. It clicked once(made that start up noise) but didn't start. I did not take it to work. In the evening
    when I tried to start it, it started after 3-4 attempts. Once it started I took it to the mechanic and explained
    him the problem. He was about to close the workshop, so he didn't take a look at the car. Based on my description
    of problem he said it might be a problem with the starter.

    What could be the issue? Thanks!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Could be the starter, or the keylock/switch circuit. To conclusively prove, when you have a failing condition (it won't start), someone needs to check with a voltmeter whether the starter is getting the right voltages telling it to start (in which case the problem is in the starter itself), or it doesn't have the right voltages (in which case the problem is upstream in the switch circuit).
  • ravirajraviraj Posts: 2
    Thanks Kiawah.

    Today it started without any issue. May be when next time it starts giving problem I will have mechanic to check the voltage with voltmeter.

    Actually I don't want to wait till it fails again. I am afraid that what if it gives problem again when I really need car or if I am some where away from town.

    I took it to mechanic also, as it is staring without any issue he said he can not check anything. Thanks.
  • phd86phd86 Posts: 110
    bad battery. just had that happen to one of my cars. wasn't the starter or anything else. ran the interior lights and occasionally a click on the solenoid. not enuf juice to turn the starter.
  • hi my girlfriend is having the same problems. its been going on and off for a few months. at first we thought it was her battery because nothing would actually turn on. but after a jump nothing changed. we tried a jump one more time and it worked after that. same exact thing happened the next day. she brought it tot the toyota dealer and told her that nothing was wrong with the battery, so she didn't replace it. things seemed fine after that until month later her car wouldn't start again. this time it was making very loud clicking sounds very fast. we tried to start it about 8 times before giving up. her father gives it a try later on the day and gets it started. i have a feeling it might be the starter but i'm not a mechanic. i advised to bring it to a different dealer from last time to see what they come up with. if you could share your experiences with me that would be very helpful.
  • athuraiathurai Posts: 7
    I have a 1997 camry which had the engine light on. I checked the OBD codes and got P0136 (just one code nothing else). The guy said Oxygen O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1, Sensor 2). Now, I replaced the front oxygen sensor only a year ago. Is this the same one or different. If so where is it located.

    Also, this could be due to the fact that my fuel is running lean. Every time I start in the morning for the first time the engine stalls, I have to race it and/or pump the gas pedal few times to get it started. Do you guys know how to increase the fuel/air mixture to adjust so I can get a more rich mixture which might fix this issue.
    Thanks for any help in advance
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Sensor 1, is between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter. Sensor 2 is 'after' the catalytic converter.
  • hi..having the same problem with my camry..did you find out the proble?..ken
  • my wife had her toy just die a couple of days ago stalled while driving, all electical drained just checked batt it is dead not sure where to start any suggestions tried hooking jumper cables just sprarks like grounding out dont see any cables or wires bare initially
  • When I experienced this in the past, it turned out that an animal had gotten up into my engine and eaten the coating off the wires (it apparently has fish oil or something in the coating that makes it appetizing to critters such as snakes, rodents, skunks, etc.) It is apparently very common once the weather turns cold for animals to like to climb up inside warm car engines to stay warm, and then they find they like chewing on the wiring coatings. The exposed wires then caused shorting out, and the car shuttered and then died. When this happened the first time, it caused the computer that runs my engine to short out, so the whole computer and most of my wires had to be replaced/repaired (the mechanic even showed me all the little chewed bits of rubber around the engine to explain to me about the animal, although we didn't see signs of the critter - sometimes it will kill the critter and you'll find the snake or whatever still there). BTW, when I called the insurance company to see if they would cover the cost, I was surprised that they would, and they said it actually is somewhat common.

    Unfortunately, when they did the initial repair, they failed to spot one bundle of exposed wires that was hidden by an after-market security system my car had. So, more than ten years later, my car again had electrical failure when the battery was fine, and a resourceful mechanic trying to diagnose it asked for permission to remove the (now-defunct) security system, and when he did, discovered the one bundle that hadn't been repaired. Over the years the exposed wires had corroded to the green hue "of the Stature of Liberty" as he described it, and they finally got so hot they fused together, causing the car to die. He replaced that one bundle and again my problem was resolved.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • I have a 1999 Camry. I installed a new battery (I must have had a mental lapse) and connected the cables backwards. Short story: I blew fuses. I have replaced the 100 amp alternator fuse and the engine will crank but not start. The lights, radio, dome, etc. will not come on. I know there is another fuse that is blown but I don't know where. I have checked all under the hood and under the driverside dash. CAN YOU HELP?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Can you tell me whether your horn and hazard flashers work or not? That would potentially pinpoint the problem.

    When you say you replaced the 100Amp alternator fuse, was it blown?
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