2018 Evoque SE Premium -- Keep it or Return the lease ?

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Hi All ,

I have 2018 Evoque SE Premium with 16,700 miles on it. lease is up in 5 months and I drive may be 3000 miles.
dealer is offering to buy the car now @ $35220.34 (All inclusive TAX+Other cost) or offering to lease a new car by returning it and they will wave 3 months lease.

my question is if I buy the car and use it for 2 more years , do I get any equity in the car or it will depreciate a lot ? Also concerns on RR maintenance issues every body is talking about.

I am also thinking to go down to economy but almost every basic car is @ $30k to $35K.

what do you guys suggest, keeping the car or going for a new economy car with same amount of money ? which will have the more depreciation?

Thanks in Advance.


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    naveenv said:
    I've asked for some of our regulars to pop in and give you their opinions.

    Edmunds Price Checker
    Edmunds Lease Calculator
    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and let us know! Post a pic of your new purchase or lease!


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    Given the RR’s reputation as a money pit as it ages I wouldn’t want to own one out of warranty. They are said to depreciate like a falling rock.

    Also right now dealers are paying more than cars are worth to get inventory. That’s something which will end soon so getting rid of it at this time might be a good financial move.

    Bottom line, if you really, really, love the car, keep it. Otherwise, send it down the road.

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    I would ride the lease out and if you really like it, run the numbers on purchase (with a good, comprehensive extended warranty) vs leasing another one. These are good looking vehicles inside and out and drive like a dream, but the problematic reputation is well deserved.

    Given those numbers, 2 more years of use and RR depreciation. I don’t see you having equity. Unless you put a boatload down of course.

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    @au1994 @oldfarmer50 Thank you guys for giving your thoughts on it.

    It is really good looking car and good luxury as well but honestly I didn't like it a lot like my previous 328. I am worried on the same after warranty expenses and maintenance issues.

    I will return it and look for something new. Thanks guys.
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