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Buick Rainier Repairs

steverstever Posts: 52,683
edited March 2014 in Buick
Got issues with your SUV? Ask other Rainier owners for help here.


  • I have a 2004 Buick Rainier. The heated seats and memory seats functions have quite working. Do you know where the fuse is located in the fuse box under the driver back seat? I have located the fuse box but don't know which fuse to pull to see if it is bad. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • I have a 2004 Ranier CXL with passenger lumbar seat. Recently when depressing the control for the lumbar adjustment, we get a clicking sound and no movement (inflation) in the lumbar pad. The GM dealer is stating that the entire assembly ($500) needs to be replaced. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
  • jim1966jim1966 Posts: 6
    When my 2004 Rainier sits with the key off the right rear of the vehicle has a noticeable sag. Measurements show that the right rear sits 3/4" lower than the left rear. However I have seen the same thing on some other Rainiers while traveling out on the highway. The dealer claims that there is nothing wrong, but I don't buy it. When he turns the key on the air shocks inflate which improves the sag, but it does not eliminate it. But shouldn't the vehicle sit level when everything is off? The vehicle has been like this since it was purchased new.
  • mccraymccray Posts: 1
  • I have had an on going problem with lights not working at night . They start out fine but fade until only one white stripe can be seen. Dealer has replaced 3 alternators and 2 batteries with no success. There is some serious problem with electrical. HELP

  • HELP! My Rainier is wonderful when I first start her up in the morning. When I leave for lunch, the outside temperature reading says it is 50 degrees (when it's actually around 90) and the air conditioning only blows semi-strong. Not until I get on the highway when I'm leaving work and going around 50 MPH do I hear and feel a strong gush of air, it gets downright cold AND the outside temperature gauge creeps up to the correct temperature!! Have had the sensor and actuator replaced three times!! Dealership is dumbfounded by this as am I!!! Anyone else have this problem???
  • My 2006 does the same thing as did my 2003 Trailblazer. In reading the owners manual it's working as designed. If it sits for less than 4 hours and the temperature increases by less than 20 degrees you have to run it at a steady speed for a few miles/minutes for it to recognize that the increase in temperature at the sensor is real and not caused by the sun shining on the vehicle.
  • Has anyone had to replace their brake rotors yet on 2004 Ranier. I have a 2004 Ranier and I'm told the rotors need replaced. Kind of interesting since their were no indicator (sensors, sualing, etc.) and I'm told it's metal to metal already (59K miles). Is there a known problem that anyone is aware of? I heard prior there was rusting problems with the rotors, etc.
  • :confuse: does anyone know where the oil filter is located in a 2004 buick rainier?
  • Actually 59000 miles is excellent wear for pads. Some suvs and cars that are driven in town a lot wear out in 25000 to 35000 mi. If you are metal to metal a disc brake will make a nasty grinding noise and become grabby. Pulling to the right or left when braking and pulsing are also common. Have your breaks checked when the tires are rotated (every 6000 mi). The life you save may be your own. :)
  • I have a 2004 Buick Rainier and the oil filter is located looking at the vehicle just to the left of the flywheel. From under the oil pan looking up and legs straight out it would be located right of the oil pan. There is enough room to remove it from the oil pan access cover.

  • libre1libre1 Posts: 3
    I bought a 2005 Biuck Rainier 13 months ago, now all of the sudden the milage indicator on the dash board sometimes gets stuck on 60, sometimes even at 90 I have sometimes to knock on it to have it go back to 0, but that doens't works all the time. I took it back to the dealer and after checking it they told me it needs the Instrument Panel Cluster and want almost $600 to replace it. Anybody else is having this king of problem? For what I have read in this forums it seems that the Buick Rainier have a lot of problem and the factory isn't listining. Now they want out an discontinue making it.
  • We have a 2004 buick with the same problem, we live in the kansas city area and we were quoted $600 to to fix the same problem, we have 56,000 miles now and started having problems at 50,000 miles. Did you mean Buick Rainer's factories want to discontinue this part?
  • We have a 2004 Rainier purchased new. Like some other recent GM speedos on SUV's, mine went haywire also. At first Buick was saying they would not replace for free because it was not a safety issue. Oh come on! I have not had a speedo fail in a car since the 60's! The dealer went to bat for us after we showed them numerous complaints on forums about the speedo cluster. They convinced Buick to replace the cluster at no charge to us even though we were past the warranty. What I wonder is what will they do if it fails again?
  • We experience a fair amount of rear sway when the cross winds are strong. My guess is it from the air bags in the back. Anyone else notice this and is there a sway bar available that would help?


  • I am now negotiating with the local Buick Dealership where I purchased our Buick Rainer, the dealership informed me that my problem will be discussed with the "higher ups" and that I will be contacted next week as to how much the dealership will pay ( if anything) to have this problem resolved. I also plan to reveal to the dealship the numerous complaints listed on this forum. I am from the Kansas City area, if I do not have any luck maybe the location of the dealership that replaced your cluster will be willing to do the same for me, or should I just demand the same service you received in your part of the country?? Your question wondering what to do if it fails again, will only give us further ammunition and evidence that this particular part is defective and that a recall should be initiated, allowing customer to have on going replacement parts as needed, I bet quality inspection will then make sure the part is "up to standards."
  • I had the actuator 4.563 replaced as the all-wheel drive was locked in to 4-wheel drive. That evening I noted that I had no low beam headlights. All other lights worked properly. I found no fuses blown. As was expected, when I checked the dirving lights during daylight the next day, they were out also. I wouldn't expect that both lamps would go at the same time. Should I expect that this problem might be related to actuator replacement?
  • Did you get this fixed I have a similar issue?
  • Yes, had it repaired this morning. They replaced a Relay 2.485 B, FP Number 15016745, under warranty. Apparently the answer to my question is that there is no relationship to the actuator problem.
  • 15016745 Electrical - Electrical components - Relay - Fan control
    Fan control - Fuse block-engine compartment 2004 - 2007, this part is causing the issue with the speedometer indicator to register incorrectly?
  • I don't follow your post. The relay that I had indicated was replaced to repair my low beam headlight problem.
  • I was asking if bugatti3 got the speedometer issue fixed
  • Hi I'm in NJ and could you tell me were you found other forums complaint about this problem. I have been looking online for some kind of recall or anyone else with this problem. I should not have to pay for this repair I've never seen anything like this and it should be a recall
  • I have a guy in Cincinnati who said it is a known problem, the cluster has to be taken apart and a number is on the back of the control module for the speedometer. This work takes 4 days to do because they do not want to drop the cluster, get the # and re-install. Then order the part 2 days then install the part and re-install cluster. His Quote is $385.00 Total Cost @ dealership is $400-$600.
  • There is a GM recall for speedo clusters in Yukon's and similar SUV's. But I don't think the Rainier is included in this (yet). It might take a class action suit before this happens. The more complaints that accumulate will eventually force Buick to do something about it or they will risk alienating customers. See if you can get your dealer to go to bat for you with the Zone Manager (like mine did in Ohio). Try to provide him with copies of complaints that you can find on the web and from this web site so that he has some ammunition. Good luck.
  • The dealership is suppose to get back with me this monday ot tuesday, the 25 or 26 of Feb, I will let you know what they tell me.
  • thelma1thelma1 Posts: 3
    Hi I just want to know what did the dealer tell you. I took mine to the dealer and they told me my vehicle is out of warranty and it would cost me $525 to have it repaired, and the extended warranty is seven years of seventy thousand miles. My car is at seventy thousand two hundred and I bought it used in 2005. I had to call the 800 number to speak with someone and they said there going to have a specialist to look into my problem and see if they can help me solve this issue, there suppose to call me tomorrow to let me know what they can do to help me,
    can you please let me know what they told you.
  • bob192bob192 Posts: 19
    I have a 2004 Ranier bought in November with 35000 miles. As soon as weather turned cold speedo began sticking. I googled it and it seems GM went to a stepper motor based speedometer in some of these higher end models. Its a common problem. The garage has get get some data from the old one and send it with the order so the speedo is calibrated to your car. I'm hoping they do a recall . I wonder what other models are affected. This is an expensive repair due to their design choices. It is a digital speedo that looks like an analog one. Solution in search of a problem IMO.
  • bob192bob192 Posts: 19
    I was just at the nhtsa website. there are 5 complaints filed on this problem. I suggest anyone having this issue file a complaint with the NHTSA . stressing the safety issues of driving with no speedometer reading. they want your vin and mileage in the form so you'd need to have it on hand first.
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